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The Lou Groza award is beyond meaningless. All 3 finalists missed kicks while McPherson was perfect on the season. But this is nothing new, in 2020 Reichard was perfect on the season and was omitted. Even Daniel Carlson, the all-time leading point scorer, never won the award. At this point, why even mention this joke of an award.
What they said ^, I just don’t see why Auburn fans give 2 chits what he thinks like he’s someone of importance or influence toward our program.
Funny, I thought NILs couldn’t be contingent on a player playing for a specific program. Like I understand they can say, “you play for this university so you get this” but I thought they couldn’t say, “you play for this university so you get this, unless you transfer or lose eligibility, then you have to return it.” Is that not an NIL contingent on playing for a specific program which is supposed to be illegal?
Translation: I cannot believe Auburn made me feel insecure about my dawgs and now I’m scared about what lies ahead. It’s okay to say what you really mean. We hear it exactly as it is regardless….
“Auburn shut out in first half” AU 3 - A&M 6 Great reporting, just superior skills…
This game gave me flashbacks of Auburn vs Florida in 2019 in Bo Nix’s first road start. The defense showed up and showed out and gave the offense every opportunity to win this game.
I lost it when he got to Florida. I mean, that was the perfect ‘unexpected’ ending. I’m still laughing…. And no I’m not laughing at UF, I’m just amused by the creativity.
I don’t need it, I saved a ton on my car insurance by switching to Geico and with the $25mil the Nigerian prince is sending me I might just start my own country.
Massive pickup right here, literally and figuratively. Freeze just keeps delivering. Absolutely incredible where we are now in recruiting compared to where we were and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that if the season goes well we will have some big time signing day flips.
Naw, I’m thinking that’s Bricker’s burner account. No legitimate Auburn fan is going to defend an SDS writer. We could publish a book of the reasons why….
!! HOT TAKE WARNING !! Auburn will lead the SEC in rushing this year Yes, this is just week 1 and we have a ways to go. I knew our running game was gonna be good, but man it was amazing, better than I expected considering Hunter was out and that’s the kicker here. Personally, I think it’s incredible we put up 59 in a shorten game format with new clock rules. I mean, you show me another team that put up 50+ points offensively with only 1 TD pass….
It has been a long long time for Vandy. I think we can give them this one, at least just for week 1.
“The Tigers took care of business and beat the Minutemen 52-7.“ More garbage columnists proving they don’t even watch the games. They won 59-14 you cocksocket….
I got cable through Spectrum specifically for all the ESPN Channels for football and basketball, Bally Sports South & Southeast for the Braves, and all the Disney channels for my kids. I have other channels in my upgraded sports package as well, but those were the main reason I bundled cable and internet with Spectrum. Idc what it costs as long as I have those channels and the fact that there was no warning, no nothing before the blackout leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I have to have internet because I use Spectrum mobile for my family’s cellular plan but I’ve already cancelled the cable and am watching the game on my newly acquired YouTube TV service.
He didn’t commit to Auburn (thankfully), he commited to Idaho State. His dad couldn’t even give him an offer to play for Auburn. Sure says something about talent in Idaho if this kid is the no.6 player in the state.
Yeah I have to disagree about Bobo, but I completely agree about Friend. I mean, the year before at Tennessee he had an oline that most CFB programs would kill for and he couldn’t coach or develop them out of a wet paper bag. That hire absolutely never made sense to me.
Yes, but he was already gone before he hired Harsin and even he knew it, all parties were just waiting for his contract to expire.
And this is coming from a guy that stood behind Harsin and tried to see the good everywhere I could and argued in his favor multiple times here. After seeing everything that came out after he was fired, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the guy.
Considering what Coach Caddy was able to do after Harsin’s firing and then what Coach Freeze has done with the roster overhaul (in a very short time), I think it’s safe to say Auburn wasn’t the problem there. Harsin was never the guy for the job and wouldn’t play ball when he got the job.
Let’s not jump on that bandwagon. Everyone that has watched is HS highlight vids knows that Arch is a 3* QB with a 5* Name and nothing else. Raiola is the real deal from all metrics and I would call it an insult to include Arch in the conversation, you feel me?
Boy you guys just don’t get it do you? A collective cannot force repayment of NIL funds if the player leaves a program the collective supports because the DEALS CANNOT BE CONTINGENT ON A PLAYER PLAYING FOR A PARTICULAR PROGRAM! Example: Say a guy at AU has an autograph NIL deal with OTV. Then said player transfers to UA. The player still can sign autographs and uphold his part of the deal if OTV wants him to. Just because he doesn’t play for AU anymore, OTV doesn’t want to continue his NIL deal. That’s fine, but the player is not obligated to return NIL funds because he never broke the terms of the NIL contract.
Not at all surprising. To be honest, not sure this is even ‘article-worthy’ news. I mean, show me 1 person (other than Finley) that didn’t know this was coming a year ago. The kid just doesn’t have what it takes to start in the SEC and he had EVERY opportunity in the world to get there and just flat out couldn’t. Glad to see him go and wish him all the best.
Bo Nix graduated in 3 years at Auburn. Not that far fetched to believe Finley could with 1 year at LSU and 2 at Auburn.
Highly doubt those liens would hold up in a court of law since NIL cannot be contingent on a player playing for a particular program.
I’m guessing you have problems expressing yourself due to psychological trauma brought on from childhood experiences involving your uncle, a basement, and a video camera. But what’s even worse is I think you “wanna go again!” There’s help out there chomo, you just have to seek it out….
My bad, got him confused with another instate prospect but doesn’t change my point. Freeze is getting it done with recruiting and that’s all that matters to us
Don’t know I’d consider this clickbait. The guy was highly sought after and was a commit to Bama. Only 247 has this kid as a 3*. Every other service has him listed as a 4*. Granted, he’s not a program changer by any means, but he’s a lot more than a “fine” or “nice” pickup. Basically what I’m saying is this: He was a highly sought after local talent that Freeze managed to keep instate, something Auburn fans have been missing for a while now. To us, this is nowhere near clickbait. This is encouraging.
So 1 losing season in a decade and we’re in the ditch? Considering how the future is looking, all we did was hit a speed bump.