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Perhaps. But I always considered the Bluegrass Miracle to be payback for 2007 and maybe even 1998. The first was beating #1 LSU in OT, the latter was the “end around” play. Both were stunning UK wins. Kentucky has had many, many deflating losses in its history. Seem like we started a lot of Heisman winning careers...for the other team. Hopefully we are turning a few corners now and in the foreseeable future.
Agreed. H1N1 was declared a pandemic in 2009 and killed over 12,000 Americans alone. Yet, we didn't put the entire nation on hold.
Seems like the Covid-19 makes one lose his/her mind. Sorry, this is a serious illness, but we are shutting down the entire nation because of it. Nobody was this concerned when H1N1 killed over 12,000 in 2009.
I like the overall concept for football. It would be more like the pro sports in terms of equitable distribution. The playoff system he describes essentially nullifies subjective rankings (made by journalists or coaches), and makes the conference championship games a ticket to the national stage. You win, you play on. People will still quibble about rankings and which conference champion was seeded too low, but at least there will be no denying that the best of each conference got in. The bowls could still exist to reward the non-finishers in each conference with a post season game. I wonder how this would work with the other sports, especially basketball, baseball and softball.
I'd say AU is in pretty good shape in that poll. At 11, they are the highest ranked SEC team, one above UK and a bunch above LSU. Any motivation is good motivation, but the Tigers are the best in the league... for today anyway.
Sounds like a good hire, even though his playing days were in the late 1990s. Those were the Hal Mumme/Mike Major years...not noted for defense.
Awesome news. He was a beast against Va Tech. Hope he has a productive and safe season next year.
I'm really pulling for the Bulldogs over Loserville. Hail State!!
I really think this is a pretty good match up. Looking forward to it.
I don't know about anyone else, but I am excited by this recruiting class. Considering all the adversity this year's team went through, all the lowered expectations from the media, all the injuries, the losses early on...and to still pull out seven, potentially eight, wins over the season. That is awesome. I think recruits take notice of things like that. And, I guess Gran will hang out with us for another year. The continuity of the coaching staff is paying off.
That would be "our version of village idiot."
History, for most people, only stretches out as far as one can personally remember. For 17 and 18 year old recruits, that is only a few years. The past couple of years for Kentucky have been pretty good. Player development is also a thing to consider. We had two all Americans this year (OK, one of them was the punter, but the other was Lynn Bowden). We had Josh Allen last year (one star recruit to All American). That recent history may help attract good players as well.
Well said Joe. We wish Lynn nothing but the best in the future. I am glad I got to see this kid play. Go CATS!!
Good luck in your future Mr. Bowden. Thank you for your efforts this year. Looking forward to seeing you play one more time on 12/31.
I think it is significant that Mark (our version of) Stoops wants to emulate Frank Beamer in taking a lower tier power 5 conference team and build, through time and patience, a powerhouse. This game will pay homage to Frank, and set the stage for a new beginning. VA Tech isn't what it was when Beamer was coaching. Neither is the ACC. It still will be a landmark in the modern development of Kentucky football. I am so looking forward to this matchup! #BBN #BringIt.
UVA probably was ranked appropriately... and Clem was simply on fire with a chip on the shoulder. Clem had to redeem itself from the UNC game.
Congrats to UGA and the Gators for your NY6 picks. Make us proud.
Thank you. Good luck to the Tigers the rest of the way! Win it all.
Team rushing in a season. SEC record for QB rushing yards in a game. All we are going to do is "run da bawl". Try and stop us!! Congrats to coaches Stoops and Gran for coming up with game plans that worked after all the adversity this year! It is "our version" of winning!
Solid performance by a solid team. Still a work in progress, but considering the year, the injuries, the one dimensional play calling (by necessity), and the graduations from last year, what a great year. Looks like "our versions of Stoops and Gran" put a whooping on a mid-to-high level ACC bowl bound team. I think Paris owes the entire BBN a round of drinks! Go CATS! Have a great bowl game!
I agree. The NCAA is hosing Missou. Unless there is more here than has been disclosed, some kind of uncorrected institutional control issue for example, then let the kids play.
One slight correction: Trucks don't stop in Gainesville. They go to Ocala or Wildwood where the fuel prices aren't taxed so high.
Some "fearless" prediction. Tennessee does seem to be getting better, however. I think the Cats will be ready, just don't know if they will be able to perform.
I don't know where else he would go, to be honest. A group of 5 school would be a demotion. An upper level power 5 school might be a little more likely, but FSU fans really didn't seem to be too turned on by M. Stoops (B. Stoops was a different story). Another power 5 conference team wouldn't be that great a situation either. Rutgers? Indiana? No way. Maybe Iowa, but only because it is his Alma Mater. Another SEC school? Where? Miss State? Missouri? Don't see that happening either. He wouldn't be considered for any upper level SEC schools yet, if ever. Plus he is building up a program in Lexington that never existed before, or at least not for a long, long time. That is a potential claim to fame right there. Go Cats!