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I for one think that is an excellent list devised by one of the most talented and knowledgeable analysts in the business. He has been right at least 25% of the time in his career so wouldn’t take what he says as gospel. As a Razorback fan thanks for your confidence in our program but more importantly the added incentive.
That is a negotiation tactic with Muss but expect him to sign a huge contract with Arkansas after the season. We’re not going to let him go without a fight so Indiana better check their bank account!
Yes, that last drive by Mizzou was a heartbreaker but as I was watching the game with my son, I called it. Mizzou was picking on a freshman CB and our DE’s and LB’s couldn’t stop the run. Hopefully this year we are deeper with having 10 seniors returning to play an additional year and the coaching staff having more time to figure out where to play a few players. I’m still excited about the season and can see interest in the program growing.
After reading the article and how Arkansas who finished 10th last year and is playing with 10 new players, you have to wonder why Muss was not COY!
It’s early and we just got 2 commitments today, a 4 star OL and a high 3 star RB.
I recently reviewed the top 100 national recruits and it was obvious that the schools who historically in the 85 scholarship era dominate that list. Saban is a very good coach and can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo but as much success as Bama and the rest of those few top recruiting schools are doing, they don’t realize that college football is dying. College football can’t survive with Bama, Clemson, OSU, ND and a few others to dominate recruiting and thus be the only teams in the playoffs. Expanding the teams in the playoffs also won’t work because it won’t really fix the real problem, those few schools get the cream of the talent. The only fix is to reduce the scholarships to 65 and then we’ll see how good these coaches are when they can’t stack their roster with the best talent. The last NC game that had a pitiful TV viewership should be a wake up call to school administrators that fans are losing interest and the current setup isn’t sustainable.
Please explain to me how Democrats can steal an election run by Republicans and if they could how did they lose seats in the House and not win more seats in the Senate? How Trumps idiot attorneys went to courts and couldn’t present any evidence to prove fraud even in front of Trump appointed judges. Stop believing in conspiracy theories and come back to reality!
Like I said on my post below the upper level teams will fight this because they have the advantage. Your solution is to expand the rich boys club to include your team because as good as you are you can’t make it to the big dance.
The only way to increase interest and achieve parity is to reduce scholarships to 65. The top 6-8 teams will fight this because of course they have the recruiting advantage. ESPN and the rest of the media exclusively covers these teams so when the top players go to commit, they of course choose one of those teams. And with HS participation decreasing the remaining teams have a smaller pool of talent available. College football now resembles that frog in a pot of water over a flame and the NCAA doesn’t realize it’s dying. The NFL realized they had to do something to achieve parity and it has worked and it’s time the NCAA did the same thing.
Helton is fighting to keep his job so Davis taking this job might be a very bad decision.
I don’t think Pittman liked his size. I think he was on the lighter side and he wants bigger linemen.
What a really poor article asking Arkansas to show something against Bama to gauge how far they’ve come. Because of lack of depth on defense this Arkansas unit that started out great this year is just flatly worn out. Can you imagine a DL wanting a break and you don’t have enough faith in the backups to send them in? Your LB’s only have one sub that can be relied on and your secondary relying on a CB who looks like a lost HS player? This game will be over in the first quarter and as much as I hate Saban he will start substituting early to save his starters for the SECCG. Yes Arkansas is better this year and moving in the right direction but the unjustified scheduling this year by the SEC adding Georgia and Florida to Arkansas’ schedule has finally taken its toll.
Most knew Arkansas lacked depth this year when we were picked to finish last with perhaps zero wins. Pittman brought new confidence to this team but after this brutal schedule, the defense is gassed and worn out. Can you imagine as a defensive lineman you want to tap out and the coaches don’t have any quality replacements? We only have two quality LB’s and playing a walk on CB who looks like he should still be playing in HS. Mentally this team is toast. You have players “opting out” (quitting) 8 games into the season. Frank’s comes down with a mysterious rib injury and Pittman seems disengaged at his pressers. Now we face Bama with probably the best offense in football so the question is, will this defense put up a fight? I would have loved if this game was cancelled but I guess we have to take our lumps like everyone but this team is not ready for a bowl game played in an half empty stadium.
Do you know how much depth Arkansas has on defense? Almost ZERO! I know it’s hard for a Bama fan not understanding about depth issues but I cringe every time a player goes down not knowing if we have a body to put in their place.
Your #99 was not cut block and he went down after looking toward the sideline. It’s unfortunately part of the game to slow down tempo teams but trying to deny it is futile.
Hey Benton, Mizzou had better talent starting the season than we did and we’ve been competitive in almost every game this year compared to last year. Everyone was expecting us to win ZERO games this year so I don’t understand you crapping in your own yard!
It wasn’t the offense that was the problem. IT WAS THE DEFENSE!! When you score 48 points you win 99.9% of the time. As much as I want to bury Odom, that walk on CB Clark is a liability which demonstrates we’ll have to recruit our way to a better defense. As for Mizzou we started a backup QB who looked totally lost last year and he led our offense to 48 points. Your performance was just as pathetic as ours but you’ll sleep better tonight.
Bielema’s contract should have a performance clause because if not that lazy cow will just coast until he’s fired and live off his buyout. Another issue he has will be hiring competent assistant coaches but good ones know he’s lazy and full of himself. After the season instead of concentrating on recruiting he gave his staff a week off to unwind so he could go to Vegas.
My son was a 3 year letterman and 2 time all-district DT in HS. It was his sophomore year that a girl came out for football and they had to allow her to play. She wanted to be RB so the coaches put her on the scout team. At practice scout team went up against first defense. My son was salivating to introduce her to football but anytime a defender was about to lay her out, the coach blew his whistle. The coaches knew of the possible repercussions if she got seriously hurt. She quit after 3 practices.
Let me start by saying that she is a very good soccer player, but you can’t tell me there wasn’t another male player on the team who could of squibbed a kick like she did. Yes I know they were hoping for a short FG or an extra point but I still think there was someone on the team who has messed around kicking. Heck, I was a DL in HS and kicked a 35 yd FG. (Not in a game) I’m not upset that she kicked in the game, I’m upset that she is considered a trend setter in the sport which is not the case. A trend setter makes a decision to achieve a goal to play football on a ongoing bases and earn their way onto the team but she was asked to participate for 30 seconds of fake fame.
The writer is lazy and probably didn’t do any research.
It’s been like that since we joined the league. Mom and dad wanted more children but they’re still adopted and not loved as much as the original kids. The fact that the league is so obvious with the snubs makes it so much worse. Odom screwed up giving the LSU QB all the time in the world to pick up a receiver. He was dropping everyone back and LSU was still completing passes.
I don’t think it was controversial even with the questionable calls. Our defense line was without at least 6 contributors which helped LSU’s running game and out OL hasn’t been able to run or pass block the entire year and Briles play calling is still suspect to me. Pittman has brought confidence to this team but we need SEC linemen and I’m not convinced we have them on campus or on the way.
We’re awaiting covid test results this morning to see if we have enough bodies to field a team. Yes, LSU is catching us at the right time!
I’m trying to figure out how to stop Pitts and I’m sure Odom is thinking the same thing.
I’m not looking forward to playing against Pitts. The guy is a stud!