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True. But also true: none of LSU’s padded stats came against a defense quite as good as UGA’s. Auburn’s was close to Georgia’s defense. That held you to 23 points.
He usually hates all over us or just raves about Bama during our games.
Great job UF. This game always has me concerned. This isn’t really a jab at the team (because we dealt with this having him too) but you literally saw “3rd and Granthum” in action today.
I admit our young receivers stepped up this game for sure. But that difference maker was having the grad transfer from Miami (Cager) back. He was hurt in that debacle of a game against S. Carolina. He’s a difference maker with all the experience he carries over our talented freshmen receivers.
Thanks for responding to our passionate pleas and pulling out a hard fought “W”. Please keep silencing my concerns with some consistency now.
And we are. It’s not necessary at Swift or any of the other players. I really hope they know that. It’s mainly the play calling and unfortunately a young receiving core that is killing us. The experience can’t be helped, but by gosh, the play calling needs a little creativity.
You really had me thinking you were serious there for a minute.
Seriously? It’s on the campus cars too? That’s just really sad....
Thank you. It’s been good to see a decent shift in the atmosphere around the program.
Well, I guess that’s 7 teams so far who suck more?
Yep. Frustrating to watch the ground game work and then we straight up abandon it.
Leave no doubt? You. No doubt that the line wasn’t high enough.
And if you look one more time and freeze frame it, the right foot is down first out of bounds before the left even drops. Ref even signals no.
I second that, gilesfm. Tenn has many of their key go-to players leaving. Can't do it with the most veteran team in the East? Then ya can't do it at all. We would know how that goes ;)