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A lot of northerners have discovered how good E. Tennessee is to retire too, but when they start in about good some things were in Ohio, Mich. New York or wherever, we just tell them I-75 runs north every day!
You need to check your facts because you are way off. The population of NYC is approximately 8.5 mil. and the population of those six states is around 22 million. Not even close. Yeah you need to explain, because you definitely don’t get it.
ESPN has Walter Nolen DT fro Memphis as the #1 overall recruit. By the way he just moved to Knoxville for his senior season. Rodney Garner working his magic, just sayin’
Kind of comical, actually. Hey ESPN don’t you know you can’t talk about us here in the Big XII?
You haven’t won one in 41 years, and now you are going to win two? Sure you are….
Kirby will take that out of petty cash and get him squared away, no problem.
You are right. College football is changing right before our eyes, and not in a good way in my opinion. As a long, long time SEC fan I think we will regret all of this expansion, do you really think they will stop at 16 teams?
The University of Tennessee was founded in 1794, Texas didn’t even become a state until 1845. So yeah, the Vols are the real UT, so get used to it Longhorns.
imperialmajestyxo2, did the gators even play football before the 1990’s? The SEC has been around a long time, but the gators weren’t even a blip on the radar before then!
CaptBG don’t forget there is only one UT, and it’s not Texas! The real UT was a university several decades before Texas was even a state! Go UT Vols!
Newsflash, we play Bama every year, unlike you, plus UGA and UF, so nothing really changes in getting back to respectability for the Vols. I’don’t like going to 16 teams, no matter who it is. But then I wasn’t in favor of going to 14. I mean we are the “Southeastern” conference, or supposedly. No offense to anyone but what part of Texas, Ok, or Mo. for that matter is in the southeast? With the NLI and super conferences, college football as we used to know it is gone, and that’s not good! If we want to watch pro football they play on Sunday.
Didn’t the SEC reach out to both of them at the last expansion? Pretty sure we did, and they said no, so screw them both! They need us WAY more than we need them.
We have the NFL, we don’t need another one. The NIL and this nonsense is going to ruin college football.
I agree. You don’t get to play other division, rotating teams but what, every six or seven years as it is now. I mean we are the Southeastern Conference, right? Not the South/West/sorta conference.
So a bama football player getting a huge amount of money is something new? Sure it is…..
So I guess that was your cute attempt at humor comparing him to “the sports version of Donald Trump”? How about just sticking to your candy azz version of football, the PAC 12 or 14 or whatever it is.
Emmert and the corrupt NCAA just about history. After getting smacked down by the Supreme Court, Emmert admitted as much. Everyone is talking about the “looming sanctions” Tennessee is facing, when the NCAA let N. Carolina, Duke, Kansas and LSU basketball get away with the crap that they have for years, No way we should except any kind of severe penalties from those clowns! Tell them we’ll see you in court, and see if they want to play hardball.
Being greedy? Really? If you didn’t try to maximize your earnings potential, what would make you, dumb?
Come on Fuzzy, everyone knows Progressive has Flo and Liberty Mutual has the emu! I tried Milo’s tea once, not a fan, at all.
Come on man, Progressive has Flo, Liberty Mutual has the emu! lol As for Milo sweet tea, I tried it once, you can have that stuff, not good.
They need to stand up to the inept and corrupt NCAA and say we will self impose certain penalties and that’s it! We’re moving on. It they can let Will Wade at LSU and Bill Self at Kansas basically say screw you we are not cooperating, then why should Tennessee agree to be severely punished for self reporting? They shouldn’t!
No, what’s ridiculous is for you to apparently agree with with the post! Talk about arrogant.
The #3 prospect in the country and bama has no room for him, that’s how you are going to spin it? Really? Ridiculous…
How about you watch his games as HC at Central Florida. When he was at Mo. you had some of the best offenses in the history of the school!