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How was that struggle win against a losing record LSU team? Oh wait you LOST.
Had a settle QB last four games when he was healthy. Nice try trash.
Auburn getting ass whipped by Northwestern. No wonder you’re posting about UGA
Let the implosion begin. Dan the Clown always thinks he is the smartest and most clever person in the room. He finally beat Kirby and a scout team walk on QB. But no excuses from Smart. And UGA still put up 28 points.
Beating UF three out of last four years will NEVER be a disappointment.
I’m sure you meant “it’s”. Does this prove that you didn’t graduate?
And the walk on had UGA in the lead before getting injured. Oh yeah don’t forget that Trask rode the bench behind Frank’s for two YEARS.
This loss is on the Head Coach. Period. Too busy packing those bags for ATL instead of playing LSU.
he's a redshirt sophomore with 4-5 starts this season. where would he go?
With the QB Whisperer in charge and the Heisman leader at QB, you SHOULDN'T need Pitts to beat a 3-5 team AT HOME. Mullet was so busy patting himself on the back and making his reservations in ATL, he gave away UF's best chance to win SEC since 2008. And, no, Trask/Pitts are not turning down 1st round money.
He's 3-0 as a starter with 9 TD's and 1 INT with 67% completion. Against 3 SEC teams and averaging 280 yards/game. What exactly is your definition "get it done"?
Right, and Grantham will be magically transformed into a championship DC.
No QB whisperer. No Heisman QB. No SEC Championship. No CFP appearance. Same Grantham defense.
Spurrier is the Nancy Pelosi of college football. "Please just let me be famous for one more year".
Well, you to give credit to Kirby for at least no paying Cheney $1.5 million to stay.
Nice to see that someone else gets it! Everybody acts if Smart knew that Fromm was leaving early, Newman would quit and Daniels would not be medically ready. Not mention that Mathis missed an entire year with brain issue and had no spring practice with a brand new OC.
Once again, the completely irrelevant comments about Fields. If Fields fails to win the CFP this year, does that make him a terrible QB or Ryan Day a terrible coach? NO. Three things Kirby had no way to know, and neither did Ichabod Finebaum or most fans: 1. Fromm leaving after Junior year 2. Newman quitting/getting beat out 3. JT Daniels not healthy.
Kirby didn’t force Fromm to leave early. He didn’t force Jamie Newman to quit. He didn’t cause JT Daniels knee to not recover and miss training camp. Trask and Pitts are gone after this year.
And if OSU fails to win the CFP this year, two in a row with Fields, is that Kirby's fault as well? Maybe it's OSU that is one Kirby Smart away from the title.
If Ohio State fails to win the CFP again this year, will the statement be "Justin Fields only one Kirby Smart away from CFP title"?
Doesn't that go for Bama as well? The Bama defense got torched by Ole Miss. Last year the defense was not great with all those backups, but all everybody talked about was graduation/NFL and injuries.
This coward couldn't wait to tee up the Eason/Field comment. The "infatuation" with Fromm led to SEC Championship, Rose Bowl, CFP semifinal win, three straight SEC East trophies. Eason couldn't even flourish in the PAC 12 with no defenses. Fields made a business decision, right for him. Maybe not all 5 stars are equal.
Mr 2Bits. So now after moving to 5-4 against Missouri in SEC, you now get to move to a game of "significance"? What where these games the last two years? Just scrimmage? You are calling out MO for being relevant and UF 1-2 the previous three meetings. Hilarious.
I am pretty sure that Mullen was yelling at Eli Drinkwitz. "If you agree to take Grantham, we will just call this a skirmish and move on".
You admit to not knowing what he was yelling or who, but then you know that it had on impact. Which is it? You either know or you don't. And you don't.
Mullen wasn't in the middle. He was in the lead. He was directly yelling at Missouri coaches/players because all of the UF guys were behind him. Dan the Clown shows up again.
Mullen spent more time yelling at the Missouri coaches/players than he did trying to handle his own. His first action was toconfront Missouri. And then Dan the Clown, who wants the Swamp packed but can't sell out a 20% ticket allotment, wants to act like Mr. Two Bits and lead a cheer. Maybe he should just go back to dancing on the sideline with Franks.