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Yeah sorry guy but Stetson has not played Ga Tech. Stetson is 0-4 with a loss to DII Emmanuel College.
Really hope that doesn't happen, Sharife is a lot of fun to watch. Makes it look so easy. Bruce Pearl is a helluva coach but where he goes, trouble ensues.
Lower-paid employees on staff want their money during a national pandemic, what's new? Guess someone always needs some kind of pot to stir.
By God guys this is just a kid posting his teammate's picture on his story. By no means is that an endorsement for who he thinks should be starting... What a reach here.
Guarantano getting dropped below Terry Wilson is a tragedy... Did you even watch the UGA-UT game? He's no world beater but it's hard to bury him for that performance with the time and circumstance he was given against that suffocating defense. Horrible take Matt. Costello had 6 picks against Kentucky last week for God's sake.
Well those UT wide receivers have graded out as the second-best in the nation per PFF this year if you like analytics, assuming you know what analytics are. But you're right, still a lot of mismatches for the Dawgs. It'd be pretty embarrassing of them to not win by 35, I'd say. I mean no competition whatsoever, you guys are the new BAMA!!!! Just need to get someone to dust off those trophy cases because there's no way you don't add to it this year, right? Just like last year with that..... oh wait, Sugar Bowl trophy??? I thought you guys were supposed to win the natty then too? Guess I need to stop believing what I hear from you uGa fans every year at some point. Good Luck.
No offense to you, but you probably thought the same about Mississippi State week 1.
I agree with everything in that rant except for the drive. The "Banjo Music" mountains are about as good a drive as I could ask for.
Good write-up. I'm getting excited.
Once the Muschamp experiment is over, they should hire you. New Head Coach of the Cocks, Butch Jones!
I definitely understand, but thanks champ. You still kind of look like an idiot, but I know you didn't ask for my 2 cents. Like how no one asked for yours.
Well, the younger brother did have a reported offer from Ga... People seem to get upset with Cade for making a business decision to play for Pittman when the Butch Jones fiasco was happening. If Cade's coach in Pittman can immediately leave and coach in-conference, why can't a kid move back home and play immediately?
Yes, that is exactly what they're telling you.
Apologies if that came across as animosity, that last sentence could've certainly been left out. It's just interesting to me to see a dawg fan come to this post to tell UT fans about their QB that they've, for better or worse (usually worse), watched week-in and week-out for 4 years. Also projecting that UT fans have ever mentioned him magically becoming a different QB.
Well, I think it's fair to expect incremental improvement due to his first time having the same OC for a second season and by far the best OL he's had in Knoxville, along with just another year of development. The sentiment I've seen from UT fans is that they know what they will get with him. He can win them games, but he's not going to be a world-beater by any means. But sure I bet all UT fans, after seeing your comment, are now extremely worried since UGADAWG78 said so!
They could definitely be way better than everyone expects... They could also very realistically go 4-6 so...
Man, I hate the dogs, but this is brutal. Hope the kid can have a major comeback from this.
Very curious as to why Kentucky is at #14 and Tennessee #22. I see a lot of SEC fans with similar sentiment but don't really see the same from the "experts." Recent history certainly points to Tennessee being the better squad.
mikebbd, I believe Kamara went JuCo for a season after bama and then made his way to Tennessee.
You respond to this because Cade transferring obviously rattled some feathers. It will all be OK in a few weeks when the decision gets reversed. I'll talk to you then.
Ah, so we should reward guys who lose their starting spot and are scared to compete to get it back, and screw the guys who worked to play and want to go play with their brother for their home state. sounds right.
Auburn? I don't understand it and I could definitely not see it happening.
Oh dear heavens guys, AFan said he has double thumbs-up for Kentucky against UT because that "D" so the vols better go ahead and mark that one as an L !