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Commit to the G, young man!
As optimistic and confident as I am about Chubb's return in '16, there's still a lot of unknown. If Chubb hadn't been injured I think there's a high chance he would have out-rushed Fournette last year. That being said, nothing but respect for Fournette. Hell of a player and a class act.
Yeah, I haven't stopped by here in a while, seems there's always at least one troll with a computer set up in their mothers basement.
I'm good with Ramsey moving to punter full-time haha. I would be less worried about Lambert if I knew the run game was at full strength and he didn't have to pass a lot. I don't know anything about Bentley but I think ya'll have a good dual-threat QB in McIlwain. Kid will be hard to defend.
Hoping for players to get injured. What a class act.
Meh, I don't think Dooley and Smart are comparable as far as the "Saban disciple" discussion goes...granted, I see the point that's trying to be made. The relationship between Smart and Saban was closer than he and Dooley in my opinion. Doesn't guarantee Kirby will be a successful HC, but if recruiting is any indication, the odds are highly in his favor.
I wouldn't be totally surprised if he got the nod to start the UNC game after fall practices...and that's more a statement of how inconsistent Lambert and Ramsey are than anything. He's going to be a star in 2016, Dawg Nation just needs to prepare for him to have some hiccups early on.
I really hope you were trying to come across as sarcastic, mike g.
Well, the kid committed to Michigan. Not a whole lot you can do to convince a kid that has his mind made up that he would rather head north rather than play in the SEC. In all fairness, I think UGA is doing pretty good at getting in-state talent so far this cycle.
Can't stand him when he's in that SC jersey but I hate that he's facing a potentially career ending injury. Hope he makes a full recovery and gets his shot in the league.
Honestly, Godwin would have been my pick here with McKenzie a close 2nd, mainly because we saw Godwin @ QB, WR and in ST's. I agree with you on Mecole, though. That kid is going to be a lethal weapon on both sides of the ball!
Yeah, I'm not concerned with receivers either. Plus we'll have a killer TE game. Like you, I worry about the O-line and D-line. Both units could be very good, but it's still a question mark. The only 3 losses on our schedule (that I see) are Ole Miss, UT and UF...I'm going to be really happy if the Dawgs only drop one of those games.
Not saying I know, just feel optimistic it is. He managed to keep a good class together this year and is working on an even better one for 2017 so the talent will keep coming. His coaching ability is unknown, but he couldn't have spent the years he did with Saban without learning something.
App St pulled a horseshoe from their a$$ in that one haha. I didn't watch that game but I was laughing my tail off when they showed the highlights.
^I knew it wouldn't take long for a hillbilly joke to get dropped haha!
Okay, I have to admit, #10 is funny. There were some good times under Richt but I feel good about the direction the program seems to be going under Smart, so...bye Felicia.
Haha! Got to hand it to you, that was funny. And they're probably about the same age.
Haha so I'm ugly now. UGA will be bringing it to Columbia. Get ready.
Ya'll did a hell of a job developing players under Pinkel, I won't argue that. Question is, can the current staff continue that trend.
Nah, that chicken will be rotisserie by the end of that game.