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Keep laughing dog man, they are beating jawga too.
I’d say that Vandagriff commit just became kind of iffy!
For your info Harrison Bailey, 2020 signee, was rated a 5 star by some services. Not that it really matters how many “stars” a player has, at least to me. Those rating are just someone’s opinion.
Logical, coherent statement, something you don’t often get here. Pruitt has definitely upgraded his staff recruiting-wise.
All those close losses don’t really count for a lot. No one remembers who finished second. If the dogs had to play Bama every year, you wouldn’t have even got those chances. Truth...
Seems like he left for the same reason a lot of other guys do, he knew he wasn’t going to beat the others guys for the starting job. Now whether he wouldn’t be given the opportunity to compete sounds kind of hollow, why wouldn’t they give him the opportunity if he had the talent to be a starter?
Do you really think their commitment list as it now stands will be the same in December? I don’t. They will continue to recruit right up to signing day just like every other school. If an elite player is available late, adjustments will be made, just like at LSU and other places, that’s the way it works.
You certainly seem to be obsessed with the Vols recruiting, don’t you? If they are not a threat to the dogs, why do you care? You just like making dog fans sound like morons? If so you are doing a fine job!
It’s called sarcasm Booches94...I’ll let you loook up the definition.
Get back to us when you win a natty. I mean it’s only been 40 years, but then who’s counting, right?
33bulldog it’s not “if we can’t play football then that most likely means no kids on campus”, the fact is students will have to be back on campus first, before there can be football or any sport for that matter. Tennessee has announced they plan on students being back, and hopefully they will, but this thing is far from being over.
It’s early, long way to go, they are only commits, got to get them signed...blah, blah. It’s what most have been saying about every Tennessee commit...just sayin’
Now you know everything was completely above board and legal! But then again we are taking about the most penalized program in history...
So you officially get the participation trophy! When the dogs actually win a Nat. Championship get back to us. Until then thanks for “participating”!
He probably had enough left over from his bama signing bonus to buy that for her.
Good, Booger especially was just annoying to listen too.
Naw...we upped our recruiting budget, we’re in good shape.
So you think the dawgs don’t recruit over some already committed guys.....riiiiight! Are you that ill formed or just naive?
The train keeps on rolling for the Vols. Should be set at nose tackle for the next few years.
What a moron! “raping white boards on the sidelines”, what does that even mean? Spell check might be a big help for you, dumbass.
So why hasn’t Auburn been “benefiting from kids not being able to take visits”? Lazy recruiting, you tell us. As for the 23rd in the country comment, well now you’re just being silly.
As the article says you know you are doing something right when your rivals start criticizing it as no big deal. The dogs have had their opportunity at a title, and choked it away. Should have capitalized, but you didn’t....
He’s another player whose rating doesn’t reflect his offer list.
The hits keep coming! At this rate the Vols will be done recruiting by the end if the month. We all know there will be some comings and goings by signing day, but it certainly looks strong right now.
Doesn’t matter who the OC is, it’s JG’s inconsistent play that is the problem. It will be his fifth year in the program, and I don’t see him being much different this year.