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Congratulations, Ole Miss, on your CWS victory. Well earned. BOOMER!
Well, it ain't over just yet. But if OU keeps making errors and having passed balls, they'll be in a world of hurt. Ole Miss played a great game. BOOMER!
That was a gut punch. Ole Miss played a heckuva game. Sooners made too many mistakes early and couldn't recover. There's always the second game today. Good luck to all! BOOMER!
I'm thinking this is a conspiracy against the Sooners (I'm joking). Twice, as soon as Ben called games he proclaimed “as dirty as a Bourbon Street martini” OU started whacking their opponent! Great commentator. This is all in fun but I agree with everyone here that he'll be missed.
Yeah, but Burrow and company did that to everybody. It was a spectacular year for LSU. Jalen Hurts didn't have a prayer. Riley was emblematic of what was wrong with OU, too. No defense. We'll have to see what Venables will do but I think he's a big improvement over Riley.
True and excellent points. But it is fun to remind the horns of where they were prior to Royal, who was an assistant coach to Bud Wilkinson before finding his way to Austin.
Tough game! Ole Miss is going to be tough to beat. I think in many ways they've had a similar trek to get where they are. Both teams had to fight their way - away - in the regionals and super regionals. Both teams are unseeded as are the Hogs. I'm looking forward to an exciting finish. Congratulations, Ole Miss. And may the best team win. Good luck to all! BOOMER!
Excellent point! Unfortunately for OU, one came at OUr expense. The Sooners will have to up their game. Hence, they're coming to the SEC, dragging AD del Conte's horns along with them (sorry about that).
Horns have a knack for taking great talent and turning it into mush. There's no evidence that Sarkisian is any different than any other coach since Mack Brown (who used to be Barry Switzer's OC at OU). And the horns weren't relevant in the national discussion until they got former Sooner All-American Darrel K. Royal as their head coach. I understand they've named their football stadium after a Sooner alumnus. Think about it folks. The horns wouldn't be jack without former Sooners. The evil burnt orange empire will go down with whomever they put out on the field. BOOMER!
Sweet! OU doesn't have to wait until the Sooners and Horns are in the SEC to get to play young Mr. Manning. If he starts in the Red River Showdown against OU this October, OU will greet him with a nice, warm, welcoming committee. Hey, UT, how's it been going against OU since joining the Big XII? It'll get worse playing in the SEC. BOOMER!
Super excited about OU being in the finals! Should be a great game between Ole Miss and Arkansas today. Enjoy. Good luck to all! BOOMER!
Congrats, Aggies! Nice ride. Looking forward to OU versus _______ for the CWS championship! Good luck to all remaining teams. BOOMER!
Hogs beat the Rebs 3-2. Another game to get to the CWS championship. OU will see one of these two teams on the other side. Good luck to all! BOOMER!
Trivia question for my SEC friends: Will this be the first time two teams meeting for the CWS finals where you have a situation that neither of the two teams were seeded?
Yeah, perhaps. But that probably works for all the teams, plus the portal.
Great year, Aggies. Fun fact: almost all of OU's starters are freshmen and sophomores. They're the youngest team in this year's CWS. If the Sooners don't win it this year, OU'll be a force for the foreseeable future. Good luck to all remaining teams. BOOMER! BOOMER!
BOOMER! Sooners beat the Aggies 5-1 to win the bracket. Stellar play by OU!. Waiting on the Arkansas Ole Miss result. Good luck to all remaining teams. One historical note that may not matter this year but is worth citing: OU has appeared in 11 CWSs and appeared in two finals: 1951 and 1994. In both instances, OU won the CWS. So, here's to some exciting games coming up!
Congratulations, Aggies. OU is waiting. Best of luck. BOOMER!
LOL. Is that a "woke" reply? Asking for all BOOMERS!
Congratulations, Aggies! I look forward to the next game. If you should defeat the Sooners twice, then you'll get my congratulations and my support for having won the bracket. No hard feelings here. But I want the Sooners to win it all, of course. Good luck to all! BOOMER!
"Only SEC teams are good enough to beat SEC teams in the CWS"? LOL. Then the dude goes on to talk about OU beating Texas A&M. Maybe he's already subconsciously counting OU in the SEC. In any event, whoever wins today between ND and ATM will have to beat OU twice to move on to the final best 2 of 3. So, there are plenty of games left to play. Good luck to all remaining teams. BOOMER!
Sooners looking good. Looking forward to Wednesday for the game against ___________?
Yeah. It will be funny to make fun of people involved in the land runs of 1889 through 1892, consisting mainly of people from the South - Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, etc. You would probably have a lot more fun making fun of "Sooners." They're the ones who cheated by sneaking into the lands made available and taken from American Indians and laying staked claims before the guns went off and participating in the land run. There's a lot of funny business that took place. We'll be ready to called "land thieves" and other things. OU fans are quite used to it. So, BOOMER!
That ugly burnt orange is repulsive enough to put that garbage on the discount rack.
Yep. The Latino Bambino would have been better. But whoever gave him the nickname must have known what was going to happen in Omaha. BOOMER!
Yep. I'd like to see that. No fan here of the Domers. BOOMER!
So much for prognostication at FanDuel. These are the odds to win it all (via FanDuel): Stanford: +450 Texas: +450 Notre Dame: +550 Arkansas: +550 Texas A&M: +550 Auburn: +700 Ole Miss: +1000 Oklahoma: +1200 Looks like their list at this point is completely upside down. Still games to play. Good luck to all (well except Texas - they're already eliminated at this posting). BOOMER!
Hmm. OU being called UO by a fan of an automated Teller machine - aTm - is pretty funny. BOOMER!
Great play! The pitching was stellar for OU. Sooners hit well, too, for the 6-2 win. Base running (and coaching) was sketchy. Need to do some work there. Aggies and Domers play to meet the Sooners on Wednesday. BOOMER!