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Recent research from Italy, if I remember the location correctly, is the genome of the virus is very stable meaning mutations aren't likely. So a vaccine, when available, will last.
Free speech anyone? I can just about guarantee there are more hateful things written in the comments section of SDS on an almost daily basis.
Thanks to all the good words from the SEC brethren (and whatever the equivalent is for SEC sisters). I am just glad UT could contribute to a successful bowl season for the conference. Now, GEAUX TIGERS!
Thanks. Good job Gators. It's always good to beat the ACC. Hopefully UT can add to the SEC win total and beat the Big 10 to boot.
As someone said before, it all depends on whether or not the blood supply to the bone (which is tenuous under normal conditions)is interrupted. If it is, then it will be the same as Bo's injury. I sure hope it isn't that bad. He is a great player and seems to be an even better person.
I thought the same thing. That was a gift from the UK coaches. I don't know why they didn't run the ball, but I'm glad they didn't.
To the UK fans: great game and good luck going forward. I thought it was going to be a repeat of 2011. Also I appreciate the UK folks keeping the comments civil...more than I can say for some UTers. I had the opportunity to tune into the UK broadcast on XM because I didn't feel like going through the hassle of feeding the live stream through my car while driving (my edition of XM didn't have the UT feed in the car). I grew up on John Ward who always appreciated a good play from the opposing team, and you could tell it by his voice. The UK broadcast team was a pleasure--obviously for the Cats but even-handed for the Vols.
Alabama won't win another NC until they excise that doofus from their sideline. His mere presence is a black hole sucking away what Saban teaches.
"Who is John Galt?" is the line from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.
I'd really be happy if he never played again--for his sake. The concussions only come more easily after you've had a couple. Hits that before would not be a problem could cause another. He's too young to risk that, but I guess that is up to him and his parents.
Thinking back to 1988 the first game UT played giving hope to the future was the loss to Bama making UT 0-6. I have been feeling pretty negative about the whole situation, but Saturday night they really showed some fight against #1 in the country at home with ridiculous lights and an amped up crowd. They could have rolled over and lost by 35 as expected, but they were one play away from making it a one score game midway through the fourth quarter. If there can be some decent QB play, there is hope to win some more games this year. But that may be a big if especially if Maurer is unable to play (and if he's my kid I think I'd forbid it).
Never want to see an injury. I'd hate to think karma was involved with Maurer.
Without the scoop and score (which unfortunately I called a play earlier but as an interception return 100 yards!) that game could have been 28-20 right then. You can't tell me you weren't sweating even a little right before that play knowing you should have been ahead by 30+ by then. Don't tell me it was because Tua wasn't in there. Our starting QB went out too. Gitmo was less effective than your backup.
I loved all the coverage of the high ankle sprain. Wasn't there another starting QB in that game who suffered his second brain injury in two weeks? Oh yeah, he doesn't play for Bama.
The refs gave Bama a phantom unnecessary roughness penalty that led to a TD. Jennings was near about tackled on third down pass to end zone that wasn't called and led to a FG instead of first down on the two. Still don't know why in the first half the refs stopped our wildcat play for unknown reasons that then led to a couple of penalties and a FG instead of a chance for TD. On the fumble return for TD, Trey Smith was tackled... should have been a hold on the return. Hard to imagine, but I wonder if the SEC wants to protect that CFP investment. A Bama loss to lowly UT would have killed that. I expected to lose, but not like that.
This proves what Hooker is about- stirring the pot. Why has there been negativity from the fans? Because ofthe play on the field AND because of the piling on by writers... especially articles that have been suggesting Fulmer wants to take over the team. Writers, you can't have it both ways. He'll be back to his negative ways maybe even before this game.
I'd be careful about saying the players are untalented quitters. They are sacrificing a lot and putting a lot of blood, sweat, and (probably) tears into it. One valuable lesson I learned from Clay Travis's book, On Rocky Top, was the players want to win one million times more than I want them to win.
The five game winning streak that came after the 0-6 start was the beginning of the run until Fulmer's firing. You could see improvement during the losing streak, and they played their best game to that point in the loss to Bama, which was the sixth loss. The differences this year are Majors vs. Pruitt and improvement vs. no improvement. The second part of that is DIRECTLY related to the first part.
I like them because we can't lose a game. You've got TWO weeks off to prepare for USC.
What is different about the Crompton situation is Kiffin was the coach. When Kiffin was hired at Alabama, I told my Bama friends no matter what else may happen their QB play would significantly improve, and that is what happened. I read a recent article about Kiffin's tenure at UT, and Crompton himself credited Kiffin with his turnaround. There was no mention of Chaney.
I knew 1-6 didn't sound right. Holy crap, Hooker! Did you forget about Georgia in two weeks? Do some BASIC fact checking. I even checked myself to make sure I was right about the schedule before I posted this. 1-7...sad.
Here's UT's thought process. Dooley beat Butch in his last year. Then UT hired Butch. There's not a lot of rational thought at UT lately (11 years!).
Good recruiter at UT so why didn't he win? Poor developer from what I saw as a UT fan. Look at Alvin Kamara. Look what he did in that Texas A&M game. Only problem was that was a one time deal.
Here's some numbers, even though they are painful for me to remember. From 2010-12: Bama 41-UT 10 (31) Bama 37-UT 6 (31) Bama 44-UT 13 (31) Most recent three games: Bama 49-UT 10 (39) Bama 45-UT 7 (38) Bama 58-UT 21 (37)
As long as Jones is involved with Bama in any capacity, they will not win another NC. I told my Bama friends that last year.