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Did you watch the Muss team get butchered by Tennessee? LOL
I agree. Muss has not won a championship and Pittman never will. I mean credit to him for putting out the dumpster fire but Arkansas is still just a mediocre team at best.
Arkansas? LOL LOL LOL HA HA HA HA. That's hilarious. The Hogs will do what they always do which isn't much!
You're just another delusional homer wishing for a 10 win season and a Heisman candidate. Won't get that with Pittman or at Arkansas. He has a 19-17 record in 3 seasons that doesn't scream success and I've forgotten more about Arkansas football than you will ever know!
Pittman is a likable guy for sure but they don’t keep Saban at Bama because he’s a nice and likable guy! Pittman just isn’t a winner and He has the deck stacked against him because Arkansas doesn’t get top recruits and doesn’t have top coaches. Year 4 shouldn’t be a rebuilding year. No Surprise the U of A didn’t reach out to Kingsbury for OC. Not that he’d even consider it but what would it hurt? It is Arkansas.
@Dale, I'm born and raised in Arkansas and the Hogs are overrated and overhyped every single year. Other than the Petrino era they're a mediocre team at best. Always have been and always will be. The worst part, THE FANS!!! Delusional, ignorant and always crying about something. Arkansas has been in the SEC for 32 seasons and out of those 32 only 12 of those are 8+ win seasons. I could do this all day but I have better things to do. OH! and I live in this state and have to hear this Razorback garbage on the regular so I can say anything I want!! The Hogs just Aren't good!
He never won more than 8 games as the OC at Arkansas. Good Luck!
He never won more than 8 games as OC at Arkansas. Good Luck!
TCU is a huge step up for Briles. He will have the athletes to be successful. Pittman showing his inexperience hiring Enos. After several players and staff leaving, next season looks rough. Year 4 isn't supposed to be a rebuilding year.
Pittman is in trouble. Year 4 should not be a rebuilding year. After countless players and staff leaving, next season looks rough.
I'd say Bama made the statement winning by 15 in Arkansas.
Of course it's the Refs fault!!!! Arkansas fans have to always blame someone or something to validate losing. The SEC as a whole is good this year and the Hogs are just a decent team. PERIOD!!! The officiating has always been bad and it's not likely to change.
Oh! I guess I forgot that beating Bama once in 17 years makes Tennessee a powerhouse above the Tide. You lost all credibility when you put Arkansas in the same "tier" as you worded as Bama!
Comparing Tennessee to Bama is not only comical but foolish! You're right, Bama did take a step back by not making the playoff but Bamas step back is winning 10 games and I think other teams would be happy with that. Bama is still the Gold Standard in the SEC and College football. LSU hit a homerun with Kelly and are on track but Ole Miss and Arkansas will always be a middle of the pack. Especially Arkansas! The only team you mentioned that has caught up to Bama is Georgia. I'm not a Tide fan but I'm a Saban fan and Kirby although, a great coach still isn't on Sabans level. Kirby needs about 5 more National Titles.
What Kirby has done at Georgia is remarkable but it doesn't compare to Saban and Bama!!! The SEC has become Alabama & Georgia and everyone else.
Exactly!! If Arkansas finishes 6-6 next season, fans need to consider that a successful season.
A lot of Players leaving with a partly new coaching staff is cause for concern going into next season is it not? I mean, Pittman “rebuilding” in year 4 isn’t promising at all and problematic.
I bet you thought Arkansas would finish 3rd in the West this season also huh? Arkansas will be fielding a pretty much a new team next season with a partly new coaching staff. Look for another 6-6 to 7-5 season.
Arkansas has been in the SEC for 32 seasons and out of those 32 they’ve had 12 seasons with 8 or more wins! That’s not even 500. They’ve been to 17 bowl games a they're 7-10 and that’s also not winning record. Arkansas hasn’t been relevant since the Petrino era. It doesn’t matter if you lose by 1 point or 50 points, a loss is a loss but moral victories only exist in Arkansas. The hogs are behind on NIL and Arkansas being one of the poorest states in the country (4th) even with Tyson, Walmart, Stephens and Lindsey management. That doesn’t look to change anytime soon. Fans just need to face the fact that Arkansas has always been a middle of the pack to less than mediocre team. Once Texas and Oklahoma join, it’ll just get worse for Arkansas. Especially when it comes to recruiting. NIL is the new face of college football and much like on the field, Arkansas just can’t keep up!!
I guess He's chasing that championship! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. lol
Arkansas fans are hilarious aren't they? A&M is a far superior program.
The last time Arkansas was relevant was the Petrino era! Petrino is an offensive genius, hence Jimbo hiring him at A&M as the OC. First off, It's You're*. You're a clown and the circus is in Fayetteville and the biggest clown is Pittman. Typical Hog fan spewing insults.
If Pittman was smart, which He isn't, He would've fired Briles and gone after Petrino. Regardless, not a huge loss for Arkansas or a big gain for another team.
Oh I know! It's just getting worse but fans would have you believe that these players were not major contributors or starters and that they have better players coming in to replace them. That's simply not true. Looks to be a rough year for Arkansas next season.
So would I but they’re in the playoff, some teams will never know. Like Arkansas ??‍♂️
something is wrong internally that nobody is talking about or it hasn’t come out yet. All these players that were major contributors leaving is not only worrisome but odd.