66 years old, graduated in '73, have had season tickets for 44 years, grew up in Kingston where everyone was a Vol fan... GBO

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The person that wrote this article is definitely grasping at straws for material. Statement of fact.
The Preds sure as hell don't need a hay racking Auburn fan to tell them how to continue to build a fan base. They are doing just fine, and as a matter of fact GREAT. If people don't like it the Exits are clearly marked. I was at the game and the crowd went wild... The Great State of Tennessee has professional Basketball, Football, and Hockey teams. Alabama has Zip. However, I will certainly say (and it hurts like hell ) Alabama does have the best College Football Program EVER and it's NOT Auburn.
Holy Heart Attack Batman. After reading the article up to the video I honestly thought those uniforms were what we were going to wear and nearly shipped myself. Surely VT's fans will intervene here. Living in the Tri Cities I have several VT friends and since we rarely play each other there is no big rivalry but those are the God Awful Ugliest uniforms I have ever seen bar none. Glad we are going the traditional route as I love them just the way they are. Can't wait to be part of history
The word "Class" and "Auburn" don't seem appropriate used in the same sentence.