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I not saying UGA is overrated but NO ONE is saying Florida is great by any stretch. And if UGA is overrated, that means that Florida isn't very good this year which is expected. You're not breaking anyone's hearts here...at least ones that have reasonable expectations.
I thought that was an odd comment from the writer. Since when does LSU not enter a game other than against Alabama and not have the edge talent-wise?
Ive never booed my own team / school and think it shows short sidedness and poor perspective but let’s not pretend like Florida is the only school in the country with stupid fans or fans who boo their own team. The whole “it’s the SEC and we have so much passion” is BS and a cowardly way of hiding behind your objectionable actions. It’s embarrassing.
Do you have absolutely nothing else better to do? You’re hatred of the Florida Gators is very clear but also very unhealthy. Does posting on other teams articles make you feel better about yourself or something? You need another outlet for your pent up anger other than obsessively trolling comment sections of Florida articles that have nothing to do with UGA. If you need to see a counselor I’m sure your insurance will pay for it. For the love just go enjoy your successful season and focus all your negative energy on Alabama. Maybe you’ll do the rest of the country a favor and actually beat them.
I think this is the second time he’s not made a planned trip to UF. However, unexpected wild fires is a legit excuse. Not much chance we sign him regardless.
Patience isn’t a quality a lot of our fan base has. However, after 10 years of futility, it gets harder and harder to be patient. DM needs time and until he has that, UGA and other SEC fans will beat their chests about how much better they are than us. Congratulations, you’re better than a really bad UF team. And all the Mizzou fans that have come out to make fun of us are pathetic. You’re a bad team that beat another bad team and your bragging about it? I guess if it helps you sleep at night. I have no delusions about how bad we are but bragging about beating a lesser team just doesn’t do it for me.
Orange and blue are “complementary” colors. Like Red and green and yellow and purple but I do agree it would be too much. I do like the new end zones however. Maybe it’ll help Feliepe and our receivers find it in the first quarter.
If you think he’s bad we will trade you Franks for Lock. You should be grateful.
And I’m sure Kirby doesn’t use the contacts and relationships he had already made at Bama when he recruits for the Dawgs. I know you just want to take every chance you can to poke at us and I get it. But you need to think about it or you don’t come off as very smart.
2nd or 3rd best player in Mississippi this year has him ranked 57th nationally. I don’t care where the guy is from if we can land that high of a recruit.
Sadly I agree. All we can do is lick our wounds and hope that any team from the SEC other than freaking ALABAMA wins it. Even if its...Georgia (I just gagged a little).
So you waited two whole days and didn't see any Gators posting after a bad loss and your next thought is that they are gone forever and will never use their accounts again...after two days. Yeah, that makes sense. I'm sure you'll never hear from us again based on your extensive data collected from...two days. I apologize, I didn't know you had put so much thought into this. We are pathetic indeed!
Just imagine if Alabama didn't have college football. I'm not sure I would remember they were even a state. Sadly they do and we will all just to just deal with their nonsensical (that means, does not make sense for you Bama fans) rantings.
The ONLY chance Jones has of being successful is if CDM let’s him air it out like he did Saturday. That was a gorgeous ball he threw and a smart penalty by UGA or it would have been a touch down in lieu of 15 yards. Without the threat of a run they will just stack the box and he doesn’t appear to be an explosive runner like Toney...yet.
In your infinite wisdom, what exactly makes Kirby a weak man? And about the only thing we didn’t get beat by was coaching. If you want to insult us fine, but at least make sense when you do.
So what exactly would you suggest we say that wouldn’t drawn ridicule from you? The ones stupid enough to run their mouths before the game would just say more stupid things and the ones who knew better didn’t have anything to say in the first place. But yeah, the entire fan base is so devistated by the loss they just can’t go on and have stopped being fans. That’s more realistic.
UF is the 8th ranked public university in the country however UGA isn’t even the number one university in their state, GT is. However, UGA is ranked 13th on that same list which is much better than I was expecting. I was hoping to rub our ranking in your face a little more but 13th is actually pretty respectable so...take that!
I agree about the personality but not the X’s and O’s. It has ABSOLUTELY helped. The poor players from last year had clowns “coaching” them and the players have been quoted on multiple occasions on how much better the coaching is this year.
That would be the best case scenario. Let them into the playoffs and watch Bama beat them senseless to the point they consider canceling their football program due to embarrassment. I’d love every second of the camera panning the UCF fans with weepy eyes and frowns...the ones that stick around after halftime that is.
Sorry, looks like you guys should just turn around and go back home. It’s a foregone conclusion now.
What’s sad is that there are few coaches who have gone toe to toe with Saban and won. Urban and Dabo are the only two I’d have confidence in beating him. I love Mullen but I don’t lack perspective.
You can’t seriously think Kirby will be on the hot seat? I can’t stand the Dawgs but even I know that’s asinine.
People still,play professional baseball? That’s still a thing?