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You don't think Derek Mason will give him as good of coaching as Bo Poleni would? Thats cute
I understand when they are currently scheduled to play, but this could change that game. Im hoping it still gets played on the 12th, but I wouldn't be surprised by anything in 2020
I'm guessing they try to reschedule as many divisional games as possible. Does that mean UF/LSU gets left off this year?
Serious question: how old are you? Do you remember when UT fans wanted to change the SECCG to the 2 best teams so that they could get a chance to play in it? Seriously, the SEC east dominated in the first 10-15 years after divisions were formed. Take out Saban and his incredible run, and then we will probably have a better chance of parity
I wonder with Dooley & Andreu both retiring next week from the Gainesville Sun, who they will get to cover the Gators locally. Maybe Neil will be the new gatorsports guy
I still think UF is a couple years away from having a national championship team, but it sure is fun to see a well coached team playing again.
He might be in the wrong profession if he doesn't want fans questioning his tactics. Maybe librarian would have been a better profession for him
Well hell, yall are arguing over "HIPPA" and there is no such thing. Its actually "HIPAA", so if you're claiming to know all about it, at least know what it is.
You're memory might be tainted a little orange & blue. Bobby Pruitt left UF after the 95 season to become the head coach at Marshal. They went 15-0 his first year and won a national title. Spurrier definitely got lucky with his next DC though. Go Gators
Not sure if you're talking about the players or coaches, or both, but I don't think Mullen is ever completely satisfied. You can see him coaching Trask on the sidelines even after a successful play. As for the defense, I just hope they can hold other teams in the 20s. After the season is over they can address coaching changes.
Or maybe he transferred away from Bama because he didn't like Saban's standards either? Transferring twice seems like he doesn't have a lot of commitment
UF was missing 3 starting O-linemen in the 2nd half against UGa. Seems like they were able to hold their own. Thats definitely building depth
Do you have any other brilliant information. Im sure no one else realized a 2 loss team had no chance of making the CFP :)
Not gonna lie. I had to look it up. So the Coastal Carolina coach for 2 years is supposed to be a can't miss hire
He doesn't have the authority to stop a school from hiring someone. And black balling someone would actually be against the law. He can strongly recommend they not hire someone....and the sec or the ncaa can place "show cause" on hires. See Bruce Pearl as an example
Only 3 sec games on Saturday, and 2 of them are on at basically the same time. It will stink not being able to watch Muschamp get beat by Kiffin.
That thought sends chills. If Franks had transferred to GA, and led them to a NC, most of us Gator fans would have had to abandon this site. He would easily be the best qb on the roster if he was at GA now. And that offense would be a great fit for him. And all Gator fans would unite to hate him :)
Due to covid restrictions, nobody knows if UGa has a coach currently on staff that can truly develop a qb. A great qb coach would have someone ready to play, even if it had to be Beck
The only thing UGa can't do is let UF beat them twice. Two years ago the players and coaches for UF were flat the week after losing to GA and let that GA game beat them again.
You obviously don't read the novels posted on here by Negan. He has told anyone that will listen since he was declared eligible that Daniels was a phenomenal qb. I wagered hundreds of dollars on him being all sec after reading the comments. Im filing a lawsuit against Negan now for the bad information :) us one more time about that friggin talent gap. There is no way 5-6 players being swapped out could let those 3* bums beat ya!! On second thought, you and Negan need to get a room and stfu!!
As much as it pains me, Mullen hasn't proven he can take his offense and beat an elite defense. Even with a couple injuries, UGa is still an elite D. Hope this is the time Mullen finally puts it all together.
Well I guess that makes it official...the Gators will win :)
Don't listen to your model, she's just hired for being skinny and looking good
By this time of the season, especially with this covid crap, it would be shocking if there wasn't 15 players listed as questionable or out
Tell me the name of the "9 important starters" that won't play against UF. If they play and UF wins, we all expect the excuses to go away. When UF fans complained about a couple defensive backs being out a couple years ago, you constantly yapped about the great depth UGa had that would prevent those type issues. Now you're making excuses before kickoff.
Because stupidly, the 3:30 CBS game is the prime slot most weeks. Should change soon with their contract expiring.
Until UF & Mullen win against UGA, all the pressure will be on them. I honestly believe that Grantham's future at UF may be decided this week. And as much as I want to beat the pups, Grantham moving on will never hurt my feelings.