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Where's the police reports? Someone breaks in, threatens your kids, sends you suspicious packages and you don't report it to the authorities? Keep OU and the entire state of Oklahoma out of your mouth.
OU gets Baylor and OSU in Norman towards the end of the season so I'm sure that's why as of now OU is favored. The assumption is that by that time the new staff and players have gelled. It's possible OU runs the table, but realistically they will drop 1 or 2 somewhere. I would think next year is where the real improvement is with the defense being fully installed and the recruiting class Coach BV is putting together.
I'm sure Arch will handle it better than Chrissy did. If he can exit the Cotton Bowl without crying because Sooner Nation called him names and doesn't have Sark answer questions from reporters for him he'd already be ahead.
I for one am happy to see this 11 am kickoff because that means there is at least 1 week the Sooners don't have to take that god awful timeslot.
Nevermind that guy at the top. The kid came to OU because of a supposed QB miracle worker with dreams of Heisman and number 1 picks. TBOW left and threw his plan into a mess. He could very well stay. The bowl game was one of his best performances and I'm sure Lebby will be in his ear about the possibilities. If he goes, I wish the kid good luck but feel like he would be better off taking a firm hold of the opportunity he already has.
Love him or hate him Saban loses a ton of coordinators every year and stays on top. We are going to find out if Dabo is really that good.
First off, Barry Tramel is a reporter for the Oklahoman. Sure he has contacts but he's not an "insider". Second the rumor mill is saying that Brent Venables is the guy.
I'm a little surprised they chose the RRSO over a match up between 2 top 5 teams, but they will have way more fun.
With the Sooners signing Malachai Nelson (the number 2 QB in 23) and joining the SEC it will be fun to see those 2 head to head. regardless of where he goes. Texas is supposedly in the mix, but I'd rather him go somewhere that will win lol
KU is a solid pickup for basketball. If they pick up Iowa State as well that would leave 6. Plus the reports of Bowlsby meeting with the PAC 12 the wheels are in motion to get the Sooners playing in the SEC faster without having to give up media rights till 2025.
I think we will definitely be competitive and near the top. It's going to be a fight for sure. I know we won't win the conference every year anymore but we will be in the hunt deep in the schedule most years and win a few. I realize the Tide are so deep every year but I believe with a few recruiting cycles we can close the gap some as long as Riley and Grinch stay.
Honestly I wish it had happened while I was still on active duty. In my career I was stationed in Louisiana and Georgia and it was hard as hell to watch a Sooners game since every TV in whatever bar or restaurant was on SEC games. I had to beg at a Buffalo Wild Wings for a single TV, and it was one of the ones they use for trivia games. I went to a couple Auburn games and one Georgia game so I'm a little familiar with the lay of the land.
So far my favorite part of this move is pretty much every media outlet is saying sure makes sense for Oklahoma, but every one is mad at Texas... Honestly it wouldn't surprise me at all if Joe C. started this whole thing off and Texas was quick to follow this time. There have been rumblings for months about how upset the OU athletic department was about the 11 am kickoffs, the refusal from ESPN to enter early negotiations for a new deal.
Gonna be hilarious when the shorthorns get beat by Vandy and someone throws this back. Welcome to Texas being Texas. Talking a big game with little to no backing it up on the field.
Doubtful. The pipeline to Texas dates back to at least the 60s and has been strong ever since. Texas usually has first pick with some notable battles for top talent like Adrian Peterson for example. A&M to the SEC had a small effect, but now we will all be in the same conference again so it will be the same as it was in the early 2000s with top talent choosing between the 3. Our recruiting classes have been getting consistently better despite the Big 12's national profile. Now that we are joining the SEC it will most likely get better especially since we were already occasionally pulling guys out of Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. Those numbers are sure to increase. On the field we will be fine. I'm not a blind Homer, I know it will be rough occasionally but I can assure you we won't be like Arkansas or South Carolina. We will succeed and win the conference. Not every year like we do now, but we will thrive. I'm excited for the transition, and the chance to host y'all in Norman.