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There's always a work around to these restrictions. A way will be found.
Sure. Buy the kid a car now that the school bill is taken care of.
If I was a cornerback, why wouldn't I play for Deion Sanders? Makes sense to me.
I'm 50, so not a lot things make me want to get into a physical altercation with someone. I'm too old for that ish. BUT... this guy needed to be dealt with immediately. It's sad that no one put his rear end in the dirt at that moment. Charges? Hell, yeah. The DA is negligent by NOT charging this a-hole.
I agree. We're starting to hear from the ones in the most financial peril. The middling bowls will start to close shop soon. At most, 10-15 bowls will be played.
1. The physics of kicking a football vs a soccer ball are completely different. 2. In HS, I could kick a 45 yard field goal from the tee with no one rushing me. With a team in front of me, it got blocked 3 out of 4 times by a HS team. It's all about getting the ball vertical - and quickly. 3. Mason said she had a 25 yard range.
Same here about the collars. The black jersey they sold in the stores this year look the same. My daughter is sporting hers tonight.
I would've ignored the signs at age 30, but I'm 50. I would've at least gone to the paramedics and been checked out. Glad he's ok, but teach kids to listen to their body. A friend of mine saved his life when he went to the doctor because 'this doesn't feel like a normal headache.'
Look at the possible slate of games. Not a lot to choose from. It's not like ESPN was going to let them have one of their games. I'm going to watch it out of spite.
I'm not that worried, but if I was a coach I'd be upset. The COVID risk to the team has serious implications to schedules and who plays.
I'm good with the sentiment, but no way UGA scores 31 and no way UF scores 35. More like a 23-20 range.
OMG - so lucky!! Ron Gant needs to give these kids a lecture about dirt bikes.
I have to agree with this. He might not have done it perfectly, but a quiet comment after the game wouldn't have the same effect.
It was almost as if a high school team dressed up as LSU's defense for Halloween. They looked uncoached.
LOL - "Notre Dame, in theory, will present a tougher challenge." I think the SEC will watch some video this weekend and more Gators will miss at least the start of the FLA/GA game.
LeCounte's vehicle accident last night looms larger than the other D injuries. He's going to be OK, but might not make it back for FLA/GA.
Any word on the refs not keeping their game checks? The officiating has been egregious this season. Refs need to lose their jobs.
Do you want the 'new guy' starting against UGA's defense? It won't be good for his self-esteem.
Exactly. These are the things that video replay was created to identify.
Immovable object vs unstoppable force. It'll be a fun game for a while, then it will suck for one team and their fans.
Agree. Monty got the glory for the sack and the scoop and score, but Azeez was a grinder. He was a disrupter even if he didn't get the tackle.
He looked lost on the field and yelled at folks on the sidelines. He had a bad night. It was glorious to watch.
Don't believe the hype about the UGA attendance. The seatbacks made it seem like it was more populated than in was. We didn't even fill all the available seats.