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The question I have now is where does Oregon go? Do they stay in the Pac12? I can’t imagine they (Nike) are thrilled that recruiting just got ALOT harder for the Pac12.
Personally, I think Warren got with USC and UCLA and said, “Okay, the alliance is a nonstarter because we just can’t compete with SEC team’s SoS. But if you guys join up with us, we might have a chance!”
I also think the defense won’t be on the field as long with Masons bend don’t break mentality gone. When a team can dunk and dunk you down the field for 4+ yards an attempt, you’re going to be on the field longer.
I can understand where you’re coming from but I don’t think that’s going to be as much of a problem this year. I believe our offense will be better and manage to stay on the field longer. That alone (if it happens) will mitigate a lot of those depth concerns.
I loved every minute of this series! Congrats Ole Miss and very well done!
Would have been nice to reach the semifinals or even the finals. Still, as a fan I’m not complaining. We have nothing to hang our heads about. We got further than anyone saw coming and lasted long enough to finally get a win in Omaha. Knocking off the #2 overall seed was a nice bump for the SEC too. Pulling for Ole Miss to get it done now!
Doesn’t matter if they’re tired of it, with Stanford out it guarantees the SEC will have at least 1 SEC team in the final. Regardless of who you pull for, that’s a good thing.
I hope we can too. We just need our bats to find the gaps to get runners on.
I don’t think the offense has really cooled off. It’s just like the last game with Ore St, we just keep hitting the ball right into plays for the defense. Admittedly, we did let a lot of strikes through looking, but our offense is still putting the ball in play, we’re just not finding the gaps to get base runners on. Ole Miss did a good job of that.
I think to speculate what you think is gonna happen is delusional and misguided. Not one person anywhere, not even on Auburn’s roster, has the first clue how this season will play out. We see this across CFB every single year and folks still think they know exactly what is going to happen. I seem to remember a team back in 2019 that was mostly an afterthought because they had a transfer QB that couldn’t see the field for OSU. 1 transfer (for the most part) changed the trajectory for LSU that year. Point is, there are too many unpredictable variables year in and year out to even begin to think you can call what will happen. How about we just let the season play out and then you’ll have your answer.
That’s Auburn’s line, y’all need to go buy your own.
I think you’re giving Stanford way too much credit there Joe. But of course, trying to predict what is gonna happen is just as delusional considering what all has happened this year. But at least you’re not so misguided as to think that we could have an all-SEC semi-final with 3 teams in 1 bracket and 1 in the other like ole Connor thinks
You gotta slow down. Conner can only take so much common sense at one time and keeping one foot in front of the other while walking is already enough of a challenge for him.
I was actually poking fun about A&M, not talking about an all-SEC final.
Half the field from 1 conference has happened before. The real question is: Has half the field been for 1 division of a conference before?
It would be something for the ages if it could happen
I’m not sure he can. Kinda hazy on relief pitchers. Ferrer threw 41 over 3.1 innings. Isn’t it over 3 innings and you gotta rest?
With Hjerpe and Ferrer out of the way I think Auburn does. However, I don’t think Auburn is gonna need stellar pitching to put this away. Their bats are probably going to be the deciding factor tonight.
Also, Hjerpe didn’t pitch back to back games against Vandy
I doubt it, there’s a reason he missed game 1 and he wasn’t 100% last night
That was a hard fought game on both sides but now that Hjerpe and Ferrer are out of the way, I like our chances to make it to Omaha.
You just keep clinging to those moral victories you’re claiming. Still doesn’t change the fact that Auburn is still alive while Tennessee isn’t, just saying….
I just can’t salute a team that carried themselves in such a poor manner all season. I’ll salute the talent and the regular season they had, but they deserved to fall flat.
Just need Auburn to sweep now and the cycle will be complete, Vols tears will be sweeter than ever if the 4 West teams sweep while the East falls flat.
Great job on the sweep Hogs. Now we just need Auburn to finish strong tonight and Omaha will be a SEC west dominated affair. So glad UT fell while every other SEC team is handling business.
Great job on the sweep Rebs. Now we just need Auburn to finish strong tonight and Omaha will be a SEC west dominated affair. So glad UT fell while every other SEC team is spring.