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Michigan and Notre Dame continue to get way too much love each and every year.
Yeah me too lol. Didn't know we ran up the score so bad on ULL tho. Don't see that happening again anytime soon. Coach O is not likely to hang 93 on someone. Well unless we get into another A&M type game and our opponent scores 92 lol.
Well no.1 and no.3 were actually set last year by the 2019 team so he was saying he could see those maybe happening next year, but you're right on the second one. If Burrow and co. didn't reach 60 passes in a game I'm not sure someone will next year.
Yes, while 60 TD passes in a season is one of the records he said will not be touched, he also said 60 passes in a game is one that could happen. As the current record sits at 58. He was talking about LSU records with this one. So basically saying he could see an LSU QB reaching 60 passes in a game at some point. Probably won't see 60 TD passes in a season get touched anytime soon tho.
Mind is better! Don't believe me, just ask him lol. Only kidding. Seriously, Trask looked better to me last year. I'm more concerned with heading to the Swamp to face him than I am heading to College Station.
Yeah I don't believe Saban has any intentions for Mac to be their QB going forward for the entire season.
He was the QB that kept them in the game to capitalize on those mistakes. What is it with Bama fans that can never give anyone credit?
I agree. There was solid growth from the LSU game to the Alabama game. If we were to get into another one of those really close games next year it could easily go the other way this time. I like him a lot in the Al game.
Right? It seems as if all the Bama fans are showing up on all the LSU articles trying to discredit this season by looking to the future hoping they fail going forward. Face it, LSU did what they couldn't and the days of circling the Bama game as an almost definite loss are over with. Not saying we are going to win every one, but there is definitely a shift. I think it's great for the division. Hell, Maybe Kiffin and Leach can shake things up even more going forward.
Kinda like how you hate hearing all this talk about LSU and not Bama. It's killing you huh? All you can talk about is, just wait until they fail, etc.
It's ok man, people will talk about Bama again next year. I've noticed how much this season is killing Bama fans that they are not the center of attention and can't talk crap. I've seen every other fan base give credit to LSU after this season as I would do the same. I would be just as happy for any other SEC not named Bama so I guess maybe I understand.
I see this NC has really hurt Bama fans bc most of them has tried to discredit LSU every chance they get. You are pointing to his first year as a coach and a future season as to why you think LSu is middle of the pack when in reality LSU has finished 2nd or 3rd most seasons dating back to around 2000. With a few 1st place finishes and one 4th towards the end of Les Miles era. Please tell me where you get your info to determine "middle of the pack"
Everybody can say whatever they want about this like it wasn't classy or act like you've been there before, but the truth is, he hasn't. Coach O is a fiery coach. Yeah I wish it wouldn't have gotten out but I'm not upset that he said this. It's no secret that this was our biggest game since he has been our coach no matter how much he tried to downplay it prior. This game has been built up to a boiling point for weeks now and everybody was fired up on both sides. As dominant as Alabama has been for years now you can't tell me that if it had been any other team in the SEC had just beaten Alabama, at home, when everyone said you were gonna lose, y'all wouldn't have been just as fired up. I don't care what anyone says, I'm enjoying this one bc these wins don't come often.
I just don't know why we keep doing this. Unless his foot gets cut off at the ankle before this game, Tua is playing. You knew it after he reportedly walked into the locker room and said "I will be back for LSU". It's all about the drama, I get it.
I agree. I mean at the beginning of the season I was not as worried about Auburn as I should be. Now they almost remind me of us last year. No one really gave us a chance each week and we just continued to beat ranked quality opponents each week. Auburn is pretty much doing the same thing this year.