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Atwater was a beast although he wouldn't make it in today's game he'd be ejected in the first 5 mins of the game! Never will forget the hit on the Nigerian nightmare
So the top 20 recruits will be the top 20 breakout freshman next year? I'm going to go out on a limb and say there will be a few 2, 3 or 4 star incoming recruits that will have breakout freshman seasons! Way to go the extra mile in your researching sds by picking only the 5 star recruits to have breakout freshman seasons next year SMH!!
30014 you're the smartestguyintheroom! I agree 100% everything I read on SDS that isn't recruiting or player related I totally dismiss.
Love the loser L Miles and that young man are throwing up! That's your future is you end up in baton rouge
Send Alabama and Auburn to east and drop Kentucky and Vanderbilt! Stop hiring C- coaches like Will Muschamp and also quit hyping up Tennessee and Georgia year in and year out the worst thing for Tennessee is too hear how great they're going to be next year.
5 programs that need good signing classes?? How about 14 programs that need good signing classes this is the sec not the big 12 or big 10! Some need more than others but in this league one bad class can set you back 5 years
As an Arkansas fan I hope he goes to auburn but I can assure you they don't w No way is the talent level at auburn that low surely they have someone better than this guy on campus or committed having said that as a Arkansas fan I hope he ends up the starter!
Can either one of you beat Arkansas?? I'm saving all these articles on how great ole miss and Tennessee will be and will repost them in November 2016 when your middle of the pack again next year but do enjoy the hype until then.
Yeah I'm not the smartest guy in the room I'm being somewhat ironic there are a few others that have some intelligence chronos467! I have no problem with bama as a team they're very good obviously but bama fans on the other hand are complete and total hillbilly jackss's I'm sick of all of you brush your teeth and read a book every now and then. Love you
I just call it like I see it, and leave it to bama fan's to not see it you guy's and gal's are a little slow anyway!
Now that the postseason is over we can all start hating each other again lol. With that said I never stopped hating ole miss, I'm thinking about camping out with that idiot PI
How fast would finebaum be on his knees if saban told him to get on em?? Anyone else see how he acts when he's around saban, reminds me of myself when I was in Jr high around my future bride. Would like him a little more if he showed more love to the other sec programs
Love him or hate him that Jen Bielema sure is hot!! #Overmarried
Arkansas went to Oxford and stood toe to toe with them for 4 quarters then BEAT them in OT. Throw in the beat down in Fayetteville 2 years ago and the overall record Hog fans will take no lip from a Mississippi fan! Again you're welcome bama fans congrats on the title.