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Nick will quickly adjust to players cashing in big on image and likeness — Alabama stars will be scoring hundreds of thousands per season — richer than ever!
Nick picks the players he wants from around the country and gets who he wants for his scheme — he wants a few more rings before he retires in 5 or 6 years
Grantham — has his job because Mullen is loyal to assistants — takes a big game but can’t coach championship level ball — he’s been run out of every other job except Mullen bringing him to Florida
Tebow — is being considered only as a locker room presence — not as talented as many available tight ends —. Ut Meyer is a psychology guy
Alabama will win the title again next year easily — too much talent — too much coaching
with all this 5 star talent kirby's brining in he'll be dominating the SEC east for years. When nick retires after a few more rings, Ga will likely take over control of the sec.
Dan — good coach, not elite — but with his massive buyout Florida is stuck with him for several more years. Alabama Georgia and LSU will be dominating the sec for a long time
Alabama Oklahoma or Ohio state will pick up the ring next year —their talent is way above the rest
Franklin — 2,3,4 loss coach — maybe that’s the best ut can expect
Georgia will likely own the SEC east for years with all the 5 star talent that Kirby has accumulated. Florida has some big gaps in recruiting.
will's still getting millions in buyout money from florida---he's a money machine!!! Bad coaching = millions for failure!!!
Alabama will likely lose 1 game next year— back in the playoffs probably with Georgia , Oklahoma, and Ohio state. With their talent — nick gets another ring.
Sark will last 3-4 years at texas — he’ll walk away with a 15-20 million buyout then be back at alabama with an analyst job
Kevin wants the job full time — for at least 6 million plus a boatload of benefits — the man wants to get paid!
$12 million a year plus a boatload of benefits---Kahn will probably throw in a nice mansion on the ocean in Ponte Vedra plus a small yacht.
The star will likely end up at alabama--he can pick up a ring then head to the nfl for millions!!
Living in LA in a nice oceanfront mansion v Jacksonville? Easy decision.
Jimmy’s floating nfl rumors to get Dan another million 8n salary — it will work
Jaylen will get in the game late if nick needs a big play
Young Will wants a lot more money for the DC job — at least $3 million plus a boatload of benefits
Najee should have been #4 ahead of trask
dan needs to head to the nfl---he'll never win a title at florida. He can score a couple of million more in salary and not have to do any more recruiting--which he hates.
Dan’s agent is jimmy sexton — he’s a master at creating fake job rumors to get his clients a big raise and extension — Dan wants another million in salary
from having played very few games, osu will be fresher than alabama, but with all the offensive weapons available, alabama should win by 9-12 points. Nick wants ring #7.
Sark can make some big money with endorsement deals with Tito’s vodka in Austin - some of the best stuff made!
Alabama beats osu easily — they can’t handle all the superstars on Bamas offense