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The statement that UGA's AD is to blame for not scheduling a marquee Power 5 Non-Con opponent with less than a season's notice is absurd. Oklahomo is to blame for this, not UGA. Could Georgia have scheduled Rutgers? Maybe - but I can 100% guarantee you that even if UGA had scheduled Rutgers, we'd be hearing the same nonsense packaged in a different way from Chris Wright telling us that Georgia's schedule just isn't strong enough. Let's have a reality check. On this "cupcake schedule" Georgia has enjoyed, which they have been criticized in some way for each of the last three seasons, they have: Beat #3 Michigan 34-11 Beat #1 Alabama 33-18 Beat #11 Oregon 49-3 Beat #23 South Carolina 48-7 Beat #18 Auburn 42-10 Beat #1 Tennessee 27-13 Beat #20 Miss State 45-19 Beat #14 LSU 50-30 Beat #4 Ohio State 42-41 Beat #2 TCU 65-7 Beat #20 Kentucky 51-13 Beat #12 Missouri 30-21 Beat #9 Ole Miss 52-17 Beat #18 Tennessee 38-10 Can we please stop with this already? There was literally no marquee power 5 opponent available and not under contract to fill Oklahomo's spot on our schedule. Get over it.
Yep. Georgia is awful. I can't imagine them being anywhere near a playoff week 3. What foolishness for anyone to think Georgia has any business being in the top 4 in any ranking by any metric. Thanks Chris.
But remember, the over reaction article says we’re not a top 4 team.
This is sort of a "dmned if you do, dmned if you don't" scenario. Yeah, leading with a complain about winning by 42 isn't good, but neither would the media heaping endless praise and worship over a Georgia team searching for #3. I'm happy the sports media is fixated on their shiny new object in Colorado. I really am. Let them deal with the adulation. We need to chop wood.
Lets hope we play like a #1 team should play and our QB shows us some life.
Would agree with him that's the top 4 for sure. But I would flip #3 & #4. Not that it really matters, but #11 beating #3 at home (something that hasn't been done in 5 years) by double digits is a bigger win than #8 beating #5 at a neutral site. But regardless, that top 4 may very well be how it looks at the end of the season. Michigan looks really good
Oh don't worry. Tennessee will be there next week. And it is going to be fun to watch the looks on the faces of the jort people when Tennessee runs up the score just for fun.
This definitely seems to be the swan song for the Bama dynasty. Saban looks tired, frustrated, almost compassionately sad on the sidelines. He sounded emotional in the post-game presser. Nothing lasts forever. The same will happen to Kirby at Georgia - it is just a matter of time. What Saban has done at Bama is the most remarkable coaching run in college history. He may even win it all one more time before he takes the name plate off of the office door. But college football has caught up with Alabama. 2022 and now this season appears to be the most undisciplined and penalized teams I've ever seen under Saban. That jump on 3rd down to seal the game for Texas was really the dagger in Saban's eye. It is a statement made that his team's unforced error officially sealed the victory for Texas. That said - Bama still has as much of a shot as anyone does. 0-0 in the SEC. West is wide open.
Honestly, Beck did well enough yesterday on his first outing but consistently threw it behind his receivers. That could be first game jitters, it could also be a new crew trying to get comfortable with a new QB and a new OC. Georgia, with its easy schedule this season, does not need heroics out of Beck in order to have a shot to repeat. They need consistency, accuracy, and someone who isn't trying to force the ball and make a play when it is not there. He looked solid yesterday. Not otherworldly, but solid. His backups looked good too.
Nope. I just don't see a TE ever getting the Heisman, no matter how otherworldly he may be.
How on earth do you not have Shedeur Sanders on that list? He puts up video game numbers yesterday and he doesn't make your top 10 but "others to watch?" Bo Nix ahead of Sanders is a joke.
Hoping the best for Hooker. He was a class act for Tennessee. It was horrific to see that kind of injury happen to him. Hope he heals up and makes an impact in the pros.
thadec, Maybe. But most likely, is is not that easy. James Coley had immense talent when he was running point on offense at UGA, and his offense was nowhere near as dynamic. Jim Chaney had immense talent and his offense was boring and predictable. Going back to the Richt years, look at the absurd talent UGA had on offense during his tenure and the offenses run by Neil Callaway & Mike Bobo were one dimensional compared to what Monken is running. Sometimes, it really is the man that makes the difference.
It might happen. Monken has moved around plenty in his career, has recently turned down lucrative offers for other OC positions and has turned down HC interview requests. He does not appear to want to break away from the OC world where he can solely focus on his "first love," which is scoring points. (His own words). He has a generational thing going at UGA right now with raises almost every season because of his reaching new heights. So why ruin a good thing? He might bolt, but I'm wagering on him being in Athens for a bit yet.
You're not allowed to think like that. That's dangerous thought
The MVP trophy should have gone to Kirby Smart for his time out. That was the stuff of legends. Elite coaching.
The game is 60 minutes long. Ohio State had their many opportunities. Georgia did what champions do, just keep clawing, fighting, seizing the critical moments to make the plays that need to be made. OSU was a supremely talented team, no question about it. So is Georgia. One of the worst fundamental performances I've seen out of this team in well over 3 years. It is dumbfounding that it didn't cost us the game. As a UGA fan that has been on the OSU side of the close game heart break too many times to count, I don't know how to act being on the winning side of the heart break. Amazing. One of the best games I've ever seen. I thought nothing could top the 2017 Rose Bowl. This one might just have done it
Thanks man. For some reason just reading your post back to me helped. Just knowing others out there feel the same way
This has saddened me all day. Love Coach Leach. He is absolutely a national treasure. His “aww shucks” self deprecating humor was a thin veil over a monster intellect, knowledge, and wit that is second to none. He made football fun, the SEC that much more special, and things just won’t be the same without him. I pray for a full recovery. We are all State fans tonight
TideNation88 - use the Brave browser. I haven't seen a single ad on SDS in about a year after switching.
Agreed. This article is nothing but gaslighting. There is no serious conversation about Alabama getting in.
Michigan at 1 and Georgia at 2? Oh this is going to be fun.
Next week we're going to see them introduce French's Mustard bottle yellow helmets
I read Gator forums just to get see what the fans are saying. They're not all-in on this hire. There have been articles written telling Florida fans to settle down and give him time. What was it, last week, one of your journalists after Napier's press conference was caught on a hot mic saying he'll be there longer than Billy Napier will?
Agreed, this is definitely a risk they run if they hire him. There's going to be a significant portion of the fan base that becomes immediately impatient and calls it a bad hire - and then the pressure builds. Kind of like what's happening to Napier.