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The Bama secondary tackles like they belong in the Big 12. I don’t think they made a single solo tackle on LSU #22.
Heard it first too that Mullet would out coach Smart in Jacksonville. STFU.
Urban Lyer might retire from OSU 2 more times before then!!
The biggest improvement would be to play "clean". Early time-outs, substitution penalties, illegal formations, wrong players in the huddle, etc. make everything else harder to overcome.
How do you punish Clemson for a weak schedule then reward Ohio Start for blowing out a bunch of nobody’s? LSU should be #1 based on resume.
Not abandoned, but adapt. Against SC, UGA ran the ball on 1st and 2nd down consecutively, NINE times. That is not balance. Make the pass game an extension of the run game. With 7-8 defenders at the line, go empty backfield and make the defense play in space. I watched Blaylock play wildcat QB in high school many times. You have to call plays with a feel for the game, not just reading a play chart.
How much of a SuperX Factor can any QB have when you run the ball between tackles 20-25 times a game? Joe Burrow has thrown 141 passes on 1st down, Jake Fromm has thrown 79. Burrow has 166 1st half passes, Fromm has 109. If that doesn't indicate that play calling is THE factor, nothing else will.
If Fields and all of his "handlers" are so sure about his ability to win the QB job at UGA, then why didn't he come back for his sophomore year and prove it? I have said this a million times, Jake Fromm did as much as any QB has done in 2017 and 2018 to win SEC and NC. Was Fields going to stop Bama on 2nd and 26? Was he going to play defense when Jalen came off the bench in 2018 SECCG. NO. Fromm did not call fake FG's and punts. That was all the HC. Fields went to OSU becuase the staring QB was leaving. Period. End of story.
So the UF homer says "against South Carolina and Kentucky, 2 relatively pedestrian defenses that stalled the Bulldogs offensively." But UGA was way ahead of UF vs SC in every offensive category but 1, turnovers. And then he makes apologies for UF losing last year to UGA because of turnovers.
UGA had 468 yards of offense, 36:04 minutes TOP, 30 first downs and 9 for 18 on 3rd down conversions. Sure hope UF defense "can push Georgia around" exactly like that. Chances are Fromm is not throwing 3 picks and have a fumble....
YES. Muschamp never got past it. One thing that Smart has done very well is not let losses carry over. Lost to Auburn and came back to play for NC. Lost to LSU, came back and had chance to beat Bama in SECCG.
The refs had nothing to with the STUPID play call at the end of the first half. Why a jump ball on 3rd down when you are in FG range? The refs had nothing to do with a center snap that goes 20 yards past the QB. Officiating is terrible every game, every week. There were terrible calls against UGA vs SC but none of them caused the 4 turnovers.
The better acting job will be when Malzahn says"we would never do that".
So if you beat a non-ranked team in Week 1, they become ranked 8 weeks later, do you get credit for beating a ranked team? Has to work both ways. And losing to UGA, doesn't make UF no longer a quality win. Auburn has two losses, but would not be a quality win for Bama??
Who has beaten them? They still have Auburn and LSU to play. That's why the CFP is set until AFTER the season.
Not for me. LSU would have already beaten UF, Auburn, Bama and Texas in the regular season. Way better than what Bama could do.
So if UF goes 11-1 and beats 12-0 LSU in SEC championship game then both teams don’t deserve playoff chance? That’s pretty dumb. And Bama earned their shot at UGA by winning the semi final game.
More like just guaranteed his next job at a real football program.
But Missouri losing streak to Vandy is still way shorter than UT’S
No. The only issue was not turnovers. Running the ball on 1st and 2nd downs NINE times is not about turnovers. The offense has under performed all year. No slant routes, no wheel routes out of the backfield, no seam routes deep to TE, no jet sweeps vs SC.
400 signatures! Wow, out of how many 100,000's of UGA alums? And no change in OC will matter unless the HC adapts. Play to win, play to dominate. Eight punt returns against SC, not one return attempt. Playing not to lose.
And how does that change what actually happened? No QB sees every open receiver. Not every pass is perfect. But the WR can’t be open that inconsistently on 51 pass attempts.
Actually, UGA held UGA to 17. And do not tell me how the TO"s were forced. Dropping a snap from center, WR running wrong route and a WR having the ball bounce of his hands is not "forcing" a turnover.
And Tua has played who? Nobody. And don't say TA&M. That's a good team, but NOT UF or Texas.
It's a great stat line if you don't have 4 TO's and can run the ball and don't miss two FG's.
When you run the ball on 1st and 2nd down 9 times in one game, when you have two INT's because WR run wrong route or drop the ball, when you have NO open receivers deeper than 10 yards from line of scrimmage, what can any QB do? Fromm did enought to overcome his mistakes. He couldn't overcome the WR/kicker/Oline/OC/HC mistakes