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Good ending to this story. This kid's closet will be nothing but orange. Love it.
The Atlanta hotel industry will not want a Bama/UGA Peach Bowl.
This is the internet. You can't apologize and be civil after you made an incorrect statement... :) I had the same thought. I didn't know about the UT boat sinking, either. I guess the news cycled changed a bit once the game in Knoxville was over.
I used that exact phrase last night. Nothing special. The new Louisville coach has done some good things, but that was still a 2-10 team last year.
If the receivers don't work out, it'll be Swift left, Swift right, or Swift up the middle all game long.
The slide was successful because he was safe. Style points don't matter. Good for him for laughing about it.
I'm no Mizzou fan, but this looks like overkill to me.
UGA season ticket holder here and I agree with Herbie. If you're not going to play, you don't get any of the perks of the bowl game. Enjoy your family and the holidays and let the team focus on picking up your slack.
I understand that a W is a W, but ND barely escaped Michigan, Vandy, Pitt, and USC. They have the 40th best offense and 75th best defense.
Other (read: better) coaches usually say stuff like 'I didn't prepare them for what they would face' and stuff like that. Harbaugh never says any of that. He says 'we got beat'. The buck never stops with him.
That would have to be a helluva check that Houston writes to Holgorsen in order to get him to move. It's the only reason vs 100 others that would make him leave WVU.
It looks like Harbaugh gave Mullens a little pat on the stomach. it's not a handshake and a quiet word in the ear, but it's not ignoring Mullens either. If I were Snopes, I'd give this one a 'Mixture'.
It sounds like he's just trying not to get in the mix. The question was loaded and a wrong answer would get blown up. If he disagrees with Fields's decision, he needs to keep it to himself or in the locker room.
The moron that said this didn't say it TO Justin Fields. It happened while Fields was playing a game. AND it's an isolated incident. How is this grounds for an immediate transfer?
I get that every kid has been told he's special and this is his 15 minutes of viral fame, but it's a jerk move. Show some class and announce where you're going to school and don't crap on other schools in the process.
To paraphrase: Yeah, we played RBs who had great games against craptastic Big12 defenses. Keep up the bulletin board material, coach. Let Swift and Holyfield feast on it.
Cleveland has a lot to look forward to. Baker Mayfield looks like the real deal and so does Chubb. Talent in college ball doesn't always translate, but Cleveland might have their first successful draft in decades.
As with most things, if you set your standards low enough you'll never be disappointed. For WVU fans, it makes a difference if Grier is playing or not. If I have tickets and plan to travel then find out Grieir isn't playing, I may not attend the game. If an OLB doesn't play the game, but the star QB or RB or DB does I'll still travel. This trend changes the financials of a bowl game completely. You have to wonder if, in the future, teams will have to declare who is and who isn't playing before bowl bids go out. Will Grier was the draw of the Camping World Bowl, but now bowl sponsors don't have a headliner.
Some bowl money is nice, but the practices are what the coaches are after.
Love the game on the field, but it should have never been as epic as it was. The officiating was terrible. Obvious stuff not called, ticky-tack crap flagged, and A&M played about 100 plays with only 3 flags? Really?