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As stated, Cochran didn't leave for a S&C position at Georgia, he left because he wants to be an on-field coach. Apparently he's wanted this for a while and it wasn't available at Bama. Changing of the guard???? Come on. Losing any established coach and great recruiter hurts, of course. But to say this is a changing of the guard? Slow news day.
I'm not drinking the Kool Aid on Newman, but I do think he'll be a serviceable QB for Georgia and he's got an OC that is going to exploit every talent he has. Georgia going 9-4? On defense alone I don't see that happening. The returning defense will be a monster unit once again. Newman doesn't need to light the world on fire for Georgia to go back to Atlanta next year, he just needs to be consistent. With the upgraded WR corps, and consistent play from Newman, I think the offensive production will look entirely different from last season. Wake's schedule is not even a fair comparison to what any SEC team faces all season long, and Newman is going to have to adjust right fast to the increased speed of SEC defenses. This is why I'm hesitant to jump on the Newman bandwagon. Kentucky losing 7 games? Really? Nope. Stoops is a phenomenal coach who continues to struggle in getting the respect he has earned. Not from this Dawg fan. I respect him greatly.
I'm not arguing anything. Was just commenting on the article?
SECHomer, I'm all for a playoff expansion but if you're talking 8 teams, that's still adding two more weeks to the playoff and pushes it closer to Super Bowl time. One of the big reasons for expansion's rejection right now is that NCAA would have to start the season in mid-August before the academic year began so they didn't interfere with NFL playoffs. Then there's the conversation of wear & tear on players' bodies. We agree that the current playoff structure is not viable and it needs to change.
No pot yet, but he's in the process of solving the national distress of not having legalized sex workers. #socialism.
Very well written article Al, and I like some of the ideas. Some of them a LOT. How do we achieve more parity by moving Clempson and FSU to the SEC though? With the lineup you have proposed for the ACC, I would dare call that a Power-anything conference. The power SEC schools aren't going to approve anything to bring in two schools (one ultra dominant, the other in re-build mode) that threaten to create more cannibalization of SEC teams in a regular season schedule. The SEC has become its own college football league, with everyone else playing for NIT status. You really think Georgia and Florida are going to say "surrrreee, bring Clempson into our league?" If we're being honest about what has set the SEC apart from other conferences over the last umpteen years, its really TV money. It has allowed these schools to build not only hype around the programs, but has given teams the ability to build Cindarella Castle-like facilities (look at Georgia's new facilities and Florida's one under construction, featuring a friggin lazy river lagoon for players to relax). It ain't the education drawing these top players to SEC schools. Its stuff like that, and the fact that they're going to be on national TV every Saturday. I'm really surprised in this article you didn't mention TV's role in the SEC dominance and adding parity to that. TV money has really built the SEC empire. When does the Big 10 get their own ESPN TV station? Do the conferences under your proposal all split TV revenue, or does that stay Conference Intra-League like it is now? I think right now, we're beginning to see a shift in SEC schools and the non-con games that look more respectable, like UGA playing Ohio State in 2028. Florida playing Michigan or Miami. Stuff like that. All that said, I'm still cheering for a two-team expansion to the current playoff structure. 6 total and the top 2 get a bye. Again, very well written and thought provoking article Al. Nicely done
Count me as one that isn't salivating over the Newman hype. I think he has plenty of potential, certainly has an arm. But everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that he's transferring in to what is essentially a brand new offensive scheme. He has to learn the playbook, he has to get comfortable with the receiving corps, he has to find a rhythm against SEC defenses which are orders of magnitude faster and bigger than the ACC. And all of that can really only be done on the game field, not the practice field. And the comment about having too many good receivers to not push the ball downfield...I assume that comment reflects the commits we picked up and not last year's corps, because last year's core was inexplicably anemic. Without Cager and Pickens, there would have no receiving corps. I'm glad to pick up Newman, it at least gives us experience but I'm not drinking the full glass of kool aid at this point. Maybe 1/4 of it.
Darviathar, I agree. I thought the exact same thing you did. I've been watching college FB for a long time and I've never seen any player go from good to other worldly in one season. Congrats to LSU, you guys deserve every bit of it. You defended the SEC's honor and closed Dabo's mouth, at least for one night. Again, my hats off to Coach O, Dave Aranda, Steve Ensminger, and the entire team. Enjoy this. Clemson - you guys played like champions, no doubt about it. Ya'll just ran into a once-in-a-generation QB last night. Congrats to ya'll for a great season, even if it didn't end the way you wanted it to. Ya'll played with tenacity, toughness, and class. And now the lonnnnnnnnnng offseason begins. :o(
Congrats to LSU. You guys earned 100% of that victory. Games like last night are why Saturdays Down South are something special. How could anyone not love Coach O? He's the perfect coach for your program, and he too, earned 100% of the smile plastered across his face last night. If things hold up, LSU v UGA should be one whale of a game. Enjoy this victory. It's been a long time coming for your program, your fans, and you're State.