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Here’s something I don’t understand. Tennessee’s border neighbor, Alabama, wandered in the wilderness for several years before ponying up the big bucks for the best guy available at the time...Nick Saban. Wouldn’t it have made sense when firing Fulmer to observe what Alabama did and go out and buy the best person at the time? I’m not sure who that was, but it probably was not Kiffin. Now Kiffin did coach the kids up, especially Jonathan Crompton, but he left UT in the lurch. Dooley never had a chance because of the circumstances under which he was hired. What was it? About two weeks before signing day as I recall. So he was doomed from the start. Then hiring Butch was just a head up the A$$ move. Who was he before that? He was the Cincinnati coach, and Dooley BEAT HIM before he was fired. The time to go out and pay the big bucks for the best guy has probably passed. Which elite coach would want to go to UT regardless of the amount of money thrown at him? I’m afraid UT must now ride this one out. Maybe we will look back in 5 years and be glad we did not get rid of Pruitt. Or “maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.”
Yep. I heard Johnny Majors say after yet another Alabama loss in the 70s, "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd have Christmas every day." It sounds a lot like that now.
I've got almost the same picture from 15 minutes before the UT-UF game in 2016. It filled up. That side is squarely in the sun so I don't think the fans want to sit and bake any longer than necessary.
Obviously it's not a rivalry if it's one-sided. We still think of Alabama as a rivalry, but they don't. It's like how we used to think about UK and Vandy. I think UT has been a big deal to them. Now those games are big to UT because there's a real possibility UT may lose. Consider these sobering facts. Since 2008, UT's record against ranked teams before last weekend was 7-43! There have been NO WINS for UT against a top 10 team since 2006! Until UT can win several against UA, there's no way The Third Saturday in October regains it's luster.
Holy cow! What UGa should be worried about is having ONLY a 12 point lead on a truly horrible UT team with less than 4 minutes to go in the game.
Unless I’m wrong, Pruitt was the DC at Alabama 2016-17. If Pruitt was blindsided by the lack of talent at UT, then he just isn’t too bright. I really hope he was paying attention to the field when his team played UT last year. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and also some credit for agreeing to take on this disaster.
I was at that game. Pretty lackluster Vol performance. I remember being impressed with the K State crowd. They have great fans.
Numbers don't lie. UT is pathetic, and I'm a fan. It's painful to see the team's with which we're associated. We used to laugh at them. Now we're looking up at them.
DeLIVerance was filmed and set in Georgia.
The last time I checked, Jayson Swain is a VFL. He knows more about it than most of us do.