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I would think he'd be more interested in development for the pros than a national championship. If so, LSU whiffs again and maybe he goes to Duke, whose academics ain't too shabby either.
We should withhold judgement until the judicial process plays out. LSU will pay the price if the allegations are true.
Maybe he was just in town to pick up his furniture from Big Lots. I was a student once and my particle board and cinder block entertainment center followed me for five years.
Mr. Lincoln wouldn't want to be associated with the Lincoln Project.
I was going to read this post but decided to knock out War and Peace to save time.
You remind me of Barney Fife. Often wrong, but never in doubt. Your opinion clearly is you.
I don't get it. Unless Corey just doesn't want it, he has paid his dues and is the ultimate loyal Tiger.
Other than being a blow hard, what has your personal contribution to Alabama football been?
Well, I guess the foreign trolls against Trump have stretched their divisive propoganda tentacles and infiltrated our sports pages too. You're making it way too obvious Hop Sing. Sit down, chill, and and eat some Kung Poa.
LSU fans know how valuable Corey Raymond is. We became known as DBU largely through his efforts. We bleed Corey Raymond as much as he bleeds purple and gold.
But is he being passed up for a promotion every year or is it his choice? The man should be promoted to Asst Defensive Coordinator.
*We’ve got a lot of people who contribute to that process and it’s worked well for us in the past." Sorry, but boosters came to mind on that one. Not that I'm casting dispersions.
I've never had an oatmeal cream pie. Must be missing something.
You should take a read at the Deadspin reporter's take on it. He claims O doesn't care about much of anything or anybody. As is typical of a reporter trying to get out in front of a story, before the ink dried on the USA report, he threw O under the bus with a trifecta of accusations. A quote from Captain Phillips: "If you haven’t realized by now, Orgeron doesn’t care about the safety of women, systemic racism, or police brutality. He could care less about COVID-19, too." What a douche.
A proven cheater with no moral compass. Perfect. I guess there has to be a body count these days to get expelled from a conference.