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I like the idea of this but A&M can stay put in the SEC. I wouldn't mind having Arkansas in the Big 12 because they are a great traditional name, and Mizzou I could take or leave. We don't need A&M since we already have more than enough Texas teams, and quite frankly Texas Tech is more noteworthy in basketball and baseball than A&M is in anything (no, we don't care about womens bb, sorry). In fact I'd rather we dump Baylor and TCU and bring in Arizona and Arizona State. So ditch the private schools, bring in UA, ASU and maybe Mizzou and we'd be good.
A&M was usually a Big 12 bottom feeder and Missouri was typically a middle to lower tier Big 12 team. I think it speaks volumes that both of them went from being Big 12 also-rans to SEC contenders immediately. The SEC is very good -- at the top. The Big 12 is deeper, which accounts from A&M and Missouri's sudden success in the SEC. What you saw from A&M yesterday is what the Big 12 saw for most of the 15 years the Aggies were in the conference. And what Alabama saw from OU last bowl season is what A&M ususally saw from OU.