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Let the PAC12 waste energy with uniform gimmicks. Put on the silver britches, and just play UGA football.
WHAT?? UK win 9 games. You probably thought that Miami had a Top 10 offense, too. UK averaged 3.4 per rush and QB had 2 TD's and 3 INT's. What about their O-line was impressive?
Exactly how do you save a season with 9 games still to play?? Trask came in and beat a lousy defense and saved a game. Receivers were not covered and no QB pressure. And UK gives a gift INT.
So basically the UF backup QB is better than the UK backup. Neither team can run the ball and now defenses will game plan for Trask. UT game should be fun. Good luck Felipe, one tough dude.
Because they have not played a good team. LSU UGA will feast. UK was trash.
All Muschamp had to do was call timeout and then it gets reviewed.
Miami is much worse than we thought. But without Terry Wilson, I just don't see enough offense for UK unless Franks has a "Bad Felipe" game. I think Mullen will limit the passing game and let Franks win with his legs.
I hope not. Then Bama will be forced to leave Tua in the game for 350 yards and 5 total TD's.
So you wouldn't trade Pruitt for them? You would be the only one. Both have won a National Championship.
It's not about a turn around. It's about getting better each week. UT has not done that. Pruitt has been head coach since Dec 2017. After two springs, two summers, two fall camps, UT should be better.
Did everyone forget that the AD Fulmer hired Pruitt (with the buyout) and then supported $1.5 million hire of Chaney? Do not get caught in the "Mack Brown" mirage. Fulmer will never compete with Smart, Mullen, Fisher, Saban, Malzahn, in today's SEC.
Derek Mason at FSU in 2020. He has reached the ceiling with Vandy, and FSU has plenty of money for the buyout of Taggart.
Two FCS games each year is not a big deal. It is what you do with the other two non-conference games that really matter. You have to build the game at every level, not just at the top.
Eason is better than Fromm? Based on what? You're expert skills as a prognosticator? Eason has played ONE complete game against a trash opponent. Come back after Eason plays a real team, or plays for two seasons with a Rose Bowl, SEC Championship and thirteen straight SEC East wins.
Wonder why this troll posing as a writer didn't post the career stats for all three? Maybe because beating up on two lousy teams doesn't quite compare to what Fromm has done. And since when is making the CFP, much less winning it, solely on the QB? I think Clemson and Bama both played defense the last 5 years.
The fact that Pruitt has yet to make a decision on Bryce Thompson tells you all you need to know. He just is not a Head Coach and not a leader.
Seems like Bratton hasn't gotten over the RockyFlop yet. How hard is it to proofread a very short article?
Using a kicker as good as Carlson from easy range is not "settling". But letting a freshman QB throw the ball after already having two INT's is definitely dangerous - especially for Auburn. Of course, if the QB throws the INT to end the game, I am sure this article would not be so kind.
3.0 yards per rush and qbr of 60.1 with “stolen” new OC, $1.5 million. Getting stomped in the face with a hob nail boot at home by a 2-8 nobody, $950,000. Being Champions of Life, priceless.
I was at the game. It was dominant by UGA at line of scrimmage. Penalties were what kept this from a 40 point spread. The short yardage was absolutely vanilla against stacked box and did not use play action all night.
Probably not, but if we do get desperate we can always call the Champions of Life for advice......
Justin Herbert will be the one to vomit looking at Marlon all night.
How do you know? New QB, at least three new O-Line starters, and they may only have 25 minutes of possession.
Keep your day job. You really picking Oregon to score as many against Auburn as UGA scores against Vandy? I wish I was your bookie.
There is a much bigger rebuild on the Vandy O_line than the UGA defense. And the UGA d-line has been practicing against a pretty decent O-line every day.
They were questions, not an accusations. See the "?"? And UGA handles their problems very quickly. JJ Holoman was arrested, and was gone the day after Smart found out.
I am not your dude. Grow up. And, if possible, answer the question. How many UGA (or other schools) have a player on the roster right now that had a restraining order issued while in high school?