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Love this decision, keep someone familiar with the players and is one of the best recruiters in the SEC. He called a great game against UM and really brings energy. Were also gonna have Dan Werner as our QB coach which I’m most excited about. He turned Chad Kelley in to a real star. Super excited for next season. Muschamp has really impressed me with how he’s changed our culture and drive over the last 2 years. Keep the recruiting up and keep developing, and I think us and UGA will be the teams to beat in the east.
I don't want Baylor slime coming to USC, he can stay in Boca for all I care. Him and Kiffin
THANK YOU BAMA THANK YOU BAMA THANK YOU BAMA THANK YOU BAMA THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would vomit if Clemson had won, but yall took care of business, thank you so much for this. You just made every single Carolina fans day even better. Cheers!
I feel like whoever he commits to will have the NCAA knocking on their door
I do not see this kid getting drafted, he should've gone next year. He can't seem to stay out of trouble and its gonna haunt him
Great hire vols, Pruitt is a great coach and should help y'all climb out of the cellar. I don't understand why some of y'all don't want him, from what I can tell he's a no BS guy and certainly can get his guys ready better than Butch could
Nothing but respect Hayden, you played your heart out every day for us. Hoping you represent us well and kick some ass in the NFL
To be fair Mayfields been in the same system for like 6 years, any QB in that same system for that long can flourish. Mayfield is extremely talented, but the systems helped him a ton. Fromm is only a freshman and he’s already making big plays, his futures bright.
sorry Kanell but Bama would beat the doors off of OSU 99 out of 100 times, only thing that's hurting them is their shorthanded LB core. I think playoff committee actually selected 4 best teams in the country
I believe the dawgs only need 1 or 2 stops and it's game over, the dawgs should put up 250+ yards rushing alone on UO's awful defense, no matter how good their offense is they cannot continue to win like this with bad defensive play, I think it bites them in the a$$ in the playoffs, dawgs roll on to natty 42-28 with huge days from Chubb and Michel. I'll be rooting for yall
Congrats GA, proud of my guys for fighting their butts off, but GA wore us down and tired our line out. Hell of a game Georgia, Kirby definitely has changed the culture in Athens. Best of luck on the season, now on to a reeling Florida team.
I really would love to win this weekend more than anything, but I also would love to see 2 SEC teams in the playoffs, especially if it spoils any chance of Clemson repeating, so if/when Georgia wins this weekend I’ll definitely be rooting for y’all to win out
Whew! Vandy always plays us hard. Glad we got the win and covered the spread, Bentley had a good pocket presence and made the plays he had to make, it was UGLY on defense, have to generate a pass rush and stop with the GD PI's. Hopefully we play clean next week, Georgia has playoff's written all over them, hopefully Muschamp can pull something out and squeak by them, glad were bowl elligble and don't have to have that on our minds anymore. Lets keep this momentum going boys.GO COCKS!
I think State wins this game but the Cats keep it close, this game could go either way however. Y'all could take this one by a FG but it's at State, so It'll be loud. We'll see
This team always finds a way to win in the most stressful way, I'll DEFINITELY take the win though, we don't win in knoxville much. HELL of a game UT, it was ugly for both teams, we just have Chris Lammons and y'all don't.GO COCKS!!
I disagree, if you have the ball with 1 minute left before halftime and don't take a shot or 2 or AT LEAST try and get into field goal range (God forbid we make the son of a gun), AND run the ball on 3rd and 17, I don't understand your playcalling. There's a difference between playing conservative and calling dumb plays. Roper has tricks up his sleeve, but he made lots of goof calls in the A&M game
Dude A&M supposedly had one of the worst defenses in the SEC and we only managed 7 f*%king yards rushing....
I would rather he take the medical red shirt so he can have a full season of being 100% healthy over him playing in 3 games at most in a season that might already be lost depending on how the next 2 weeks go.
how many times until people learn to shut the hell up about "we want bama"
Arky could rush 2 next week and we would still average 2.5v yards per carry, it's absolutely pathetic how bad we've been running the ball all season. We need to start looking at S&C based on how many ankle and leg injuries our O-line has. Bottom line, you cannot win a ball game if your run game can't guarantee a yard and you have to cross your fingers and hope your kicker can make a damn PAT. We had this ball game and all the momentum in the world but our defense kept getting caught with their pants down in the 2nd half. We HAVE to establish a run game if we don't want to choke away games like this, we can't rely on just Bentley and Deebo to make plays because once they get injured we panic, that's whats happening. Were panicking. Hell of a game A&M, you guys played your hearts out and deserved that win, best of luck for the rest of the year. Our guys did all they could but after having 4524 guys injured depth killed us. Hopefully we can scramble some resemblance of a complete game against Arky next week. We shall see
that is without a doubt the dumbest mascot name I've heard, has 0 ring to it, please stay as the rebels
That was really funny, I died at the Garcia and Manziel part. Hoping for a fun one saturday
Kelly is making me sweat bullets from how bad our run D is. He is gonna keep feasting
thank you so much for this article, it is absolutely insane how much politics has ruined sports in this short of time. And I would be heartbroken if college sports/football begins to get involved with this protesting bullcrap. If I wanted to read about the "bum" donald trump I'd go watch CNN for 2 hours, I go to ESPN for sports, clearly I'm going to the wrong place nowadays. I don't care if you protest, that's your right and I'm not gonna take that away from you. But how's about we stop blowing this all out of proportion by 100000000 times, shut up, and play the damn game we all love to watch. One of the reasons I love sports is it's an escape from things such as politics for an afternoon. It's a shame whats happening
I think it's fair to say that if people are threatening to fight each other with swords they hate each other and they ended up having to stop a rivalry game they hate each other more than anyone else
Dude have some stones, it's football, it's okay to trash talk, and if I was a betting man Brown's heard worse at practice. Besides, you backed up the talk and had a big game
Kentucky always seems to play the game of their life when they play us, that being said I can't wait to drop 49 on them and give our seniors a game to remember