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Being reported He's gotten into it with Jules Montinar and other staff members multiple times this season. I won't talk bad on the kid so, best of luck to him wherever he winds up.
The first two posts are from the same person. Hes commenting on his OP with one of his alts, Rainman styles.
That tool is no gator fan. He's a mutt. His posting style mimics that of a couple of mutt posters on this site to a T. I'm sure he will post his copy-paste "i am a gator fan and this is why" list for you soon. Its the same response every time he gets called out on it. No doubt about it he's a mutt fan.
Is there a single mention of Florida on this site that you haven't made a comment on? Do you get out of bed every morning thinking about Florida? What mental trauma did you endure that caused this level of obsession?
You want SDS to move your guy into that spot? It would be a participation trophy at best. Your QB led your squad to a loss to Boston college lmfao.
You have some serious issues, bro. Have you spoken with anyone regarding your obsessions?
“Which one? What number? I know numbers, you know what I’m saying,” Mullen said. NON-story and nothing needed to be said past this statement.
were those comments statements or responses to the horde of trolls that patrol this site like it's their job? :)
Every time I start to clown you I have to remind myself that it's not nice to make fun of people with Special Needs.
@bamatime sounds super salty. Yall won so why are you so mad?
Kids, this is what meth and a lack of middle school education do to your brain. Don't be like this guy.
@GatorPhil Your fake Florida fandom is cringe-worthy, mutt.
ANOTHER 1 smh. We need some car dealerships to hook us up with some NIL vehicles for our players. Trash the scooters FFS
Find out who the player(s) are and replace them asap. That team has sucked out loud for a long ass time and there are obviously some cancers that are still there. Poor little primadonna millionaires that can't handle being coached up....
I remember shorter ran a beautiful route and mossed TF out of your best corner in the end zone last season. He definitely "broke out" on that one :)
AFC Championship, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Houston Oilers, 27-13
US spacecraft Voyager 1 sends back 1st close-up pictures of Saturn
phil, Steele has your team ranked in the top 5 so no need for you to worry about it, mutt.
@GatorPhil posts sound a LOT like a couple of mutts that post on this site. Coincidence?
Any time the team runs Coach Mullen runs with them. Grantham doesn't run for anything but the dinner bell and bathroom breaks.
I guess we will take your word for it that ut will be world beaters with their new AAC head coach and admin. :)
going for your second win in what 34 years? Good luck with that! I like the confidence.
Extending Mullen is the best Keeping Grantham is the worst UF didn't "let Torrian Gray leave".. he was shown the door. The dude sucks out loud at his job and you will see soon enough.
I would ask you to show us on this doll where tebow touched you, but we all know that he stole what little manhood you mutts had during his time at The University of Florida. Its clear you still havent gotten over it more than a decade later. Tebow is better than you at EVERYTHING in this life. Deal with it, and also deal with that terrible case of the mange you have, mutt.