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After all the missed field goals at UA the past several years, maybe he could have helped Saban's Special teams.
Mullen will not run the ball more if the O_line continues to whiff in run blocking. No RB is going to take you from 66 yards/game vs SEC to 100+ if you don't fix the O_line.
1. Monty Rice - defense starts in the middle 2. Lecounte - a leader in the secondary can make a pass rush look very good 3. Pickens - best WR on the team, has to be a leader 4. Trey Hill - he can help both guards and MUST be the communicator with a running QB 5. Camarda - if the offense struggles, especially early, Camarda has to flip the field and give the defense a chance. Not to many teams are going to have 70 yard td drives so if Camarda and the punt team can consistently hold net punting to at least 43-45 yards, then great.
The LSU classes have been outside the top 10 only once in the last 6 years. Pretty sure that is not players "nobody wanted". By your reasoning, there is no excuse for Orgeron to not win the NCG next year as well.
Obviously, the players have taken the same approach as the coaches have always had. No matter the day, time or circumstance, just run to the next best opportunity. Makes me sick to see something like this on NSD. Not fair to Auburn, the incoming recruits or whatever team he finally lands on.
While Lane was busy on his Twitter account, Kirby was busy flipping his CB commit to UGA....
If Mullet got a 3 the Gators would be marching on SDS headquarters.
3 years in a row is “staying there”. Find somewhere else to be stupid.
His stats will bet better, but not sure that will be because of his improvement or more likely that the Auburn defense losing the best d-line in college football will force Auburn to pass more.
How does winning ONE game after losing EIGHT in a row constitute any type of "forever" or "it's over"? I understand crowing about the NCG. I have been waiting since 1980 to do that again. But good grief. It was ONE season. It was ONE victory vs Bama-Saban. Just like a well known groundhog has to deal with his shadow every spring, LSU might still be dealing with Saban's for quite a few more November's.
Two things I just don't get: 1) Franks was either going to transfer or declare for the NFL. He is NOT NFL ready, so I understand the transfer. But Arkansas? How does that help NFL draft stock playing Bama, LSU, Auburn defenses? 2) Chase Brice even considering USCjr. With two top backs gone, top WR receiver gone, doesn't seem like a QB perfect situation behind a returning starter. Miss State, however, would be interesting with Leach.
I can see 6 or 7 as the ceiling, unless another huge upset happens. As far as upsetting UGA/LSU/UF/Clemson is concerned, I don't see how USC replaces Kinlaw/Wonnum/Brunson/Feaster/Dowdle/Edwards. Top two DL, top 2 LB, top WR, top 3 RB's all gone.
And instead of playing for one of the most talented teams, Franks will be moving to one of the least talented. And let's not fail to mention that Franks ratio was 9 to 8 in 2017, his first season as a starter. He improved as a second year starter, so can Newman....
And the QB Whisperer didn't even know that the pro-style QB that he DIDN'T start was the best QB on the UF roster.
Kirby has got to STOP lying. STOP telling recruits that you are 3-0 against UF. STOP telling recruits that UGA has won 3 consecutive SEC East titles. STOP telling recruits that UGA will always look to improve, no matter what players/coaches leave. STOP the lying, Kirby.....
So that's why you offer a 3 year extension at DOUBLE the pay? Because he is replaceable? Wow, every other organization in the US has been going about this all wrong. Replaceable people don't get contract extensions, they get contract non-renewals.....
He beat Bama for a National Championship, loser. Talk about getting throttled, maybe you should go back watch the UA - Clemson game from last year. Lawrence is 3-1 in CFP games. Which Bama QB has a better record?
Just remember that Fromm was not the starter in 2017, game 1. That season turned out pretty good. Trask was not the starter in 2019, UF did great with him. UGA right now reminds me of so many of the UF teams. Great defense that can win 8-9 games but just no clue yet if the offense can win the other 2 or 3 games.
How many did Georgia score vs "3rd and Grantham"? Thought so...
Uga is part of the article there Einstein
His team talent is also going way up. And his defense could shorten the field. And he is a running threat. And his WR will be healthy.
UF is the only team in college football with injuries. Only team that has juniors leave for NFL. UGA just beat your dumbass after losing top 5 receivers from previous year and Cager with injured ribs.
He will be surrounded by more talent at UGA than he has ever been. Plus, the UGA defense will allow him NOT to have to play from behind very ofter. That makes every RPO much more dangerous.
So adjusting your offense to fit the QB? Wow, what a concept. I am sure Kirby and Coley NEVER thought of that! Maybe you should start wondering why it took an injury for Mullen to realize that Trask was way better than Franks...
JR Reed and Roquan Smith were 3 stars as well. Maybe you have heard of them....
Trevor is an ACC guy. Lamar Jackson was an ACC guy. Sam Howell is an ACC guy. They all played much better QB than Franks ever dreamed of.
Martel didn't sit at Miami. If you can't get a waiver because you want to be near a dying family member, the case with Ford, then why do you get a waiver over a hurt pinkie?? Wanting to play with your brother is absolutely ridiculous reason to grant a waiver.
He just won two in a row against Rocky Flop.
I just can't see Leach, after some insane post game rant, go into a teenager's house in rural Mississippi and talk Momma into letting her baby come to Starkville.