Diehard College Football fan from the East Coast. Favorite Team is Colorado Buffaloes. Dont have a favorite team in the SEC, but love the Conference Play

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I don't like it because that is where most kids see the field (special teams). I agree about player safety, but football is a contact sport with pads.
And one key injury could very well spell the season for Georgia as it did for Florida State.
I agree. True Freshman coming in with this, "I'm Mr. It" attitude and comparing what they did in High School against players that probably won't play in college is laughable. There are some that can play immediately, but like was stated in the article, they caught a break!
I agree, because they play so early, the loser just has to win out and it's almost guaranteed.
I always liked Amari Cooper's game. I believe he will make a difference in this year's Raider Team. With the addition of Beastmode, Oakland should make a run for Superbowl
Every player on an NFL roster is solid muscle..They would wear down Bama by the 3rd qtr and run the same running play for the rest of the game...
I believe this part of the trophy consideration needs an overhaul..When the terminology "Offense wins games, Defenses wins Championships" was adopted, suppose Allen continues his monterous season and has the game winning sack/fumble return for a TD securing the CFP championship game.... How do you overlook him?
Should things remain the way they are, this CFP would probably put to rest that "8 team" theory.. Alabama, Washington, Clemson and Michigan/Ohio St would serve as the best Final Four. Allowing any other schools to join that would water down the best 2 games probably of the year... Alabama looks indestructible Washington is playing with something to prove every week Clemson looks like the FSU with Winston, but they're undefeated and played in the NCG last year...They win they're in.. Ohio St vs Michigan would probably be the appetizer with either playing arguably the toughest last 4 games of the season: OSU vs Mich then winner playing Nebraska in B1G CG then playing Clemson should they win, playing winner of Bama/Washington..
For his sake, whichever school he goes to, he'd better come in looking like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. If he doesn't and gets beat out by another Freshman, he will regret his decision. I wish him well.
What was he doing for the cops to find an unregistered firearm on him? Sounds like there is more to the story.. But as long as no crime was committed, it shouldn't be that big a deal.
Couldn't agree more...If he keeps playing like this, it gives Dallas some breathing room and not having to rush Romo back. I believe he has earned more respect of his teammates by giving that answer..No more media talk about that situation.
I wish this young man well.. But everyone falls in love with the Rookie QB.. We (media and fans) all but penciled RG3 into how many SuperBowls? Allow Dak to learn and from Romo with respect. He looks to be a good NFL QB when his time comes.
Classic case of a team not playing up to full speed and an inferior team giving their all... Note: See Tenn vs App St then next week vs VaTech...
True and to add to your great point is that many of these players were 2-3 inches shorter than the recruit that got offered and have just as much talent. Or their grades... I truly believe we will begin to see these FCS top tier schools begin to have neutral game sites..I think North Dakota State is worthy of playing a neutral game against a Power 5
Very good observation.. And should TN continue to play on the opponents side of the 50yd line, they mustn't turn the ball over. They're gonna need TDs to force the other team to adjust
What people I hope realize is that when teams like Alabama, Florida and Georgia's play lesser opponents, they are basically fine tuning their offense. Yes they are playing to win, but they're playing in blowout mode. Thats why you see games blowout games like last year's Bama vs LSU. LSU's (not saying them) sometimes struggle against "inferior opponents" and then when they play a greater opponent, it shows.. Could just be an odd instance where these lesser opponents have a better matchup against them than an FBS Power 5 school does
I'm a little hesitant about the titletalk for Tennessee.. Unless they come out and begin handing VaTech their return tickets back to Blacksburg, I don't see title talk returning.. I believe once they show what they can do against their SEC foes, will ppl believe in them going that far. The App St game damaged that.
I like the signs but why resurface Michael Vick?
I somehow think Coach Sarkisian will end up at an SEC school... LSU could be a possibilty
Only problem is, when you get punched in the mouth in the first game of the season against a decent team out of Conference, you have to now prepare for an iffy season... Wisconsin showed more physicality than LSU..
NC 20+ carries for 200+ yds...Glad to see him back to full form.. Good look for the Freshman... UGA....nice way to start the season..
I guess they got caught putting in packages for VaTech instead of focusing on App State... Not a good look.. They won't be taken as a serious threat to win the SEC after this game..
I do feel kinda sorry for this kid....
I think UMass should go back to the FCS Level... They just will not be able to compete on FBS Level nor Compete with Recruiters in the neighbhood.
I think White gives Auburn the best chance at least starting out of the gate with a winning record..
Great character from a Rookie to tell a Veteran this is still his team... Dak will be a great face for the Cowboys once Romo is gone. Best of luck to him
I hope Vandy gets 6 wins and gets to a Bowl Game.. Their matchup against Tenn may have the similar outcome to Texas-OU last year..
So the only reason this was mentioned was because they play Ole Miss?