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This is lame. It's cool and all but the music kinda kills it. Anyway this is the only time I'm going to say this but roll tide!
Don't listen to these idiots haha
You got the wrong memo buddy haha
What a bunch of idiots. Atleast let him coach until y'all find a coach. I'm sorry but y'all made the mistake like we did with Fulmer, don't expect your program to win like Richt did. Now we're actually making progress with Butch. Anyway good luck
We would've ended the reason ranked if it wasn't for our offensive coordinator calling consecutive plays so early. We have the potential in winning but our offensive coordinator isn't good with calling plays etc. Maybe he'll turn out well next year, who knows!
Did you enjoy that loss to vandy? haha get outta here
"They beat a bad Georgia team and Kentucky, big frigging deal. They are .500 like a bad Georgia" You Georgia fans always have a excuse! If we're so "bad" then why didn't we get demolished by Florida and Alabama? Pretty sure our scores were closer than your field goals and 1 touchdowns. Tennessee is finally going to be back in its place. Whether you like it or not we're better than your puppy team.
When was the last time you won against us buddy?
So you're saying we will loose to your garbage kentucky, a South Carolina team which isn't doing well this year, and North Texas? Geez what kind of drugs are you taking? We'll smack Kentucky like we did last year haha
Thanks! Was a close game. Good game to bama!
Great game bama! Could've had ya if our kicker would've made at least two field goals. Anyway good game!
“Kentucky would win the division by sweeping through Auburn, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Georgia and Vanderbilt — none of the West superpowers — left on the schedule” Sweeping through Tennessee my ass.
LMAO please stop. Kentucky is no where as good as Tennessee. Maybe if Butch fired the coach from the 60's we would actually win games.
Praise it man! The OC and poor tackling is what makes us loose. Tackling is a easy fix but I don't see why Butch doesn't realize his OC is idiotic and doesn't deserve to run a Elite/Talented offensive.
Lmao get outta here. If we didn't have a terrible offensive coordinator we would've been 5-0 right now.
Yay another loss! I guess we have to use the good o'l "This is not our year,give us an extra 10 years to win games" excuse.
I hate to say it but Tennessee lost to a extremely good team. I bet if you went against Oklahoma you would've gotten lets just say "raped".
Why is Auburn even ranked? Tennessee should at least be in the top 20. Mizzou almost lost to an unranked team. Where's the logic?
Why are you trying to talk trash about Tennessee? Kentucky sucks. We demolish you every year haha
And Tennessee would demolish you? haha