Born and Raised in Bamberg, South Carolina, Bamberg High, class of 68, Go Red Raiders. Retired in 2017, relocated to the Philippines. I am living the Island Life. Tough not having easy access to Carolina Sports, why I depend on the internet so much, belonging to four or five sites, an Insider on two. The Philippines is 12 hours in advance (ahead) of the East Coast. So to watch a 1:00 PM game, I have to begin watching it at 1:00 am. But during football and basketball season with daylight savings time, it is 13 hours ahead here. So that 1:00 PM game there becomes 2:00 am here. It's a pain, but what is one to do. I am a diehard Gamecock fan who wears my Garnet colored glasses most times, but i try to be as realistic as i can at the same time. Had season tickets in football for 20 years as a Gamecock Club member. Miss my Gamecocks, but still, GO GAMECOCKS!!!

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Just random thoughts : UT's power T and that shade of orange is as iconic and nationally recognized as any team in the country. Why mess with it at all? Vandy's battle armor is cool but has no national recognism and is too busy. Missouri needs dressed up, but who would recognize M. The Gators name being unique is great, better gator logo but I absolutely hate the F outta the F. Georgia IS Georgia, enuff said. Now my Gamecocks, unique with only little known Jacksonville State sharing that name. Block C with the Gamecock is solid, but needs to be bigger. I like the script Carolina as an alternate. There are a couple of variations I like, with feathers, or the stand alone fighting Gamecock logo. Oh, Clemson still sux.