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It’s not as if Vandy and the other SEC schools choose their players from the existing student body. It is of no consequence that you have only 9K student enrollment and other conference schools have 20K+. You try to recruit the best high school players to come play for you University. As of late, Vandy has failed miserably in that task.
Great first half called by Gran. Great execution by Cats as well. Second half, UT adjusted and moved the ball. We failed to make any offensive adjustments, and as “All the SEC” posted, we had no passing threat, so they loaded the box and came at us in the 3rd and 4th quarters. I think after the season is over, we’re going to learn that Sawyer Smith’s injury is much more serious than what we are being told.
I tip my hat to Mr. Bowden. No doubt, an All- American.
WTXL in Tallahassee is announcing that FSU is close to reaching a deal with... BOB Stoops. They report he will be announced as the new HC before end of the week.
Yep. You’re probably right about the talent. They do have some athletes there. I was referring to the lack of discipline in the program. It seems like when you have a few “down years”, it takes some time to build the program, even with good athletes on the roster. Regardless of their coaching selection, it will take at least four years to make FSU a contender again in the ACC.
As another post has said, it may be that the path to the playoffs would be easier. Yes, there is the hurdle of Clemson. I know this is a reach for FSU to return to their glory days, however, for Stoops, this may be a more logical choice than to try to compete with Georgia in the East and LSU, Alabama, and Auburn in the West. Familiarity with the FSU program, good recruiter, competent staff, and his upward trajectory for his current program make Stoops one of the top contenders.
Why would anyone believe the DA’s office will stop reviewing this case, when Old Har-v continues to “verbally” give Auburn the middle finger, every chance he gets. Har-v seems to be a troubled soul. Not sure there are any good answers in a situation such as this.
To use some thoroughbred horse racing jargon, Kentucky has proven to be a good “mudder”, playing well in less than ideal conditions. Stoops young LB’s and DB’s are really maturing and the defense has shown vast improvement from early on in the season. This team is on an upward trajectory.
Bowden certainly needs his touches for the rest of the schedule, however, we become too one dimensional with him at QB full time. I think if we use Smith about half of the time, opponents would honor the pass, which would open up the run game even more. Although you can’t argue with success, most teams have the box loaded against us.
Kentucky keeps getting better by the week. What I really want to see is how good the run game can improve when Sawyer Smith is QB, and teams have to honor the pass. Even when Smith returns, Bowden needs to touch the ball at least 20 times per game. Boogie Watson, DeAndre Square, and Chris Oats have vastly improved this defense. Secondary much improved from early in the season.
Sankey tip toed through the main issue...poor officiating. SEC officials are much better than the PAC 12 refs that worked the Music City Bowl 2 years ago. Chris Coyte made the worst call in the history of collegiate athletic competition.
Glad to see Vanderbilt get the win. Would loved to have seen Coach Mason act like he has won a big game before.
If this young man has failed to play into this years weak defensive back rotation, it’s from a lack of talent, not opportunity.
Florida has put together a fine season so far. Kudos to them and Coach Mullen.
I predict Turner will stick will Mason regardless. I have always liked Mason, however, the ship that is Vanderbilt football, is quickly taking on water and is about to sink into the depths of the Cumberland River.
Stoops and Gran will sit on the starter until game time. I really don’t think that will make much of a difference, as to the final outcome.
I wouldn’t bet on it. UK lacks the ability to stop talent rich teams for the entire game. Georgia will be a heavy favorite.
Georgia still regrets being turned down by Eddie Gran.
He probably said the same thing Cale Garrett said after Mizzou was beaten by Wyoming.
This game is a toss up to me. Both starting QB’s out for the season and weak secondarys on each side. A must win for each program. More than likely, the team with the fewest turnovers will win. I’d be afraid to bet on this one.
As Benny always said, “You can’t measure heart”.
I find it strange that Greenard is not impressed with a Kentucky offense that hung 56 points on his Louisville Cardinal team last year.
Paul is right. Notre Dames best years are behind them... way behind them.
I realize it’s a long season and Florida will certainly improve, but aside from taking advantage of a Miami left tackle, who last year was playing HS football, Florida did absolutely nothing that would make you believe they will contend in the East.
I’m glad “my team” will play Florida! My only regret is that we don’t have Miami on the schedule also!
I can’t imagine that both Florida and Miami won’t improve, however, I still believe that Missouri and Kentucky will be the two teams that finish behind Georgia in the East.
Praying that God holds you closely and comforts both you and your family.
It’s funny how the only SDS story on Snell’s camp so far has been this video. Yep, he got ran over. No question about that. No mention though of how he is pushing Conner for 1st team reps at Pittsburgh, no mention of Rothlisberger’s comments about his pass catching ability and how Big Ben threw footballs intentionally away from him and Snell caught every pass. Same coverage for Josh Allen. Nowhere on SDS have I read where Jax Head Coach said Allen will definitely start at one of the DE positions and that he is one of the best pass rushers he has ever coached. Pretty typical coverage when you don’t attend a traditional SEC powerhouse.
Smith has no credibility. I think Mullen has done a very good job as HC. His run at MSU and UF (so far) is deserving of my respect, even though I’m not a UF fan. When we get some time and distance we will see if Mullen catapults himself into a “great” Head Coach. Time will tell...