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@Blep Read the first line of Joe Marks comment you replied to. Reading comprehension is tough, huh?
I was told by doctors, after playing an entire season with a fractured vertebrae, that I ran an approximately 75% chance of ending up partially paralyzed if I continued. It was a hard decision to give up playing, but it’s not one that I regret. Crap happens. Now, I don’t know the particulars of this young man’s circumstances or prognosis, other than stated in this article, and I doubt you do either, but you can take your “Quitter” BS and go piss up a rope. That is all.
@smaatuga You’re barking up the wrong tree, dumbass.
Lol. Good stuff, Blitzer. I like that.
@boxster355 So, wait. You just made a comment about somebody having a “magical crystal ball" and then you went all Nostradumbass with your “mark my words” bit?? GTFOH. Lol
Would it have made THAT much of a difference?
Wow... That is one seriously sore ass ya’ got there, bud.
@the mayor Wow. Thanks, there Nostradumbass.