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OSU flat out quit. You can't reward that 2nd half performance.
SC needed a near perfect game to beat UT and they got it. It was a fun game to watch. This was the Spencer Rattler that Beamer thought he was getting this summer. And prayers up for Hooker. I hope his injury isn't serious.
Putting USC or Clemson/UNC in would satiate the SEC haters and back up the importance of winning the conference title. I agree.
UGA needs the win more for sure. UT getting a lot of love right now.
Doesn't bother me. Let's just get in.
IF Vandy gets an SEC win this year, this is the week. I doubt it happens, though.
I have no problem with that late hit against that BS call. Send a message.
I think Kirby lets the offense feast this week. It'll be 38-3 at the half and end up 52 - 10.
Georgia Southern would be a more competitive game this year.
Lots of three stars in the first round of the NFL draft.
My wife asked who the new gay guy was.
It'll be a hell of a game. I think the Vols give Bama a run for their money. It'll be a 4th quarter game.
I agree on both points. Calipari’s a bigger prima donna than the kids he recruits. He creates a 'one and done' atmosphere then complains about it when kids take him seriously.
I was hoping that Oregon would break the top 10.
A nice, well balanced list. I like that Hot Rod was included. If you want to take the kicker off the list, I'd replace him with Ben Cleveland or Sony Michel.
CFA Peach Bowl's twitter account just confirmed the 3:30 PM start.
The duffel response was a reference to the SMU scandal. SMU would deliver their cash stuffed in duffels. Sometimes more than one.
Yeah, there were injuries, but how does a coach with a history like Crean poop the bed as bad as he did. What is missing at UGA? It can't be just the coach. Something is rotten in Stegman.
You know what I've never heard from anyone playing football ever? "Hey, the kicker has some ideas about how to adjust during halftime. Let's listen to what he has to say because he's a football player just like us."
Wow. This is terrible. How shocking. Prayers for this guy.