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When Morris was at Arkansas the media criticized him for not really developing Boyd or Watson and now that he’s at a Blueblood he’s a genius. I predict that Malzahn will be calling plays by the first SEC game!
The coaching the last two years had me pulling my hair out! Morris couldn’t decide on a QB and then saying he didn’t have his entire offense implemented. After two years and only having 35% of your offense in? No wonder defenses knew what we were doing before the snap. Any key to us winning will come down to our defense. Will we have one? Again The lack of experienced coaches on defense was an issue but also lack of depth at the LB position. Teams didn’t have to put the ball in the air because they could run at will. After Bielema was fired we needed to bring in a coach who could make this team tougher, but Morris was soft and indecisive. With Pittman, he has already said that we will play hard nosed big boy football so I expect he will be pushing players instead of coddling them. I just want to see football right now no matter how it looks!
You keep answering you question on why Arkansas doesn’t want to pay Bielema. One win in 3 years. After Long gave him that insane contract with that huge buyout, laziness set in on Bielema. He was more concerned about seeing himself on TV and he self promoted himself into gaining 50lbs in the 5 years as HC. The contract made him soft and that ultimately transferred to the players. The biggest cancer a football team can have is being soft and it’s been diff to shed that. In my 66 years I’ve seen good and bad coaches and Bielema is a bad coach. At Wisconsin he was successful but we all know who ran that program and it wasn’t Bielema. He’s just a big Teddy Bear that wants his players to love him. I never saw him call out a player after a boneheaded play and he always defended them even when we were blowing leads in the 4th quarter. Coaching is an art and rewarding this lazy ass might be hard to accept but legally we might lose this case. Softy wins again!
Right on Fisheye, Some of these kids but not all can’t handle the success and praise they receive on the football field and think they can get away with anything. I hope he can get his life turned around but yes losing any LB depth hurts big time but I feel Coach Pittman will succeed.
Pittman is not some 35 year old with no experience. He’s been around some very good programs and won’t need any on the job training from Briles or Odom.
It’s amazing how they got the Chinese, Italians, Koreans and the rest of the world to cooperate!
Arkansas was looking at Drink but he wanted the moon as far as salary and he was unproven. It had nothing to do about being outbid by Mizzou. It also happened with Kiffin and Ole Miss. Ark made an offer and we had a handshake but then Ole Miss made an offer, lower than Ark, and Kiffins agent had an idea of a bidding war but our AD didn’t want to play that game so removed the offer. Kiffin actually settled for less money! We got our guy. Pittman loves Ark and has for many many years. He’s a great recruiter and players love him. And as for offensive genius, no such person. Players make any coach look like a genius so if you can recruit you instantly can become a genius!
Arkansas is exhausted! We’ve lost about 20 pts/gm with Jo’s injury and with an already short bench, and I mean short as in height, I don’t think we’ll make the tournament this year. Now next year is looking good with a great class coming in and our 7’ transfer will be eligible to play. A lot of good teams in the SEC this year.
The key for Pittman and his staff is developing players and game preparation. In two years Morris proclaimed he still hadn’t implemented his entire playbook and couldn’t decide on a QB. I believe this staff is 100 times more experienced and we should see a better squad although the record might not show it but they could surprise.
I going to say the same thing. Glad you caught that!
As an Arkansas fan, as much as I hated Mizzou I respected the toughness they displayed. Very happy to get Odom as DC!
Wow, Morris gets hired at Arkansas and everyone is questioning the hire. Now he’s hired at Auburn and he’s a genius?
First of all the Kiffin situation was we had a deal with Kiffin and then Sexton comes to our AD saying OM offered and wanted him to counter. HY was pissed that Kiffin was going back on his word which concerned him about his character so he withdrew the offer. Sexton came back the next day saying the deal was still on because our original deal was better than OM but HY had made up his mind no deal. As for Drink HY did interview him but there is no verification that an offer was ever made. It’s possible that HY discussed what the job would pay with benefits and Drink wanted more. If a an up and coming coach is mire concerned with money rather than the opportunity maybe it’s time to go with the coach that really wants the job!
He said he has turn down coordinator jobs but being the highest paid OL coach in the country at $900K he was making equivalent money.
