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Who knows? We will certainly be a strong team. USC shouldn’t be laughing. Their record the last 6 years against UK is no laughing matter.
I agree Notre Dame is overrated. The Duke win was much closer than the two scores would suggest. Cutcliffe has done a good job at Duke.
I have yet to accept the logic that ranks Louisville ahead of Kentucky. Kentucky brings back almost their entire starting lineups on both sides of the ball. Also, last year Kentucky steamrolled Louisville by 32 points. Am I the only one perplexed by this one?
Actually Terry Wilson (Kentucky’s QB) had a torn patellar tendon, not an ACL. Regardless, he is coming back after a good 2018 campaign.
This entire happening, is sad and pitiful. (Both the poisoning & Updyke’s life/death). I feel for the Auburn family, Alabama family, as well as Updyke’s family. May we all learn something from this incident. Prayers for comfort for his family.
No disrespect to the Commodores, but Vanderbilt IS already in major dire straits.
Nice pickup for the Commodores. Good size and obviously a smart young man. Good luck in your college career.
No one will take note of their demands. It’s the equivalent of a hunger strike during a famine.
Talk is cheap. Tide would have “spanked” his little butt.
It was apparent to me that Lou was not grounded in reality when last year he proclaimed before the UK-USC game, that Kentucky never beats South Carolina and that no one could remember the last time they beat the Gamecocks. In reality, at that time, UK had won the last 5 straight matchups. This coming from a former USC coach who one would think followed his former program. Lou is a piece of work. Time for him to step aside.
I remember now. Totally forgot. Punters are typically listed with defense... (oh the joys of the aging process.)
How would “traveling 1,000 miles across heavily infected states” even be a consideration when almost all of these teams travel by air. Direct flights, no less, with their own charter plane. I don’t understand??
For the life of me, I cannot figure out why there is no mention of 1st team All-American and Ray Guy Award winning punter, Max Duffy. How can you write of returning UK special teams performers and not mention Duffy????
Folks tend to forget his time at Kentucky where he led a Kentucky offense that was the top passing attack on the nation. He moved on to OKlahoma with similar results. Leach HAS experienced SEC defensive back play. As he says in his book, “Swing your Sword”, regarding playing in the SEC, “You’re playing against better players, but your players (that you’re recruiting to an SEC school) are better, so it’s all relative”. “Offenses just don’t accidentally work”. I personally wouldn’t count MSU out this year.
Fun article. We’ll gladly keep our “pork belly” HC. Stoops is doing it the right way in Lexington. 2020 should hold many more wins for the Cats. (Speaking of cats, glad Adam didn’t write that we were Chinese takeout)!
Although many UK fans only remember the NCAA probation the he left us with, I remember well the 1985-86 season where, in his first year he won 32 games. It was an improvement of 14 wins from the previous season. For the first time since the Adolph Rupp era, Kentucky’s offense was up tempo and Sutton stressed the 3 D’s, discipline, defense, and dedication. Sutton allowed backcourt players freedom that they never enjoyed during the Joe B. Hall era and his style was street ball in comparison to Hall's style of play. Although a HOF member, Sutton was under appreciated as a coach while in Lexington. RIP Coach Sutton.
Very good LB. Huge loss if he can’t play this year. Get well soon. Prayers for healing.
I have never considered benchwarmers leaving being bad PR. It happens...more now than ever.
None of the four had played any significant minutes last year or would get any playing time, in the case of the freshman. Good luck to them, but this 2020 edition of the Cats is going to be deep at most all positions. I foresee more disgruntled bench warmers leave before summer is over.
I’m surprised Charles Barkley isn’t getting much love here. Alabama’s Joe Namath wasn’t even mentioned and he led one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history and had a good pro career. Bernard King had a great NBA career out of Tennessee, as did Alan Houston. Pat Riley and Dan Issel from Kentucky are two more to consider. On the gridiron, Kentucky’s Art Still was a multiple All-Pro selection and had a great career. Vanderbilt’s Will Wolford is one of the top all time offensive linemen.
True. It is difficult to use today’s standards to rank players from the past. The games evolve, as do the athletes. Interesting read.
Not sure this was a good decision, but I hope he does well.
I like the idea, however, there is one obvious way to circumvent the rule. What if a coach puts in a little used redshirt freshman an instructs him to feign an injury, just to slow down the opponents tempo. If the player is deemed to have feigned injury, they lose only a bench warmer and not an essential player. (Similar to putting a sub in for a star basketball player near the end of the game to foul an opponent to preserve your star’s fouls before putting him back in for offense).