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We had 15 points just laying around because of how abysmal our kicking was. But don't worry, its ending this year
Oh trust me, it gets sad when one of our LBs returned mostly because he wanted to beat Kentucky. Were quite embarassed by that fact. But believe me, we have the better team this year and were coming out with our heads on fire. It's gonna end this year
He was a safety blanket for Jake, he caught almost every pass thrown to him, and was a brilliant run blocker for us. TDs are sweet but he brings more to the table than that
Please tell me that youre exactly how you were when you were 16-17? The fact some slimy journalist is bringing stuff up like this is ridiculous, give the guy a break.
Feleipe looks pretty awful, good thing for UF is Mullen is one of the best QB developers in the game
Praying for the kid, always hate to see something like this
so is this what getting some sort of respect feels like? Lol I don't like all this talk, we never live up to it, so I'm terrified and happy at the same time.
chill man, he's got a point. UT has a brand new coach and went winless in conference play last year. Technically that does mean no one expects UT to go 11-1 this year.
7 wins????? our non-conference schedule besides Clemson is a cake walk, our only games that we have almost 0 chance of winning is Clemson, we have a chance to surprise the Dawgs since we play them early, and almost all of our tough games are home games. Bologna, total bologna
Welcome to the family! Can't wait to see you do great things in garnet and black!
We don't talk about that year, that season has been lost into existence
Agreed, both teams played incredibly sloppy and if you guys wanted to you could've just ran the ball the entire game without Fromm even considering passing. Jake made some bad decisions and threw dumb INTs that sealed the deal. No one in SC thought you guys "escaped". With how sloppy it was you guys pretty much ran away with it
I love playing yall and hate playing yall because of this reason. We always play awesome games and theyre either really close or blowouts. We have the talent and home field advantage to compete, and I really think our offense is gonna give Kirby headaches, especially since I've read he's not impressed with how yalls D has been this spring. Unfortunately though you guys have insane talent in every skill position, so I don't see us winnning but it'll go down to the 4th quarter. It's at least nice to have some sort of small amount of respect now lol.
Deebo Samuel ran back 2 kickoff returns for TDs in consecutive games, rushed for a few TDs and that one handed TD catch against NC St. And youre telling me hes not the most versatile? Ridiculous.
Defense wasn't very impressive, but I really like how uptempo we are. Offensive play calling looks much better than what Roper did. He was wayyy too vanilla, Bentleys decision making looks better and he played pretty well. Clean up our defense a little and polish some stuff here and there on offense and I think we can make some noise this year. Thank god footballs coming back. GO COCKS!
I love that were getting Dakereon in, but I would genuinely prefer to redshirt him.Jake is off to the NFL this year depending on how well he plays, and I want safety at QB. I don't know if I'd consider Jay Urich a fantastic replacement for Bentley one he's off to the pro's.
Holyfield is in the "creating the perfect Avenger" article because he's built like the f*cking hulk my man
I like it, Jamyest plays angry and is super aggressive on the ball
I'm glad we play y'all early too. It should be a great game that basically decides the east. Our offense should be much better and y'all still return a solid defense. Would love to see us pull an upset but Kirbys doing some special things in Athens, should be a tough one for both teams, especially since its the 2nd game and bugs are still gonna be shaken out
Don't feel that bad man. He's still getting paid $8 mil by UT. He's still gonna live comfortably
Agreed, he's an extremely talented player. But he couldn't stay out of trouble and Mac didn't do much to help him learn. I think he should've stayed his senior year to show scouts he's learned from his mistakes and that he still has it
I'm not salty, we sucked this year. No excuses, my point is that for a site that is "supposedly" a news site for SEC related things, they sure do an awful lot of articles on how Mike Leach eats his ham sandwich
Hey SDS, I know you don't care but if I wanted to look at stuff about basketball with teams that aren't even in the SEC I'd go to ESPN
Exactly, yeah it won him the NC but had he done that exact same thing in the exact same situation in like the AutoNation Cure bowl no one would care