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^ Gets offended by other people being offended too easily Hmmmm....
Someone please give this kid some attention!
I agree that losing any of our last five games would have been unacceptable because those were inferior teams, but you're ignoring the fact that Tennessee beat a ranked Georgia team, and had a lead against NC contender Alabama at the end of the game (and I won't even bring up OK and FL). This season you can say "Tennessee could have (and maybe should have) been 12-0" and that isn't a ridiculous statement. If that isn't improvement, then I don't know what is. Yes, we beat the teams we should have beaten in our last five games, but that is an improvement from the past several years. You can't downplay our improvement by saying we only beat the teams we were supposed to. You have to look at how we played the other teams as well.
Read:I agree with you except I think that UGA is better than UT at everything haha
Are you retarded? Who in Knoxville is a bandwagon fan? We're not going to apologize when our coach causes us to lose games. We have games in the bag and then beat ourselves. As a fan base, we have the right to be mad. You shouldn't talk, since UGA should have been a national championship contender several times, but Richt messes it up. We aren't blind, so we get mad. Don't tell us how to be fans
I happen to also think that Saban should retire
Well, so far the checkerboard causes our offense to I kind of need that part of the tradition to change
Spoiler alert: Drake is not a loyal fan to any team, and he loves being seen with teams who win. He will have no problem "supporting" Alabama.
This guy. While everyone above him is arguing ethics and about moral responsibility, he keeps sight of what really matters and just bashes UT. I appreciate that
Your mom is gonna take away your computer privileges when she finds out all you do is troll
Almost positive it was Saturday down south that ran an article about a month ago about how Jalen Hurd has packed on weight and weighs about 235-240 now. Just don't know why they would have his weight wrong when there was an article written specifically about how he has gained weight
Someone needs to come in here and speak the truth. That will be me. UT is going to the SEC championship and is going to put up a good fight one they get there. I see UGA as being a competitive game and then UF, Mizzou, and USC being straight forward victories this year. All we need is a decent offensive line to be a good team, and now we will have that. Plus the weak east helps. I'm not saying we are going to the playoffs, I think that's one or two more excellent recruiting classes away. But I look at our schedule this year and see 9-10 wins. GO VOLS
This is one of the worst rankings I have ever seen! I don't even disagree with Knoxville being under Athens and Oxford, but Nashville should be very close to the bottom of the list. I was at the UT Vandy game last year, arguably Vandy's biggest game at that point of the season, and the atmosphere on campus was horrible. There was substantially more orange in the stands than black and gold. This poll was supposed to be the "best college towns" and Nashville is cool, but why would they ask college football experts if they didn't want football to be a main part of the judging criterion? If the football atmosphere or the buzz surrounding that city's team doesn't factor in at all, then why is this ranking on a college football site? As a UT fan, I don't dispute that Knoxville might be after Athens and Oxford, but how can Nashville possibly be above Knoxville when, on a game day in Knoxville, the streets are literally orange, whereas in Nashville, it is so big, and Vandy is so bad, that life goes on at a normal pace. Knoxville buzzes on a game day, Nashville is just a big, growing, city that has a lot of things for young people to do. Well that is my rant, I think this poll has nothing to do with football, otherwise there is no way that Nashville places first
That's what thought too, but then if you watch the video of his actual announcement at his school, it makest he video seem like it might have been the brainchild of Bleacher Report, and not so much his idea. But who knows
Having a top 5 recruiting class the year after you had a top ten recruiting class tends to get people excited. Not only that, but the program is turning around and even people outside of Knoxville know that Butch Jones is the truth. I think that when you look at the close games we could have won (GA if Worley didn't go out, FL if we hadn't played like idiots) people know that Tenneessee almost put up a much better record last season, so the expectations are there for this season. Aside from that, our o line can't get worse, and if we get some time to throw and can run plays some plays downfield other than a QB draw or bubble screens, that will make a huge difference. Our offense was almost non existent last year. Against Iowa, you saw a UT team that is much closer to what we will be seeing this upcoming season. And we beat the paint off of them. That is why people are so hyped up. Also, I don't think you can say that our success in the 90's was a fluke of history when UT is the second winningest program in the SEC and top ten in the country. Things are buzzing in Knoxville
"Jones is building a winner in Knoxville and Vols fans will not be contempt with a 6-6 record moving forward." I know I wouldn't be content, but contempt is a strong word