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That guy is Jamie Arnold, who UT will likely be facing on Friday. Top 10 draft pick, just in the 2025 draft.
Good content. I think a lot of the cave dwellers on this site will be surprised by the ACC's output in this postseason. The league is legit.
Because they know most uga football fans are Duke basketball fans
Am I missing something or aren't Stewart, Pringle, and Josiah Thompson starting their senior year seasons in high school right now? Not sure they're going to contribute much this season.
"So, if they are putting the onus on Hooker without Tillman, who has the advantage then? Definitely Tennessee
More depth was determined than you guys' barn burner against FCS Sam Houston State bozo
Good response. Certainly makes sense as to why they are a 1a/1b favorite for the second spot in the East. Crossover game does play a huge part in that, you're right. Well here's to some much improved football in the SEC east this season. would love for one of you guys to take out those nasty dwags.
They're definitely arguable as 2 in the East for sure, but clear favorite for #2? Tennessee returns more starters (and actual game-affecting starters) and faces less coaching turnover for a team that beat Kentucky in Lexington last year. Make that make sense for me please. UK is also coming off of a 6 pt win against a depleted USC team that has improved a lot of talent in the offseason, and 7-point win against a Florida team that had all but given the season up. Again, they're every bit 2a/b/c in the East, but I don't get the gas.
"20 years or so" Proceeds to throw out a year as an insult that could very well be considered 20 years or so.
Anything else lil guy? Really thinking about the vols today aren't you?
Stick to Duke, Mr. "We". Good luck with Scheyer.
Well most georgia fans probably went to Southern, so it makes sense.
Read these comments and you'll see why uga is so lowly thought of - off the field for this year at least. I would love to see kirkm or gladiusdog in person; I mean imagine all that drool just dripping down their chin while they count their change to buy a tallboy at a random circle K in Winder on any given weekday. You may tell me it's the past, but being in Athens in 2016 for Kirby Smart's first year when BOTH my Vols and Jackets beat him on his way to a 7-5 (4-4) record (Heupel's most likely first year record) was so much fun. NOTE: Kirby had the 6th most talented team in the country that year, per 247 Team Talent. It's ridiculous how soon people forget. Until you actually finish the job, Georgia Tech is a more recent National Champion than you. I mean think about that... Seriously. What big-name program hasn't won a championship more recently than their in-state "little brother." I mean Hell, I watched the Jackets beat UGA 2/4 times while at the Institute and I graduated just 3 years ago. You guys are a helluva football team, but you were in 2018 too. For the sake of some of my friends (ATL native and resident), I almost wouldn't mind uga getting the monkey off it's back after 40 years, but insecure losers like the 2 mentioned above really make me rethink that. I'd like to imagine Kirkm1976 is one of the old uga season-ticket holders that almost cried yelling at my 20yr old self while I returned the favor of laughing in his face taunting him after The Dobbnail Boot, minutes after he'd done the same to me on eason's throw. That guy went out BAD. All in all, that georgia defense is a force to be reckoned with. I'm not blind, I wouldn't bet on the Vols or Jackets this year if I was given free money to do so. Enjoy your team, stop bringing them up when any other program has a whiff of sunshine at the end of the tunnel recognized, because that was you a short time ago. If either of the aforementioned dwag fans (UNG-Athens grads, if even) are gonna be in Knoxville this weekend, I'd love to meet up and see the face behind those keyboard fingers, purely for my entertainment. Seriously. I promise I'll talk slow and not use any big words. I don't comment on here often, so I'm sorry for anyone disinterested that took the time to read this. Enjoy your weekends gents.
Talk about Georgia somewhere where they're a topic of discussion numbskull.
Emory Jones and JT Daniels; the two saviors of the offseason. Wonder if JT will even start next week. Kirby does love him some game-managing Stetson
Well it was underwhelming and I'm not particularly excited for SEC play, but a couple notes: If you take away a halftime hail mary incompletion and account for some drops (I counted 3 for ~50 yds), Milton finishes 14-22 for ~190yds. Also turns a punt and FG into likely TDs. Some of his other incompletions include two balls caught with a foot out of bounds that I think is more the fault of the receivers. Not awful for a first start with a new team in a new system and no Spring practice. That said, I'm not ecstatic with his play and still need to see a lot to prove he's our guy. He gives this offense a much higher ceiling than either of the two other options and I'm content with that until I'm not. He's a lot like JG in the sense that he seems scared to throw guys open, and instead waits for an open target and tries to fire a strike there while the window is open. It works sometimes but is not sustainable against more comparable competition. Here's to hoping we see some improvement before Pitt next week.
Pretty clear that "walking up the stairs" is referring to where the film meetings take place. But keep running with whatever. Guess we deserve twisted takes from rival fans after the last few coaches. I would love to meet this Negan guy in person by the way. Put a buck-toothed face to the insufferable online persona.
12-28 passes for 97 yards and two touchdowns in his career? C'mon, just google "Brian Mauer stats" next time.. That easy.
Also Dylan Brooks *deleted his longstanding (Late Jan) "Free Me" tweet today, not *tweeted it.
Yeah sorry guy but Stetson has not played Ga Tech. Stetson is 0-4 with a loss to DII Emmanuel College.
Really hope that doesn't happen, Sharife is a lot of fun to watch. Makes it look so easy. Bruce Pearl is a helluva coach but where he goes, trouble ensues.
Lower-paid employees on staff want their money during a national pandemic, what's new? Guess someone always needs some kind of pot to stir.
By God guys this is just a kid posting his teammate's picture on his story. By no means is that an endorsement for who he thinks should be starting... What a reach here.
Guarantano getting dropped below Terry Wilson is a tragedy... Did you even watch the UGA-UT game? He's no world beater but it's hard to bury him for that performance with the time and circumstance he was given against that suffocating defense. Horrible take Matt. Costello had 6 picks against Kentucky last week for God's sake.
Well those UT wide receivers have graded out as the second-best in the nation per PFF this year if you like analytics, assuming you know what analytics are. But you're right, still a lot of mismatches for the Dawgs. It'd be pretty embarrassing of them to not win by 35, I'd say. I mean no competition whatsoever, you guys are the new BAMA!!!! Just need to get someone to dust off those trophy cases because there's no way you don't add to it this year, right? Just like last year with that..... oh wait, Sugar Bowl trophy??? I thought you guys were supposed to win the natty then too? Guess I need to stop believing what I hear from you uGa fans every year at some point. Good Luck.
No offense to you, but you probably thought the same about Mississippi State week 1.