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That is a brutal way to start the SEC. 1-3 would be realistic, I think. The problem might be having to survive the rest of the schedule after those 4 slug fests.
And to compete with Big & Rich with the opening theme song, Fox is going with Celine Dion.....
When you lose 5 out of 7 to Vandy, it's not trolling. It's painful reality, chief.
Then by your stupid logic scheduling Notre Dame and Clemson is bad because they are perennially not good.
A bye week in August seems pretty useless after only 4 weeks of practice and one game. As the favorite, I would want an extra week to prepare for a new coaching staff at Miami.
This is nothing but a courtesy to Lane Kiffin and FAU but also to the high school coaches and players who are NOT SEC prospects. This is a chance for Kiffin to recruit the 2 and 3 star guys that UGA will not consider. Kirby is letting everyone have a bite at the apple.
Ok Nancy Pelosi. Whatever you say. I'm sure you know a guy who knows a guy who has proof that it was a UGA fan. Enjoy your combined record vs. those three. 25-82.
Adam, are you also a reporter for CNN? I am sure meant to say "probable" UGA fan or "likely" UGA fan. Unless the refs know without a doubt that is was a UGA fan, then there should have been a warning.
Did you get that originality from a Auburn fan about Pickens? Be "better at cheating". Maybe UT should be better at playing, coaching, recruiting, and then they would have chance to beat Vandy.
Adam By reading the "Now, it seems they are drawing interest from another elite 5-star 2020 prospect — DE Bryan Bresee out of Maryland:" sentence, maybe you need some help. This is not "Now". This is his 4th trip to Athens.
I am not sure that I understand the "there doesn't appear to be this wall standing in the way" comment. If you lose 8 to the NFL combine, right up there with UGA and Bama, but the last three classes rank 11, 11, 12 in the SEC and only top 30 nationally. That seems like a very big wall, and lost recruiting director.
So sorry that your little snowflake feelings are still hurt. BTW, George Pickens says "hello".
Two things: One, this is NOT a UT site, it is a SEC site. Two, this article is about the SEC East, and UGA is still there. Hope that clears things up for you.
A former walk-on who earned a scholarship and graduated in 4 years. A true point of pride for both UT and UGA.
So then explain how it is DBU if the coach is a pile of crap. UGA didn't hire for ONE recruit. That is stupid. There are already more 5 stars in the UGA secondary than on the ENTIRE UF defense. And, since you clearly know nothing about football, converting on third down is about also protecting the QB, not allowing UF pass rush to effect Fromm.
UF only rallying cry is a Texas win. Last time I checked, the final score was all that mattered. By the way, time of possession, total yards, 3rd down conversions, QB rating, yards per carry, sacks and tackles for loss ALL were won by UGA.
And we got the 5 stars to back him up. You had a secondary getting run over by Swift. Chauncey Gardner still limpin.
Last 2 years, combined 78-24 so if Kirby is Dumb then UF is what??? And the only whiff was Saban missing the top two players from the state of Alabama. They will both be in Athens this fall.
3rd and Grantham! 3rd and Grantham! 3rd and Grantham! Fromm just threw ANOTHER TD pass.
A head coach who is locked in long term, a new OC who wants to throw the ball, maybe the best O-Line in the country and an All American QB. If I'm a 5 star receiver, hard to ignore.
This would never happen if Haselwood didn't go to Oklahoma. All the haters keep thinking that Kirby doesn't have a plan but he just keeps on killing it on the recruiting trail. Hope Pickens teammate and 2020 QB comes next year.
I bet Texas A&M would let him transfer right in. Jimbo changed his uniform, but not his standards.
Missouri should have taken their cues from so many politicians who always skate the law. Deny, deny, deny.
I guess I am just old, but I will need my 17 year old to translate most of his texts. I suppose that bed checks don't really exist at Ole Miss.
But he is spot on. Mizzou not going to CFP or SEC CG and Bryant HAD to know that at the beginning. So why transfer out of Mizzou? If they get a bowl ban, what would Bryant be missing?
Everybody outside of Knoxville, calls it RockyFlop for a reason. Especially the Vanderbilt Commodores. Until you can win your state, just shut up, please.