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Nix was outstanding in this instance. Although it is a team game, I feel he won the game because any one of those scramble successes would have ended the game for Auburn if he had either been sacked or thrown an incompletion. Well done Bo Nix.
Pretty classless. Rule of thumb - never show your rear end to the whole world before a game. Wait after the game if you win.
I'm not sure what you are trying to say because it made no sense whatsoever. But I do give you major style points for expertly mixing lower case letters with uppercase letters to disguise your incomprehensible screed.
I've always been a Tebow fan (except when he was playing against the DAWGS). He may have been a mediocre QB, but he knew how to win. Here's hoping for NFL success.
That it does. But, if the Dawgs show up to play against Clemson, it will be a good game. If the Dawgs do be Clemson, the rest of the season looks extremely promising for an undefeated season provided the team stays relatively healthy.
I love belt guy. BTW saw your comment below about being entitled to question Kirby's sideline demeanor. I too spent 20 years supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I now with pogues in the civilian world. Our service to this great country doesn't make us superior to anything or anyone. So - from one vet to another, humble yourself.
392 yards passing isn't a bad outing and he did it with red jerseys in the backfield all day.
LOL. Just like the Gator fans feel today!
Completely awesome game! Both teams deserved the win. I would have been happy no matter who won the game.
I bet Marco Wilson will get a shoe contract after this game.
The Gators look exceptionally good this season and the Kyles can flat out play. They should be in the CFP mix. The SECCG will be fun to watch! Go DAWGS!
Miss State has nothing to be ashamed of. They played with real heart. Great game!
Hat's off to your team. They looked great on both sides of the ball. Trask is a beast
I think Vols fans have a lot to look forward to. Priutt is getting the team back up on the step and the Tennesee D I saw on Saturday looked pretty darn good. They just got gassed midway through the third quarter and the Dogs rolled them over. As far as the Tennesee O goes, not many college teams can do well against the Dog D, especially with UGA's deep bench. They still managed to score. JG's performance wasn't stellar, but just about any college quarterback would be a little rattled if they had a standing with 2 tons of fun 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage on each play.
Pacific timezone is the best in my opinion. College football from 9 AM to 8 PM.
George Rogers was a beast and he deserved the Heisman that year.
I'm rooting for Coach O and LSU in the west. He seems like a great guy. I do wonder how your season of the century and Natty played into the recruiting class. Are the kids band wagon recruits? What will happen after next year? It will be fun to watch. Go DAWGS!
You are correct on both points. That being said, if he does win the starting job and takes over the O, he will have a great supporting cast. Adding him to the team makes this a much more interesting and exciting year. Go Dawgs!
Sad to see him go. He is a great coach. Hard to believe Brady Hoke is coming back. He left a sour taste in San Diego's mouth bailing for Michigan.
Absolutely brilliant comeback. Good job Vols and congratulations!