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DVH should have left Taylor in. Tygart has been inconsistent lately and hasn’t been able to control his curve ball. I don’t expect to see Tygart again!
This high school facility only holds 4,000! Shameful that a super be held at a place like this.
He’s such an honest and genuine person and the players love him. He has brought stability to our program and I see better days ahead. I’ll be in Fayetteville in October for the Bama game to see how much progress we’ve actually made. I’ll be sitting next to my loud Bama wife!
On paper Arkansas looks like an unbeatable team but like we’ve seen this last month, what’s on paper doesn’t mean a thing. I really don’t see us coming out of our regional the way we’ve been playing.
I’m sorry Georgia but Walker was the best candidate you could find? He wouldn’t show up for debates because he has no knowledge of current problems. When asked about the shootings in Texas he gave some incoherent response that made as much sense as saying “ Go Bulldogs”. He’s an obvious puppet to the GOP elite who needed someone they can control and the good people of Georgia will pay the price by not being represented in Congress. Walker needs to be defeated so he can go back to his home in Texas.
Boy after reading this why should we even show up to play. I get it, it’s about getting your magnifying glass out looking for warts but as an Arkansas fan my biggest concern is WR. We’ll be fine at LB and yes can our new DL defend the run. We return our OL and yes we’re unsettled at left tackle because the competition is real good which is a good thing. This should be Sam’s best team overall but we need to avoid injuries so I’m expecting another 9 win season.
As an was hoping schools would follow the spirit of NIL when it was created by giving current players money for their likeness and image but it has become a inducement in recruiting that is still against NCAA rules. Congress will need to fix this or it’s going to get worse.
And you still haven’t sniffed a championship with your million dollar coach. So if your coach can’t coach up players, then you get better players any way you can.
Texas A&M sudden turnaround? Before joining the SEC, the athletic program was broke and had to borrow money from the school. Arkansas was beating them on a regular bases and you could hear the moans from their fans. All of a sudden when they join the SEC and their flush with cash and started recruiting better. Yes, the old frustrated SWC boosters thought this was their second chance. And then a gift fell into their laps. NIL! They could legally give players money to play football at A&M. It’s a dream come true and they were going to put that oil money (now that they can overcharge consumers) to good use. NIL has grown from giving players spending money to pay for play and closer to NFL contracts. It seems only Washington can solve this problem and it needs to act soon or death might be coming soon to college football.
By the time Saban decides to retire, the coaching picture would have changed. Who knows, the next coach might come from the NFL or a coach outside the south.
He is a much better passer than KJ at this stage that will make him more of a duel threat. Total package!
I guess this writer had to submit something in order to get paid. Based on his “expert” observations, I wonder if he will pick Arkansas to finish last in the west.
Pittman has already confirmed that Fortin is doing very well and could play the backup role leaving Hornsby at WR and with his speed could cause headaches for defenses.
Sounds like 2 US Senators want to make it easier to cheat and get away with it! In other words let’s make the NCAA more like Congress.
Notae had a great year but against Duke, he was a liability. Because we couldn’t get offensive rebounds, Notae was 5-14 and the team 26-62 which allowed Duke great opportunities to score. JWill needed help rebounding and the 7 ft guy we have on the bench is too weak and clumsy to help! Muss must recruit or get a transfer center to help rebounding in order to get to the next level.
Last year as a higher seed our first game wasn’t pretty and we made it to the elite 8. I love it when a pencil geek preaches to a veteran coach what they should do. Did he also pick Arkansas to lose that game?
I also thought they were swinging for the fence rather than letting it happen naturally. I suspect they were trying to impress the crowd that they played tight.
LynnBib is naive. Most NIL deals are confidential so that is why you can’t get confirmation from any players. Also Fisher said the university didn’t spend a dime to pay players to sign. We’ll he was honest about that but fails to say all that money came from boosters. Yes NIL is legal but it was designed to pay a current player for use of his name and image and not for inducing a recruit to sign with a school. Schools who have/had history of boosters willing to pay players can now do it legally but it’s still cheating.
About 40 years ago a wealth Bama booster I met at a party told me exactly how they got players and now it’s legal.
If a school makes money from a players name and likeness, the player should receive compensation but what we’re seeing now is pay for play in recruiting. All this whining from players that they didn’t have enough money to go to the movies or even eat was BS. The people who were pushing this were parents who wanted to profit off their kids and boosters who can now buy players legally.
Until Jerry Jones steps down or dies we will see this repeated every year. McCarthy is a joke of a coach or as Jerry would say, the puppet I love pulling the strings on. Dak is an adequate QB but he is not elite but he’s Jerry’s adopted boy so he can’t abandon him without admitting he made a mistake.
This was a purge of players that resisted being coached, being held accountable. Several parents have come out and said the coaches treat everyone equally instead showing favoritism and these kids just can’t handle that. Of the players that entered the portal maybe 3 would have been contributors next year but they could also been a cancer to the team. As for Hornsby I understand he wants to play but he’s one play away from starting if KJ gets hurt. If he transfers he would have to learn a new system and still compete to start. I think he should stay where he is and wait for his opportunity.
You make this comment when it’s reported A&M laid out $30M in NIL deals for this years class?
Y’all can’t even field a team so they probably forgot you existed.
I said when NIL was created it would give boosters a legal way to cheat. Take a look at Texas. It’s probable that a non-profit received money from boosters to pay every Texas scholarship OL $50,000/yr. Is this what we visioned NIL’s to be? I foresee rule changes in the next year or two before things get out of hand.
After the game Muss complained about the poor defense. He should have also included the poor shooting that has plagued this team all year. With no outside game teams go to a zone and force us to score with steals and fast breaks. Our 7’3” center is a weak stick and not a threat, a total waste of space. I’m wondering why Muss is holding back some of our bench players who might be able to add some spark to this team.