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Like honestly I believe he is an amazing player. But like he had zero impact during the UT game. One he played the majority of.
Apparently he was “too small” for either school. Even after running 4.31 as a rising junior at camp with USC
Have you seen how much money UT has thrown at the feet of garbage coaches??? Nick Saban will be getting a raise as soon as Heupel wins the SECCG
Eh if we win and y’all win the SECCG we’re still in.
Honestly, before the season I was talking with my dad about how I thought this year was going to be a great year. I had picked us to go 9-3/10-2. I thought we could beat UK,LSU, UF and just maybe but not really hopefully beat BAMA but in return drop another game. Right now if we lose this week we’re going 11-1 with a great bowl if not the 4 seed for the playoffs. I’m just excited to see how well we match up and to see great football played. If we win I’ll be ecstatic but if not well I won’t be that disappointed.
I honestly think this is gonna be the hardest thing for UGA. Do you risk leaving a receiver open to bring an extra man against Hooker and the run game? Do you put an extra man downfield and risk Small/Hooker/Fant gashing you on the ground? Or do you take your chances and leave it balanced and hope that you can stop the receivers without an extra man whilst doing the same against their run game? In the most unbiased way possible I don’t think UGA will be able to stop them. They’ll slow them down for sure but I think Heupel and crew will really speed the clock up and whatever scheme UGA chooses to counter the Vols will choose the opposite. Plus UGA is incredibly deep at every position but if they can’t substitute what good does that do? The UT D is also starting to really click but I don’t honestly know how much they’ll be able to do against Bowers. I have a feeling that what will end up happening is Bowers will either get an extra man covering him or UT will take the occasional long play in exchange for pushing Bennet into bad throws. It will honestly come down to whoever holds the ball 1 minute left in the 4th/ whoever collects the most however few turnovers this game
Kirby literally said during his presser that you really can’t control UT’s offense. You can try but it’s not something that it’s easily stopped
From what I’ve gathered no. She was just having fun minding her business. The dude he smacked wasn’t videoing him either, just bouncing up and down yelling “Go Vols” and “LFG”
I mean the second string has looked good all year. That was last drive or so was just freshman and walk-on’s at the bottom of the depth chart
I would also add to that list running the ball on that last drive. Even one running play would have burned too much time for Tennessee to get in field goal range
That’s one thing our D does well with stopping
We at least will most likely have enough corners to finish out that tho.
I’ve always and will always hate bama more than any other team but y’all have a special place of honor and respect. I hope regardless of tomorrow that this rivalry will ascend to new heights
It will be a lot like the Oklahoma game except even louder, the Vols will stay in it and not fade, and they will be able to adjust with Bama as Saban tries to change things up. Ty Darlington after that game wrote an excellent post on how much the noise affected them and I have no doubt in my mind that it will be much more difficult for Bama than it was for them
The only issue for either qb is if UT can do well with the pressure/sacks how they’ll respond
Yeah I hate Alabama with all my heart but I have far more respect for you guys and your school than anyone else in CFB