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There’s no sour grapes, just an observation on Bruce Pearl. As for wde0012 if you don’t think Bruce plays in the gray area, bends the rules or whatever you want to call it, then you obviously know nothing about the guy. Hey I was a huge fan of Pearl while in Knoxville and hated to see him go, but the fact is he is still on the NCAA’s radar.
The question is will Pearl be around to coach him? Sean Miller at Arizona being fired wasn’t good news for Pearl, Will Wade or Bill Self. I like Bruce and hated to see him leave UT, but he definitely plays outside the lines, as does a lot of the top coaches, like that hypocrite Coach K at Duke.
Definitely didn’t leave much to the imagination!
That’s what I was thinking. Why would you hire someone to be a HC, when that person has zero coaching experience? He better hire a bunch of talented, and experienced assistants.
He was never in shape and didn’t get in any game. Those guys weren’t going to contribute and will maybe find another place where they can find some playing time.
You wouldn’t be scrimmaging against your rivals, you moron. Didn’t figure a pansy like you would be in favor of it.
Come on coach, you think by complaining about getting heckled it’s going to make it any easier on your next road trip? I don’t think so. As competitive as the SEC is in baseball wherever you go now they are going to wear you out! Here’s a hint, if you want to shut up the fans, then win!
“efficient tactical incorporation”, “psychological realm grade”, do you just pick random words and try to make an incomprehensible statement? If so, then you succeeded!
They’d have to be nuts to draft him at #3. They could wait and get him in the 3rd round!
So how exactly is that being naive? I think he makes a good point, the administration is ultimately responsible.
You apparently think calling someone hillbilly is an insult. Let me help you out, it isn’t! Truth be told you are probably just as much a “hillbilly” as any Vol fan you are constantly trying to insult. You are one of the reasons I didn’t frequent the comments on most of the articles on this site. Just too much juvenile ranting from morons like you.
Yeah, Wade needs to go make some more strong ass offers! Why is the NCAA taking so long...because they are the NCAA, that’s why.
As the saying goes, “there ain’t enough mustard in the world for that hotdog”.
Good. Be sure and check back with us in a couple of years....
Maybe a little karma for the gators after the thug Payne intentionally nailing Fulkerson.
No, you don’t know the Ky fans. They think they are entitled to a tournament spot every year, and wouldn’t trade it for anything! Those people are going nuts and don’t know how to act after the miserable season that just had. It’s really rich to heard Cal say it’s about winning championships, when year after year it’s been about putting one-and-done in the NBA.
Why is Drew Brees retiring a Bama story? He has been a favorite of mine for years and wish him well, just don’t see any bama connection.
That thug Payne needs to be suspended for the rest of Fla season, however long it lasts. If Mike White doesn’t do it, which he probably won’t, then Greg Sankey needs to step in and do it. That punk deserves to have someone walk up and absolutely sucker punch him and drop him in his tracks!
Oh yeah, sent him to South Beach, won’t be any partying there! That will get his mind on football...what a clown.
Maybe if it weren’t true somebody would sue him. Don’t act like a player at Ga. has never got money, sure they have. Just like at Bama, Aub, Tn, LSU, Fla. and everywhere else! It’s been going on forever, and if you think it doesn’t, then you are just naive.
So you think you are the only person to have ever been in the Army? Maybe you should stop using uga since your comments pretty much an embarrassment to dawg fans.
He hasn’t signed anywhere, and can’t until December. Guess you are new to this college football stuff, huh?
It is sad. You can only coach and motivate a player so much, if he doesn’t have the heart and desire to succeed, then it is squarely on him. He’s got a lot of maturing to do. Certainly a waste of a draft choice for the Titans.
Of course bama would never pay a player....oh wait, they did and got caught, remember Albert Means from Memphis? Of course those coaches just learned from Bear Bryant how it was done. It goes on everywhere, and if you deny it, you are just naive or lying.
You have no idea what you’re talking about, how about getting the facts before you run your mouth! Pruitt could have sighed the kid in December, but didn’t. So yeah, you have absolutely no clue about the situation, so shut up.
Just what is the point you are so poorly trying to make?