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Fans of all schools, including our Gators, seem to only really know about assistant coaches that have been at "their school". If you really believe in the new coach, just trust he will hire the staff he trusts to do their job. I believe Napier will put the right guys in place.
Sounds like a guy that has a plan that he has been putting together for years. Here's hoping he can get the Gators to being consistently competitive for titles.
New coaches won't be part of the bowl. First glimpse of the new team will be spring practice.
I actually think they will make it: 1:Michigan 2:Alabama 3:Cincinnati 4:UGag
Are you under 30? Calling something that started 30 years ago antiquated shows your age. If you think conference championships need to be eliminated, why have conferences at all? Just for regular season scheduling purposes?
Oregon beat Ohio State in the Shoe like a drum. They must not be too weak in the Pac 12
"These rematches". So that one rematch has messed up the entire CFP? Peak Stupidity
As a Kelly aged person, I would definitely chosen Napier over Kelly. I would take Riley over Napier based off of P5 experience, but his decision to move to CA tells me he wasn't looking to play 8-10 sec games a year. And I am completely satisfied with Napier. But like all new hires, only time will tell ifvhe can do the job.
Well if LSU couldn't get Riley, why would he have come to UF? It's being reported that Kelly reached out to UF and they said no thanks. It appears Napier is the guy they wanted. Right or wrong, only time will tell.
GatorPhil is like most other "fans" that I see commenting on hires at other schools. It's ok to think there is more than one really good coach. I think Kelly will be successful at LSU, he's been good every where he coached. I believe Riley will be good at USC. All the sec homers that spout he's scared won't admit that USC may possibly be the best job west of the Mississippi river.
ND changed course on a coach that lied about a degree on a resume. You really believe they're going to hire Meyer now with all the dark clouds hanging over him? I say no chance.
It didn't say "best first year transfer", so I would think anyone that transferred from another program was eligible. Bigger question is why would anyone care?
Well now the rumors are Woodward is targeting Brian Kelly. After the bashing of him on this site a couple weeks ago, that hire will be great for SDS :)
I'm headed to the betting window with this inside information from Phil. Breaking news that the folks in Oklahoma haven't heard yet :)
First, the Gators didn't spit out Charlie Strong. He was never more than an interim head coach at UF. If a potential head coach is overly concerned that he can't be successful in the SEC by year 4, he probably shouldn't be in the SEC anyway. Most coaches that have been fired in 4 years or less have had more issues that you could point to instead of just wins/losses.
That was the rumor that was spread years ago. Supposedly they got into an argument over Dabo changing too many play calls during the games.
You're exactly right about seeing progress. Anyone could see that Mullen was trending the wrong direction on a lot more than wins & losses. Time will tell if Napier can have sustained success. There is almost no guarantee in hiring a coach. It's going to be fun comparing UF & LSU over the next few years.
Ok Tiger fans, how much of this uncertainty is because of the pending ncaa investigation? And how much is it the AD thinking he can get whomever he goes after?
It's not just Gator fans, he runs a close race with Mullen & Kiffin for being misspelled.
If you haven't seen the Mac 2.0 comments you obviously aren't on any social media platforms. Our fans are harsh and I knew no matter whom we hired there will be negative comments (sadly more from Gator fans than others).
I don't think the Gators are going to be bowl eligible after Saturday.
It seems like most UF writers are doing the same. Napier is probably as safe a hire as anyone can guess currently.
But if you point out the bad, what about guys like Saban, Dabo, Kirby, etc, that make generational money in a couple years, but continue to work hard and strive for excellence. Much like business owners that are worth millions, but still work hard everyday. The money only brings out lazy in the ones that are not really driven.
He actually blamed the coaches top if you listened to the press conference. But I'm guessing your personality will always find the negative you're looking for.
You may be the most miserable person that has ever posted on SDS, and that's quite the accomplishment. I bet you're a blast at parties.