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He's a good athlete but he's not got the intelligence of the previous lead linebackers. He can't read the offense and anticipate plays. It's kind of a theme with some Alabama players (i.e. Trent Richardson). They're so athletically dominant that they make it look easy, but it doesn't translate at the next level when their decision-making skills are lacking.
The actual quote never said anything about LSU, and the question that was asked to elicit that response wasn't stated. That was added into the headline by the author. Gotta get those clicks, I guess
I graduated with JK Scott last December and he got a similar response. Ithink everyone knew it might be decades before we get another kicker worth a standing O
Maybe I'm reading some context he didn't intend, but I thought the '11th man' comment was in reference to the crowd filling the gap left by Devin White in the first half.
Doesn't matter who holds, the ball's not going through the uprights
Payne didn't return an interception for a touchdown, Wilson did.
The entire student section was chanting 'Da-bo' for a couple of minutes. Didn't hear a single boo. It was pretty awesome
That's true, but I think what he's saying is that we'll never know how good the full, healthy team would've been, so we can't really use it as a measuring stick.
6'7", 268 yards... longest quarterback ever
So I have to ask, do y'all really think that was a hail Mary, or was it just a really precise throw by Franks? I mean, he hit the receiver perfectly in stride, led him to the end zone. If that was just a great pass, then he's not getting enough credit for it.
I figured so, but if he legitimately thought that Georgia was above everyone, I would've wanted some elaboration
Did you intentionally say that Georgia has the most talent in the SEC (with nobody terribly close), or did you mean to say "in the SEC East"?
Lane Kiffin was actually a pretty key component to those 3 SEC Championships and 1 National Championship. When Blake Sims and Jake Coker lead you to the playoffs, you know the offense was set up in a way they could thrive. That was Lane
Also, in the context of this sentence, 'than' is a conjunction rather than a proposition. There's a Schoolhouse Rock video if you need more explanation.
Or perhaps he was just quoting the exact word used in the article, and referring to it as used in an understated manner.
They failed to mention that he also had a touchdown-saving tackle off of a fumble. In a point game, that's huge
But the philosopher's stone was destroyed after Nicholas Flamel got his affairs in order. Alabama fans can be nerds, too.
While that's true, the very first rule of journalism is to check your sources. 'He said, she said' are just rumors, not facts that should be reported on.
They will be vulgar regardless, but the problem is the entirety of the student section screaming the phrase in question in unison at the top of their lungs, and it being heard on national TV and by all the boosters in the stands. It doesn't reflect very well
It's because the entire student section yells 'f---auburn' during the chorus and is heard on national broadcasts. The word Dixie has nothing to do with it
Maybe they'll get expelled too. The entire campus is plagued with these out-of-state bandwagon frat guys that are only around when we're winning. UA would be better off without them
I feel pretty confident that he was insulting the integrity of modern journalism, not vouching for the reliability of Tom Arnold's word
This from the guy who saw Roseanne and thought "I need to put a ring on that"?
I just want to email the guy back to say: drivel* - If you're going to insult someone's intelligence, at least use the right words.