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While I hope the 12-0 prediction holds up for the Dawgs, I'm only cautiously optimistic. As a Dawg fan, I've been let down too many times. But Kirby does seem to be changing the culture. So I'm more optimistic than I've been in previous years. Even though Auburn lost to LSU, I still see that as the game we could lose. Stidham has upped his game and as Mizzou showed, our pass D is suspect. 12-0 is within our grasp. But let's take it one game at a time and start with 8-0 in two weeks. Go Dawgs!!!
Nice prediction on the 14 by Vandy. But let's be honest, had Eason read the blitz he likely doesn't fumble and give Vandy the ball at the one which gave Vandy a not so easy 4 down series for a TD. And did anybody else notice our DB's slipping and falling? Did we not have the right cleats for our players?
Unfortunately they got an extra one because Eason didn't read the blitz.
The UGA vs Vandy game has a 20-14 feel huh? You couldn't have been more wrong.
@Bryan - First off, Chubb has taken hits in practice. Granted it will be different in a real game, be has been hit. Second, as far as a back not being the same, I recall Adrian Peterson coming back 9 months after his torn ACL and having one of the best years ever. And let's not forget Todd Gurley tearing his ACL in November and playing by September of the next year. As for Holyfield, I guess it isn't surprising that a Tennessee fan doesn't know the difference in a hamstring and an ankle. He's also been a full participant in practice the last several days. The only thing there is to worry about him is his ability to pick up a blitz. Freshman RB's tend to struggle with that. Why don't you stick to Vols boards and quit trolling the Dawgs.
I see reading comprehension isn't your thing. First, I never said Fournette wasn't successful against Bama due to injuries on his team. I said he wasn't successful because of the Bama D. Just like most other RB's weren't successful against Bama because of Bama's D. Second, I didn't say the Bama RB's weren't good. They just haven't been as good in the NFL as they were at Bama. Why? Because they don't have dominant O-lines like they had at Bama. And Henry doesn't have great lateral movement do he may struggle a bit in the NFL. That doesn't mean he won't be good, but he's now a man among men. Meaning everybody he plays against is bigger, faster and stronger than the guys he played in college. The Tebow example is ridiculous. He was successful in college for multiple reasons. But being a great QB wasn't one of them. He's a great athlete. Was huge for a QB in college and not easy to bring down. You can now file your butt hurt report.
Well if you can't see the reason Fournette had no success against Bama due to the Bama D, then you aren't being objective. Henry was a man among boys. But he's about to be a man among men. And honestly, how many dominate RB's at Bama in recent years have gone on to be dominant RB's in the NFL? Eddie Lacy is really the only one and he sucked last year because he got too fat. Mark Ingram is doing ok. TJ Yeldon, not really. And do I really need to mention Trent Richardson? The Bama backs have benefited from a great O-line. That doesn't mean they aren't talented. Just that maybe other backs could have performed well behind that same line.
Chubb lined up against the Alabama D and had good numbers (146 yards on 20 carries). Granted, without the one long run he had pedestrian numbers. But he seems to always get a big run in most every game. So you can't discount the big run against Bama. And it was a very wet day (heavy rain). The big problem I see with Henry is his lateral movement. He just doesn't move from side to side all that well. That will hurt him in the NFL. TJ Yeldon ran well at Bama. Not so much with the Jaguars. Difference? Blocking. In the games where Henry was up against a tough D, he had average numbers. Against Arkansas he averaged 3.52 per carry. Against Michigan State he averaged 3.75 per carry. I'm with the writer of the article, I'd take Fournette and Chubb (assuming he's back to form) over Henry.
Hey Beardog, I'm willing to make a wager with you on whether or not UGA wins more than 6 games. Any amount you want as long as it's at least $10,000. Your comment is about the dumbest I've seen in a long time.
@buddha You may want to go back and watch the tape. The majority of those turnovers were forced. And of course they held UGA to a low per attempt rush because they stacked the box. If my memory serves me correctly, Chubb was hit at or behind the line on 22 of his 38 carries. Tell me, how many rushing yards did Mizzou have against that UGA D that isn't very good?