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Most of you talking crap never even played on a football Field in your life. You just watch the game not having a clue what's really going on. First of all you got mostly sophomores and freshman kids out there. You why don't they pass, that's because the o line is still bad. Tenn can't drop Dobbs back in the pocket because it really exposes the o line. The secondary is still young and not that physical. So stop blaming the coaches and stop all that b.s about fire him.
Come on I'm a huge Vols fan but we got remember the team is still young.I am ready as anyone to get back to the powerhouse we used to be but the team was in really really bad shape and the offensive line is still shakey. What happened tonight is all players fault. They picked on the secondary just like Oklahoma did. Be careful what you ask for. Everybody chill and just see what happens in a couple years. Some of these top recruits read these sorry blogs and they might go somewhere else. This all goes back to that sorry ass AD we had. Come on stay positive and let's get some pig next week! VFL!!!