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100% on Kirby! You redneck moron, what happened to your claims of the greatest coach ever? What about that greatest defense in the history of ever? You clown, crawl back under your rock now that the dogs have been exposed as the impostors they are!
Sure there were others that though Bama would win, including me. After seeing how the Vols moved the ball on them, I knew Bama could move it, though maybe not quite the way they were able to. So much for that talk about maybe one of the best defenses ever!
You see this involved a team, LSU that is in the South. Try to keep up, and thanks for playing along…
I didn’t see him leaving ND, either. Certainly not for LSU, no offense Tigers fans, but just didn’t see him as a fit for there. If it’s true they must have offered a huge contract. Don’t know why LSU had such a fixation on Jimbo Fisher.
Tell us Mobilewildcat, when is the last time Ky. beat Bama? We’re waiting….
Big step up from the Sun Belt. He has done well so far, but time will tell if he can do it with the gators.
Obviously he didn’t want any part of the SEC. It’s a big boy league Riley, so go on out to the West coast where playing defense is optional.
Now that the NCAA will allow you to replace portal transfers, up to seven for a total of 32 signees, Saban will be thinning the herd. I guess now he won’t have to put them on a medical scholarship to get that scholarship spot. We all know he has done it in the past.
“These guys aren’t getting paid to play here”:::wink wink…
Ha! They can keep it forever! In Heupel we have a coach that actually has a clue, something that couldn’t be said about the last three we hired. It’s amazing what can happen when players actually like their coach and have fun playing for him.
Seriously, do you think ANYONE actually reads your BS?
DCrock53 don’t know where you came up with Heupel failing at Oklahoma. The fact was he was the scapegoat because didn’t want to fire his brother, plain and simple.
Cupcake week? Heck the dogs have a cupcake season, with the 42nd ranked strength of schedule! Really Ga, 42nd?
Just wait and see how many points the Vols hang on that vaunted defense Saturday.
Of course he knew about it! Mouth-breathing morons like you are never going to believe anything bad about your beloved coach. If Smart didn’t know, then he is a bigger idiot than you.
Don’t worry, the dogs will find a way, once again to choke away a chance at a title. It’s just what they do.
Really Pollack, it’s going to hurt your defense that much? Two peoples lives have been changed because of stupidity, and you are worried about it affecting their depth? You freaking homer, get a clue!
Of course you agree Negan, but then you are a moron dog fan.
He needs to go away for a long time. Not sure what the penalty is in Nevada for vehicular homicide, but making the kind of decision he did, he doesn’t deserve to be in society. Taking someone’s life by your stupid decision calls for harsh punishment.
He’s worried about the Vols depth? Obviously didn’t do much research. This is probably the deepest team they have had in a long time. Plus didn’t even mention 5 star post Brandon Huntley-Hatfield. He, along with Chandler, the top rated PG in this class will have the Vols rolling!
I agree. There are too many judgement calls that can decide to outcome of games, that are being screwed up by SEC refs. Case in point, Vols-Ole Miss game where Tn stripped the QB of the ball and scored, but was called his progress was stopped and ruled no score. Totally BS call.
Exactly, two refs were standing there and let the play go, and signaled TD. Corral had faked to the rb and was hoping to get the defense to relax and then throw it deep. However two UT linemen didn’t buy it and stripped him of the ball. Absolutely horrible call! This was the same crew that cost Miss. St. a game against Memphis earlier this season. Where is the accountability for them.
That would make way too much sense. Beside the SEC doesn’t have enough money for that, they only take in millions and millions and millions…
Remember consider the source, that’s a dogs fan commenting…