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I hope gets something. He seems to have a lot to give. I'd let him coach my kids.
Incorrect - Arkansas by a mile. LSU can at least handle a tough schedule.
It all depends on who tests positive the week before the game.
Who wins some of these games will come down to key players testing positive for the 'Rona. Good luck to everyone.
Some OSU players are already asking if they can play in the SEC this year. This will quite the feces spectacular.
Does the SEC control ANY on campus gatherings? No. Each school will make their own tailgating policy.
this reads more as simple logic and not a plan - not open at all, kind of open, and all the way open - no news here
Imagine his health if he'd not had Sony Michel to take half the snaps...
Are either of these guys married? If I ever made a $5,000 bet on ANYTHING - even if it went to charity - I would never hear the end of it.
A one point, I felt like I was watching a Football 101 class instead of a game. The coach would call in the play and the announcer would discuss what was about to happen - in detail. Less of that, maybe some Madden like graphics on the bottom of the screen. As to the players being mic'ed: If you had the F bomb in your drinking game, you're hurting today.
I think Tennessee's unis are rated too low. I'm a Dawg fan, but the T on the helmet and the alt. battleship unis are pretty cool.
LOL!! I needed that laugh. It hurt, but it was funny.
With key players opting not to play these days, all bowl games other than the CFP semi's and championship are simply scrimmages. You can't rely on the bowl games to mean anything - I cite last year's Sugar Bowl when UGA didn't give an ish and played like it. You're going to see more of that. I look to the rankings of the last week of the season to tell me who is who and who ranks where.
The fourth or fifth best team in the AAC is 'trolling' Bama? I don't think so.
Good for Muschamp and good for the kid for staying at home. I wish him nothing but success 364 days a year. :)
My daughter applied to Georgia Tech. Not the same thing exactly, but I had to give myself this speech, too.
Was thinking the same thing. I see why UK would be the favorite, but a three score fave? And holding VaTech to a field goal and a safety? Nah...