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Watched some of that replay last week. Still hurts when you realize how close we came to making it a lot more than 40 years. Several players on defense screwed up on that one play.
Except you're leaving the part out where the schools would be going against the advice of their own medical team opinions
A lawsuit would fail in the case that the schools didn't have a season and a player gets the virus. But if schools choose to ignore the advice of their medical experts and go forward with sports seasons, the lawsuit that follows a death would probably win astronomical amounts. The schools would be taking a life or death gamble against the advice of their medical personnel's opinions.
Just picked up the commitment of his 5* teammate. Now if we could just have games again
It takes good players, good coaching, and some lucky breaks along the way to win titles. Im not one to put too much stock in 16-17 year old kids and their evaluations. Besides, by the time we play another football game in the Fall of 2021, who knows what all will have transpired.
Unless we want to act like the pups, it really doesn't mean that much. Win a title and then I'm impressed. Win a recruiting title....not so much
You are 100% correct LSUSMC, the SEC was even waiting to see how everyone else handled their games by pushing the start way back. They will simply follow the lead of the others.
It appears everything is going to look a whole lot different on the other side. I'm not sure our current form of government can hold up under another year of this crap. The question is was this all a set up to get to the one world government that some want? Me personally, I just want some Gator sports to cheer for again.
when the big 10 cancels,unfortunately the rest will follow :(
Throw in the fact that stadiums are going to be limited to 20-30% capacity and it makes more sense. There isn't going to be a cfb season for anyone im afraid.
I stated earlier that the SEC pushing the start date so far back was a bad sign. If any P5 conference cancels, the rest will follow.
Quote from the espn article "uga will only play 3 teams ranked in the preseason". Figured i would just run with that
Gator fans aren't mad about these games. Even though UGly now has an "easier" schedule
That qas supposed to say Bama and UGa
Before I worry about the recruiting, I want to see UF with facilities equal to Bama and USA. If we struggle then, and don't win SEC titles, I will worry. Until then, I just pray we actually get to have a 2020 season.
Nashville, I think the point about money for firing might be the best. Programs are going to take a huge hit on gate revenues this year. Who knows how this stupid pandemic is going to effect donations. I think coaches on the bubble will catch a break. Muschamp's problem is he might not even get on the bubble if he goes 3-7
Maybe instead of making fun of Trump, you could tell is all which politician in Washington we should vote for and believe. That way we can decide for ourselves how much stock to put into your posts.
Unless he was being held back by Coach White, he runs an offense way too slow for Pearl. Most Gator fans are ready to see a faster tempo on offense. Now we get to see if its coaching or the players running the offense.
Thats a lot of free college education if hes actually been taking classes the entire time. Hope he made wise use of all that class time.
If baseball was included I like the UF coaches even more. O'Sullivan is the most successful baseball coach in the Gators history.
And the funny thing was Miami fans thought they had stolen the next great OC. It's a lot easier to look like a great coach when you have the most talented team on the field almost every game. There might be a simple reason that none of Saban's ex assistants have beaten him. Have any faced him with a more talented team yet?
One run in only 4.39 seconds just assured he made the right decision in skipping his sr year. He's about to make a lot of money on signing day.
Actually they can sign in December of this year, but you are still spot on that 9 months is a long time for kids that are 16-18 years old.
And one player that could end up being the most important, if he can stay healthy, is Toney. When he's healthy he is almost always the best athlete on the field. Some plays he makes seem almost comical watching the defenders. If he can stay healthy, he will make a lot of money after next season.
While I think Kirby shouldn't be more than a 1, it's a completely naive statement to think he wouldn't ever leave for the NFL. All football coaches worth anything aspire to coach the best. The NFL has the best athletes, the most money, and the coaches dont have to beg 16 year old kids to come to their team.
Dont forget scholarships are actually only for 1 year. Although they are almost always renewed yearly by the schools. They only count against the 85 limit when they are active with the team. With the transfer portal now being a huge part of cfb, you can expect to see lots more 1-2 year players with a school. 3 out of the 4 players invited to NY for the Heisman were transfers....its not going away now
We can all guess from your screen name that you're not interested in a traditional man/woman marriage.