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And in the future we will look at joe burrows numbers and what he did his senior year at lsu as the greatest single season (as the numbers show) performance in sec history. I was waiting for him to have that one game where he struggled a lil and found a way to win anyway. He never did . He didn't have one game like that. Heck, he didnt have one half like that. Maybe not one quarter. Cant remember exaclty. He played almost perfect qb for an entire 15 game season against some of the best competition the country had to offer and never had a lapse of concentration. The most remarkable season I've Ever witnessed in college football and I'm 41 yrs old.
No Johnny Manziel? Who could not change the channel on Saturday when he was playing to just watch him and what he was gonna do next. Like you did when Jordan or bo or shaq was playing. Peyton was great but not on those levels. Tebow yes. How about Derrick Thomas? Pat summit? Cam (although I hate to say it) was one of those players also.for me though ,Johnny was about as good of must watch tv as you could get.
And keeping assistant coaches is another important part of sustained success. Look at our defensive inadequacies since kirby left. We were top 6 or 7 every year (mostly 1 or 2) when he was d.c
Winning is the easiest part of doing what Alabama has done for 10 or so years. Staying at the top every year is the most difficult thing to do by far. We'll see if anyone else can do it like alabama has
What's your point. I agree that Clemson will be great again next year. They wont be in an actual competitive physical game until the first game in the playoffs and will be well rested as usual also.
Amd also being able to stop the run. Our line play was extremely disappointing this year for the most part but we were young and had some key injuries. The point I'm trying to make is this. If you told me that tua and Jeudy and ruggs were all returning along with the others who actually are returning I wouldn't be all that excited actually. I mean that would be awesome. No one could stop us. But in my head I would still be anxious to see how we are going to look on defense. I'm excited about Barmore, dale, egboige, getting dylan and josh back along with Harris and lee who by the way filled in as true freshman and played great. Wow. But who's gonna get pressure on the qb next year. No body did this year very much. Who's gonna be our minkah or Reuben foster on defense Moses? Someone else unexpected? Who's gonna step in for mckinney. Diggs. (To be honest it wont be too difficult in my opinion for diggs) I think battle is gonna be a great one. And the defense lineman we had as freshman this year impressed me. Is Reichard gonna ever kick a football again. Geez. Kickers man.i swear. And if mac jones makes the same types of throws he did against Auburn over and over again next year does bryce young have the talent to take over
Agreed on all points . I just wonder what ever happened to alabama fans being so proud and confident that we would put out a top 5 defense year in and year out. We haven't done that for 3 years now and its shown. Also the penalties and discipline issues are all time high. But our offense is once again loaded so they say. Well what has that done for us since 2016. Dont get me wrong I love tua and Jeudy and ruggs and scoring 50 points a game. What I miss is being able to also make teams more or less quit when they realize they cant stop us from getting 4 or 5 yards on a rush whenever we want to control the clock and keep the ball for about 8 minutes. And a defense that can get off the field on 3rd down and not look completely lost defending a pass
Just look at the track record. Orgeron at USC. Won 8 or 9 games ole miss. I think his sec record was 10-25. Those are 2 places that a good coach can win at
Alabamas biggest rival has been Clemson the past 4 or 5 years. It was lsu for a few years from 2007-2011. But one team cant win every game and a rivalry continue. Same with Tennessee. Auburn wins once every 2 or 3 years (. With a kick 6 or 2 pick 6s mind you. ) I have nothing but respect for lsu and their athletes they put on the field every year. I'm just not convinced that orgeron is a consistent winner unless he hits the jackpot with a Brady and aranda type hire. Then you have to keep them around which is impossible. Just ask saban
The changes were 1.a heisman winning qb transferring into your program 2. Hiring Joe Brady as o.c. (not there any longer). Let's face it. Not too many joe Bradys and burrows floating around . Another big loss will be losing 4 offensive lineman and 3 linebackers. To count the years from 2001-2007 when talking alabama football is totally unfair and not relevant. Probation and for lack of a better word or words, complete chaos, within the program isn't anything lsu had to deal with in the last 10 or 11 years . If you want to count those years toward the record between Alabama and lsu head to head then I refuse to debate. That's just not fair. Lsu hasn't been on probation nor have they had 4 coaching changes and loss of scholarships, transfers, etc.. I'll concede the games have been competitive for the. Most part (within 2 scores) but 8 wins in a row is what it is. This year was a great one for lsu and unequaled in my opinion on the offensive side of the ball. Especially what burrow accomplished. One more issue you brought up was miles s reluctance to change offensively with the times and because of that lsu suffered longer than need be. I would argue that alabama didn't have a change in offensive philosophy until Kiffin was hired in 2016 and a qb to actually implement the changes until 2017 with tua. The truth is what saban and the university have done since his arrival is unparalleled in college football history. The championships and records will probably never be challenged unless Clemson does it in the near future playing in the acc. Changes are coming to college football that will make it even more difficult to do what alabama has done. LSU and everybody else for that matter haven't been consistently competitive the way alabama has for going on 12 years now. Alabama has been ranked at least once in the polls number 1 for 12 years in a row. In the top 5 for something like 70 or 80 weeks in a row until this year. And if not for a freak accident that never should have even had the chance to happen would probably have been in the playoffs and playing for a championship again this year. Next years team is going to be loaded . All we need is for mac jones to play like he has played in starts this year. 3of our 4 starting linebackers next year (highly rated recruits) are from lousiana and near baton rouge mind you. I'm sorry. I wish you were right and we could count on lsu to be highly ranked but we just cant. And once again people will be complaining about alabamas strength of schedule.