As Arkansas fans, what we are looking for is a team that is competitive. Morris didn’t field a team that looked anything like a P5 school and I think that came down to his poor staff. Now Pittman never wanted to leave Arkansas when he worked for Bielema but fat boy was so incompetent and lazy, Pittman couldn’t work with him any longer. When the Arkansas job came open Pittman contacted Arkansas and wanted the job. When the Kiffin deal sour because HY didn’t want to get in a bidding war with OM after reaching a deal with Kiffin, HY chose a coach who really wanted the job. Pittman is not some obscure position coach, he’s been with some major programs and has seen how to run and organize a staff which will be the key to success. Pittmans contract also has incentives that can bring him an additional $750,000 and if does resurrect the program I’m sure his salary will also rise. On to recruiting now!
It’s true Kiffin was our first choice and we did have a deal but then Sexton decided to get us and OM in a bidding war. He went back to Yurachek and said OM made an offer and asked what we wanted to do expecting a counter but Yurachek was so mad that Kiffin reneged on his commitment that it brought back the question if his character. He told Sexton our offer is canceled but Sexton comes back the next day and tells him the deal was still on because to his dismay, Arkansas’ offer was better but Sexton had already overplayed his hand. Pittman wanted the job because he loves NW Arkansas and is aware of Arkansas resources. Yurachek has promised to open the pocket book for assistant coaches and that will be the key to Pittmans success or failure, it’s worked well for Coach O. He needs to hire a OC like Brady and bring in a DC that can overhaul that pathetic unit. One thing we can’t do is fire him after 2 years but I’m confident that we’ll see improvements to this team in a yearly basis and right now that’s all we’re asking for.
Media print stories like “sources say” and we’re to believe they have a scoop? I can assure you no one has a scoop and most likely super agent Sexton is feeding BS to get everyone he represents raises.
I’m tired of hearing no one can win at Arkansas because of no in state talent and it’s hard to recruit Texas kids. Well what about the Longhorns? You can’t say they don’t have a good recruiting base. If you find the right coach anything is possible and Arkansas has history on its side to prove that.
The last two failed hires falls on the school administration. Thinking that hiring a AD from the north and a coach from the north would demonstrate their desire to show they were serious in academics. Then they didn’t allow the new AD to hire the new coach but again relied on a female not experienced enough to make this decision. Yurachek is an experienced AD and we hope he will make the best hire possible. Some think this is a bad job, glass half empty. But if you look at it like glass half full you come away with a different perspective. The new coach initial expectations would be low. Surely the new coach can do better than 2 wins! Fan base is hungry but realistic. Facilities are as good or better than most of SEC and Arkansas has financial resources to pay for a HC, his assistants and have a very good recruiting budget. Any good smart coach can view the last 7 years under Bielema and Morris and understand why they were fired. Bielema at first showed improvement but then that faded. Morris on the other hand took a bad team and his second year with more in place made things worse. Any reports of coaching interviews or interests are nothing but rumors probably promoted by agents so don’t believe what you hear!
Sure a coach would immediately reply I can’t wait to get an offer because I want to leave this dump! The truth is he may or may not be interested but he’s not going to burn any bridges!
These reporters don’t know jack! They have deadlines and pulling stories out of their backside!
Malzahn is never going to coach the Razorbacks! Stop this speculation because it’s not going to happen. Don’t mention Leach either because we don’t need another circus to come to Fayetteville! Jeff Long created a fat lazy coach when he gave him that big contract with huge buyout. Yurachek had to accept Morris because the decision to hire him was already made before he took the job. He’ll make the right decision and I hope it’s Kiffin!
Gus is not welcome in Arkansas anymore except for his core fans in Springdale. If Auburn spits him out, he can go con another school!
A Tennessee fan might not agree with this but I would go after Kiffin. I would propose to him that we need someone to get us out of the gutter and there would be no pressure to win the division but just get us bowling. I’d offer him $5M, plenty of money to hire a good coaching staff and the recruiting budget has always been ample. Kiffin is an offensive genius and he could bring the confidence and positive vibe that Morris lacks!
Gator, I’ve been a fan for over 55 years and with no doubt this is the worse team in the proud history of the program because this is the worse coaching staff we’ve ever had and I thought I would never say that after Bielema!
During fall practice Jones was consistently leading the offense on scoring drives but Morris had to stick with the transfers. Jones has earned the right to start but yes KJ is the future!
So that’s what you got out of this article? You have the reading comprehension of a 5 year old!