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Weak argument about the refs. They’ve already proven that they are incompetent equally in every game they officiate. If your warped perspective preserves some pro-Auburn bias in officiating, that’s just your own delusion.
Just seems like Crimson hasn’t learned from past experiences to not discount Auburn in JHS and seemed like a nice target to F with.
Well that very same metric is what I said would kill Lane against Bama and you saw how that played out lol
Tennessee moved to #3 AFTER playing Bama, and Auburn is still #4 even with the bye. Tennessee isn’t even leading the nation in TFL, Troy is. Try researching first, listening to the talking heads in the media that don’t research is just lame.
If you think Finley is more of a threat than Nix then I question your competence. I’ll give you 2019, but what’s your excuse for 2017?
Unless we’re talking about a defense going against an offense that’s based around going for it on 4th downs like OM. Then it’s very relevant.
Who was wanting to bench Bo after UGA? He did a good job considering no one could catch the ball. If anything, I’d argue that Bo and the Oline have played pretty well the last 2 games. The receivers have been the inconsistency. Really can’t fault the oline or Nix for the pressure UGAs defensive front was was able to apply, there’s just too much NFL talent across that line for anyone not to get overwhelmed by it. Then you consider that even with the multitude of drops, Auburn still moved the ball well against that defense and put up more offensive production than anyone else has so far. Without the drops, that score is closer to 34-21 than 34-10.
Governor Ivey just signed an executive order to prevent any company or organization from forcing it on anyone in the state of AL. So things are heating up here in that regard.
I think it’s more likely that Auburn knocking off Bama means that Auburn punches their own ticket for a rematch with UGA in ATL. If Auburn can’t beat OM and A&M, they aren’t beating Bama even in JHS. That said, I am all but certain the Iron Bowl is going to decide the West. Auburn leads the SEC in 4th down defense and, prior to the bye week, TFL. Our defense shows marked improvement with every game and OM just doesn’t have the defense to stop Auburn, especially in JHS. Their offense has not been nearly as dominant in SEC play as most thought it would be and Lane takes too many ill advised chances on 4th down and Auburn will be ready to take advantage of that. I just think this Saturday is a bad matchup for OM. I’m more worried about the A&M game than OM personally. But of course, Auburn has never lost at Kyle Field and A&M isn’t nearly what people thought they would be this season so I like they way that game sets up as well.
Smart decision. Let the kid get healthy and be ready for next year.
I like Harsin’s attitude on this. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, it’s still a personal medical decision and should be viewed as such. Harsin is a football coach, not a health professional. Why should he have to answer health questions about himself, his staff, or his players? Simple answer: he shouldn’t. If people want to make their medical decisions public, it should be their choice and responsibility to do so. I applaud Harsin for sticking true to his words. He said he’s not going to discuss it and is sticking to it. If the media wants to know if he’s vaccinated or not, see if he’s still around after the deadline and you’ve got your answer. I just can’t imagine he’d walk away from 5mil a year so I personally think he’s gotten it already or is planning to.
Normally, I wouldn’t either. But this year I just can’t see a single upside to UF to make me think this could end up being a game.
What’s the Coach’s Poll for anyway? Before the CFP rankings, teams are referenced based on the AP Poll. Just like the CBS CFB Poll, why do we even have these polls and why have an article for them?
I don’t think it will be in the eyes of the CFP voters. That 1 win won’t stand out as much as every other opponent on the schedule having losing records except SMU, which they could lose to.
I personally think this is all just AP bolstering to try and influence the CFP committee. They figure if they can keep Cincinnati high enough, the voters might give them the hot hand going in. Personally, I just don’t see it. Their 2 P5 wins are against lackluster-looking teams this year, and everyone else on their schedule with the exception of SMU has losing records. I just don’t see the CFP voters really considering them a playoff contender.
Wasted trip. I honestly think the Auburn-Ole Miss game is a bigger game this week given the West implications at stake. Ranked matchup and West contention elimination game. The WLOCP is a wonderful tradition, but it holds no East implications and is a hopeless mismatch for the Gators. But I get it, it’s kinda like the Iron Bowl, the storied tradition trumps more meaningful season games.
And OU got shutout in the first half and trailed to KANSAS through 3 qtrs. OU is not a playoff team. Michigan deserves that spot far more than OU
I can’t imagine Oklahoma will stay ranked #3. They were shutout in the first half and trailed through 3 qtrs. They should have lost tbh, should have been marked down on forward progress inches beyond the LoS, short of the line to gain. This is what confuses me with that call though. I know that you can hand the ball forward behind the LoS, but the ball carrier had forward progress just beyond the LoS. How is it legal to move the ball beyond the LoS, even by inches, get pushed back behind the line, and then hand the ball off forward to runner? Since it wasn’t ruled a fumble, it’s my understanding that changing possession once the LoS has been crossed is only legal via a lateral. Thoughts?
I think the only benefit for Cristobal to make a move would really be for his wife since it’s no secret she’s not happy where she is. I believe he’s very comfortable where he is and wants to continue building that program into a contender year to year.
Main thing I look at is LSU needs a coach that’s competitive and successful on the field, and morally respected off the field. Franklin would be the perfect fit for LSU and exactly who they need moving forward.
But that’s my point. The smart money would be to let him rest up and get healthy after a game like that. At the very least, I don’t believe for one second that it’s a smokescreen when Kiffin says he’s in bad shape. He was incredible in that game, but he took a beating all game to do it.
Alright, just don’t be too surprised if he doesn’t play or is obviously not 100%. He took way too many unnecessary hits in that game carrying Ole Miss on his back. Just saying….
So many people discounted the possibility of Corral not playing and I’m like, did you not watch the Tennessee game? You can’t tell me he can take a beating like that for 4 qtrs and be perfectly fine the next week. Granted the kid is tough and has more grit than most QBs I’ve seen, but the human body has limitations, regardless of who you are. It’s hard to do what Corral did last Saturday and there be no repercussions from it health-wise. I just hope he’s good to go next week regardless in JHS because I want Auburn to face Corral, not his backup.
What you saw from Nix wasn’t the old school bail early and scramble. The pocket collapsed, play fell through, so he did what he had to to keep the drive alive, and did it well.
So… we’re just going to assume Harsin won’t get it so he’s going to get fired with cause? And we base this assumption on what exactly? I heard some Florida fans calling into 3 Man Front on JoxFM early this week wanting UF to can Mullen and go after Harsin. Making me wonder if this writer is a Gator fan…. REPLY
It’s a shame they’re going to go all the way down there and get set up just to see the game put away after 10mins into the first qtr.
“After getting benched against Georgia State and watching TJ Finley lead a game-winning drive in the 4th quarter, Nix has played well for the most part. Sure, he struggled against Georgia’s vaunted defense, but who hasn’t?” Nix didn’t struggle against UGA, his receivers did. Sure he got sacked in the game where he hasn’t in others but that’s credit to UGAs defense. Stats say he had 7 drops in that game but it was closer to 9 in my opinion. But still, you figure out those 7 drops and Nix was 21-31 for 217 yrds. That’s not struggling against a defense of that caliber.
Wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Rattler transfers to OM during the off-season. Would be interesting to see what Kiffin could do with him, provided Kiffin is in OM next year.
Agreed. Best example of this is a recent Auburn article where an idiot wrote that Auburn had an impressive defensive performance against Arkansas this past week despite being without Newkirk, Truesdell, and Wright to injury. Newkirk plays for UF and Truesdell transferred out before the season started. These morons are not professionals and are clueless.