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These guys work too hard to not feel compassion for them when injuries strike. God bless Franks, Wilson, and Bentley in their recovery and rehab.
As Benny always said, “You can’t measure heart”.
I find it strange that Greenard is not impressed with a Kentucky offense that hung 56 points on his Louisville Cardinal team last year.
Paul is right. Notre Dames best years are behind them... way behind them.
I realize it’s a long season and Florida will certainly improve, but aside from taking advantage of a Miami left tackle, who last year was playing HS football, Florida did absolutely nothing that would make you believe they will contend in the East.
I’m glad “my team” will play Florida! My only regret is that we don’t have Miami on the schedule also!
I can’t imagine that both Florida and Miami won’t improve, however, I still believe that Missouri and Kentucky will be the two teams that finish behind Georgia in the East.
Praying that God holds you closely and comforts both you and your family.
It’s funny how the only SDS story on Snell’s camp so far has been this video. Yep, he got ran over. No question about that. No mention though of how he is pushing Conner for 1st team reps at Pittsburgh, no mention of Rothlisberger’s comments about his pass catching ability and how Big Ben threw footballs intentionally away from him and Snell caught every pass. Same coverage for Josh Allen. Nowhere on SDS have I read where Jax Head Coach said Allen will definitely start at one of the DE positions and that he is one of the best pass rushers he has ever coached. Pretty typical coverage when you don’t attend a traditional SEC powerhouse.
Smith has no credibility. I think Mullen has done a very good job as HC. His run at MSU and UF (so far) is deserving of my respect, even though I’m not a UF fan. When we get some time and distance we will see if Mullen catapults himself into a “great” Head Coach. Time will tell...
As strange as this sounds, Kentucky should be in good shape at the backup QB position. They added graduate transfer Sawyer Smith from Troy. Last year he was the Most Valuable Player of the Dollar General Bowl, where he completed 31-of-44 passes for 320 yards and four touchdowns. He may be much farther along than Terry Wilson in both passing and game management.
Leach has won something. His offenses have been among the nations finest anywhere he goes. While at UK, his offenses set records in 42 SEC offensive categories, lead the nation in passing, built a cellar dweller (Texas Tech) into the best team in the Big 12 at the time of his departure and had 10 consecutive bowl appearances at TT. All time winningest head coach in TT history. Not to mention his success at OKlahoma as OC. Building a great program at WSU as well. Leach has the “it” factor when he comes to a program. He is the type of coach you always have to listen to at pressers. Not your typical “coach speak”. He brings energy and excitement and has a proven record as a program builder. He is college footballs “Everyman”.
Can anyone name the back that replaced him? I can’t. Great SEC talent, along with Lipscomb and Pinkney. Still underrated by many. Wishing all of the Big 3 a healthy, productive season.
Tigersforlife. I agree with both of your posts. Nothing more to add.
Sherrill was an underrated coach who fielded some tough, hard hitting teams at MSU. I was surprised to learn he had only a .500 record. Also, shouldn’t the headline read “NCAA settles case with Jackie Sherrill” instead? Sherill was the plaintiff in the case...just saying...
Solid Mike Linebacker with an attitude. Good run stopper and leader for Kentucky. Not the guy I want staring across the line at me if I were an opposing quarterback.
Mizzou is my dark horse pick in the East. Don’t think they can beat UGa, but they have a a lot of talent on both sides of the ball.
Rest In Peace big guy. Prayers for his family.
Great pickup for Stoops and the Cats. They are really catapulting their Citrus Bowl win into a pretty good recruiting class for 2020. They have added some good receivers as well as this 4 star DE. They are steadily building a talented program.
Vandy will most likely be near or at the bottom of the East this year, however, kudos to the athletic administration for committing money for stadium renovations and expansion. Very good academic school, beautiful campus, great medical center, and friendly fans. I enjoy trips to Nashville in the fall to watch football.
MSU is the big question mark for me from this list. I’m not sure what their trajectory is at this point. I agree with fuzzyvol, I think reaching the level of success that Mullen achieved will be difficult. The SEC East is a tossup to me. Obviously it’s a couple of teams and “everyone else” this year. I know will be UGa the team to beat but not sure if UF or Mizz falls in behind them when the smoke clears. I’m also having a difficult time trying to separate VU, UK, SC, UT. History tells me not to get to high on VU. UK appears to me to have some serious holes in its secondary, so UT and SC may be the best of the rest and could upset any team on a given day. This will certainly be an interesting season.
I want Kash Daniel beside me (or in front of me) if I’m in a bar fight!
A very fair assessment. Kash Daniel and Boogie Watson will be counted on heavily. Secondary is unproven and inexperienced and will need to grow up quickly. I do see a bowl game for UK, but not the Citrus again.
Mond is a great athlete who does have the ability to make plays when the pocket breaks down. Thompson from MSU has that same ability. Wilson from UK probably does have more speed than any of the group, however, it may be a case of where the fewer yards he has, the better the outcome for the Wildcats. That could mean his passing game has arrived and the Snell replacements (Rose, et al) are doing their job rushing the football. Again, Wilson showed WR speed when he got outside last year. If his passsing game does not develop, it could be a case of defenses packing it in the box and dare him to pass. Bentley from USC has deceptive speed and can run when needed. Probably not in the same speed company as the others, but a very gritty runner when you need a few yards.
I think both USC and Mizzou will both have at least 7 and possibly 8 wins each.
Maybe Missouri should be moved up a couple of spots, but overall, I think this is a pretty accurate assessment.
Bone is a “player” that I felt was the premier point guard in the SEC. He has the potential to be a solid NBA floor leader at the point.
Goods supposedly has “the goods”. A great talent that will be fun to watch develop into an SEC quality defensive lineman.