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Pretty sure? UGA has almost as many 5-star recruits in the 2020 class as UT has on the entire football team. Maybe you should start by winning one game before you start talking about streaks. Vandy can teach you about winning streaks..
He was an admin asst at UGA, not an on-field coach. His first coaching job was DB coach at Valdosta State.
My son has two parents and an uncle who all are UGA grads. If he decides on UK, then I am not taking my UGA sticker off, but I will certainly find room for a Big Blue one.
Do you count the SEC as a championship? Or only when UF wins it?
No kidding. Did UF not win some games with a average passer by the name of Tebow? He played to his strengths. Jalen Hurd won a NC by playing to his strengths, not throwing the ball downfield. 3 videos of Franks throwing great passes, no videos of Fromm holding trophies....
So that's why Mullen is tearing down/taking shots at UGA while Kirby just sticks to his business? Mullen is the inferiority that you describe.
In 2019, Missouri, USC and KY are home games. UT will have to make more than a next step to beat UGA in 2019. UF at the WLOCP can always surprise, but the talent gap is wider now than it was the last two years. UGA has two open dates in the five weeks before UF, and after all the talk from Mullen, I just don't see how Smart isn't dialed in.
That is what talk show hosts are supposed to do. And when Bama/Saban have a game like they did against Clemson, he calls them out as well. Maybe Mullen should stop acting like a talk show host and more like a head coach.
Maybe he thinks Mack Brown is still at Texas. Maybe he forgot that 2018, when Bama beat Clemson, wasn't an outlier, either.
What I can't understand is why? Dan Mullen had NOTHING to gain by being cute with UGA and Smart. Did Mullen really think that UF would never have a top recruit transfer out? Does he think he will never have a de-commit? Mullen wants to be the new Spurrier, he just forgot the part about winning first....
I can't stop wondering about how many of the coaches that are scheduling these games in 12-14 years will actually coach in the game.
You obviously can't draw a reasonable conclusion. He was asking in January, three months before the arrest, to be moved. He asked more than once. Do you think Steele is a fortune teller and had a premonition that Jones was trouble? Mullen and his wife flew to California and begged the kid to stay. Does that sound like a "grow up suck it up" response?
I was thinking about -39,476, but no reason to be petty....Even the UF Asst Dir of Player Personnel was arrested just a few days ago.
UGA schedules home and home with Clemson, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. Mullen schedules Colorado. Now that's how show recruits that you are serious about being a national brand, Dan!!
So Rose and Smoke (487 yards, 6 td's) will more than make up for Benny Snell (1,449 yards, 16 td's)? And Wilson is the ONLY UK qb that is returning from last year who completed a pass. Not to mention that Snell was the emotional leader of the team.
I must have really missed something. I thought 14,000 was the number of empty seats at Florida for 2018 Homecoming. Or maybe that was the difference in attendance between 2019 UGA - UF spring games. But at least you got see Mullen dance again.
Looks like Mullen is recruiting so well that this kid made through 15 whole practices and couldn't beat out anybody. Justin Fields was at UGA for 14 months and couldn't beat out Top 5 QB nationally and Heisman candidate. Keep trolling UGA, Mullet man.
Except that his waiver application was to spend "more" time with his ailing family member and be closer to home. You comment seems to dictate "all" time. Being 2 hours from home is much different than 8-10 hours.
I guess he wanted to see what a winning program really looks like...
You mean the robots who are winning the SEC every year and going to the CFP?? Have fun with those "cute" spring games with the celebrity trick plays and the no-show Homecoming games.
I love watching UF fans lose their minds after losing to UGA. In case you didn't notice, that actually happened. Just remember that until Muller proves otherwise, the SEC East goes through Athens.
UGA attendance this Saturday will be 78,024.....just check Fromm's two games vs UF.
I think it is more than possible. I would be surprised if it didn't happen. For the first time in their careers, they are undisputed starters at the same time. O-Line is maybe best in the country.
That was like watching UGA vs Bama the last two years. So many chances to put the game away and didn't. Missed free throws, Admiral getting rejected by the rim, and an absolutely incredible game by the Cline kid for Purdue. Sometimes sports just suck.......
I understand the being fast is important for an NFL running back. Only two NFL teams in 2018 averaged over 5 yards per carry. You don't have to run a 4.3 40 to gain 5 yards.....
I find it incredibly disturbing that the UGA football program can bring in over $100 million in revenue but can't keep track of it's players drivers license. Can the AD maybe cut loose some funds for Excel and a copy machine?????