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#21 Carolina Defeating undefeated #5 Missouri in 2013. Carolina, down 17-0 late in the third, brings in Connor Shaw (who has the flu and a knee sprain) who then orchestrates what we Carolina fans know as the "ShawShank Redemption" where he ties the game 24-24. Missouri misses a FG in double overtime to lose the game ending their undefeated season, 27-24 final.
For me, its goodbye unless we win the East. Enough is enough.
Yep. I want Bobo to have reign on play calling and offensive decision making but would be fooling myself to believe he would be in charge of that, being under Muschamp. From what I understand he does have a 2 year contract, so we have an interim HC after Muschamp gets fired at the end of next season. :-/
Welcome to Carolina Football. Consistency is and has been our main opportunity since I started watching them in the Holtz days.
A TN friend and I went to go see this one, he told me he was nervous for TN going into the game. I looked him dead in the eyes outside of the stadium and said "Guarantano has a stellar game and we lose this one". Know my boys to well. Well played by TN.
Lol yup. "We missed some things, left some points out there, defense needs to play better, we gotta be able to throw the ball better and make some plays." End of Muschamp presser with nothing really getting said. Same as every week.
It's pretty stupid to assume that just because you have the ball you score. Note I didn't make that assumption for our offense why would you for yours? I'd say it's fair to assume points could have been scored and fair to assume they wouldn't given SCAR defensive stands in the second half. The only points I removed were those where missed calls led directly to points in the same play. I think Florida probably still wins out but the point margin is closer and the loss would have been a lot less sour if the refs had done their jobs.
Apparently so do the analysts and hosts who covered the game.
Again Delusional Gators fans are the only ones in denial about the blown calls. Lol discussing them has been a prerequisite on ESPNs synopsis of the game on every wrap-up this weekend.
Would agree but curious to see what he offers
Lot of that starts with the O line which is and has been a big point of opportunity
Could have led to points and did directly is quite the conflation dolt. Take 14 off the board we win. Did any of us think we would pull that off two weeks Ina row? Not those of us who have been around long enough to see our program level concistency issues, but the reality is our defense was setting us up for success and the refs DIRECTLY missed 2 game scoring penalties. Only Florida fans don't see it. We will see ya next year
Dotty comes in next year if nothing can done with that kind of talent OC needs to be reevaluated
Gators are delusional and starting to sound like Georgia fans. LSU showed that, our defense proved it, and the refs stepped in to make sure we didn't upset rankings for the second week in a row. I'm a bit salty for the loss of a potential precedent for our football program based on missed calls, but am excited for the future if we continue to play the way we have for the last three weeks, through the end of the season
Pretty bad when commentators are saying this was as bad officiating as they have seen. But yea stellar performance boys
The refs missed calls made this a three possession game in favor of Florida after we just picked em off and took it in for 7 to start the second. Complete dynamic shift. Unacceptable.
All refs no takes. Florida survives Carolina thanks to their monchromatic friends.
Yall rep for me in Willy B tomorrow and I'll be repping for y'all in Neyland.
After he went and bought the fanciest AD in all the land and Spurrier gutted us. :-/