Alabama in the sec . Past 11 years (2009-present) 5 national championships. Making the playoffs the first 6 years of existence. Playing in 5 national championships in a row. Winning 3 out of 4 from 2009- 2012. Alabama in the acc (hypothetical) 10 acc championships. 7 national championships (less injuries due to playing significantly less against significantly less talented players/teams. A couple more heisman winners and a push to make an 8 team playoff because of Alabama fatigue.
How to know when the team you root for is a winner and have been all along or is a flash in the pan and win some/lose some team. When Alabama beats anyone (Auburn/lsu) for example. There is no rushing the field by fans (auburn). No talking about the win for months after the game (,lsu). Just business as usual attitude and move on to the next game process. We throw 2 pick 6s this year with a backup qb and barely lose to the farm fairies and they rush the field like they just won a title or something. If our men win that way and we do from time to time,I see disappointment and frustration on our players faces because of not playing up to a standard and neatly losing to a far more inferior opponent
Yes you're right I remember 10-0 just a couple years ago. And another close one when sims was our qb. Actually none of the games have been blowouts I dont think. Cant remember anyway. We'll see. I'm so sick of preseason injuries that hurt us so badly the past few years especially and the lack of discipline with regards to penalties and mental errors. Because of the injuries this year we have a lot of experience coming back next year though and that's really important
What a joke. Why cant you just enjoy your best season ever and the 1 national championship that comes with that. Why are you so frustrated even after a great season. Is it because you know it's over now. Another 12 or 13 year wait is ahead. When the stars will align and you'll find a heisman winning transfer from Ohio state and an offensive coordinator who may be the best in college football and getting Alabama to fumble running in for a score , untouched mind you, and throwing an interception that results in another td right before halftime to make the score 33-16. Only to barely hold on for a 5 point win. But taking nothing away from lsu, it was a win at Alabama. A good win. But it's all over with unfortunately for you fans of lsu. Maybe that best ever title will give you some comfort next year and the years after . While we will be adding onto the championships of the last 10 years (5) you all will have that one year that your team may have been the best offensive team ever (not the defense by any means)Alabama will be making a case to be the best football dynasty ever. And I'll take that one anyday
They're not in anyone's shadow now either my friend. There is no way to actually measure or know "best ever". Its just a discussion for people to be able to debate and have fun with. And having watched college football for a long time now I will say that I've never witnessed anything like what joe burrow did this year. Not one game was he off his game Nothing even close to a bad game . I'm an Alabama fan and I can say that without it bothering me to give credit where it's due. He had the best season statistically speaking ever as a sec qb. He didn't look that invisible last year. So what changed. Joe Brady That's what. Hes that good of an o.c. of course burrow has some talent but hes no best ever. In my opinion. We'll see. LSU's reign in the sec is for 1 year and that's it. Back to the norm for coach orgeron and that offense next year
The funny thing is ...alabama could have won that game against lsu pretty easily had it not been for some really bad mental errors by tua and a fluke fumble going in to score. After all that still only lost by 5. I still think the moss catch wasnt a that was a big play. Down 33-16 going into the half. 2nd half we win 25-13 but it's not enough. My point is when we have national championship teams the scores of our games against lsu is something like 29-0 or 30-15. Something in that range. Not a 5 point win where lsu killed themselves with turnovers and mistakes. I guess what I'm trying to say is lsu either barely gets us during a championship year or we dominate them . Not so for our men at Alabama. We never get dominated by LSU Not in 11 or so years anyway. So enough of the trash talk about dominating Alabama, Joe and coach o. You look ridiculous saying that because everyone knows its just not factual
Sorry I kind of got off topic. Again congrats to lsu . That may be the best offensive team I've ever watched over the course of an entire year. I was waiting for burrow to have a bad game and it never happened. Ivenever witnessed anything close to that. I've never saw a player not have at least 1 off game . Not necessarily bad just off. He didn't even have one of those. Incredible. And it was against sec defenses. If he would have played in any other conference I would have been skeptical as to the relevance of his season and stats. Just like I always am when a player or team accomplishes something outside of the sec. To do it in the sec is truly special and relevant. Unfortunately lsu has lost their offensive and defensive coordinators now due to the success and must replace those guys along with the heisman trophy winner and make the playoffs and play for it all again next year to be on Alabamas level. Honestly. Can they do that. We shall see. Roll tide
Congrats to the bayou bengals and the sec (specifically sec west) for bringing home the natty and ending all the b.s.that was the "Clemson dynasty". Winning 2 in 4 years is no dynasty. Winning is hard No doubt. Staying on top is the hardest part of all this that alabama has accomplished. We'll see if any team can do it for as long as our boys have. And it is the players who have accomplished all that has been accomplished over the past 11 or so years. Period. Granted the coaches do their part. Coach saban is the greatest recruiter and motivator of all time. Maybe one of the all time greats as far as x's and o's are concerned as well. But let's give credit where it's due. The Julio's, ingrams, tuas, jeudy s, Mosley's, who put in the countless hours and made the sacrifices daily to put alabama back on top and a team we fans are so very proud of . All the while doing so while getting paid as much as me and you , the fans, for all they do. A college education is a very beautiful rewarding proud thing to earn, no doubt. But it's not given to them. They must earn that also. And speaking from experience, balancing academics and athletics at the collegiate level is extremely stressful and demanding. Doing it at a place like alabama I cant imagine.