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The usc president needs to come clean about what he told the AD to do about this obscene buyout — I’m tired of this coverup!
mullen's a good coach, but doesn't seem to be able to recruit the type of 5 star talent needed to compete with georgia, alabama, and lsu on a yearly basis. Plus, the florida team seems to have a lot a depth issues--likely due to the terrible coach before mullen got there.
USC will offer the job to Meyer---if he doesn't take it, Stoops would be choice #2. For enough money, maybe $8-$10 million / year plus a boatload of benefits, he could be enticed to get back into coaching.
Nick needs to make big changes on the defensive coaching staff in the offseason
with a couple of blowouts in their last 3 games, alabama can sneak back into the playoffs at #4
No big deal — he’s not any good — he hasn’t blocked anybody all year
paul--in alabama's pocket---he hates every other sec team.
Cam's washed up--too many hits, too many injuries. He should hang it up and go full time into the fashion business with all his millions.
Georgia is more than 7 points better than fla---Ga is loaded with 5 star players and may make the playoffs again this year, just like 2 years ago. Florida is a long way off due to poor recruiting and a weak assistant coaching staff.
maybe the most overrated and overpaid coach in the u.s.---ga was smart to run him off
Mullen — out coached by Kirby — he’s not a championship coach — all talk
If tua's ankle has not healed nick should shut him down for the season so he can get ready for the combine. Alabama can beat lsu with mac jones---they are loaded with 5 star talent all over the field.
If jake is on his game, Ga should be able to put up 27+ on florida. But, they can score some points too with their wide receivers and game manager trask. Ga 30 fla 24
lsu will not be able to deal with alabama's nfl-quality wide receivers--too much speed. Alabama should win this game in a shootout--41-38.
Bo is a good QB, not great. But with the bad coaching he's getting, he is regressing.
gatewood needs to transfer---he's wasted in that bad auburn offense.
the key to this game is the health of florida's 2 stars on defense--if they are not 100%, georgia's running game will put up big yards and keep fla's offense off the field. If fromm can get a couple of early TDs, the game will be difficult for florida to win.
they need to change this obsolete rule and let teams entertain recruits at these neutral site games---very simple fix.
Kirby likes the pro set--eat the clock, run the ball, keep the D off the field---justin doesn't fit in that offense---I'm surprised he went to Ga in the first place.
Paul---a longtime alabama homer---deep in nick's pocket. He says stuff just to get calls and clicks on his website---he knows little about the game.
Is Kirby likely second guessing himself about running off Justin Fields and going 100% with Jake Fromm? Why didn't Fields get more snaps during the season??
Florida gave up big rushing yards to LSU and carolina. GA's running game is the best in the SEC---and should be able to put up big numbers to control the game. It will be a good game, but Ga's offensive line should prevail.
with tua's injury, Joe has the heisman locked up if he beats alabama and wins the SEC
Jeremy needs to send him to the transfer portal---asap.
this only occurs when he has to play against nick saban.