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A legend in his own mind. In 2018, 0 INT's, 0 fumbles recovered, 0 sacks, and averaged less than 6 tackles per game. Give me a LB who talks a whole lot less and does a whole lot more.
The time to complain about Nick Fairley was right after the game. Not 9 years later. Or better yet, after the first hit, you get in Fairley's face and draw your own 15 yard flag. One good peel back blind side block would have been a good call.
So the brilliant journalism of the day is that Bama attracts the largest crowd in ....... Hoover, Alabama!! Wow, that's hard to even imagine. Tomorrow, we will learn that the biggest crowd for Big10 Media Day, if held in Canton, OH, would be....OSU!
If not for their elite recruiting, Saban and Dabo would not make the list. You have to get the players first. Doesn't winning SECG, Rose Bowl, SEC East two years in a row mean he is doing a lot right in only three years? And he is 2-0 vs Mullen in those three years.....
It also proves that signing the top QB doesn't mean everything. What have Alford, Heard, Stidham and Mills done? NOTHING. Not to mention that the Heisman and top QB picks are most likely going to be Clemson, UGA and Bama the next couple of years so his "grownup decision" is still debatable.
Funny how a UK fan calls a UGA 11-2 season "solid" but a 8-4 UK season would be "tremendous". Of those who much is capable, much is expected.
Our back up plan is called Zamir White, Carson Beck, Blaylock, Pickens, Nolan Smith, Dean, et al. We slide every year, but our offense was more productive the year after Chubb and Michel left.
That's a real tough loss. It must really hard to call three running plays in a row.
So according to you, all of our freshman and sophomores are going to the NFL as well? You are such a coward, pretending to be a UGA fan.
On the transfer issue, I agree partly. Every undergrad should get one transfer with immediate eligibility, out of conference. After that one, you sit a year with waiver possible. Letting players xfer at will is not fair to the coaching staff, the fans or the other players. Coaches might be able to change schools every year, but it doesn't happen.
Better be careful, UGA is still willing to bite anything that is Auburn.
Maybe the same thing Saban promises. Chance to win SEC and CFP championships and NFL preparation. The facility difference is also huge.
When there is no run offense to worry about, Terry Wilson will be lucky just to make it through the season. He is a tough, talented kid, but the SEC defenses will overwhelm his O-Line. His numbers could very well go up, only because UK will be playing from behind after losing so much on defense.
Losing Crockett and two starters on the O-Line tells me they will not be better in the run game. Many defenses would gladly give up some running yards to keep Lock from throwing downfield. Crowd the line, make Bryant beat you down the field with accurate throws. He did not see the quality of defenses at Clemson that he will see every week this year.
The problem will be when one of the 22 starters has to miss playing time. There is still not the depth that Auburn is used to. With that schedule, I can't imagine the starting lineups will stay healthy all the way through. And with 2 new QB's, a banged up O-line would be big trouble.
Because the running game will be at least as good as last year, that will make the passing game even better. I think Charlie Woerner is a sleeper for All SEC TE. When the LB's have to cover Swift/Herrien/Cook out of the backfield, Woerner will benefit greatly.
To cbmckay: Richt needed to change his entire approach. He never worked the recruiting trail like Saban, Smart or Dabo. He was not interested in attending all the camps or making a big splash in a helicopter. He wanted to concentrate on everything being done the "nice" way. Which is why Pruitt and Grantham didn't last.
Watching Fromm throw ANOTHER TD on 3rd and Grantham......
And lets not forget that Tate Martell got his waiver approved. He got immediate eligibility because of the NCAA did not want the Urban Meyer-Zach Smith debacle to become front page news again. Luke Ford was the sacrificial lamb.
I appreciate your loyalty, but we heard the same song and dance last year until UGA got to Columbia.
We should have the answer to two big issues after the UK/UF game: 1) Last year was not a one-hit wonder for UK 2) UF is "back" and ready to challenge for the SEC championship Right now, I have no idea which way to go....
Auburn always seems to show up in early season non-conference, so War Eagle. USCaro might be too physical and Bentley can be really good, so go Gamecocks. UF vs UM I can't root for either but should be fun. Fewest QB mistakes wins. UGA vs Vandy close for a half and then lights out. 340lb per man OL in August vs Vandy defense is simply too much.
Nice list from UF campus in 2007. Murderer? check Liar? check Cheater? check
Is Texas the new Notre Dame? They haven't won a conference crown since 2009 and now they are CFP material.
He would own all 10 spots if this were a list of "10 Amateur Mistakes by Journalists".
Makes a lot more sense. I think a lot of "commenters" forget that these recruits are 18 year old kids and have never lived away from home, family and friends. I know, I have one right now....
Only Blackmon could turn the Steele episode into a "Credit to Mullen" scenario. I just wish UF would answer the question, why didn't they let the kid change roommates in January? He was your #1 recruit. Did Mullen fly to California out of his concern for Steele, or out of his concern for how this looks to the next #1 recruit?
Reminds me of Mullen. He has spent way more time talking about UGA's spring game attendance than he has his own.
Pretty sure? UGA has almost as many 5-star recruits in the 2020 class as UT has on the entire football team. Maybe you should start by winning one game before you start talking about streaks. Vandy can teach you about winning streaks..
He was an admin asst at UGA, not an on-field coach. His first coaching job was DB coach at Valdosta State.