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The best defense to no defense? bama didn’t show a lot of defense against Clemson, did they? No defense might just be a bit of an exaggeration!
I’ve watched this kid for the last couple of years, you could tell when he was a sophomore that he was a special talent. He’s rated the 22 player in state, it’s hard to believe there are 21 better than him, imho. He is the type RB the Vols haven’t had a good while. If he stays healthy this year I would say he will probably pickup that fourth star, because I expect him to put up some big numbers.
The NCAA has, as usual, let this get out of hand before doing anything. I guarantee you if a players family can afford an attorney to confront the NCAA and their seemingly arbitrary rules the players chance of being approved will increase tremendously. You can’t just allow high profile players like Justin Fields to go to the Bucknuts and play immediately and deny a less highly rated role player the same opportunity.
Yeah he is pretty solid, at least as solid as any of these kids can be! He really likes Chaney and the offense he runs and should be a very productive qb for the Vols.
But what the Vols didn’t have is an open scholarship. Who will be encouraged to look elsewhere/run off?
Then why in the heck did you even read the article! Let me help you, it’s real simple, just read the headline and if you don’t like it, don’t read the story! See, wasn’t that easy?
Ha! I was thinking the same thing. I’ll guarantee you she is more educated and probably does know the game as well.
Yeah, I’m sure you are an absolutely perfect fit for whatever pathetic job it is you do. And just where in the headline did it infer it was a “football story”? Oh, that’s right, it didn’t!
Good take. I’ll guarantee you those haters saw the headline of the article and read it anyway.
Exactly! Just why would Fla have to agree to it? If Ga wanted to play it at home every other year why couldn’t they, if they have fulfilled any contract obligations? It’s not fair for Ga. to never have to play at the Swamp or for Fla to never have to play in Athens, since every other SEC East team has too.
Their non-conference schedule this year is kind of suspect, but I think in recent years they have played some pretty strong out of conference teams. However in years past they have had some pretty bad games on the schedule. Not a Bama fan, just an outside opinion.
Love it, classy move. No kneeling during the National Anthem and disrespecting Old Glory and the military in Knoxville!
You lost to freaking Ky and you’re talking smack? Guess what, killer, they beat the gators down much worse than the score indicated.