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I hear that Dan Mullen is looking for a job. Maybe he can join the dream staff at LSU as OC?
Good for Stoops and good for Kentucky. He’s earned every penny of that extension and it’s nice to see him rewarded for what he’s done and what he’s doing in Lexington.
Napier will be a great hire for Florida. At minimum, he'll make our job at UGA harder in recruiting the State of Florida. Surprised LSWho let him get away.
Oh yeah Corch. I sure remember it. Ohio State was thee team. Georgia doesn't want to face OSU. No sir. They were the new #1. They had the more impressive season, stronger victories and deserved to be #1. I remember. I remember clearly.
Yeah no question about that. LSU has had weeks to cherry pick who it wants to lead the program. When you're a program like LSU, you get the pick of the litter. If they lose their choice to someone else, then it is an abysmal failure on part of their AD.
One thing I'm absolutely overreacting to: Last week's Overreacting prediction from Chris Wright that Ohio State was Georgia's dream crusher.
He didn't say "I'm not interested in the job." While I don't see Stoops bolting from UK, I do think he left that door open. "Planning" on being there is a far cry from "I'm not interested in the job." And I agree with other UK fans I've seen post - Stoops is no one's "fall back" plan. He is a very capable head coach and if he's hired, it is because they absolutely believe they can win with him because of what he brings to their program.
Yeah, I expect to see an announcement from both teams today or tomorrow as to who they're going to hire. Napier would be wise to take the LSU gig over the absolute smoldering dumpster fire going on in Gainesville right now. The LSU program is far more intact than FU's is, and the 2022 recruiting class right now gives him a whole lot more to work with right out of the gate.
Really? Well they want - as in really really want - Jimbo. That doesn't seem to be happening. This isn't a great year for marquee hires or epic steals at the head coach position. Billy Napier would be a great hire, as close to home run as it can get this season.
You will. If not a head coaching gig, most certainly as a position coach or a coordinator. Coach O is a good coach, and the SEC tends to recycle its own. Someone is going to give him a shot to get back on the sidelines. May not be this coming season, or maybe it is. But at some point, you'll see him again.
Totally agree. That guy's blood ain't red, it's purple & gold. There was never a better fit for the personality of LSU and its fans than Coach O.
Yeah somewhere around there. He'll be fine, he'll land on his feet. I also think you'll see him at the helm of another SEC program when the time is right. The SEC is the league of second chances, so I have no doubt Coach O will be back in due time. He's definitely a good coach, and LSU may learn the lesson that the grass ain't always greener on the other side of the fence.
Thie guy was pure LSU. He got a raw deal if you ask me. Great job LSU on that incredible win. What a way to end the season.
Congrats Ole Miss on a 10 win season. That's a major accomplishment in the SEC. They don't give 10 wins away.
What are you even talking about? This has nothing to do with UGA.
TideInATL, Saban is not used to fielding criticism. This it the most undisciplined team I've seen Saban field in well over a decade. This lashing out he's doing in his little 2 minute screed is to try and back the pressure off a bit. The issue at hand is that for the first time in, well probably ever, I'm seeing Bama play down to the competition consistently. And I'm not saying Arkansas isn't a good team because they absolutely are and have a bright future. But Bama on recruiting alone should have dominated that game. You're a realistic fan. No one expects a team can just win championships every single year as there are so many variables in a championship run that have to align. But you expect the Bama standard and the on-field product to reflect 'the process.' Clearly that's not happening this year.
Maybe Saban can give Jeremy Pruitt his second chance (its coming, somewhere, sometime soon) and bring him back as DC.
Further to my point above - this is the same Nick Saban, who after Bama blows out an opponent - goes to the sideline to tell the sports babe how he's not happy with his team's performance and how they have to get better. He created this monster. Now he's unhappy with fans for expecting it. Just stop it. Please. Spare us the drama.
Sounds like Nick is prepping his fanbase for a big let down at the end of the year. That rant is one step away from talking about moral victories. This is a different Saban from the 2012-2017 Saban where nothing short of dominance and excellence was acceptable. Well Nick, you've conditioned his fanbase to have the exact same expectations, so don't get butt hurt when your fans are holding you to the same standard you set at Alabama. When is the last time you heard Saban lecturing the fan base about feeling sorry for the burden the student-athlete bears? Nick is getting a little soft in his old age.
@EllisShoe... so which National Championship coaches are looking for a job? Who do you think LSU could lure away? If your bar is set by coaches that have won nattys, you're fishing in a shallow talent pool. I guess you could always call up Les Miles? I hear he's not in high demand right now.
I can't believe FU was even interested in Stoops. would have loved to see Big Game Bob take the reigns in Cesspoolville. That would have been great for UGA. Now, if FU lures Mark Stoops away, that could be a different story. I would be concerned with that Stoops taking over.
The handwriting was on the wall for all to see for quite a while now. I'm gonna miss Cousin Eddie. This had to happen. Obviously.
The CFP committee isn't looking purely at "what have you done for me lately," they're analyzing the entire body of work. UGA's speaks for itself. So does Ohio State's. No way does a one loss Big 10 team outranked an undefeated SEC team this late in the season. And yes, a 1 loss UGA to Bama still puts them in the playoffs.
In no world is a 1-loss Big 10 team with 1 marquee victory and a struggle victory going to outrank an undefeated SEC team this late in the season with multiple ranked wins. Remember, the CFP committee isn't looking purely at "what have you done for me lately," they're analyzing the entire body of work. UGA's speaks for itself. So does Ohio State's. And yes, a 1 loss UGA to Bama still puts them in the playoffs.
secFAN497.. You got it. 100%. You are 100% spot on sir. But apparently, our Texas fan on here expects you to articulate a long response analyzing why this article is so bad. You saw it as clear as day, probably before two sips of your coffee were taken.
I agree. For the same reason why I'm not setting off fireworks over Ohio State's season, I say the same thing about Cincinnati. The have 1 marquee win and a ton of wins over programs who struggle to have a .500 season. If the CFP seeds them 4, it's a sympathy seeding and purely a marketing move to try to show impartiality that a non-Power 5 theoretically can get in. The CFP committee year-in and year-out talks about considering the "entire body of work." Fine, let's consider it. And if we're being honest, Cincy's body of work against the conference they play in is impressive. The only thing that is pushing them in the picture is that Notre Dame win. So I ask this....if you remove Notre Dame, and replace it with say, Georgia Tech, is Cincinnati still in the playoff picture? No. So, that leaves this: does 1 big win equal a playoff consideration? I don't think so.
I just don't see Lane leaving Ole Miss, not for Florida. He'd be pushing a massive reset button and inheriting a team, its image, and its brand identity that has to be rebuilt from the ground up. He's building something in Oxford that is at least 3-5 years ahead of where Florida is right now. Florida isn't even a lateral move right now. Its a big step down, and that's not bashing Florida, that's just reality. If it's purely about money, LSU is in a much better position to throw big bucks at Lane, and in a much better position with recruiting than Florida is.