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If you want a successful program, do the exact opposite of what my Vols have done for the last 14-15 years. Someone should write the definitive book on how to destroy an elite football program as a cautionary tale for all you kiddies out there.
I'm a little surprised it wasn't set for UT. I guess it's too early in the season for homecoming. As a lifelong UT fan, it is painful to recognize UT is about as relevant as Vanderbilt. Someone should write a book about how to destroy an elite football program with UT as the example.
We're in the same position Bama was before Saban was hired. Alabama wandered in the wilderness from Stallings until Saban (with a few years of exception). The Bama fanbase was just as crazy then as UT's is now. The main problem is there is no Saban out there for UT to hire to get out of this mess. That's what it will take. I think we will be a lower tier East team for the forseeable future.
Dooley didn't have a chance. He's the equivalent of your Shula brought in after a head coach suddenly departed at the wrong time. I like how you left Kiffin out of it. I agree. He would have been great had he stayed. I've said before I don't blame him for his choice. A lot of coaches would have done the same.
Pretty cool in the second video watching the winning players console the DB who was beaten on the play.
Exactly. Then, I think, in 2001 they gave it to Crouch partly because of his career. Also compare Woodson 1997 to Champ Bailey 1998, and you'll find equal, if not better, stats from Bailey with NO mention of a Heisman for him.
As unpopular as this may be, our shot at a young firebrand was Kiffin. I don't blame him for leaving for USC and L.A.. I would have done the same. If he had stayed, we would be in good shape right now maybe on probation but winning games.
F. Although I'm sorry it's because of Covid, I am glad this season is over. The players deserve much better, but I'm afraid they won't get it until after another poorly coached season next year. This time next year I hope UT applies the lesson Alabama learned the hard way. After 10 years of wandering in the wilderness, Alabama finally coughed up the money necessary to hire the BEST coach available. UT has been wandering for far longer and needs to pay up for the best. They don't need any more bargain aisle mid-major coaches or unproven career assistants. That is IF anyone special would want the job.
They didn't change something because it was different than what the players know. Is he saying they cannot draw up plays on the fly for the players to execute? It sounds like he does not have much faith in his players. Give it a try. I'll bet the players are smart enough to make a subtle change.
Can't we play the JP game at 10AM? That way fewer people will see UT get drilled.
When will the UT-Vandy game be played? 9 AM on the morning of the SEC Championship game? There's nothing more irrelevant than two irrelevant teams playing a conference game on the day of the championship. The SEC made this decision with eyes wide open. This is like the ugly, nerdy guy cast as an ugly, nerdy guy in a movie. That guy has to know he's an ugly, nerdy guy. UT knows they are irrelevant to SEC football. I blame the coach.
While I don't agree with Saban frequently being an a$$ to the reporters (talking to reporters and answering their often repetitive or uninformed questions is a part of his job description), he wins a lot of games against the highest level of competition. Pruitt doesn't have the credibility to act like Saban and try to avoid those questions.
We have been middle of the pack for a decade. We are now knocking on the cellar door.
I agree. You can't have the face of the program speak as he speaks.
31-13...I hope it's that close.
Here's what's wrong at Tennessee. Did Velus Jones become talented over the last two weeks? Why has it taken until now for the coaches to decide they need to design some plays for him?
I don't buy the pandemic excuse. Every team has had to deal with it. Why hasn't UT done better? Answer: Pruitt
By the time we were ready to get rid of Fulmer, Saban was already taken. I agree, however, with your principle of coughing up the money. Tennessee should have learned from Alabama. They hired (mostly) some duds after Stallings and muddled around for 10 years before waking and realizing you have to pay up to get quality. UT should have doled out the big bucks after Fulmer, but for the last 13 years they have done what Alabama did. I don't blame Kiffin for jumping ship for LA and USC. MOST young people with an ego would probably do the same. Dooley was thrown into the resulting mess and never had a chance. Butch was an idiotic hire. That's all on UT. Now we have a high school coach. I've been a UT fan since the early 70s. I've seen some lows and highs. I thought of UT as an elite program, which it was even with my blind allegiance, but now UT is irrelevant in the SEC. It's not the players. They give their lives to this. They are being let down by their leaders from the AD on down.
I have been on this for a while. His grammar is atrocious. That might be okay for an assistant who never speaks to the press, but it isn't a good look for the head of the program.
Regarding a FG attempt at the end, Pruitt said, "We wasn't close enough, didn't feel like." I'm sorry I don't know how to punctuate that statement, but I do know Pruitt gave a dishonest excuse. Maybe he did not know where they were on the field, which is inexcusable. I'll remind him they were on the 25. That makes for a 42 yard FG try with a kicker who had already made kicks from 50 and 48 yards. Come on, coach. We were all watching the same game. Where were you?
TWO WINS!? You're dreaming. We'll be lucky to win one more against Vandy.
I wondered if Pruitt would fire himself.
Butch sucked the whole time. He underused Kamara and ran off Hurd. He got lucky against Georgia and never did anything with Bama or the Gators. Bama looks REAL STRONG, but heed my advice. Get rid of Butch. His mere presence dumbs down the Bama staff. You will not win a NC with him in your program. He's poison.