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Kentucky Boxing champion middleweight division, breaker of wild horses on the Bluegrass plateau, and breaker of women’s hearts everywhere.

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South Carolina had quite a character that I enjoyed watching on Saturdays...Steve Taneyhill. Loads of personality.
I agree. This reeks of voters who, in retrospect, may not be happy with their vote, given time and distance.
Indeed, Josh Allen will climb this list. Had he played for a traditional football power instead of Kentucky, he would have probably gotten more love on both this list and for defensive rookie of the year in the NFL. His stats either equaled or exceeded Nick Bosa’s, who won defensive ROY. His senior year at UK, he could not be blocked, except when he was held (which happened frequently). Not sure where C21 gets that “he’s not that good”. When you lead both the SEC and NFL rookies in sacks in consecutive years, you have nothing more to prove to me.
Pete Maravich and Chris Jackson were the two best guards in the SEC, IMO. The rest are debatable. I’ll show some respect to Reggie King from Alabama, who is not getting much here. He was a man underneath the basket. Tough to keep off the boards. He won some key games and also kept Alabama close in some games that they should have easily lost. Issel was also tough and engaged in some historic scoring matches with Maravich. Both seem to be bitten by the bug called “too long ago to remember”, although the great Pistol Pete transcends time and memory.
Yes. Almost the exact scenario that occurred during Joker Phillips’ tenure as HC. Steve Brown was the Defensive Coordinator and for some strange reason they hire Rick Minter as “Co-Defensive Coordinator” while Brown was still there. Ray Charles could see the writing on the wall in that scenario. Steve Brown resigned shortly thereafter and Minter assumed full responsibility for the defense.
Florida fans have no reason to hang their heads. Great game by both teams. Kentucky is still lacking consistency in effort for two halves. Nick Richards has become the premier post player in the SEC.
One of the greatest guards to ever play in the SEC. A shooter with no limits, shot creator, ball handler, and scorer of the highest degree. Well deserved honor.
You’re smoking some serious crack if you believe Kentucky loses 7 games. I’ll lay some money on that bet. Any takers?
This will not affect LSU negatively. The move to Southern University is only a minor off season talking point.
I certainly hope Marrow stays. He is an excellent recruiter and well worth his salary. Kentucky football is just about ready to compete for the East on a consistent basis. Go Cats!
No excuse for fighting the police. I realize this is a young man, who is prone to make mistakes, however, this is happening all too often in our society.
What does the last paragraph have to do with this story?
Mike Leach will do two things in Starkville; He will fill the seats and score points. Both he will do quickly. Leach is by far the best progeny from the Hal Mumme tree of Air Raid coaches. Great hire for Mississippi State. I have followed Leach since he left UK. Very successful program builder at both Tech and WSU. It will be interesting to see who he hires on the defensive side. That hire, rather than the hire of Leach as HC, may ultimately determine his level of success at MSU. I may have to start cheering for the Bulldogs! Jk
I was thinking the same thing. I guess they need someone to oversee strength and conditioning, nutrition, academics, and keep the program functioning until a new HC is named.
Bowden only 5 yards shy of Cam Newton’s single season SEC record. His season is placed in better perspective when you consider he played only 7 games at QB.
I think your number 1 answers your number 2. Good to hear the apology, however, Kash should not have allowed it to happen in the first place. But, nice to hear the apology. Glad Trask was not injured during the incident. Great year for both UF and UK.
That my friends, was the Paul Hornung Award winner! Lynn Bowden is a heck of a talent! Great game and great hits and highlights by both teams. I’m sure someone who was has been negative toward the Cats all year (who was thrown off this site) is steaming mad at “our version of the Cats”!!! Great 2019 Cats. The 2020 version should be even better with so much of our offense and defense returning.
Glad he’s gone. Negativity plus lack of UK knowledge makes for painful posts. Cautiously optimistic about our bowl game. Hope we come out on fire and don’t get behind early. Go Cats!
Tech shouldn’t “poke the Wildcat”. Our physical O and D line may make them wish they hadn’t.
He was a former Florida commit. Williams picked UK over the Gators, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Georgia and Auburn. Good get.
Don’t know if I am happier with Hayes’ signing or that knucklehead is no longer here to criticize UK football. Anyway, great get for the Cats!
“How it impacts Kentucky’s standing on the field” may be the most nonsensical question ever asked on this blog. One 5 star and four 4 star D lineman would help most every program in the country. Best recruiting class that I can remember. Kentucky’s ability to develop defensive players is on par with anyone in the conference, except maybe Alabama and LSU. Historic class that will no doubt, develop into one of the top in the SEC East. “Commitment to Physicality”.
Professionally? Is he good enough to play pro football? Good luck to this young man.
Blankenship has been “great” for the past three years. This year, however, he was only “good”.
Although they never give refunds on game tickets, considering how the bowl selections went down, you would think they would offer to buy back tix. I guess Stub Hub is always an option.
If they sign no one else, it is still a very good recruiting class. Kudos to all of Coach Stoops’ staff.
Congrats to Lynn Bowden. Well deserved award.
What a competitor! Great football player. Good luck in the NFL and thank you for your contribution to Kentucky football.