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Could be, there are some key differences, though. Orgeron successfully led USC as the interim HC after Kiffin was fired. Same roster, better results aside from a not-so-great loss to UCLA. Kiffin has a lot to prove, it will be interesting to see if he can. O's a smart coach, and has shown he's willing to be critical of his approach to improve. There are a lot of indicators that Kiffin is much slower to do so. These reports are so flimsy, but if it's true, there's more reason to give credit to O's analysis than not.
The strangest part of this article is the assumption that school and team officials were as surprised by this as the general public. If you think that the coach didn't know the names and has not been increasing reps down the depth chart, you're as unintelligent as the article assumes your are. On the other topic, everyone on the team knew that KT transferring was as distinct possibility. I'm sure Moorhead would like him to be like Nick Starkel, but this is, in no way, unnexpected. Sure, it will be impactful, but it's not some shock to the system as the article depicts.
Considering Auburn is a winnable game, I wouldn't talk too big there, guy.
You misunderstand me, I'm not talking about breathing life the performance of the team. Bama is in a great place, but ratings decline for the network when the fans (especially Bama fans) don't feel their team is on top.
Don't believe all State fans are that way, please. I think one very obvious factor has been missing from the analysis the downfall of Texas A&M. They were overrated and they benefited from the overrating of South Carolina, but they are still a formidable team when their talent clicks. They played the teams that likely the most physically brutal teams in the conference 4 weeks in a row, with no break. Alabama certainly benefited from the softening and reeling of that team the three weeks before, while hitting their stride in the same game. Bama had two tough games the weeks before, sure, but they have more experience on the team and a deeper talent pool. You can't explain LSU's win over Ole Miss with season statistics. Good luck trying to explain a LSU win over Bama with stats. Anyone who tries to tell you precisely what will happen is speculating to the nth degree. It will be close. LSU will have to get in Blake's head. LSU will have to own the clock at least 60% of the time. Henry and Yeldon have more than their work cut out for them.
Anyone that can google search recruiting classes can give Herbie's answer, he distilled it down to talent and potential... brilliant analysis. Keep in mind that the aim of most ESPN "analysts" is to get fans involved and riled up. Alabama has spent the first to rounds of the CFP outside-looking-in, which keep fans used to sitting on top involved. Is Bama the most talented team in the country? Most metrics say yes. Have the proven they are the best team? Not yet. Leave it to The Herd to breath life into Bama fans.