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No, you’re just the same old dogs that can’t win the big game. You want to see Bama again, seriously? You must be a glutton for punishment! No rational person thought the dogs were going to Tuscaloosa and winning that game, and you didn’t.
You have to admit that Saban, Mr. Technology, using Zoom to coach is kind of comical.
I’d be surprised if some players don’t come back positive too. LSU-Fla cancelled, Saturday’s game with Ga is probably in doubt. Hopefully we can still get the season in, but I know a lot of people had concerns it was possible before the season started.
Why is it “shocking” that Saban and Byrne tested positive? I surprised more coaches have caught it.
That speed bumps name is Tennessee! The dogs aren’t winning a title with a 4th string, walk-on QB. Newman quit on you without ever playing, Mathis was apparently way overrated, and Daniels was being talked about by dog fans like he would be the savior can’t get on the field! So....look out IV the 4th string, the Vols are coming for you!
Got the dogs right were we want them, over confident and probably looking ahead to bama. The pressure is all on you guys, the Vols have none!
Return of the G, you do remember SC beat the mighty dogs last year, don’t you? They’ll probably beat you again this year!
And Ark. and a suspect Aub. team is that much better competition? No. The dogs aren’t winning a championship with a 5’11” walk on at QB.
No need for him to apologize. The dogs aren’t win a championship with a 5’11” walk on at QB. Not happening.
17Tide I hope you guys hang at least half a hundred on those wannabes-but-haven’t-been in 40 year clowns.
So your point is the Vols had some incompetent coaches, and the dogs had some incompetent coaches? Thanks Capt. Obvious, no one would have EVER figured that out without your brilliant analysis! moron
I hope the dogs come in to this game as over-confident as you are.
Love seeing these teams like K-State (two years in a row) and Iowa St., teams OK. used to run the score up on, beat the Sooners. Lincoln Riley was going nuts at the end of the Iowa St. game because he didn’t get a pass interference call...loved it!
Yeah well the Vols finished their game today, so they are looking forward to the next game. See how that works? I know it’s complicated for you to comprehend.
Chaney definitely got a little pass happy against SC, as he sometimes does. They came out and started the third quarter running it down their throats. Should be able to do the same against Mo. This week they need to do that in the first quarter and they should be fine.
Loss #1 for the dogs, with more to come.They looked like crap against Ark. What’s the deal with that 5 star QB Mathis you guys have been raving about? Talk about deer in the headlights! He definitely doesn’t look like an SEC caliber QB.
He certainly did. He just didn’t want to make a decision, which is what he is getting paid to do, right?
Cash bag, really? That shouldn’t raise any suspicions! What is the deal with those light blue, Carolina blue or whatever they are jerseys?
He has proven a couple of times he can turn a program around. He will wear his welcome out real quick if he keeps knocking off the big boys!
Along with Ga. Ala. Fla. Ky. A&M Ark...get the point?
The bulldoggies better get something figured out quickly. What a mess at QB.
War Eagle Tiger Plainsmen, that’s way too many mascots or whatever they are.