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Per 247 Sports, "Desmond Evans, Sam Howell, Marvin Wilson, Cam Akers, Dalvin Cook and others." Seems like a nice list to have on your recruiting resume.
Does anyone remember when McElwain spoke at a MBBK game after his second year? He said we were going to Atlanta the next year and kick the door down then got fired after getting curb stomped by UGA. Thank you UGA!
We run the ball...our .5 yards per rush average proves it!,
You're probably right but the way the Georgia fans came out for the opposing team's coaches wife last week was one of the more touching moments I've ever seen in sports. For just that one day, I didn't hate Georgia.
I hate Georgia but your posts typically make me laugh or are of sound reasoning. Maybe I wouldn’t hate Georgia if all your fans had the same mind set...maybe.
Florida WR Trevon Grimes was approved for immediate playing time because his mother is / was ill. He was previously at Ohio State but his mother lives somewhere in South Florida if I remember correctly. I know during the transfer process for him, there were concerns that Gainesville was not close enough to South Florida (or wherever his mother lives) for him to be granted to play immediately.
We fell for it, clicked on the article and they win.
But you're correct that Meyer's integrity sucks. That I'm not disagreeing with.
Don't throw too many stones at Meyer. Fischer ins't the model of integrity A&M expects and is accustomed to. He certainly protected his star QB after sexual assault and getting caught for trying to steal crab legs by stuffing them in his pants.
I don’t understand...I know it’s a slow news cycle with all fan bases waiting for football to start but I’ve never EVER been tempted nor interested in reading articles on any of our rival teams. Much less comment on an article that has absolutely nothing to do with our school / team. I just don’t care about them and frankly, have better things to do. I’m sure it boosts their fragile ego to come up with some perceived clever “zingers” pointed at us but it comes across as petty and insecure...and not all that clever if I’m being honest. I don’t also understand why UF fans respond to them. All it does is give them the false sense that they are somehow relevant when only their mom (maybe) cares about them.
Lol. My goodness I forgot about that. Made SportsCenter and everything. Man I don’t miss Chester Cheetos Teeth.
Texas Tech? Bama, Michigan, Ohio State, Georgia, Notre Dame would have all made more sense.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Literally laughed out loud. I don’t need to read anyone else’s comments below...I’m done. Lol!
Hope he learns from whatever he did and turns it around. Lots of dumb kids his age act up for all kinds of reasons. He’s immensely talented and I’m sure someone at UGA will become his mentor. Every college football program has knuckleheads who get arrested but three in one month does raise some eyebrows. Urban took guys for talent alone (regardless of character) and we had LOTS of disciplinary issues. UGA better hope Kirby isn’t doing the same or eventually, it will all come crumbling down like we did.
We already have two dual threat guys with questionable accuracy. Or are at least more project type QBs. Hell, even our starter doesn’t have great accuracy percentages. Good to have a little Tebow Cam Brantley variety like back in the day.
What we’ve done is exactly what LSU has done. Top 10 defense and bottom 10 offense.
I was SHOCKED to see us second on this list. I knew we’ve had quite a few draft picks but not second most. What it says to me is how much freaking talent our last two coaches absolutely wasted. Winning the east in 15 and 16 does not count. Someone had to win it and we were the best sucky team during that stretch capitalized by the curb stomping we got from Bama two years in a row. Thank the good Lord for Mullen. The jury is still out on whether he can recruit elite talent but at least he won’t waste it.
I do have a smidge more respect for the guy for admitting it.
The article is about future seasons and has nothing to do with the current one. It seems like you’re still a little upset about losing to a non elite team and are trying to make yourself feel better by taking a jab at that terrible terrible team you couldn’t beat. Move on buddy, it’s not healthy to dwell on the past. I just hope you guys don’t embarrass the SEC by losing to UCF like Auburn did.
Please beat UCF like a red headed step child...please!
Also, thank God we don’t have to lose to a team with Shark Lover Boy as a coach. I don’t think I would ever watch football again if that happened.
Michigan is tired of whooping our tails and I’m tired of them doing it. Oh well, at least we can beat Ohio State...see 2006 NC (basketball and football).
Do you have nothing else better to do than to read and comment on Florida Gator articles? You should get out more, unless you live in Alabama which I can understand why you would rather stay inside and have nothing else do to.
I really hope Little Willie is the head coach of FSU for a very long time. I like him even more than I liked Brick by Brick up at Riot University.
Not a good look for Little Willie. Little in the sense of little coaching, little scoring, little accountability, little discipline, little win number, little respectability and well, little willie. The only thing not little about Little Willie is the buy out in his contract. I am a little (ok a lot) jealous of the severance package he is going to get.