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I saw that also LOL. They drug their feet before finally announcing the game will be played today. Would love to break the streak but 1 game at a time so lets beat Mizzou tomorrow!!
That is rather harsh. Arkansas would have been better off on the field and money wise to just have let his contract run out.... which would have been this December. Then we could hire Pittman or maybe Gus would be available to come home.
I'm satisfied with the Hogs season in 2020 ... we got our win and close to 2. Just let Bama and Georgia play for the championship this Saturday. They are the 2 best teams .... and then just call it a day.
Unlike the majority of Hog fans I wish Chad well (and him getting the OC at Auburn helps with his buyout). Time to put Chad and Auburn in the rear view mirror and focus on Old Miss. Hogs can take comfort we are 3-0 in the eyes of Vegas.
Hogs will cover because: - Georgia is prone to 1st game jitters - Home dogs (err I mean hogs) are always a good gamble to cover - Arkansas is better (can't be worse) than last year - Its 2020 so Hogs could win in a blowout
Its 2020 so Arkansas will go 10-0 after blasting Alabama 48-0 in our final game.
SEC plays football despite Covid-19 raging in South. There will be a "sue everybody fallout" when players, coaches, fans catch the virus.
I'll be Happy with 4 wins next season. Win 3 non-conf. games, give Notre Dame a good scare, and get one SEC Conference upset (I will be at the Missouri game in KC.. so that one or maybe finally win a close battle with Texas A&M in Dallas)
The problem at Arkansas was a carousal at QB1. Auburn doesn't have that problem (and neither does Arkansas now with Franks). I wish only the best for Chad at Auburn .... will be an interesting game when we play yall.
Auburn 0-1 in the Chad Morris era. And Arkansas gets a buyout reduction to boot. Its all good.
Ouch that hurt. At least Chad is now 0-1 Auburn's problem.
I can't stop myself from raising my hand
Okay it didn't work out with Arkansas for whatever reasons, but it shouldn't destroy Chad's career. I'm hoping he lands on his feet at Auburn or some other good opportunity. Looks like the Hogs are going back to a Bielema type team with the Pittman hire. I still hope someday somehow Gus Malzahn will come home and coach the Razorbacks.
Nothing will happen until Auburn loses to Alabama and we see what happens with Gus. He will be the Head Coach of Arkansas sometime in the future if not hired this year.
Still the last Arkansas HC to beat Alabama
But Urban is #1 on our fire-Chad coaching dream list.
Hogs can go 5-7 and get a bowl bid.... because they have fans who will travel to a bowl game.
That I even checked for us - early signs of "hammer down" syndrome???
Liberty Bowl is great for Eastern Arkansas fans... recruiting in Eastern Arkansas and Memphis for both football and basketball. We match up well with Kansas State (Cotton, Liberty wins) so this would be great and packed with our fans unlike a Florida Bowl.
Either move Alabama to the East or trade the Hogs to the Big 12 .... no mas Bama.
Hog fan also... really all the SEC fan bases are passionate. But if we are going to be #6 then we need to stay for the whole game even when Bama is blowing us out in the rain... I didn't like the empty seats all over the place in the 3rd quarter.