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Had Rodriguez played for Alabama, LSU, Georgia, or Florida he would have been chosen for first team. I’ve seen this pattern with UK basketball players. Lesser UK basketball players being chosen above better players for non traditional basketball schools in the SEC.
Agdawg…I like the idea of a pod system, IF Texas and OU join the SEC.
Yeah. I believe he will be the point guard. Mintz and Allen are both shooters and are comfortable playing the 2. Wheeler was a much needed addition.
When you have more National Championships than your competitors have conference championships, it is something special.
Says the man who’s football team we have beaten 5 out of the last 6 years.
For the Christian, this life is isn’t the main thing. As the Apostle Paul puts it “ For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” There are better things to come for Christians. Prayers for Coach Richt.
Who knows where he will wind up, but I’ll bet he is the real deal and will have a very successful college career.
If memory serves, the last Kentucky QB to beat Alabama was…Tim Couch.
Much like SEC basketball players who get overlooked for individual awards because they don’t play for Kentucky, Couch is being snubbed because he did play for Kentucky.
I like what Coach Lea has said so far. It’s all small steps from here. Hey, the lockers look great. A little at a time. It won’t all happen overnight. A lot of work to do to make their “on field product” better. It will take money, time and patience on the part of the fan base, but mostly more talented players on the field. Wish them the best.
Regardless of his reasoning and injury aside, Fulkerson is a player. A hard nosed competitor who gives his all each time he steps on the court. This is great news for UT basketball.
Bazelak looked like the real deal against Kentucky. I was very impressed. I expect him to have a big year.
Stoops and staff are one of the nation’s best at developing defensive players.
Not sure of the year, but a very good LSU team was feared by opponents. It would possibly have been around 1979. They had Rudy Macklin, Greg Cook, Ethan Martin et al. Very solid team. Not sure of their record or the team that led to their demise in the tourney that year but a solid team.
The ‘48 Kentucky team starting five anchored team USA in the ‘48 London Olympic Games and won a Gold medal. The one team I would add is the ‘78 Kentucky team led by Goose Givens and Rick Robey. They were dominant throughout the season and beat good teams (FSU, Magic Johnson’s Michigan State, and Sidney Moncrief’s Arkansas team on the way to a finals matchup against Duke). Kyle Macy, Truman Claytor, and Mike Phillips rounded out the starting five.
Good list. Those listed have two things in common. All are great competitors and all of them are winners.
Wrashall, apparently you did not read the entire USA Today piece. Many more sexual allegations involving star players have occurred under Oregon’s watch as compared to Miles. The occurrences under the current HC make Les Miles’ seem very minor in comparison.
They are trying to make Miles the fall guy, while many allegations (with merit) were also swept under the rug under Orgeron’s current tenure. Sadly, I don’t think this is solely an LSU issue. I think many major universities are squirming now, hoping “their” past sins aren’t discovered. Southerners were known for decades for their chivalrous and mannerly treatment of the ladies. It’s time we all try to live up to that standard again.
Kentucky’s biggest need is the WR position. Robinson brings experience, talent, and speed to the position. He checks both the WR and punt return boxes very nicely.
Stoops has already turned down an interview at Michigan State when Mark Dantonio retires. He also passed on an offer from Florida State, where he formerly served as DC. Barnhart summoned his donors and came up with a package for Stoops and his assistants that was enough to let them know he wanted them to build a program at UK. UK is light years ahead of where they were when Stoops first took over the program. His biggest asset he possesses is his ability to develop players, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Not many teams can boast of having five Senior DBs sign with NFL teams, as did the group in 2018. (Edwards, West, Westry, Johnson, Beatty), as well as having the Nagurski and Bednarik trophy winner playing OLB/DE (Josh Allen). This Kentucky program has not reached his zenith yet. Looking forward to the next few years.
One often overlooked coaching responsibility is player development. Maybe, just maybe, Coach Lea and his staff can through nutrition, weight room dedication, and teaching skills, develop some of these 2 and 3 stars into productive players.
I’m just glad “he kept it real”. Lack of playing time usually is a direct result of lack of talent.
I do like what Coach Lea said. He keyed on the three recruiting elements that he would sell. 1. Nashville 2. A VU education 3. Compete in the SEC. I like that. He obviously didn’t mention National titles, recent success, etc. He emphasized what VU currently has. It will not be easy, but success sometimes takes time. He knows the program, so he may be more committed for the long haul than the other candidates. Sounds like he wants a passing attack balanced with a ground game. Hope he gets the players to make it happen. I wish him the best and maybe with a little success, the upgrade in facilities might follow.
ND is beat before they even get off of the bus. Their “mental preparation” won’t help them. Alabama by three touchdowns.
I don’t see it, but the media is so unpredictable. Join a Power 5 conference permanently and we’ll see how you do.
The Cats had a disappointing season, but not as disappointing as some other teams. With the exception of the Alabama, Missouri, and Florida games, they were however, somewhat competitive. Much to look forward to...the passing game can only get better, Rodriguez is one of the top running backs in the SEC, and the QB situation has to improve. Filling the gaps on the O line will be tough, but if UK has shown depth and the ability to “next man up” at any position, it’s the O line. Look forward to the minor bowl game we will play in.