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Life is always about timing. Amazing what the different paths could have been if Stricklin had simply waited another day to make the offer. Gator fans are extremely happy with the path we're on.
One of those has loss at home to a team with a losing record. The other lost to the #1 team. That loss should hurt a team's chance more.
The fact that UVA was the slowest team in the country last year makes me feel better about playing slower, but then I remember they shot the 3 lights out. I've been a big Coach White supporter, but he needs this year to turn into a deep tourney run.
If UGA loses to A&M or GT they are not making it in. If LSU were to get beaten badly in the SECCG I could even see the SEC getting left out completely. Now that would cause an uproar!!
Actually you are wrong again. 5 recruiting classes make up a team. It's easier for UF to raise their overall "star rating" than it is for Bama or Ga currently. But I'm guessing math was never one of your strong suits.
I agree on that call Joe. Trask even ran the ball with a "like really, this is what you want me to do?" mentality on the play
And as the little old lady in the commercial says: "that's not how any of this works"
And unfortunately for SC fans, you have already seen the best of Muschamp. He's a great DC, but he simply isn't a head coach.
I'm fortunate (and old to have been to games at every sec school except MZ. The night games at LSU and Auburn have as great a noise level and atmosphere as any place in the country. The best thing that can happen for an opposing team is to get an early lead and take the crowd down a few notches. After that it's about playing good, disciplined football. BTW...LSU has the best tailgating food of anywhere!!
I think Trask will handle the crowd noise without major problems. What I want to see is if he can be coached up on better ball security in the pocket. What makes him great, also makes him vulnerable to fumbles. He looks downfield when lots of QBs are hearing footsteps.
KS...have you ever lived in the Carolinas? All the acc schools despise each other there. UNC isn't on the same level currently in football as Clemson, but that doesn't stop the hate
I thought the same thing. Or did you watch Miami take the lead in the 4th quarter against UF? And before anyone says Miami isn't good, tell Clemson how easy it is to win against a rival...see UNC. Should be a great game in the Swamp.
I tend to agree with everything you said. I believe the Gators only real shot at winning is if Gus is crazy enough to let Nix throw enough to give up some turnovers. Pound the ball early and then mix in play action and I cant see UF stopping them often enough. The Gator O-line will get killed if they fall behind and cant at least slow the pass rush down. Hope we're wrong.
It's stupid to call a team scared when there is nothing in it for them to play a school. UF would lose revenue by going to play a group of 5 school at a small stadium. Explain the benefit for UF
You cant use conference games when bragging on sos, or even SC has a tougher schedule than GA. The system is rigged to keep the group of 5 schools out of the CFP, and that probably needs to change
I'm sure Trask will start against the Vols, but it will be interesting to see how much playing time Emory gets. From what I've watched of the Vols, it looks like a running qb will cause them huge problems.
You made a little sense up to the part of how no games will be cancelled because of hurricanes. Want to explain how you can guarantee the games when we are currently in the middle of hurricane season? Even with open dates there is nothing promised by mother nature.
Were you even born the last time UGly won a NC?
Forget they played Miami in the "first" game already? Hope both players heal quickly.
Where have you heard that FSU has plenty money? Everything I hear and read says they wont be able to fire Willie no matter what after this season because they cant afford the 20 million buyout and then pay for a new coach. Most of their fans are hoping they will fire him and promote Briles, but I cant see that.
I cant see any reason he would be ruled immediately eligible, but the NCAA has no rhyme or reason for their rulings. Make a rule and then stick to it.
It wouldn't matter when he leaves college if he cant learn personal responsibility. He could easily have ended up being kicked off the team with his actions. Evidently he doesn't realize that ita going to take work to get a career going. Someone will give him another chance, and if he blows that one he will end up throwing a great opportunity away.
10 sacks is an impressive accomplishment no matter the competition. I was also extremely pleased with the defense stopping the run on standard run plays. The direct snaps to a running back looked like plays we had never seen. Add in poor tackling at times and there is plenty room for improvement
As a GA troll you have a hard time competing with the stupid comments here, but did you actually just bring up "rastling"? We may now have a new record for the dumbest post ever. King Retard wins
Hate it for the kid, but everyone knew it was gonna be tough getting him in school. The reality is with 85 schollies, and 5 years of eligibility, teams can only average keeping 17 players a year. Sign 25 top guys next signing day and keep gaining ground on the playing field!
Wrong, they opened the 2017 season against Michigan in TX. The college landscape is changing and it appears everyone is going towards a more attractive schedule. I just hope the 8 team playoff doesn't cause schools to reconsider the better schedules.
I cant imagine anyone that's as young as Cox is that couldn't use a year in Savage's program to add strength. Most guys make strides every year in the weight room.
When will Mizzou find out if they're going to be eligible for the SECCG?
At least we don't have to wait too much longer before we can discuss actual games and get past the stupidity of talking season.