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Yeah, and he also posted the only 0-8 SEC record in school history. So if you are happy with him, good you can keep him. No doubt the Vols have been thru some rough times, some self inflicted. It has started to turn around, imho. Don’t forget the Tide when thru some pretty lousy times a few years back. Things go in cycles, just don’t forget.
Saban said “he is a great guy to have in your organization.” Really Nick? If he is so “great” then way doesn’t he have a coaching position? As a Vol fan I can tell you he is a fraud and a clown. With this promotion I’ll bet he is making what, upwards of 36k or 37k a year!
No doubt he will win the Heisman Trophy three times then go to the NFL and win the Super Bowl his rookie year.
Yeah, I’m sure your training as an orthopedic surgeon makes you qualified to make that statement.
Really, who cares if Saban hires another analyst, intern or whatever you want to call it. Strong was a good assistant but definitely couldn’t get it done as a HC.
Exactly. You would think they knew just what they were getting when Kiffin was hired. His history on Twitter is well known so there is no one to blame if Ole Miss didn’t do their homework.
The guy is quite a talent. Those high school guys were certainly no match for him. Very nice pickup for the Vols.
You don’t know that he will be a “total locker room cancer.” Does he need to mature some, absolutely. You ever make a mistake when you were a teenager?
Yeah well, they have won a Natty since the dawgs. Get back with us when, or if you get one.
Ha! That’s an insult to 1A high school teams! That thing is pitiful.
Of course it was fake money. The real stuff will be handed out behind closed doors as usual.
Like him or not, Leach has proven he can build a winning program. If he can win at Tx Tech and Wash St. why couldn’t he win at Miss St.? I would like to see him back in the SEC.
“book it” Danny? Exactly how much are you putting on that bet? May be a good wager, may not be, time will tell.
Come on, tell us how you really feel! I’m sure you were calling him the same names when he signed with the dawgs, didn’t you? He’s just coming home to where he should have signed to begin with. Get over it...
If won’t take seven years, not with a competent qb. With Harrison Bailey coming in as an early enrollee I’m hopeful we will have way more than just a “competent” qb on the roster next fall.
Of course it was, that’s the only way anyone scores against bama, when their 3rd string defense is out there!
What you have stated just isn’t true. Johnson has a counter offer and said he and his family haven’t made a decision yet.
Also how are they going to convince a decent coach to come there after giving this guy only two years?
If bama is all that disappointed about it they could just forfeit and stay at home. Nobody’s forcing them to participate.
This from a gator fan who had Urban Meyer as a coach who had Aaron Hernandez on his team.
Jabari Small, a RB, also decommitted and is now a Tennessee commit.
I’m glad an AD somewhere is taking a stand against the ridiculous premise of getting paid to fail. I’m as big a college football fan as anyone, but coaches salaries have gotten way out of hand. You think they wouldn’t take a head coaching job for way less than they are making now? Sure they would. I know the argument that the schools aren’t paying them, the stand alone Ath. Dept. is, but the fans ARE paying for it. Look at attendance all over the country, places that used to sell out most every game now have a ton of empty seats.
Hilarious. Really why is Saban doing a freaking insurance commercial? The ten or eleven mil. or whatever he makes isn’t enough? Maybe instead of spending that time making commercials he should be working on his defense..just sayin’
Really Nick, you are going whine about a bad call or getting out coached? Considering the number of calls bama has had go their way the last few years you aren’t getting any sympathy from the rest of the SEC!
Yeah, you are right. Besides bama shouldn’t be considered over a one loss conference champion, which was supposed to be one of the criteria used in considering who gets picked. If you want in, win your conference, if not then don’t go trying to blame the selection committee or anyone else!
bama shouldn’t be in the playoff. One of the criteria when the CFP was set up is to be a conference champion. They have already put bama in one year when they didn’t make the SEC Championship game. Let them go play in whatever meaningless bowl game they are selected for.