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lol I hate Auburn but you're joking right? Anyway I thought Mizzou changed their mascot to the Social Justice Warriors
You seem like a fun person to hang out with
You're finally on the right side of an argument. How's it feel?
Lol you didn't play well against Bama.. 54-16
I like how you have zero reasons as to why an early signing period would hurt Bama recruiting. A better title would be 'uninformed predictions'.
John Crist is the most self-righteous hypocrite this writing staff has who resorts to inflamitory statements because he can't produce good content.. what do you expect?
So that Saban-Kiffin combo, the one that the media crucified Alabama over yet resulted in 3 straight playoff appearances and soon to be 2 national championships, is suddenly mud again? Crist you're quickly becoming SDS's most hated writer, an impressive feat considering all of the click bait trash yall produce. But I guess you'll be putting your foot in your mouth after January 9th. I look forward to reading your article on all the reasons Clemson beat themselves in the natty.