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Very sorry for Franks as I was very sorry for Terry last week. Prayers for their rapid recoveries.
I am somewhat in agreement with you, after seeing the limited snippets of Sawyer's career (the Dollar General highlights and the game last Saturday). He may make better passing decisions than Terry, and maybe his arm strength is better. The one area where he may be lacking is the run game. Terry could flat out run. I am quietly confident about this weekend. #Bringit.
Agreed. I liked what I saw last week. We will be competitive. #Bringit
I am looking forward to this match up, regardless of injuries to both teams. Go Cats!! #Bringit.
I respectfully disagree with you on this particular game. When UK/UL game kicked off the season, we would frequently get national prime time Labor Day (or the Sunday prior) air time on ESPN, or even CBS. Now it is barely noticed on the ESPN-Z or some version of the SEC network. The other rivalry games (UF-FSU, Iron Bowl, Egg Bowl, Clemson-SCarolina, Michigan-OSU and the others) are all fine at the end. They all get good coverage on the many networks. A down-card match up between two Commonwealth rivals just gets lost in the mix. Let's not forget that Kentucky/Tennessee was the last game of the season. They were probably a bigger rival for us than we were for them, but occasionally we'd pull off the upset. My opinion. Other opinions may vary.
Josh Allen is a class act, and he deserves all the best.
I liked it so much more when the UK-UofHell game was played at the beginning of the season. The winner usually went on to a great year, the loser tried to salvage something the rest of the season. Now this game is lost in all the other cross-state rivalries that take up the last weekend of the season.
I am cautiously optimistic about the 2019 season. The Toledo game was a slow start, but the second half went very well. I am not overlooking this weekend, but I am really looking forward to 9/14 to see what this team is really is capable of doing. #BringIt
The defensive line and the line backer corps seem solid, but he secondary is suspect. Everyone will be picking on them all year. Hope they grow up fast.
As a graduate of both UK and EKU, prayers go out to this young man. I've had many a beverage at the Two Keys Tavern. It was always a friendly place in my experiences. I hope this is just a fluke and a bad situation.
It is intended as pure team motivation. Vince is a master motivator, and his "anger" will carry over into the locker room, and the chips will magically appear on shoulders again, and so on. It worked last year, so maybe it will carry over to this year too. And, I'd love to see some of the media being held accountable for their blathering as well. LOL.
Not true that "It was an interesting start to the tournament, as all 16 teams that hosted regionals ended up advancing to the next round." James Madison U beat Michigan in the Ann Arbor regional to advance to play UCLA.
Congrats on a great season anyway! SEC! SEC!
Apparently the double dribble by UVA was perfectly fine. Bad missed call. But the foul call was correct. Except that it should never have happened if the ref had called the double dribble. Auburn was hosed.
Really don't like how this game ended. Auburn deserved better. So sorry for Tiger fans.
Congrats Auburn! War Eagle! Go all the way now.
Great to see LSU move on to round of 16. Go SEC and Go Gats!
Prediction number 2 came the half! LOL SEC SEC SEC
You may be right about Kentucky. But then again our defense held Drew Lock to goose eggs in the second half of the Missou game, even when our offense was sputtering. We saw what Missou and Lock can do against good teams when those good teams mentally don’t show up (Florida in Gainesville). The Tennessee game was our game to mentally not show up. Our offense sputtered as usual, but the defense didn’t really do much at all. Since then, our defense has gotten back to its usual self (carrying the team), and the offense seems to have improved incrementally. This UK team seems genuinely excited to be playing in Orlando on New Year’s Day. UK fans certainly are! Personally, I think the team that will not be mentally in the game will be PSU. They are not happy with the level of the bowl, and there are a lot of Nittany Lions sitting this one out. Even their most ardent fan boards talk about their level of disappointment in the Citrus Bowl (see Lions247 news board). The level of excitement is just not there. They are looking toward next year already. The fans think this is an easy win, and the team may as well. All the better. Go CATS!!
Fair article. Hope that Benny, Josh and Kash make the most of it.
I agree with Paris10 One Hundred Percent. Next thing you know UK will recruit some lowly 2 star linebacker from New Jersey. He'll probably only have one other offer, from some place like Monmouth. Geez, what a waste of a scholarship that will be. When will our coaching staff ever learn to evaluate and recruit talent???
Interesting that Liberty, a Christian school, might be interested in Freeze with all his baggage...
Expect Loserville to play all out and keep it close. This could be a trap game if we are not careful. Reminds me of Fran Curci's last game. UK beat Tennessee for only it's second win of the season. Coach Fran had already been notified of his termination, and he was just playing out the season.