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It's only hilarious if you're a media type and think that all coaches lie (all the time or perhaps most of the time). "So, he's lying and that's really hilarious stuff he's saying."
It was trying to break in to become the 12th man. It self identifies as a football player. lol
I used to hear that excuse in grade school when I beat an opponent at something. "I lost on purpose..." Is that the best you can do, tx? Pretty lame.
If AR and UGA both play THEIR game it'll be close. The grit the mostly 3*-Backs have shown just might be the deciding factor.
Corso's not any worse that the Pres. Just b/c someone crosses some age threshold doesn't mean they need to be retired. The younger generation may think so, but they'll be old some day and be saying what I am now.
If you project the Alliance "voting bloc" into the future and it will serve to keep and even enhance the negative feelings between the SEC and them 'a brewing'. Some of their individual ADs may be reserved, annoyed or in disagreement about the bloc and it may come to be seen to be counter-productive, which most SECers now believe anyway. The Alliance will probably "morph" into something else that is more compatible with the overall focus of college sports. It should all come down to some give and take between all members, without one dominating the others. Frankly, the SEC shouldn't be perceived as dominating CFB anymore than TX was/is perceived as dominating the Big 12 in policy and payouts. Frankly, some kind of realignment needs to happen in order to achieve a more equal representation with the Playoffs without sacrificing high ranked teams left out because of conference limitations.
"incredible highlight in over-the-middle catch" hmm. Like stated above, the throw was a needle-threader. The catch was expected. What would they have said if he didn't catch it?
If I was Guarantano, that would light a fire in me. Hope he does well.
IMO, it'll be a voting bloc to block the SEC. They may schedule games among each other, etc, but mostly they're tired of the SEC dominating the playoffs (with few exceptions) and they'll push their version of an expanded one to keep that from happening.
His "Tiger bias" gets displayed a little too often, IMO. Weagle is right on. But, like you said, it's Spencer's piece.
This kind of thing has gone on for ages: not letting the non-admins know. Hatch their deals and expect the members to kowtow. Obviously, there are positives and negatives. Emotions aside, it would seem that the strong leadership from Sankey would override any attempts by UT to dominate.
When I just look at the headline and the pic I'd think Vanderbilt won. Did they?
Some of you all need to quit looking down your noses at other posters (teams) whom you don't think attain to your level. It's kinda like racism, you know. You may claim that it's done in fun but it's below your level of dignity to do it. And, 'No', I don't wear my feelings on my sleeve. Just my observation.
Has anyone ever checked what the average time is to actually play after a torn ACL? And, the average time is just that: some more, some less. The coach evaluates (possibly w/ Dad's input) for what is best for that player, not just the team. If Daniels had been injured or ineffective everyone would be jumping on Kirby for playing him too soon. Just b/c a player says he's ready doesn't mean he is ready.
One thing we can count on, Adam, is that you have very little good to say about Arkansas, or so it seems. Is it a little UM vs UA rivalry there? How can AR refund money for the refs calling the shots?
I'm a thinking that Kiffin wants to play the big SEC West stage and also compete against his former Alabama boss who fired him. As always, time will tell.
Maybe they should try: Since we can't get it done in FB, we'll go with BB. lol
As we mostly all know, a good coach's inappropriate actions are often overlooked because he wins. After all, isn't that the main reason he was hired? So, administration often beats around the bush and speaks around the truth to retain said coach. One exception is Bobby Petrino while at Arkansas. AD Long didn't hesitate one moment to fire him for lying. Those who are crying out for wins want the inappropriate actions to be forgiven/overlooked while the more "justice-minded" ones will not.