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I have to say, while saxeT won the big 12 last year and made it to the CFP, that was an anomaly. OU won over 1/2 the titles in the Big 12 while saxeT managed 4. saxeT is inconsistent and has proved so even before Mack Brown was HC. SEC has nothing to worry about on the field from saxeT long term. Maybe next year because of their comparatively soft schedule (see, for example, OU's sked), they may squeeze into the finals of the SEC only to be pummeled by whomever they face. BOOMER!
Correct. Get back to the days of defense that used to occur under Bob Stoops before he went with brother Mike over Venables. It is good to see Brent back but he and the Sooners have much to prove. The SEC is the ultimate proving ground. Success will only occur playing and beating the best.
That's hilarious! Marxism in the USA? I'm sitting here in Vienna, Austria right now. Believe me. No one in the USA does Marxism like the Austrians.
OUr team has finally arrived in the SEC! Looking forward to some great football acton! BOOMER!
Congratulations, Vols. Look forward to SEC competition with you guys. BOOMER!
The evil burnt orange empire strikes again. One can easily see why Sooners and Aggies both despise saxet.
Great game 2! Sooners snuffed the horns out. BOOMER!
OU will be a force in the SEC, not only in softball, but all sports. It will be tough, but the Sooners are ready and capable. Plus, we always love beating saxet! SOONER!!!
Get the next game, Sooners, and don't let the horns have a chance. Great game all around but keep the focus. There's nothing better than beating the horns! BOOMER SOONER!
Go SOONERS! Beat saxet. Good to see coverage here at SDS. Looking forward to the SEC in all sports. BOOMER SOONER!
What a tough series with the Gators! The Sooners had to use everything they had to get into the finals with saxet. This will be a tough SEC rivalry in the future. Congratulations to a fine Florida team for a great season. Here's wishing for an OU 4-Peat. BOOMER SOONER!
Congratulations, Florida! Well done. But... BOOMER SOONER!
Agree that UA/Auburn is a great rivalry on par with OU and saxet. I don't care about ohio and michigan. There will be more great rivalries that will develop in the SEC as we move forward. OU will hold its own. How that pans out remains to be seen. Also, for the record, OU did not destroy the B12. It created it. The shorthorn network drove away Nebraska, Mizzou and Colorado, not the Sooners. However, times and circumstances have changed and OU will change with the times. And we love nothing more than beating saxet! That is all. BOOMER!
Women's softball is a thing in Oklahoma. Years ago I was watching a game in OKC with two of my sisters playing for a team in Midwest City, OK. I was sitting next to a man whose daughter was playing for the other team. We got to talking and I asked him who he was as he looked familiar. It was none other than the great Bobby Murcer formerly of the NY Yankees. I almost fell out of the stands! We talked for quite a while during the game. Bobby graduated from OKC Southeast High School and went to its rival U.S. Grant in the southwest part of town.
Riley's a wimp and an embarrassment. I hope LSU stomps a mudhole in 'em.
Sooner softball will 4-peat. They're hitting their stride at the right time. BOOMER!
Riley deserves everything he is getting in terms of D-grief. Here's hoping that the nasty trend continues, despite the new hire. Everything D he touches turns to s**t.
Congrats, Bama. The Sooners are waiting for you in the WCWS bracket. We'll see if OU 4-peats. BOOMER!
Thanks to all the SEC folks here exposing saxeT for what they are: OU's whipping boy in the Big XII! 14 times OU won the B12 to saxeT's 3. I'm not coming in here to brag about OU as I know and respect playing great teams in the SEC. I'm partially setting the record straight with regard to saxeT. Horns down and BOOMER SOONER!
Glad to see Littrell and Finley as co-OCs. Hopefully they're not as conservative as Lebby in their play calling, especially in crucial situations. Looking forward to SEC play next season! BOOMER!
Yeah. OU won, now 6 out of the last 7 (last year Gabriel was out with concussion protocol) and texas stomped us. No excuses. OU returned to normal today. BTW, we have defense these days. What a relief. We'll probably meet texas again in the Big XII championship game, unless they do what they've done with great frequency: melt down. BOOMER SOONER!
Don't know if OU is ready, but 34-30 against the longhorns is sure sweet. Glad we'll continue to play them in the SEC.
BOOMER SOONER! Nothing is better than beating hated Texas.
BOOMER SOONER! There is nothing like beating our most hated rival!
BOOMER SOONER! What a helluva game! Sooners beat the horns for the 7th time in 8 seasons. We'll likely see them in the Big XII championship game. Sooner can play with anyone, any day.
I think we can all agree that Hurts is a great quarterback and OU and Bama fans will root for him! Both fan bases are rightfully proud of him! BOOMER!