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It can, but it's not automatic. It's a matter of degree. Had he picked him up and slammed him backwards onto his back or the back of his head, yes. On this one, he spun him around and the runner came down hands first facing the ground, so no.
We didn't suck, and it wasn't all Odom's fault. We're not the same defense without Catalon, and we had another starter back there out. And the D didn't give up two sacks and a fumble in the end zone. That was our O-line, which struggled as well. Bottom line, we're worn down again. It's our schedule that sucks.
I think the reason for that is, he admitted to micromanaging at Ole Miss. He went 0-12, and left Houston Nutt a loaded team. He said he learned his lesson and would delegate to the coordinators more. But you have to have the right coordinators for that to work.
"Just not very good now?" You are way, way,too kind. Arkansas' defense was horrendous. Not taking away anything from a very good Ole Miss offense, but good grief, that was awful. "Just like the way it collapsed last year." Yep, I made the same comparison as the game was winding down. I'm still proud of the progress Coach Pitt has made in short time, but that defense still has a very long way to go.
So far on other stories, I've heard fans from other teams say they were "surprised" he went for the two. And Arkansas fans have been unanimous in saying it was the right call. And I agree. Pittman nailed it here: they were scoring easily, and I liked our odds of making the two way better than the odds of winning in OT. I can live with that decision. It's that terrible, horrible defense that's going to cost me some sleep tonight.
We went for two because we had zero chance of stopping them in overtime. All the Hog fans here at my house were unanimous that it was the right call, even though it didn't work out. The odds of scoring that two were far better than our odds in OT.
He's talking about the aftermath. Of course it was crushing and deflating Saturday. But the point is, it won't remain that way because Pittman won't allow it to. He'll have his team ready to rebound in Oxford. A lesser coach or team, including the pre-Pittman Hogs, would remain crushed and deflated the rest of the way. For Arkansas, not any more.
Three defenders blocked by one Georgia lineman on a touchdown run. Three penalties on the same play. Two false starts before the first snap. That sums up how horrible Arkansas was today. That, and 13 penalties for 100 yards, which was one yard more than they gained against Georgia's first team defense. Six more were either offset or declined because of multiple penalties on the same play. I told a Georgia fan on this site that Georgia wouldn't slap anybody silly this week. I was wrong. Turns out, the Hogs were more than happy to assist. Hats off to Georgia, they would have won in any case. But good Lord almighty, that was an ugly, pathetic effort that looked more like a Keystone Cops rerun than a football team.
That Kentucky team was one dimensional, Arkansas is not. And KJ is getting better quickly. UGA won't slap anyone silly Saturday. But they are the better team, no doubt. I don't disagree with your spread. It will seem closer than that, though, and you'll have plenty of anxious moments before it's over.
And whoever in the ACC says that, other than maybe Clemson, doesn't want any part of playing them, either. As a Razorback fan, I am sick and tired of losing to the Tide. But I also have zero reasons to hate or resent them.
Ha ha! That's a great post, thanks for the insight. My ex wife was a midwesterner, not quite that far north, but after spending time up there, I can just picture what you're explaining here.
Okay, you're a Big 10 guy. Explain to me: why in the world isn't Notre Dame in the conference already? It's a head scratcher to this SEC fan.
Who's going to whistle a play dead? Without a referee on the field, football would turn into MMA pretty quickly.
The game's been played at Dallas since 2014 under a 10 year deal, except that last year's game was moved to College Station because the football gods decided to screw Arkansas hard last year. A&M won by 11. In the 6 games before that, when Arkansas was not good, they lost all 6. But 3 went to OT, and the margin of the other 3 were 4, 7, and 21 (in 2016). I'm worried about whether we can pull off a win. I'm not remotely worried about losing by 35.
If, during the recruiting process, you promise Johnny he can wear number 4 if he comes to your program, then number 4 it is.
Auburn vs. Arkansas last year. There's your "gifted win." The Auburn fans (not all of them)falling all over themselves trying to claim they weren't gifted the win. There's your "supporting bad officiating."
The aTm game is in Dallas, not College Station. Neutral site, and home of lots of Arkansas grads. It'll feel somewhat like a home game for us, and we're designated as the home team. So I think we can get it done this weekend. At Athens? I'm expecting us to get our noses bloodied there.
And that is the question I have had in my mind for a long time: why did Pittman leave Bielema's staff? It's like no media person in Arkansas has the spine to ask that question, or to answer it if they already know the answer. It's the elephant in the room.
We haven't forgotten the screwing we got last year. Oh yeah, it'll be a sellout.
Arkansas did 29 dam things to win the game - one more than Auburn, up to the point where they were robbed of a game ending fumble recovery. When it happened last year, Auburn fans on here were at least honest about it. I guess a year's worth of hindsight has convinced some of them that Arkansas didn't deserve that win after all.
"Not as if Arkansas was denied something it earned?" Yeah, all they earned was a win, had the officials not blown an obvious fumble dead before the defender scrambling for the ball could get to it. Auburn should never have been kicking that last field goal. That was gift wrapped robbery. And I can not wait for October 16th.
They never depended on local talent for much other than stocking the lines. Osborne went coast to coast to find most of his skill players.
I didn't watch the game, but recorded it. Watched parts of it. I missed this play, but it helps explain why Bama got by with taking K.J. Jefferson out at the ankles when he was a full step out of bounds later in the game. I just thought the official right in front of it was blind, as usual. Now I know why they let that blatant late hit go.