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Until you change your name that was wrong, nobody can take your racist posts serious. Move along
guess he should have had some coed accuse him of rape, then Coach Onwould have looked away
Does LSU suspend players for failing drug tests? Or do they ignore them like rape accusations?
On an article about great seasons in the top 2 money making sports, maybe you should have just left your comment in your head :)
Evidently no one ever told you, but sports is nothing but entertainment for the masses. Would we really see people making these outrageous amounts of money in any other field? Don't hate the players, hate the game :)
Unless I'm mistaken, all the penalties have already been handed down, with the worst of them already served. It was strange that most of the penalties were announced after they had already been served. You are correct in that most of the questions concern the offense...but most of us old Gators want to know if our defense can get back to respectable
You might not be the dumbest person on the planet, but you better hope they don't die.
Special teams coach is perfect for the Zooker. He is a great motivator, just not head coach material.
Yep, the cancel culture wins again. The amount of people that have had their lives destroyed by allegations is crazy. The court of public opinion doesn't need proof to convict someone.
Meyer is far from a saint, but has been extremely successful on the field as a coach every where he has been. I would bet money he gets Jax into the playoffs within 3 years. After that he may quit at any time. He obviously doesn't need the money anymore.
I agree unless you consider pitching to be part of defense. Great pitching and great defense will win a lot of games
Change your name and admit you were wrong again maroon
After that opening game bi**ch slapping from Clempson, you mutts are going to wish you would have just played Samford...
You will probably need to learn his name before you expect to get an apology.
Maybe you should let the younger generation schedule football games. Most schedules are set 10-20 years in advance, with a few open spots filled in as time changes things. Looks like everyone is changing their future schedules to more attractive games for the people buying tickets. That's what happens when attendance continues to decline.
Junkyard, I think most knowledgeable fans understand that Mullen is the real OC for the Gators. Unless you're talking about LSU changing OCs, but Gilbert wanted out prior to that change.
I would rate Coach O as number 1 and Mullen as #2 going into 2021. Both have a decent shot at getting shown the door because of off field issues. Kirby will hold steady as long as he continues to out-recruit everyone except Saban. I wouldnt be surprised if Kiffin leaves Ole Miss after next season if he can get the Rebs to 8-9 wins. Someone with a better chance of winning titles may steal him with a big checkbook.
You're so good with that name you missed on that you gave yourself. Time to admit you were wrong again.
Seems like they haven't been able to sell high school recruits on the program as well as the have guys that have already been on a college campus. If the new penalty free transfer rule passes, signing guys from other college programs is about to become a huge deal.
If an assistant coach isn't looking to get a better position or move up the coaching ladder, he is making a serious mistake in this entertainment industry. Its not like real working jobs. no Jimbo fan, but his ex-wife was a cheating ho. He didn't hurt the family like she did.
UF like most other schools will do exactly what the big donors tell them to do. If Mullen can continue to win at a high pace, he will be given time. If he starts losing 4 games a every year...all of a sudden those quirky ways will lead to a firing.
Dawgb Emmitt was calling everyone in the Country out for being ultra sensitive. Either you're too stupid to know that or.....yea thats it.
Stop with facts...or you will be booted from the dog pound
I wasn't wrong. I said I don't remember any NC TEs from GA in the NFL....younfound one from 41 years ago...woohoo. If you go back you might find another your great grandpa remembered
a mutt that has generations of his relatives that have never watched their team win a NC explaining CFB....priceless