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Not making excuses for Milton but in the second half when he got his knee banged up and came back on the field with a knee brace, I think it affected him. I think he went 1 for 9 passing after that, after being 17 for 22 to that point. Just think he wasn’t really comfortable throwing the ball. Hopefully he’s ok.
That’s Davy Crockett you moron. Daniel Boone was in Ky., but then you would have had to had a history lesson to know that. The lizards get rolled on Saturday.
So what? You think they were fired up to play Austin Peay? Vols by 14+. Hope you bet on the gators.
The reason the Vols will win is because they WILL be able to run on the gator D. No Milton isn’t Hooker, but he doesn’t have to be. Of course Davis picked the gators, he’s a bammer and hates the Vols.
I agree. Lee is fine, we should all wish to be doing as well as he is went we are that age. As for McAfee, he is annoying.
To answer the question, no they are not a playoff contender. Anyone who watched the Tx game sees that.
No. 3 team, I don’t think so. I told everyone that Tx would win that game.
Nick was on Gameday. Hey Nick, you REALLY need to lay off the hair coloring, not a good look for a man 70+.
Wipe the floor? You’re delusional. Bama was uber lucky to win last year, no B. Young this time. Tx. has the best QB, they win by 10+.
doghumper that’s right, bags of cash for the best players in the country. Come on elite players, we got plenty to spread around!
Steve must have had an adult beverage, or three, when he made that statement.
Now the staff is getting arrested?? What the heck is going on with the dogs program? Unbelievable. Is the AD going to EVER get involved and tell Kirby enough is enough?
Exactly…running the football is the most gimmicky of all offenses!
Next time you might want to realize the context their coach was making that statement in, before you make a stupid comment and look like a fool.
Yep, good tuneup for that powerhouse Ball St. coming up. Fans are all ready on Bobo for his play calling? In this game? Hilarious!
Did they really need to show more than they did today? No. Why would they?
Exactly, how many times are the haters going to throw out that line?
Atlas you’re a real genius. You hate orange yet you read the article. Why? You see if you hate something, you really shouldn’t waste your time. See how that works? Just trying to help you out.
A dog troll the first to make a stupid comment on a Vol article, imagine that.
If you knew your history you would know the Univ. of Tennessee was in existence over 50 years before Texas was even a state. So no, you’re wrong, but nice try.
That’s just your opinion that White is the most dynamic WR “ands it’s not even close”. Yeah, it is close! Thornton is 6’5” and just as fast, it not faster. He as been very impressive all preseason practice. He will be a big part of this offense.
I think Herby might have been in the Ky bourbon when he made that pick.
Yes, he is walking into Tuscaloosa winning, as the Vols are also. Go ahead and get used to that idea, and save yourself a lot of grief later on. Just trying to help you out..
Legend also has it that Jalen Hyatt just scored AGAIN on the gump’s secondary!
No, actually that was a lifetime ago! Comparing this team to the 2019 team is really stupid, but maybe that’s what you were going for. What’s the deal, are you afraid to identify with your team, or you just like being an annoying troll?