Southern Man

Kentucky Boxing champion middleweight division, breaker of wild horses on the Bluegrass plateau, and breaker of women’s hearts everywhere.

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I refuse to take a chill pill…but I will have some smooth Kentucky bourbon on the rocks.
The white helmet and pants makes a nice looking uni.
Geez wolf man. What’s happening to “Drink wits”
Is this really the only SEC football news this summer? Enough already!
I can’t imagine there are 4 better guards in the country than JD Notae of Arkansas.
We need depth at WR. This kid could contribute immediately. He does bring experience.
We have already peaked??? We have owned little USC the past 6 years.
The ‘77-‘78 team he coached to the national title, was the best Kentucky team during my lifetime.
Congratulations Georgia! Good game ‘Bama. Both represented well. SEC!!
Robinson has a right to “troll” him. He couldn’t cover him all day. 170 yards of receptions and the Citrus Bowl Most Valuable Player. I said back in September that one SEC receiver you don’t know now, but will at the end end of the season is Wan’Dale Robinson.
They need to question their defense which had been non-existent this year.
This kid is living in Iowa’s “Field of Dreams”. He’s apparently never been off the farm lately. More bulletin board material for the Cats!
Matt House is the real deal. The (then) Super Bowl Champion KC Chiefs hired him away from Stoops’ staff. He is an outstanding LB Coach and was an excellent Defensive Coordinator at Kentucky. Good hire.
That’s not a punch. Isn’t it ironic that it was a PAC 12 official that tossed Kentucky RB Benny Snell out of the Music City Bowl in 2017 for allegedly making contact with a referee. (The replay shows the referee initiated contact). The worst ejection in the history of college football. I wonder if Chris Coyte was the official that made this terrible call?
Doesn’t surprise me. In 2018 when we beat Florida in Gainesville, several of their players flipped off the UK fans as they were leaving the field. Losing with class is becoming a lost virtue.
With all of the opt outs in Bowl games, the future of college football is taking a swift turn for the worst. I think in the near future, you may see players opting out of games they deem as insignificant, during the regular season. Wait and see.
You’ve worn out the “Jimmy Carter administration “ line. This is at least twice if not three times you’ve used it. Can’t you get any new material?
Eddie Gran was hired for the same role at UK this year. Maybe this time, he will accept a Georgia.
Good for Vanderbilt. Hope this young man and his brother have much success in Nashville.
The only other thing she could have done to disrespect Louisville more would have been to have shown the “L’s down”.
“Truth is stranger than fiction”. You can’t make this stuff up! This story gets crazier by the day.
College football is “not in a good place” or does he actually mean “Clemson football is not in a good place”?
Badie is an excellent running back. Wanting to participate in a bowl game with teammates also tells me he is a “team first” player.