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Kentucky Boxing champion middleweight division, breaker of wild horses on the Bluegrass plateau, and breaker of women’s hearts everywhere.

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If my team had been “owned”, the way Stoops and the Cats have owned South Carolina, I think I’d keep my mouth shut.
A win is a win, but we can’t keep playing sloppy. We have to curtail the penalties and turnovers.
Proud to get the W, but I don’t feel the most confident going into the Vandy game in Nashville. Vanderbilt is much improved. We need to get Ray Davis 20+ touches, either receptions or rushes.
Congratulations Gators. Good win. Didn’t think I would ever say this, but could Missouri and Florida be “the best of the rest” in the East behind UGA? Only time will tell.
Good game by SC. UGA has lots of dudes. They can go way down the depth chart on D and not lose any talent. Fun game to watch.
Great coach. Even a better man! EKU and all of Kentucky will miss this legend.
I agree. The jury is still out on this team. Unsure about this teams direction and their potential.
This dude can run. I don’t need scientific analytics to tell me that. If anyone is faster in the SEC, I have yet to see them.
Good first game. It was a W, which is then most important thing. Next, good balance between running game and passing game. Good D. Lastly, special teams in all phases looked excellent. A lot to improve upon but a lot to build upon. Go Cats!
SEC will rebound. The season has just begun. Lots of football yet to play.
It would be difficult for me to place Freeze on this list. Maybe the “call girl escort list” or the “illegal recruiting list”. Maybe his two Cure Bowl championships are what Ron Illegal Alien is referring to. Wins in weaker conferences against inferior competition does not equal SEC wins against top competition.
Weaver is the real deal. Always around the ball. One of the SEC’s best defensive players. The rest of the conference just doesn’t know it yet.
Trouble in the fam-uh-lee. Not really. You get 65 type A personalities on the field, plus the heat, humidity, and physical contact, fights are going to happen. Nothing to see here.
This writers favorite catch phrase is “since the (fill in any U.S. President before 1990) administration”. He uses it incessantly.
Everyone’s sleeping on Kentucky true sophomore Dane Key, much like they did Wandale Robinson two years ago. Key has NFL speed at WR and has great hands. He comes from an NFL pedigree. He along with fellow sophomore Barion Brown, make up a dangerous dual threat on the outside. When the year is over, the SEC will know these names well.
Apparently the players did not like them. The basketball cats also ditched the checkerboards last season. I like the new uniforms. Larger numbers, Wildcat alternate logo on shoulders, and new striping pattern on the pants. It’s a clean look.
Cohen will utilize the new UK QB1, Devin Leary, and take advantage of the speed he has on the outside. Kentucky has excellent depth and talent at TE position also. Can’t wait for the Cats to tee it up and play some football in the bluegrass.
The media and football fans are overlooking Brown and Key. They will be among the top two receivers in the SEC. Dynamic, explosive, and extremely fast. The best part, both are just sophomores.
I like Coach Lea. Very intelligent and he has Vanderbilt going in the right direction.
Two years ago I said the league was overlooking WR Wandale Robinson. This year WR Dane Key will be one of the leagues top receivers. He had a solid freshman year and, along with Barion Brown, will makeup one of the SEC’s best receiving corps.
Agree fuzzy. I hope all SEC QB’s perform well. This group of QB’s has a good upside. (Young, Richardson, Levis, Hooker, and Bennett). Watching their development will be interesting. It’s difficult to tell who will see the field and who will see the clipboard. Good luck to all.
This kid was a Player. Great skills with great potential to be a game changer in the secondary, however, he was TROUBLE. I was really surprised he survived the earlier issues with a gun involved. There was going to be more issues, had he stayed around. Good luck young man.
Fuzzy is a gentleman. I’ve never had any interaction with him that was not well thought out and very civil.