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TideNation88 - use the Brave browser. I haven't seen a single ad on SDS in about a year after switching.
Agreed. This article is nothing but gaslighting. There is no serious conversation about Alabama getting in.
Michigan at 1 and Georgia at 2? Oh this is going to be fun.
Next week we're going to see them introduce French's Mustard bottle yellow helmets
I read Gator forums just to get see what the fans are saying. They're not all-in on this hire. There have been articles written telling Florida fans to settle down and give him time. What was it, last week, one of your journalists after Napier's press conference was caught on a hot mic saying he'll be there longer than Billy Napier will?
Agreed, this is definitely a risk they run if they hire him. There's going to be a significant portion of the fan base that becomes immediately impatient and calls it a bad hire - and then the pressure builds. Kind of like what's happening to Napier.
Did he? He lost one and squeaked one out against a horrid A&M team. I get the whole "feel good" story of Cadillac and I think AU would be hard-pressed to find a guy that loves AU more than he does, but - these guys are way more than just on-field game managers. They're CEOs of a huge brand with all the responsibilities that come with it. I guess at this point - I'm in the "why not?" camp. Give him a shot. There aren't any marquee candidates coming this off-season. Deion ain't coming to AU, neither is Lane. And this 'could Dan Lanning bolt for AU?' nonsense is just comedy.
I've been weighing the Cadillac question too. No doubt he loves Auburn and the players are juiced to play for him, but that does not mean he's ready to be a head coach. There's way more to heading up a program like Auburn that to have players amped up to play. Do you hand over the reigns of Auburn to a positions coach with so little experience of actually managing and big decision making? Maybe. I think it might be a breath of fresh air in these insane coaching salaries for Auburn to give him a 3 year, $6M contract with no buyout - loaded with incentives and say show us what you can do.
Fisher Mann.. No no sir, you don't get to play that game. 24 hours ago, this was a UT team of destiny, not a UT team coming to that game that "has done nothing in the last 15 years." Talking heads told us UGA was not able to keep up with this offense. Hendon Ho was going to light up Georgia's terrible secondary, and was going to be exposed as junk. "Anonymous coaches" were telling the media UGA's defense was fools gold. "Act like you've been there before?" That's rich coming from a team whose fans stormed the field, tore down goal posts and tossed them in the river. Lastly, UT is a better team than showed up yesterday and I wouldn't want to play this game again in the playoffs.
Honest question to Bama fans: its pretty clear to anyone that watches football that Saban has to clean house and get new coordinators. At 71, does he stick around for a full rebuild of staff or does he call it? I say its even money right now that Saban retires. I don't see him doing a coaching farewell tour because that would hurt recruiting, he'll just call a presser and say it's time. He looks grumpier this year than I've ever seen him, and it's no secret he hates NIL. There may be a lot of factors that line up to see him say no more.
How about an overreaction to Coach Cadillac doing an amazing job with Auburn?? He deserves recognition. Auburn looked like...a football team yesterday.
Not me. I'm not underestimating any thing Todd Monken does. In Monken we trust
But muh stats, bro. UT's the best offense ever. Georgia ain't never faced an offense like UT's. Georgia was lucky to escape the grips of that terrifying offense. You know it, and I know it, right??
Monken definitely went ultra conservative on offense when the weather turned nasty.
A&M administration (not their fans) deserve exactly what's happening to them. We need to stop highlighting the woes of Jimbo and just let them wallow around the sht mess their administration has created. No, Jimbo ain't getting bought out. And nor should - at some point there's got to be consequences for making the worst contract in history. These "easy out" moves to buy out bad coaching decisions have to stop. It's time that decisions have consequences. And Jimbo's contract was the worst sports decision I've ever seen. No amount of highlighting how bad it is getting for A&M is going to mean that Jimbo gets fired any time soon.
This is what elite coaching & elite recruiting looks like.
This field rushing is getting ridiculous. Act like you've won big games before. Look for the SEC to increase the penalties after this season. 2x in one season, one with torn down goal posts, ain't gonna sit well with Greg Sankey.
But Georgia hasn’t seen the caliber of Tennessee. No sir. Georgia gonna get embarrassed
I agree with Aaron - the higher the score goes, the less it favors UGA.
Hugh Freeze is just a flashy name that brings some SEC experience to the conversation. That’s why his name is being tossed around. But he just signed a $5M/yr extension at Liberty last week so I don’t think he’s going anywhere. He certainly knew this job opening was coming, so that tells you where he’s at. Auburn did the smart thing: cut Harsin loose and get to the front of the line to select the best candidate when the coaching carousel starts spinning in 6 weeks.
Agreed. Kirby is always pumping up Sanford for the big games. This is a big game, yes, but this isn’t unusual at all
One of the best articles I’ve read on SDS in a long, long tjme. Well done sir.
Georgia secondary will have its stiffest test all year. Hooker will make us pay on blown coverages downfield and missed assignments. Richardson saved us because of all the overthrows.
If we turn the ball over 3 times and take a quarter of play off, you have way more than a puncher's chance
should be a great matchup. Tennessee looks really, really, really good.
Sad GatorNoLife.. We have to see beyond the rivalries and look at what these giants did for the game. It'll be the same reflection and respect given when the Ol Ball Coach passes. Can't stand the guy as a Georgia fan, but what he meant to the sport, to the Florida Gator program and the SEC as a whole cannot be overstated. These guys earned their spot in history. It has to be respected.
Love the win, any win against Florida is a welcome win. So much to be happy about in that game, but if Georgia wants to repeat as national champions, they cannot take a quarter off and let a team back in the game. I'm sorry to be the wet blanket here, but you "might" be able to do that against Florida - but you surely aren't doing that against an Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson program. Also, it's a rare day in the SEC where you turn the ball over 3 times and somehow manage to win the game. Lots to be happy about - but a lot of work to be done before next week.