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I'm not rooting against Bama because their dominance is bad for the SEC; I'm rooting against them because they are classless thugs on and off the field.
Special kind of jackwagon to still be cashing checks from a program he completely dismantled and remained screwed years after he left town. That takes an extraordinary lack of conscience. Hope UT learned a lesson.
Why is Lane Kiffin still even in the conversation? Yeah, he left UT -- to go fail at USC. If he had stayed here, would UT have won a National Championship by now? No. Move on, Vol Nation.
At least they have pixie dust. All GA has is game film. Spoken like a true bitter GA fan. There's always next year, right?
Unless you can line up the missed calls side by side from this season - those that went against Tennessee and those that benefitted them - keep your idiotic claims to yourself.
Tennessee is the place coaching careers come to die. Even Golden Child Peyton said he'd never be the head coach at Tennessee, because he didn't want the fan base hating him. In 5 years or less, Jones will be happily coaching in South Bend, and all of this fan base disloyalty will be a distant memory for him. He nailed it on the head: In Tennessee, love is purely conditional.
Boring. He's just trying to stay relevant, but too late. Another fan base that could care less about him. At least he found something he's actually good at.