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Must have been the same dream where "Third and Grantham" was actually a thing.
I feel bad for Terry Wilson. I always thought he just played harder than most. But look on the bright side, you could have "stolen" Jim Chaney for $1.5 million a year, but you let UT beat you to it.
After watching Mullet keep Trask on the bench in favor of Franks, I suppose UF knows what a terrible QB room looks like....
Nobody cares if he is black, except you. Have you been to practice? Have you sat through the film sessions and asked the QB's to breakdown the defense? Mathis has a chance EVERY day in practice, that is where you earn your opportunity.
Agreed. Pretty sure that Monken knows who, when all are healthy, who can run his offense. The stupid references to Justin Fields, as a freshman, are for the writers who can't come up with something original. No head coach in America would have started Fields over Fromm after 2017.
Don't be surprised if UK gets embarrassed just like in 2018 when the UK defense ran their mouth all week and UGA offense ran for 300+ yards. Only two words that matter this week for UGA - Kendall Milton.....
Anybody who watched Pruitt implode during his time at UGA knew this would happen. And, just as a reminder, the "8 game win streak" was the hoax that we all knew it was. Last four years, 166-47. I guess Kirby is just another former boss that Pruitt can't beat.
Justin Fields had a real OC, not Jim Chaney, and hadn't lost his top 5 receivers.
Pretty sure the last 4 games is the definition of being better.
This is still the SEC. Win both lines of scrimmage, take care of the ball and win the game. Can Smart finally avoid the bone head decision that he seems to come up with? No more fake punts, fake FG's, running into the line on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1. And of course, not snapping the ball 30 yards behind the QB would help.
And what was your prediction for the Ole Miss game? Was giving up 647 yards a "comfortable" win?
How has the game "certainly lost its luster after Saban's COVID test"? Was Nick going to kick the game winning field goal or pass for 4 TD's? That comment is an incredible disservice to all the players and coaches who still put forth 100% effort, even without Saban on the sideline.
I trust Trask and Pitts way more than, well, anybody for LSU.
"Likely" the best defense that UT will face this year? Who else is on the list? JG was under constant attack. No screen plays, no jet sweeps, no wildcat to at least give UGA a reason to slow down the rush. Harrison Bailey would have been crushed. UGA is not a high school defense.
I think play calling has been very bland and we are using the wrong running backs. Milton and McIntosh have so much more burst than White. Also, where was the option for Bennett to keep it and bootleg on the goal line plays? UT crashed both ends and White just ran into the line with his head down.
So glad you two guys have some common sense. When you come into a game with one of the best (the very best in some opinions) O-line in the country, you should not need the QB to win the game. But when you rush for 1 yard and then say "go win the game, QB", disaster will usually result.
Not all on JG by any stretch. Not sure what QB would have survived that 2nd half when you HAVE to throw the ball against the UGA pass rush. Don't discount UGA being able to run the ball. USC and Mizzou had 89 and 126 on the ground. UGA had 193, after subtracting 30 for the bad snap.
What I cannot understand is why Mullen would comment about the crowd noise at Kyle Field. Home field crowd noise is most disruptive to the visiting offense. UF offense had few issues on Saturday. Did I miss the crowd noise somehow making UF forget how to tackle and cover receivers?
Sideshow Dan at it again. If you need a packed stadium to beat LSU then you are focusing on the wrong issues.
I'm beginning to wonder if UGA has the only defense in the SEC. 71 yards and 0 points in the 2nd half against a very good O-line
Couldn't care less about Monday or Thursday night NFL. The only part worth watching was Carrie Underwood intro. Almost nobody watches PAC-12 football any where in the county. Have you seen the stands at UCLA, USC, Cal, Stanford lately? Eastern time is best. Get to bed at reasonable hour and get to see the "lowlights" of PAC-12 defense on Sunday morning.
And Bama had record setting offenses, Tua/Jalen, first round NFL WR's and Nick Saban. UT has none of those.
Just be glad you don't have to play Ga State and Utah this year...
Struggled in first half which is why Bennett is now the QB. He played 1 1/2 qtrs vs ARk and 3 1/2 qtrs vs AUB. So five qtrs and 49 points. And as far as garbage goes, that is basically the entire UT win streak.
They won 2 games by combined 48 points with 4th string former walk on QB starting first game. What other team in this league is doing that? As far as "best O-line in the country", not going to award that trophy after two games vs Cocks and Missou.
I guess if you're already broke, might as well swing for fences.
Then go away and wait for the annual "3rd and Grantham" festival in Jax.
I was wondering when these so-called reporters actually counted all the people.
Better make those reservations for ATL. You know, home of the GA State Panthers. Unless UT was too scared to make it a home and home series.
UT has definitely closed the gap. But when the gap is averaging 32 pts per game the last three years, 14 point spread seems like a big improvement. Not sold on Guarantano with QBR of 73 and 83 against Missou and USC. If UGA can hold UT rushing to under 3.5 per carry, UGA wins.