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Mullen — good coach, not great. In over his head at a school like Florida — makes bad hires and acts bizarre in press conferences.
This game could get ugly early. With florida's terrible defense and QB fiasco, Ga will really light them up.
The totally confused florida defense quit early in that game---they wanted to go home. They have no faith in their worthless defensive coaches or mullen.
Lsu has better players - even with all those injuries - due to fla’s terrible recruiting
Dan will demand a raise and extension for yardage per game
Spurriers old and can barely walk - he’s not coaching again
Dan will throw some players under the bus as usual - no accountability from the coaches
Ed walks away with $21 million in buyout money plus millions more from big salaries every year / he did something right
Ed walks away with millions in buyout cash - richer than ever - he’ll score another mid tier job for a couple of million - his young hot wife will be happy with all that money — she has expensive tastes
UT always gets hosed by the refs on these calls. Alabama would have gotten a better spot.
Not a championship level coach---pretty obvious. Too expensive to fire him with his huge buyout. He'll be around for years.
Dan's not getting of his good buddy Todd--he's one of the highest paid assistants in the country.
mullen---not close to a championship coach--too many gaps on his coaching staff and questionable coaching decisions during games. He needs to head back to miss state type programs where 8 wins is a great season.
if mullen doesn't name AR the starter--he's going to the portal--very simple. Tons of top teams will take him right now as their starter.
AR should go in the portal — Florida’s program is in disarray and has no chance to win anything with Mullen
The only potentially difficult game left on Ga’s schedule is Alabama in the sec title game . Kirby will devote a portion of each practice to get ready for that game.
All teams fake cramps and other injuries to slow momentum — it’s the new normal.
Georgia’s D is the best in 5-6 years. Alabama can score a couple of TDs in the sec title game but that will not be enough. JT Daniels will light up their secondary for some big plays.
She’s lucky nick didn’t order her to be locked up!
If Dan loses a couple of more games this year he will be on the hot seat next year. Big money fla boosters are getting tired of this?
Paul’s a Saban suck up — he’ll blame the loss on the refs or bad luck
If Mullen can’t easily beat a struggling LSU team with all kind of injuries, their coach about to be fired, and a terrible defense, he needs to pack it up and head back to the northeast.
Jacksonville may not win a game this season — the organization is really messed up. Khan should sell the team — he’ll pocket a huge profit. Money — it’s all that matters.
Florida’s offense is way down this year after losing all their stars — that Georgia game could be brutal.
Ed's buyout is $21 million---lsu needs to call some big boosters and get them to pay this --- asap! Time to make a move.
Alabama will win out and play Ga in the sec title game. With Ga's D--Nick will have to find some creative ways to score points.
He's ready to head to the nfl! Time to get paid!!
In the SEC title game, Ga's D will hold alabama to 13 points or less. Kirby wants a ring!
Ga --clearly the #1 team now. Alabama should win out and they'll meet in the SEC title game.