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When will the UT-Vandy game be played? 9 AM on the morning of the SEC Championship game? There's nothing more irrelevant than two irrelevant teams playing a conference game on the day of the championship. The SEC made this decision with eyes wide open. This is like the ugly, nerdy guy cast as an ugly, nerdy guy in a movie. That guy has to know he's an ugly, nerdy guy. UT knows they are irrelevant to SEC football. I blame the coach.
While I don't agree with Saban frequently being an a$$ to the reporters (talking to reporters and answering their often repetitive or uninformed questions is a part of his job description), he wins a lot of games against the highest level of competition. Pruitt doesn't have the credibility to act like Saban and try to avoid those questions.
We have been middle of the pack for a decade. We are now knocking on the cellar door.
I agree. You can't have the face of the program speak as he speaks.
31-13...I hope it's that close.
Here's what's wrong at Tennessee. Did Velus Jones become talented over the last two weeks? Why has it taken until now for the coaches to decide they need to design some plays for him?
I don't buy the pandemic excuse. Every team has had to deal with it. Why hasn't UT done better? Answer: Pruitt
By the time we were ready to get rid of Fulmer, Saban was already taken. I agree, however, with your principle of coughing up the money. Tennessee should have learned from Alabama. They hired (mostly) some duds after Stallings and muddled around for 10 years before waking and realizing you have to pay up to get quality. UT should have doled out the big bucks after Fulmer, but for the last 13 years they have done what Alabama did. I don't blame Kiffin for jumping ship for LA and USC. MOST young people with an ego would probably do the same. Dooley was thrown into the resulting mess and never had a chance. Butch was an idiotic hire. That's all on UT. Now we have a high school coach. I've been a UT fan since the early 70s. I've seen some lows and highs. I thought of UT as an elite program, which it was even with my blind allegiance, but now UT is irrelevant in the SEC. It's not the players. They give their lives to this. They are being let down by their leaders from the AD on down.
I have been on this for a while. His grammar is atrocious. That might be okay for an assistant who never speaks to the press, but it isn't a good look for the head of the program.
Regarding a FG attempt at the end, Pruitt said, "We wasn't close enough, didn't feel like." I'm sorry I don't know how to punctuate that statement, but I do know Pruitt gave a dishonest excuse. Maybe he did not know where they were on the field, which is inexcusable. I'll remind him they were on the 25. That makes for a 42 yard FG try with a kicker who had already made kicks from 50 and 48 yards. Come on, coach. We were all watching the same game. Where were you?
TWO WINS!? You're dreaming. We'll be lucky to win one more against Vandy.
I wondered if Pruitt would fire himself.
Butch sucked the whole time. He underused Kamara and ran off Hurd. He got lucky against Georgia and never did anything with Bama or the Gators. Bama looks REAL STRONG, but heed my advice. Get rid of Butch. His mere presence dumbs down the Bama staff. You will not win a NC with him in your program. He's poison.
Great game to the Hogs! And anybody who thinks that was an upset is crazy. Arkansas was clearly the better team going into that game and proved it on the field. 3-7 IF we can beat Vandy. I never was pleased with hiring a high school coach who speaks like he didn't finish fourth grade. I'll never understand why in 2007 UT didn't learn from Alabama's hiring missteps the previous decade. You've got to go out and pay for the best guy out there the first time and not wander in the wilderness with no-name or mid-major coaches. It was possible back then to hire a big name, but now after 13 years of mediocrity which big name coach could be attracted to UT? None.
No jerkiness implied! Ever since I read Clay Travis's book, Orange Crushed, I realized the players and coaches want to win 1 million times more than I want them to win. The book chronicles what turned out to be Fulmer's last year. So I can chuckle at your article.
I must be special because I've had it rough as a kid AND as an adult. Try growing up in the 70s in south Alabama as a UT fan during the 11 game losing streak! Now I'm an adult in south Alabama with a 13 game losing streak. I don't listen to Bama fans who talk about the 4 game UT streak from the 80s or the 8 game streak of the 90s (don't forget the forfeit). UT owes Bama plenty, but it won't be anytime in the near, or probably far, future. UT is about as relevant as Vanda now. Could you imagine Alabama having a 13 game losing streak to anyone?
What will the announcers talk about when UT is on offense if JG isn't in the game for them to constantly bash?
I'm sure there are problems with this, but how about... 10 games, no divisions, top 4 go to a two round playoff Might need to start a week earlier than planned
None of this makes any sense. It started with the Big 10. How is a conference only schedule going to help with coronavirus? The players will still travel and be in contact with other players. Play a regular schedule and accept the risks or don't play at all and avoid the risks. The in-between seems ridiculous.
I think we've all had good and bad just about everywhere. I went to the 2015 UT-UF game in The Swamp. This was the one where Butch "The card says don't go for two on the road when you're up by 12 in the fourth quarter against a team you haven't beaten in ages" Jones lost by one point. I purposefully bought tickets on the Florida side to be under the minimal overhang in case of rain and to be out of the sun. The guy next to me was not too happy when he found out I am a UT fan, but by the second quarter I had won him over. When that last FG attempt missed by the width of a piece of paper, everyone around me congratulated me on a great game, and I did the same. I had also been to the Gator Growl in 1992, and that was a great experience. I would have to rank The Swamp pretty high.
Remember these are "commitments" not signees. We have to cross the finish line then develop and plug these elite recruits into the right places. Then we can see if Pruitt is truly taking us in the right direction. I certainly hope so. A decade of mediocrity and worse has felt like a repeat of the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s to this Vol fan.
I was at the Rocket Ishmael game. He took off on a long run heading to the North end zone. Our DBs had the angle on him...until they didn't. His nickname was well-deserved. I convinced my brother to leave after that play to walk back to the hotel. We were listening to the end on the radio while walking when UT scored, recovered the onside kick, then threw an INT in the end zone. My brother said he would have killed me if UT had scored.
Tua: "I’m not on the swim team." Sure it's non-contact, but there are injuries in swimming. I'd love to see Tua swim either a 500yd, 1500m, or 1650yd freestyle in competition like my daughter has. I'd love to see him complete the practice/preparation for that. I'll bet he cannot do it.
I think the Gator D knew the snap count better than even Manning. They were off the ball so FAST I thought they were offside, but they weren't. That was an awesome defensive display.
Okay. Take away one of Bailey's TDs. Still a better season overall. O'Gara wrote at the end, "But there's a reason we've never seen a player repeat Woodson year." Heck, Bailey did it the VERY NEXT YEAR! I think he was shafted worse than Manning.