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So how exactly is threatening players with reduced playing time for reporting Covid symptoms racist? I’m not saying it’s right, but did they just say that to black players? I seriously doubt it.
The “dynamics” of this situation is that the SEC totally chose to protect Ala, LSU and Ga. Easy for you to tell fans not to complain, I really don’t think you do get it. Missouri fans don’t have a legitimate gripe? Tennessee, who now plays 5 of the top 13 in the country don’t have a complaint? Ga. gets Ark. and Miss. St. just because they play Ala. this year. Guess what Ga. the Vols play them EVERY year!
Dude you need to go on to the ACC if that is your attitude. I think Wake Forest could use some new fans....
“about as friendly as possible”, gee you think so! They totally got a pass! Why not give them LSU or even A&M to least try and even it out? It’s just pathetic on the SEC’s part. The Vols now get 5 of the top 13 in the country, and they made it as easy as possible for the dogs and gators.
Fighting racial injustice, securing economic rights and fair compensation? Really? Hate to break it to those players but they aren’t in a union. Now if they want to get a union job in the real world then that’s fine. If they don’t want to play, I say move on and get someone else a chance. There are thousands of other kids that would love the opportunity.
Real world? How about fantasy island. No. 11 not so bold prediction...the 40 year streak without a natty will continue.
Well of course, IF YOU SAY IT’S HIM, then that automatically makes it true! Don’t be such sucker and fall for anything.
If Rumph had been a strong recruiter he would have still been the Vols staff, if he wanted to be there, in my opinion. These changes were all about upgrading the recruiting efforts, which Pruitt was not happy with.
Well, he definitely isn’t a math major...
Not really. In case you don’t remember Tennessee beat Auburn last time, just sayin’. Unless of course you mean the Vols have more talent, which they probably do!
If they want to be paid for playing football that’s fine. There is an organization called the National Football League, you might have heard of it. I hear they pay pretty good, maybe those snowflakes should check it out.
It’s not Biden that scares anyone, he is a buffoon, it’s the radical far left ideologues that will control him that is the problem. Yeah I’m talking about you AOC, Pelosi etc..etc...
That wouldn’t work, it is way too logical for the NCAA to adopt it!
So why are the coaches not named? Is it some big NCAA mystery? Put the cheaters names out there for everyone to see! Isn’t that how it works everywhere else?
You’re making a whole lot out of his high school career, high school is not college, but keep on hyping Daniels if it makes you feel good.
You’re out of your mind comparing Daniels to Burrow or Lawrence. There is a reason he transferred from USC, he got beat out for the starting job! But I’m sure he will come in and win a couple of Heisman trophies and win a couple of nattys for the dogs to go with the last one they won, when was it, 40 YEARS AGO!!
“no experienced, talented pass catchers behind them”, really? Josh Palmer, senior returning starter, Brandon Johnson, rs senior returns, Ramel Keyton returning 4 star player, Velus Jones 4 star senior transfer from USC, Deangelo Gibbs 4/5 star transfer...get the point? Plus some elite WR freshman coming in. They’ll be fine at WR.
That would be hilarious if they include Notre Dame and they win the “championship”! I’m no ND fan but it would serve the ACC right for letting them tag along without being a full member in football.
40 years and counting ugarmyret, 40 L-O-N-G years....
I’ll take talent over experience, and they have talent at WR.
Good example, but remember you are dealing with a troll, and not a very bright one, at that.
A woman, who is a senior citizen, has contracted the virus and gotten over it, then got it again. So the idea of immunity after getting it may be out the window.
They’ll be ok at WR. A lot of it will be young talent, but I’ll take talent over experience. Plus a potent running game, which they should have will go a long way to help the passing game.
I read on another article the staff ranking were based 50% of their junior year and 50% on camp performance, which would make more sense.
It’s on the Elite 11 twitter account. Those four SEC commits all made final Elite 11, they aren’t ranked but just listed in alphabetical order. Salter, Nussmeier, Macon and Vandagriff all made it. Del Rio did not.
Maybe he can help recruit some students that aren’t stupid enough to intentionally try to become infected with COVID-19!
He has one year of experience, with all that talent, so that automatically makes him the best? Riiiiiiight! Excellent analysis....