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With key players opting not to play these days, all bowl games other than the CFP semi's and championship are simply scrimmages. You can't rely on the bowl games to mean anything - I cite last year's Sugar Bowl when UGA didn't give an ish and played like it. You're going to see more of that. I look to the rankings of the last week of the season to tell me who is who and who ranks where.
The fourth or fifth best team in the AAC is 'trolling' Bama? I don't think so.
Good for Muschamp and good for the kid for staying at home. I wish him nothing but success 364 days a year. :)
My daughter applied to Georgia Tech. Not the same thing exactly, but I had to give myself this speech, too.
Was thinking the same thing. I see why UK would be the favorite, but a three score fave? And holding VaTech to a field goal and a safety? Nah...
Props for recognizing Bowden, Jr.
Whether these are good matchups or not will all depend on which players sit out and which ones don't.
Texas scored 38 Vandy scored 38 Florida scored 28 Bama scored 41 Ole Miss scored 37 I think UGA can score 27 or 31. That's not the problem. Burrow will pass and do Burrow things.
55.5 as the over/under for the SEC Championship? That feels high to me. The spread is fine, but the O/U should be around 42 or 44. It'll be more like a 25 - 18 kind of game.
I hope he spends some time to get his ish together. I hate watching kids tear up golden tickets.
Agreed. I think UGA can slow it down and keep LSU from hitting too many big plays. UGA has to play an error free game to have a chance.
Lynn Bowden Jr. answered the bell this year. The coaches adapted to the players they had available and won games. You gotta give Kentucky credit for being bowl eligible.
You have to respect what Bowden Jr. did this year. He was asked to step up and did. Enjoy your bowl game, sir. You've earned it.
The QB turned his head before the punch was thrown. He most likely said something. I'm not condoning what the Nevada player did, but I understand it. If you taunt someone, you have to expect something coming back your way.
They never flag the guy that started it. And you can't escalate it in front of the refs and not expect the flag. Throwing Swilling into the wall got Pickens tossed. The ref couldn't ignore it.
You aren't kidding. He's the MVP the last few weeks.
When he wasn't missing receivers, they were dropping balls. The entire offense is a hot mess right now.
His tweet about ACC defenses being top 20 material and then 2 out of three of them go down hard was hilarious. He's not a commentator. He's a shill.
Glad to see officiating sucks all around the country and not just in the SEC.
It's going to be a sloppy track Saturday. That's the wild card in the discussion. GA by 12.
Has any other team ever faced 3 #1 teams in one year before? Texas A&M will as well as the #4. Helluva schedule.
The coach on this list doing the most with the least is Eli Drinkwitz from App. State. They beat UNC and South Carolina in the same year. Not bad for a Sun Belt team that competes with the SEC in recruiting.
How is this post still up? POS doing what POS does.
Exactly. You always here about the lineman protecting their QB. This was that in its entirety. You hope the team is passing the hat to pay Pouncey's fine.
^^ Truth. Gotta win out or it doesn't matter where UGA is ranked today.