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I'm rooting for Coach O and LSU in the west. He seems like a great guy. I do wonder how your season of the century and Natty played into the recruiting class. Are the kids band wagon recruits? What will happen after next year? It will be fun to watch. Go DAWGS!
You are correct on both points. That being said, if he does win the starting job and takes over the O, he will have a great supporting cast. Adding him to the team makes this a much more interesting and exciting year. Go Dawgs!
Sad to see him go. He is a great coach. Hard to believe Brady Hoke is coming back. He left a sour taste in San Diego's mouth bailing for Michigan.
Absolutely brilliant comeback. Good job Vols and congratulations!
At this point, the only thing that matters is winning the CFP. Everything else is window dressing for off season yakking. Good luck LSU! Kick butt and take names. Go DAWGS!
I think it's funny and entertaining. A little dumba$$ery in between good comments. Go DAWGS!
That's funny! Great game for the Tigers. Awesome win. Go DAWGS!
I hope the Dawgs don't tank in whatever bowl game we go to like we did last year. On to the Natty Tigers! SEC! SEC!
It was a good game for you for sure. Joe Burrow is from a different planet. It was painful to watch him destroy the Dawg D, but it was a pleasure to watch such a talented quarterback. Go DAWGS!
He'll be sitting the first half, just like today. It is good to have an attitude, but he's got to control his emotions. He's hurting the team.
Tua is a great competitor and left it all out on the field yesterday. He kept Bama in the game. Bama should be very proud of him.
It was a flop and it was a great flop. He's got a bright future ahead of him in the NBA.
I have gained a lot of respect for Coach Mullen after yesterday's game. He got his team ready to play and they stayed in the game despite the Dawg's excellent performance. Trask is a beast. He will improve even more and will be very tough to beat in the future. Here's looking to future great matches. May the Gators continue to lose. Go Dawgs!
It was an absolute crap call. The ball hit the ground and Cager didn't have possession. That being said, both teams benefited from bad calls and non calls. Typical college football game when it comes to that. Awesome win for the Dawgs!
This list isn't as funny as the Florida list. Go Dawgs!
Nice job. Very funny list. The Varsity is the Ruth's Chris of North Georgia. Not Waffle House. Go Dawgs!
If Lawrence Cager s healthy and can play, the Dawgs' offense will open up. Otherwise, our O will be vanilla and predictable. Not a good recipe for success. Go Dawgs!
It was a very poorly officiated game for sure. The Gator team should be very proud of this win because they never quit. Now, on to Jacksonville. Go Dawgs!
Trask had receivers that were consistently open. Fromm didn't.
in the words of the immortal Dr Seuss... Stink. Stank. Stunk. Go Dawgs!
al I could think of towards the end of the Georgia game is which Dawg fans would make into this week's sad fans are sad. Good thing there wasn't a camera in my house. Go Dawgs!
I don't. The Gamecocks played one heck of a great game. They came to win and got the job done. Never been a fan of Muschamp as a coach, but I admire him now. Go Dawgs!
The SC defense way out played our offense. Also Jake Fromm was way off as a passer. He did not look good at all.
We stunk today. Carolina wanted it more. Congratulations to the team
When I went to school, the line was "and to hell with Georgia Tech" Beat Bama! It was good Mojo in 1980. LOL