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Iowa is 10? Please let them face Tennessee in a bowl so we can smash them again lmao 42-0 at the half. Seriously these Big 10 schedules are joke outside of Michigan
Who the heck is George Bullock? When did he start kicking for us
Hahhha let's go. We can go 8-4 (5-3 SEC) assuming we lose in Bama and beat Missouri Kentucky and Vanderbilt and SC and NTexas. Here we go
Unless you someone beat Georgia, don't talk
On the bright side, after losing another close game to Georgia and getting pummbled by Alabama we get to face the likes of Kentucky Vanderbilt Missouri S.Carolina and North Texas
If we suck than so do you. You can't say a team sucks when you only beat them by one.
On the bright side we lost to a team that was ranked not Toledo or Jacksonville State or Ark St etc
Wow. Up 14, but the play calling looked like we were up 30. Ridiculous, throw the damn ball down field.
Ole Miss might have the best QB in the conference after playing UT Martin while Tennessee is "maybe next year" and Mississippi State is awful. Yeah, definitely not biased