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Really should have been a death penalty situation. That or cash and other punitive measures. It might be that Tennessee didn't punish themselves enough and Sankey stepped in.
Kentucky was getting 14 yards on short passes about every time they tried. Why they didn't work that harder, I don't know.
Ole Miss is 15th in the FPI rankings. There are many teams that would rank head of the Rebels and rightfully so.
I generally don't give a good darn what Sankey says. Still don't.
Again, the gap between 1 and 2 is huge and then the diff between 4 and 5 is also huge.
"Oregon is considered a top 10 team" - tell us you think they suck without telling us you think they suck. I was going to rent them some warehouse space in Athens...
His reputation would take a hit if moved to LSU. He's got a top ten team at Sparty. He'll get his turn with the SEC. He's only 49.
You can hear people in the crowd yell "hit him hit him hit him". This weren't punk kids. Those were grown men who should know better
The gap between 1 and 2 is 1.5 points, but the gap between 3 and 4 is 4.6 points. That says all you need to know. And when will the serious talk about replacing Vanderbilt happen? Team ranked ABOVE them in this index are the 'pride' of the Sun Belt Conference.
Sit him down with a spreadsheet - "Jordan, this is your NFL signing bonus at 340 and this is it at 380." He'll switch to sugar-free candy.
How does Grantham keep fooling head coaches to think he's a good DC? I hear he's an excellent recruiter, but as for in-game performance he should be coaching in the Big 12 where no one cares about defense.
Any word on Hooker's injury from last night? It didn't look good and was glossed over with all the other stuff going on in Neyland last night.
No one is addressing the alcohol issue. That game ended after midnight. People had been drinking all day and then were understandably upset at the shoddy refereeing and it being a close game didn't help it all. The TV announcers didn't even mention the beer cans that were thrown. They only mentioned the water bottles. I can see entire sections of the stadium cleared out for the next home game, but you're absolutely correct that the alcohol issue needs to be addressed.
Can someone explain to me how LSU becomes bowl eligible? They're 3-3 now with Florida (27% chance to win), Ole Miss (25.6% chance to win), Bama (6.5% chance to win), Arkansas (42.3% chance to win), and Texas A&M (42.6% chance to win) ahead of them. I'll give them UL Monroe as a win. 5-7 is the best outlook and 4-8 is most likely.
Same - we've seen this too many times to have hope. Hope is for closers.
I go to awful announcing . com to see who lost the Beth Mowins lottery each week. This week: Wake Forest at Syracuse. Don't know what they did to deserve it, but their sins will be washed away once Beth calls their game.
Bama/A&M will be closer than most think. Bama wins late. UGA won't let Bo Nix finish the game. UGA 31-6. Vandy will end another game with a running clock. Florida may set records in offensive performance. Fans will have Wuerffel flashbacks. Kentucky trucks LSU by 14. Coach O gets outcoached yet again. South Carolina beats Tennessee in a tight game. Arkansas bounces back and keeps it a low scoring game with Ole Miss.
Pray for Bo Nix this Saturday. Also, Doty got a lucky garbage time TD pass. UGA shouldn't have allowed it, but he caught the backfield sleeping.
This is a fair point. I love me some Stetson Bennett, but Daniels is the guy who can take UGA all the way. Stetson can manage games. Daniels can adapt and overcome in-game issues.
Not to get too jingoistic, but no one should call a service team 'garbage'. They may be a bad football team, but let's not denigrate them.
A. One of those calls was BS, B. I'm always on the 'Fire Will Muschamp' bandwagon, and C. Blocked punt with TD. Will survives this week in my book.
Agreed. No reason to talk about it if it's not going to happen.
How is UGA a 19.5 or favorite? What does Vegas know about the ARK QB situation?
I'm a UGA grad with season tickets. LOVE Athens and all things red and black. There is no way in hell UGA cover 19.5 points.
Anybody else chuckle that Cooper Mays injured his pinkie tonight? I hope he heals
That looks like Vanderbilt before the game except most of the fans in the stands were wearing red and black.