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Dang boss, Someone peed in your Wheaties this morning.
I'm not happy with his decision, but I certainly understand it. I will enjoy watching Bryce and Burton on Saturdays.
Coach Saban is the GOAT. More importantly, Coach Saban is classy. I hate seeing my team lose to Bama, but can't help admiring his program and the great young men he molds into a team. Go DAWGS!
WOW. I've seen some pretty classless posts here, but yours is the lowest of the low.
I'm enjoying the feeling tidefan8x5. The Jake Fromme situation to which I referred was a fact as well, but was called out as whining by others. Injuries are part of the game and teams need to adjust. Coach Saban's teams have always been excellent at adjusting. This time, they didn't. Can't wait to see what happens next year.
Sounds like the excuse Dawg fans get called on when UGA loses the big game. Think Jake Fromme and the thin receiving corps he worked with. It was a great game all around and the better team won the field this time. Go DAWGSQ
LOL. I told my wife the same thing! Hope we don't have to wait that long again! Go DAWGS!!!
That was satisfying! Hat's off to Stetson Bennet and the whole Bulldawg D!
Awesome game for Alabama. Congratulations to the entire team.
My earliest memories of college football are sitting on the floor of my Grandfather's house watching USC-Notre Dame. He was a USC grad. I also learned a bunch of cuss words too.
Happy Thanksgiving SEC World. It's great to be an SEC fan. It's better to be a Georgia Bulldawg! Blessings to all of you!
Nix was outstanding in this instance. Although it is a team game, I feel he won the game because any one of those scramble successes would have ended the game for Auburn if he had either been sacked or thrown an incompletion. Well done Bo Nix.
Pretty classless. Rule of thumb - never show your rear end to the whole world before a game. Wait after the game if you win.
I'm not sure what you are trying to say because it made no sense whatsoever. But I do give you major style points for expertly mixing lower case letters with uppercase letters to disguise your incomprehensible screed.
I've always been a Tebow fan (except when he was playing against the DAWGS). He may have been a mediocre QB, but he knew how to win. Here's hoping for NFL success.
That it does. But, if the Dawgs show up to play against Clemson, it will be a good game. If the Dawgs do be Clemson, the rest of the season looks extremely promising for an undefeated season provided the team stays relatively healthy.
I love belt guy. BTW saw your comment below about being entitled to question Kirby's sideline demeanor. I too spent 20 years supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I now with pogues in the civilian world. Our service to this great country doesn't make us superior to anything or anyone. So - from one vet to another, humble yourself.
392 yards passing isn't a bad outing and he did it with red jerseys in the backfield all day.
LOL. Just like the Gator fans feel today!