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Stick those tweets on the bulletin board for spring practice and put the Sugar Bowl score right below them. As Davin Bellamy said, "Humble yourself"
Horrible play by the Dawgs. It was embarrassing all around. I'm sure the players who complained about not being in the CFP wish they'd a kept their yappers shut
UCF won't shut up. They will point to the scoreboard and not the stat sheet. they will also not acknowledge how sloppy LSU played. Great win by LSU. Burrows is a beast.
The Mizzou O line couldn't get the push needed to get yardage. Running Lock was almost a good idea.
I bet if Odom sported a sweet mullet like Gundy, the outcome would have been different.
Not telling fans to shut up, pup. We should be focusing on what is and not what could have been. The gasbagging about what shoulda, woulda, coulda is a bad look for any fan base. Hooyah and go Dawgs!
Well said. There's no sense in complaining now. Let's just go out and take care of business. Go Dawgs!