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Alabama will win the title again next year easily — too much talent — too much coaching
with all this 5 star talent kirby's brining in he'll be dominating the SEC east for years. When nick retires after a few more rings, Ga will likely take over control of the sec.
Dan — good coach, not elite — but with his massive buyout Florida is stuck with him for several more years. Alabama Georgia and LSU will be dominating the sec for a long time
Alabama Oklahoma or Ohio state will pick up the ring next year —their talent is way above the rest
Franklin — 2,3,4 loss coach — maybe that’s the best ut can expect
Georgia will likely own the SEC east for years with all the 5 star talent that Kirby has accumulated. Florida has some big gaps in recruiting.
will's still getting millions in buyout money from florida---he's a money machine!!! Bad coaching = millions for failure!!!
Alabama will likely lose 1 game next year— back in the playoffs probably with Georgia , Oklahoma, and Ohio state. With their talent — nick gets another ring.
Sark will last 3-4 years at texas — he’ll walk away with a 15-20 million buyout then be back at alabama with an analyst job
Kevin wants the job full time — for at least 6 million plus a boatload of benefits — the man wants to get paid!
$12 million a year plus a boatload of benefits---Kahn will probably throw in a nice mansion on the ocean in Ponte Vedra plus a small yacht.
The star will likely end up at alabama--he can pick up a ring then head to the nfl for millions!!
Living in LA in a nice oceanfront mansion v Jacksonville? Easy decision.
Jimmy’s floating nfl rumors to get Dan another million 8n salary — it will work
Jaylen will get in the game late if nick needs a big play
Young Will wants a lot more money for the DC job — at least $3 million plus a boatload of benefits
Najee should have been #4 ahead of trask
dan needs to head to the nfl---he'll never win a title at florida. He can score a couple of million more in salary and not have to do any more recruiting--which he hates.
Dan’s agent is jimmy sexton — he’s a master at creating fake job rumors to get his clients a big raise and extension — Dan wants another million in salary
from having played very few games, osu will be fresher than alabama, but with all the offensive weapons available, alabama should win by 9-12 points. Nick wants ring #7.
Sark can make some big money with endorsement deals with Tito’s vodka in Austin - some of the best stuff made!
Alabama beats osu easily — they can’t handle all the superstars on Bamas offense
Nicks tired of getting all these bad calls against the tide .. he wants some makeup calls in the the title game
Mullen should take an NFL job---a lot more money and he doesn't have to hassle with recruiting, which he hates.
Missou had a good year--they will be in the upper tier of the SEC east next year behind georgia.
Urban only coaches at programs with a sure chance to win big. Jacksonville's franchise is terrible and they will suck for years.