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Really, you’re saying sometimes it doesn’t matter when Auburn beats the Tide? You do realize anyone reading this is NOT buying that, right?
Yeah, why would Mims sign with the Vols when the dogs were paying more? He is involved in this mess, so stay tuned you’ll be hearing more.
Pruitt wasn’t ready for a head coaching spot at an SEC program, just in way over his head. Now go hire a proven, competent coach Tennessee. No more learning on the job types!
Too bad the Buckeyes are down 10 players for this game. Would have like to see both teams full strength. Even their kicker is out.
He had four 5 star linemen this year, and most Vol fans were not happy with his results, “to be fair”!
Are his problems enough to dump him? Really? Have you been watching the last three years, the guy can’t coach! There is no way they keep him.
Deleted her account! You think Nick told her to STHU?! What a twit.
Actually nothing regarding Pruitt has been decided. Why have they left he twisting in the wind if they intended to bring him back? It’s far from being decided, unless the decision is to fire him.
Bcreek you obviously don’t know anything about the situation. Freeze would absolutely LOVE the have the Vols job. He has as much as said it is his dream job. Whether he will ever the the opportunity is the question.
What?? I don’t recall Roy Kramer coaching a single game! Nonsensical statement.
Some people just live miserable lives and can’t stand anyone else having a little joy in their life. It’s really kind of pathetic.
Does that make you feel like a big man to bash a young man getting to live out his dream? You must really live a miserable life....
You just wish you could be a hillbilly instead of a redneck!
Are you serious? Freeze is exactly who the fans are wanting!
Saban will probably take some of those “magic” tests like last time and be on the sideline.
I wouldn’t be too concerned about these rankings, it’s just someone’s opinion. Remember a couple of ago the Vols were picked 13th in the SEC in preseason, and they won the conference.