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You’re so full of it! Arkansas ain’t going anywhere because Pittman is doing a great job in bringing the football team back. As far as the other sports, we are more competitive than most of the other SEC schools!!!
Get rid of Arkansas? I admit because of some bad coaching hires our football team has been subpar but with the addition of Pittman we will be more competitive. As for the other sports both men and women, we don’t take a backseat to anyone!
The NCAA is dying and the new kings will be the Power 4 or 5 that will dominate college athletics. If Texas and OU hadn’t joined the SEC, then they would have joined the Big X. What concerns me being an Arkansas fan is the SEC giving them better treatment when it comes to scheduling. Example, we had to play both Georgia and Florida last year and Georgia again this year. We’ve rid ourselves with several bad coaching hires and finally found a coach that knows what he’s doing but we can’t catch our breath because the SEC uses us to give the better programs an easier schedule and that’s probably what they’ll do with Texas and OU.
He won’t come hear either. Our players are required to attend classes!
This is an example where boosters can legally pay players. Let’s face it, schools with boosters with deep pockets and willing to spend will attract recruits to their schools. It’s really been the boosters pushing these changes because like in business, winning is everything!
Arkansas will score points but any improvement will hinge on the DL. We lacked depth on the DL last year and got torched late in the season so if the returning bunch and new additions play as expected we should be better than last in the west.
This is going to get out of hand real soon. If a company (Booster) is willing to pay bench players $500 then guess what they’re prepared to pay top recruits now that cheating is legal? If your boosters don’t copy this kiss competition goodbye.
This will happen during recruiting. A 5 star player will be courted by several schools and those schools will have rich boosters who will offer him guaranteed publicity and the money that goes with it. We have now legalized cheating and the schools that have boosters willing to fork over big money to get players are laughing all the way to the championship game.
You are correct. If the purpose of a 12 team playoff is to save college football, it’s not going to work because the top 5 teams that have recruited the best will continue to win. It’s not because they invest more in recruiting, other teams spend and travel trying to find players. But these top 5 teams have established a current history and the top players want to go there and win a championship. This leaves other teams not having the quality depth to compete against the Bama’s and Clemson’s. Let’s face it. With kids finding soccer, track, baseball more appealing now there are less kids playing football. Drive by a youth soccer field and look at their participation vs youth football participation. Football talent level has decreased and guess who gets them? The answer? Decrease scholarships so these teams can’t stockpile the top talent and make games more competitive. This is the way you save college football, not by give Bama or a Clemson a couple of more teams to beat in a playoff!
The tag at home was not very clear even watching the replay. If he had called him safe and then looked at the replay, there was not enough evidence to overturn the call.
Do you not do any research before writing an article? You are suppose to inform you writers but who is informing you?
First let me say congrats to North Carolina State and also the SEC teams who won their regional. Van Horn’s decision to start Kopps was the right thing to do because after game 2, he was justified to believe they way we were hitting we need to keep the game close and not play catch up. I’ve watched Kopps all year he didn’t have his best stuff but his stuff was good enough to have won. Relying on the long ball to bail us out is great but you need base runners but the pitches looked like marbles instead of melons coming at us. NCS pitchers were not throwing anything that couldn’t be hit by an average team but for some reason our guys just couldn’t see the ball. There is nothing to fix for next year except maybe we get another hitting coach that could teach choking up when the count is 0-2 and not to swing for the fence.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that you don’t underestimate anyone when you get to the regionals. If a team gets hot they can upset anyone.
Nothing unusual with the pick. Bama will win the SEC and Sagan will be named Coach of the Year.
I’ve been saying this for a while now but this is why there are less kids participating in football. Parents are choosing to enroll their kids in soccer, basketball or baseball because of the risk of serious injury in football. Eventually the lack of talent reaches to college football which makes the games less exciting.
I agree with you but I at least want our AD to request an investigation.
Everyone in the state and outside knows that OU directly or indirectly contacted Woods. The NCAA should interview Woods and his family and if evidence is found ban Woods from attending OU and ban OU from any bowl game this year!
That is what I’m suspecting as well. Some team, “OU”, is in need of a WR and they contacted Woods with a sales pitch of a NC ring rather than playing for Arkansas. We’ll find out shortly where he ends up but I’m sure it won’t be at a non-contender.
There are suspicions that Stepp has been quietly recruiting him so if he ends up there they’re probably true.
I for one think that is an excellent list devised by one of the most talented and knowledgeable analysts in the business. He has been right at least 25% of the time in his career so wouldn’t take what he says as gospel. As a Razorback fan thanks for your confidence in our program but more importantly the added incentive.
That is a negotiation tactic with Muss but expect him to sign a huge contract with Arkansas after the season. We’re not going to let him go without a fight so Indiana better check their bank account!
Yes, that last drive by Mizzou was a heartbreaker but as I was watching the game with my son, I called it. Mizzou was picking on a freshman CB and our DE’s and LB’s couldn’t stop the run. Hopefully this year we are deeper with having 10 seniors returning to play an additional year and the coaching staff having more time to figure out where to play a few players. I’m still excited about the season and can see interest in the program growing.
After reading the article and how Arkansas who finished 10th last year and is playing with 10 new players, you have to wonder why Muss was not COY!
It’s early and we just got 2 commitments today, a 4 star OL and a high 3 star RB.
I recently reviewed the top 100 national recruits and it was obvious that the schools who historically in the 85 scholarship era dominate that list. Saban is a very good coach and can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo but as much success as Bama and the rest of those few top recruiting schools are doing, they don’t realize that college football is dying. College football can’t survive with Bama, Clemson, OSU, ND and a few others to dominate recruiting and thus be the only teams in the playoffs. Expanding the teams in the playoffs also won’t work because it won’t really fix the real problem, those few schools get the cream of the talent. The only fix is to reduce the scholarships to 65 and then we’ll see how good these coaches are when they can’t stack their roster with the best talent. The last NC game that had a pitiful TV viewership should be a wake up call to school administrators that fans are losing interest and the current setup isn’t sustainable.
Please explain to me how Democrats can steal an election run by Republicans and if they could how did they lose seats in the House and not win more seats in the Senate? How Trumps idiot attorneys went to courts and couldn’t present any evidence to prove fraud even in front of Trump appointed judges. Stop believing in conspiracy theories and come back to reality!
Like I said on my post below the upper level teams will fight this because they have the advantage. Your solution is to expand the rich boys club to include your team because as good as you are you can’t make it to the big dance.