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The W is the only thing that matters now that tourney play started. If they won 15-0, nothing would be different in the next game.
JTF, right or wrong, money has been the driving force in college sports for the last 30+ years
Stop blaming "The NCAA" for lacking a backbone. The school Presidents tell them exactly what to enforce. The schools have been busy stuffing their pockets with money instead of figuring out the future plan.
Due to the large number of teams, only the top 12 make the tournament. Wonder if they will change that with the additional teams joining.
You don't even understand how the portal works, troll. There is a deadline for when a player can enter, but there isn't a deadline for schools signing players that have entered.
A moron that doesn't know about SEC rings I see.
"No endurance"....and I would wager that wolf couldn't catch 9 innings in a little league game to save his life (:
Some of you guys thinking they should just get rid of the portal haven't followed the court rulings closely. The ncaa will lose again if they try to restrict player movement. If any player took the SEC to court, they would probably win too.
Muschamp had plenty time at SC to show his worth, and it was the same results he had at UF. Had he been given 5 more years at UF, nothing would have changed.
Max is the only one that seems like a possibility. Kerwin was fortunate to have an outstanding O line and Shane had a hall of fame coach calling plays...not sure we have either of those currently.
I thought before the game last night that another .500 season was likely, and nothing I saw last night changed that opinion.
I've seen it written numerous times that players can transfer and be eligible this Fall. Are you sure the SEC rule still exists?
Phil has to be a miserable old codger. He is never happy and believes he could do better at everything. When in reality he just needs to change his nasty diaper.
At least when pay for play becomes the standard, we can stop pretending that college football and basketball are about getting a college education. While some kids take advantage of the opportunity, the majority are there tonplay sports and to try to get to the league. And the schools sold out to TV money a long time ago.
And then a lot of drinking, racing and crashing! Too soon?
The kid is a braniac too. Had all the credits need to graduate High school before his Freshman year was over. He and his parents are discussing him reclassifying to either the 23 or 24 class.
17-16, 17-15, 13-10, 19-15. Probably gets a coach fired before his 5th season in the SEC. That's all I meant.
Les,no way we can tell what kind of portal recruiting Golden can do until this round is completed. Everyone thought LSU got the better coach last year and their season was horrible and players are leaving in mass.
Not sure you have a clue what you're talking about. May has been at FAU since 2018, and until this season they haven't done anything special. No Gator fan wanted a Mike White assistant after he left :)
That was the first thing I thought of reading this. Hayes writes over the top articles and is worse than some of the trolls on here with some of his opinions. He leads SDS in articles that are based off the last thing he saw. Completely different view after he watches the next game. :)
It's my understanding that Napier uses the same recruiting tactic that most schools use, and that's assistant coaches recruit an area, not their position players. I wonder how that works sometimes, but Kirby and Saban seem to do pretty well using that system. Still hated losing Colbert.
I don't think they will put an east coast team on the opening night on the late game. But then again its all about how many eyes they can get to tune in.
Should LSU be concerned with their basketball hire after one season? Even our writers seem to have zero patience anymore.
Doc, the guy that wrote the article isn't the person that made the comments. The guy that made the comments is getting paid to give his opinions, and we're on here wasting time giving our opinions for free :)
Ad blockers do nothing for the advertising dollars a site charges. When you click on the site, or any article it simply shows up as a "viewed" and its all they need for advertising information. If I was bothered so much with how a site was ran and didn't like their writers, i wouldn't help them by using their site. Addictions are tough on the weak minded though.
While I agree that there's a lot to playing qb, the position has gone through a lot of change the last few years. Athletic, running qbs are all the rage right now. I personally think the difference will start to show up in much shorter careers for all pro qbs.
A coach has the ultimate power over players in his program. The players have 2 options, either do what the coach says or leave.
When defending a program, always say its the players making bad choices. When trolling a program always claim its a bad culture that the head coach allows. It's the way the SDS comment section works 100% of the time.
Meyer allegedly kicking a guy isn't his lack of morals but you already knew that.
Well this article should make UGa fans hate Matt Hayes......oh wait