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From the beginning, I’ve said the title iX issues reported by USA Today have bled over into Coach O’s tenure and I seriously doubt we’ve heard the last of those allegations. I would bet that those allegations are part of the reason he is leaving. Sorry to lose him as a coach. He was one of those “characters “ that make SEC football enjoyable.
Georgia was dominant, as expected. They are the best team in the country without question. There is still a large gap between Georgia and Kentucky.
Not sure what rock you crawled out from under but we always have seniors on the O line. Our former and present O line Coach rotate lineman in and out (usually an 8 or 9 man rotation) where we always return veteran linemen who have a ton of SEC game experience. We will never be caught with an all Freshman/Sophomore O line. As to the “greatest team of my lifetime”, this team couldn’t carry the 1977’s team jockstrap, young fellow.
I am by no means picking the Cats to win, but I just looked at Georgia’s schedule and it is apparent that Kentucky is, by far, the best team they have faced so far.
Why wouldn’t the SEC’s leading rusher not be a top ten player?
This years edition of Kentucky football is not the best team ever. The 1977 team was the best Kentucky football team ever.
SEC traditional powers like to keep the status quo. We are indeed an uninvited guest that I feel is here to stay for quite some time.
On paper Georgia wins big, however games aren’t played on paper. Georgia probably wins regardless if it was played on moondust. Having the leading rusher and receiver in the SEC bodes well for Kentucky and anything can happen but a LOT of things have to fall in to place for UK to pull this upset. (ie: no turnovers, forcing UGA into 3+ turnovers, pressure in the backfield, special teams score). Probably not happening between the hedges. I’ll be pulling for the Cats anyway.
Much respect for this Georgia team. They are the best team in the country. I’m too old of a cat to believe Kentucky can go on the road and beat a great team like Georgia, however, we will tee it up and see what happens. Hoping for a huge upset.
Great win Coach Lea and Vanderbilt. Any win is a great win. Keep your heads up and good luck!
Stoops turned down Florida State and Michigan State HC jobs. I agree that the only jobs that I think would tempt him outside the SEC are Notre Dame and Ohio State. Stoops doesn’t have the pressure those programs would place on a HC from year to year. Kentucky donors, especially those in the coal and thoroughbred industries can, and have in the past, reached deep into their pockets to help UK athletics when a coach/capital project was deemed worthy of their philanthropy. It would take a special program, either outside or within the SEC to lure Stoops away at present, but to say he will retire at Kentucky is a bit of a reach and is probably wishful thinking.
Kentucky better not get overconfident or LSU will leave Lexington as winners. I’ve seen it through the years, UK gets a big win and is lackluster in their next game. I hope that doesn’t happen Saturday against LSU. Go Cats!
Interesting stat: Florida offense plays- 71 Kentucky offensive plays- 45
Regardless of offensive productivity, this game goes to show how difficult it is to win on the road in the SEC. Florida has a good team and will rebound from this loss. Kentucky has “quietly” increased their talent level in recruiting and no one in the country develops and “coaches up” talent like UK. Go Cats!!!
We’ve not played a great game since week 1, but pulled it out anyway. We’ll gladly take it. Commonwealth Stadium (I hate to call it Kroger field) was rockin’ tonight.
Lane is a “rockstar” in the south. If he were to go to Southern Cal, he’d be just “another college coach”, lost in the multitude of professional coaches and athletes in the LA area. I’ll rest well tonight, regardless of his decision.
Only one of the six has played any meaningful snaps, so my guess is that only Tisdale will see the field during the Florida game. This is not a huge “magical” event concerning this his very fine Kentucky team. The impact of these players returning to this Kentucky football team will be very minuscule.
Only one of the six had any meaningful snaps last year. I don’t see that this is much of a boost before a big game. All gouge they have no doubt been involved in individual conditioning and film sessions, it will take several weeks for them to acclimate to team practices, much less SEC football games.
Does Georgia Southern travel on a yellow school bus? SMH
This has been a long time coming…bye Dan. You won’t be missed.
Harris had 38 yards! Was a non factor. Taken out by UK defense. Someone let old senile Lou Holtz know Kentucky has won 7 of the last 8 games.
Kentucky run defense was great but their 3rd and 4th down defense was DOMINANT tonight. Two terrible decisions by Beamer to go for it on 4th down. Deandre Square was a beast at crunch time.
The Kentucky run defense on 3rd and 4th down was dominant. That’s what won the game. (In spite of all of the turnovers).