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Everyone rejoice!!! This is sabans "going away" class. The best class ever assembled to put a stamp on an awesome career. Congrats gumps. Dynasty ends in 3 years..... starting now. :)
"i DONT WANT TO GET ON A SOAP BOX" proceeds to post a hit piece full of dumbass opinions while standing on a soapbox. If I was Florida I wouldn't allow you back on campus. FOH
Mullen didnt go down to the wire against Cincinnati lmfao. 44-28
looking through these comments and most of them are from fans of teams Florida boat raced this season. Salty much?
The NCAA has a permenant residence at ole miss and you wanna talk about cheating? lmfao NCAA is going in dry on that ass and you know it. Good luck with that cheaters.....
(you're) Figured i would help you look like less of a moron while performing this tired played out troll you have been pushing on this site since we gaped that ass.
You’re ju$t mad that we’re getting all of the OUT of $tate player$ while y’all have to $ettle for the leftover$ of the dandy dozen FIFY
So true... That chode left his "swag" in Gainsville
"In 2013, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze brought four five-star and seven four-star recruits to Oxford for what was a historic Rebels recruiting class." I swear when I first read this it looked like "In 2013, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze bought four five-star and seven four-star recruits to Oxford for what was a historic Rebels recruiting class." lol my bad, I guess my brain sees what it wants to see. :)
do you think any florida fan in their right mind thinks we win a game against bama with our offense being the mess that it is? I wasnt talking about the sec championship with that statement, I was referring to the SC game this weekend, and just about every game we have played this season. We don't have the horses to compete with bama at this point, and most, if not all Florida fans know that. You haven't been watching any of our games if you think the refs aren't against us. The playoff picture wont be affected by UF in any way this season.
SEC refs will not allow UF to complicate anything. Their agenda is clear as day and has been for most of this season IMO. I am just glad we made it to the championship honestly; that is an accomplishment that no other first year sec east head coach has accomplished.
at least your racism isnt undercover though amirite? good on you for being upfront about it. We get it, you hate the white man and its all his fault right? lmfao GFY racist pos....
will they all be on the field at the same time?
he will get all the help he needs when they strap him into a chair and pump some electricity through his ass.
this. How many times will these dudes have to be wrong before they admit that Grier is the truth. setting the over under at 10 games lol. Oh, and ole miss' defense is better than mizzu so there's that.
dudes a bum, only thing good about him is his trophy wife........wood :)
im with gatagrl, no way in hell 10esseee dline is even with floridas. The author hasnt watched a down of florida football. I dont think they looked at the stats, either. So how does he come up with that conclusion? lol