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It's a shame that Arkansas and Tennessee won't play each other in the regular season. That would have been a epic series.
I wouldn't give up on Jaylin yet, although he's probably gone. If he decides to return, you can bet Muss will find room for him.
It was true even 50 years ago, when NW Arkansas was largely undeveloped, before all those big companies existed, when the NW area was only accessible by a curvy 2 lane state highway. Back then, Little Rock was the center of power, and the Delta farm communities were thriving, and the Razorbacks played more home games in Little Rock than in Fayetteville. Times have changed since then, but the statewide devotion to all things Razorback haven't. It's the one thing that brings us all together.
We all knew he could recruit. Where he has impressed is his ability to hire a high quality staff and run the program like a CEO. And each year, when he's figured out a position coach or two wasn't up to the task, he hasn't hesitated to replace them with new ones. He holds everyone - players and coaches - to the same high standards.
Agree. In fact, the past two seasons looked strangely similar, with a 5 out of 6 game losing streak, followed by a really good run afterward. And neither of those teams looked the same as each other talent wise, or even the same compared to early in the season. Muss gives guys a chance to earn their spot in the rotation, but once he decides who his 7 or 8 guys are, it comes together.
Definition of an "incredibly unlikeable" coach: one who beats the breaks off my favorite team on a routine basis.
Wow. When the NCAA can get Marsha Blackburn and Cory Booker to even agree on what time of day it is, they're having a really, really bad day.
You were scrolling through the newer articles - while commenting on this one at the same time, without reading it first? You're quite the multi-tasker.
There's nothing quite like making up your mind first, based on a headline. Then telling everybody how wrong the story is, but that you didn't read it. Then reading it last and insisting you were right to begin with. You probably should just read the article next time before offering an opinion.
Oooh, please don't say anything that reminds Arkansas fans of "left lane, hammer down."
Well, he did make the case to back up the headline. In the article you didn't read.
The last month, I worried that we were getting ground down. Nothing says grind quite like that last game against New Mexico State. JWill and Notae looked tired and worn down. But tonight, we were on a whole different level. Give Coach Muss five days to prepare, and he could win the Ukraine war. It might end two days from now. But it's starting to feel like a Cinderella story.
It seems that defenses have just gotten a whole lot better. I don't see anyone playing traditional zones much anymore, other than the 1-3-1 trap sometimes. It seems every team now has guys who are quick enough to switch from one offensive player to the next, so that the guy with the ball is always going 1 on 2, or even 3. And as soon as he gives it up, 1 or 2 of them get to the next guy as soon as the ball does. It's tough being an offensive player these days.
Yes, it was a strange one to watch. According to Musselman in the local press, he spent all the prep time he had on defensive schemes, which explains both why our D was so good and our offense was so bad. It got the job done. He’ll have them ready to go against the Zags, but they’ll be ready too. I’d love to see us take them down and it wouldn’t be shocking, but I’m not banking on it.
Great point. But good luck getting CBS to go along with that idea. It's all about the TV contracts, and to hell with what's best for the teams involved.
I actually heard someone say last week that the SEC conference tournament wouldn't make any difference. They were right. They shouldn't have been.
Unless you’re going to claim he was joking around, it is.
" they still don’t have any corroboration on the “strong ass offer” deal." They have him on tape. What else did they need?
I believe so, but after what it did to SMU's football program, I don't think they'll ever pull that trigger again.
I think you guys have made your case, no matter what happens tomorrow in the finals.
Combination of a great effort by A&M and a gawd-awful effort by the Hogs. I've never seen so many passes thrown away in so many imaginative ways. It looked like Arkansas spent the past 24 hours listening to all the hype about how they could play their way to a 3 seed, while the Aggies spent the last 24 hours getting ready to play the game.
No disrespect to a heck of a tough LSU team, but I don't get it either, at least based on what's listed on the CBS NET rankings website. Home record: Arkansas 17-2, LSU 14-2 Road record: Arkansas 5-3, LSU 2-8 Neutral: LSU 4-0, Arkansas 2-1 Quad 1: Arkansas 6-4, LSU 5-7 Quad 2: Arkansas 5-0, LSU 4-2 Quad 3: LSU 6-1, Arkansas 6-2 Quad 4: Arkansas 7-0, LSU 5-0 Overall record: Arkansas 24-6, LSU 20-10 I guess two Quad 3 losses hurts us, and playing more Quad 4 opponents makes LSU's schedule tougher than ours. But a better record against both Quad 1 and Quad 2 opponents should more than make up for that.
"Consistently" is the key to that comment. The website gives rankings based on averages, which doesn't reflect the up-and-down nature of some teams. You can lead the world in average scoring defense, but if you're prone to be sky high one game and sub-par the next game, that sub-par outing ends your season when tournament time rolls around.
Actually, Arkansas has won 13 of 14, and the only loss was 1 point on the road at Bama.
Yeah, about as classy as your original post that you're trying to deflect from now.
Start times. You're on to something there. No college football game should ever kick off at 11 a.m.
Connor Vanover's role hasn't been "diminished;" it's been eliminated. He hasn't touched the floor, even at the end of blowout games. I wanted him to be successful, but it became obvious he was a liability; he's way too light for a 7-2 frame. If he wants to play, he's going to have to settle for a smaller stage, like UA-Little Rock.
The 5 points were the answers to the question "what turned around?" That's why JWill isn't on the list; he's been good from the start. If you look at last season, we also had a 5 out of 6 losing streak, followed by 15-3 the rest of the way. This year looks really similar.