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He has a cannon for an arm. Hopefully he gets 3-4 inches more in height before he makes it to Norman.
Very excited to have meaningful games every week. Can't wait to visit each SEC stadium. We have a great atmosphere in Norman and everyone is welcome at our tailgates. No more 11:00am kickoffs will be awesome. We need this year to clean-up the mess that was last season. Not only the strongest football conference but the quality of baseball will be amazing. The College World series will be mostly SEC teams like last year if we had been in the league. Looking forward to the competition.
I hope so. Can't wait to get out of the Big 12 and play meaningful games every week. We will take some lumps, but it will be a lot more exciting on Saturdays once we move to the SEC.
Antonio Brown entered the transfer portal yesterday in New York when he took off his jersey and threw it into the stands, and I don't think Bruce Arians would take him back.
If you enter the transfer portal, we don't want you back. You say you will keep OU in the mix, forget it. Get out of here and go find Riley at USC. By entering the transfer portal you have shown you have no loyalty to the football program.
Kingsbury didn't have a winning records at TexTech. Why would we bring him back to college football to recruit again. I hope it is Beamer. He did a great job when he was here and would be a solid one.
If he was too afraid to coach in the SEC, then glad he is gone. No one wants a coward for their head coach. We are going to take a hit, but we are not scared of anyone.
Please take Alex Grinch. The most overrated defensive coordinator in the NCAA. Our defense is definitely hot mess and we are tired of excuses from him.
The Sooner the better. Even though we are struggling to get to 5-0, can’t wait to get to the SEC.
Smith is horrible. I don’t know who watches this hack. It must be people who know nothing about sports, like Smith.
Bring in whomever you want, just let us out so we can play meaningful games every weekend.
OU is also giving all of the ticket sales to Tulane. They will also set up donation centers for hurricane relief. Proud of our University. We will welcome the Tulane boys to Norman.
If we don’t hang half a hundred on Nebraska before halftime in a couple of weeks, it will be disappointing. I was hoping they would be better, but they couldn’t beat our high school teams.
Do you think they would take a 3rd party out of state check? I can find one of those for Bowlsby.
I wish they would take all the remaining Big 12 schools now, so we can play in the SEC next fall.
I'm glad Jalen came to OU. He was and still is a class act.
The biggest game for Texas is the second Saturday in October every year when we spank them in Dallas.
The Sooner the Better. Can't wait for every week to be a challenge and see how we match up.