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Can anyone name the back that replaced him? I can’t. Great SEC talent, along with Lipscomb and Pinkney. Still underrated by many. Wishing all of the Big 3 a healthy, productive season.
Tigersforlife. I agree with both of your posts. Nothing more to add.
Sherrill was an underrated coach who fielded some tough, hard hitting teams at MSU. I was surprised to learn he had only a .500 record. Also, shouldn’t the headline read “NCAA settles case with Jackie Sherrill” instead? Sherill was the plaintiff in the case...just saying...
Solid Mike Linebacker with an attitude. Good run stopper and leader for Kentucky. Not the guy I want staring across the line at me if I were an opposing quarterback.
Mizzou is my dark horse pick in the East. Don’t think they can beat UGa, but they have a a lot of talent on both sides of the ball.
Rest In Peace big guy. Prayers for his family.
Great pickup for Stoops and the Cats. They are really catapulting their Citrus Bowl win into a pretty good recruiting class for 2020. They have added some good receivers as well as this 4 star DE. They are steadily building a talented program.
Vandy will most likely be near or at the bottom of the East this year, however, kudos to the athletic administration for committing money for stadium renovations and expansion. Very good academic school, beautiful campus, great medical center, and friendly fans. I enjoy trips to Nashville in the fall to watch football.
MSU is the big question mark for me from this list. I’m not sure what their trajectory is at this point. I agree with fuzzyvol, I think reaching the level of success that Mullen achieved will be difficult. The SEC East is a tossup to me. Obviously it’s a couple of teams and “everyone else” this year. I know will be UGa the team to beat but not sure if UF or Mizz falls in behind them when the smoke clears. I’m also having a difficult time trying to separate VU, UK, SC, UT. History tells me not to get to high on VU. UK appears to me to have some serious holes in its secondary, so UT and SC may be the best of the rest and could upset any team on a given day. This will certainly be an interesting season.
I want Kash Daniel beside me (or in front of me) if I’m in a bar fight!
A very fair assessment. Kash Daniel and Boogie Watson will be counted on heavily. Secondary is unproven and inexperienced and will need to grow up quickly. I do see a bowl game for UK, but not the Citrus again.
Mond is a great athlete who does have the ability to make plays when the pocket breaks down. Thompson from MSU has that same ability. Wilson from UK probably does have more speed than any of the group, however, it may be a case of where the fewer yards he has, the better the outcome for the Wildcats. That could mean his passing game has arrived and the Snell replacements (Rose, et al) are doing their job rushing the football. Again, Wilson showed WR speed when he got outside last year. If his passsing game does not develop, it could be a case of defenses packing it in the box and dare him to pass. Bentley from USC has deceptive speed and can run when needed. Probably not in the same speed company as the others, but a very gritty runner when you need a few yards.
I think both USC and Mizzou will both have at least 7 and possibly 8 wins each.
Maybe Missouri should be moved up a couple of spots, but overall, I think this is a pretty accurate assessment.
Bone is a “player” that I felt was the premier point guard in the SEC. He has the potential to be a solid NBA floor leader at the point.
Goods supposedly has “the goods”. A great talent that will be fun to watch develop into an SEC quality defensive lineman.
Kentucky athletics does seem to be on a steady rise. Men’s and women’s basketball are very strong and football is certainly getting better. Baseball and women’s softball have been very good for many years and they recently won a rifle championship. Soccer, gymnastics, and track and field are all good from what little I have heard about them. Their athletic director was recently named a finalist for National Director of the Year. New football facilities as well as b-ball practice facility and new b-ball dorm. Getting lots of funding via donations from both the coal and thoroughbred industry. Overall, a strong athletic department.
With regard to the fictional characters, here’s an oldie. How about Henry Steele from the 1970’s hardwood movie “One on One”
Fuzzyvol, I agree with your entire post. Good analysis of UK and we’ll said...
Boogie Watson at Kentucky will be a name folks will remember by the end of the year. He has all the physical tools to be a solid LB in the conference. He showed flashes of his ability last year. Great list Adam, of some of the SEC’s best.
Sharp Uniforms. I’ve often heard it said that uniforms matter to the fans more than they do to the coaches or players. I disagree with that. Your Uniform is part of “your brand “. It should be recognizable to the fan flipping the remote from channel to channel, which teams are playing. I feel that it influences today’s recruits more than ever before, with a myriad of helmet, Jersey, pant, and shoe design and color options. Then again, Alabama has had no trouble getting the top recruits in the nation each year, in spite of their uniforms, not because of them.
UK doing well with commitments. The talent level and depth are definitely on the upswing.
SC will be better this year. They do have a tough schedule. They will be solid in all areas. Muschamp will have them ready to play. It will be interesting to see how the East unfolds.
...and what were the results of USC vs UK game in 2014? 2015? 2016? 2017? 2018? If memory serves, and I believe it does, USC hasn’t beaten UK since the Joker Phillips days.
Love the journalistic concept of making a baseball team from SEC quarterbacks. Great group of athletes from top to bottom. A lot of football talent in this entire group. Can’t wait for football season to begin.
Seven receivers better than Bowden in the conference? Not buying it...