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The one and only way to control the NIL legally is to get a players union. Us rednecks in the south hate the word "union", but without everyone involved agreeing to a cap, it will violate federal antitrust laws and never stand up in court. One school can do whatever they want, but if multiple schools work together to control pay, it's illegal.
Well Nutz, you agree with me even if you are too slow to realize it. Capping the amount that coaches or players can make is socialism. Why would anyone support capping players, but not coaches?
Cats, why did the schools have to be greedy and take all the TV money? Tell me what time 3 of KY games are starting this year. Oh, I know the real answer, we have to wait until TV tells us the starting times. Why isn't Stoops happy making $200k a year? Let's cap the coaches salaries.
So every coach can say "player x is a star and makes x amount on an NIL deal. We see you being just as big a star". It's arguing which came first, the chicken or the egg. Just agree the players deserve some of the billions that TV has given to help ruin the sport we all love.
The day the ncaa tells an incoming freshman anything about not making money will be the day the players attorneys file suit and beat em again in court. Until the players agree as a collective group to a payout, the schools will keep getting beat like a redheaded stepchild by attorneys.
This is the equivalent of 2 redneck neighbors standing in the front yard screaming at each other. The entire neighborhood is ashamed, but we all keep watching.
Reading his interview where he stated how much he discussed it with his minister and his wife, that retired in 2021, makes me think he fills its time. Mick has never seemed like a guy that craves the attention. I can see him wanting to go out without a lot of fanfare. Here's hoping he has a long and enjoyable retirement.
Tdow, I know you hate UF, and that's fine. But to think that FSU has anything on Bama is asinine. They are still struggling to get the donations to build a football facility that Jimbo told them they had to have.
2 radio icons retiring in Florida this year. Mick Hubert & Gene Deckerhoff will be hard to replace.
Checked on sds to read about Mick retiring and there is nothing posted. Come on guys, he's been the voice of the Gators for 33 years!
Wasn't there a DL for UGag that was a 3 star just drafted in the first round?
Hey maroon, according to UGA, January 1st, 1983 is the birthday of the internet. And even so, how many NCs does UGa since we were born? Now how many for Gators? But let's pick and choose what years are important. UF wasn't great before they let colored kids play....but that was LONG ago.
Lol, for the first time since the internet was invented, dog fans can write about having a NC. Isn't that cute.
Why does everyone want the coaches and the athletic programs at the schools to be the only parties making money? Do y'all really think the athletic departments are just trying to get these kids an education? If that was the goal, why did they sell out to TV? Why have kids playing 15 football games a season now? It's a business now, that's all.
So only about 25 make money, but at least 82 schools are paying their head coach over 1 million a year?!? Nobody suggests putting a cap on coaching salaries to help control profits....because that would be illegal. The players are going to get a share, and the schools will simply adapt.
Hearing fans side with the schools on the players getting a share of the money reminds me of those that side with the owners in pro sports leagues. Matt Hayes is 100% correct in the schools and coaches were happy getting filthy rich off the old system, that's why they hate that the players are going to get a piece of the pie.
He's not a coach. His son is playing golf there, and he is offering his assistance in starting their football program. I'm sure he's living a little easier than any of us.
Why would a fan base be humiliated by a coach not being as successful as they want? Have you spent most of your life embarrassed to be a dog fan? Mullen won as many NCs as an OC at UF as your dog's have won in our lifetimes. You may put a little too much emphasis on your stupidity.
For example: a coach making $10 million a year could still make a million, and give every scholarship player on the team a 100k a year. Things seem to be a little out of sorts.
The other programs get some ofnthe money, but cfb is a huge money making business. Everyone involved in making the hundreds of millions annually deserve some of the money though. Not just the schools and coaches.
Money became the big factor when college football sold out to TV money. If TV isn't the boss, give me the starting time of a few games for any team. And don't wait until the networks tell us when it will be.
Exactly Dirty. CFB sold out to TV money and nobody seemed to mind until the players wanted their share. CFB is a huge business now, there is plenty money for all involved.
Starting over for Pitt. Qb & all American WR have moved on. It's gonna be tough for Pitt to have another magical season.
Ok. I'm going to admit I went back and read that stupid novel because you begged. I now realize you're not just aj idiot GA troll, but a conspiracy idiot too. The funny part about conspiracy idiots to me is when something doesn't happen that they predicted, they simply move the goalposts. Get outside and get some sunshine dude. The world isn't ending just yet.
Tell me you believe it's good to be so broke you can't afford to buy yourself a meal. Tell me you believe it should be against the rules for someone to financially assist me to fly home for a family funeral. All this while those profiting off of my work are making hundreds of millions.
I agree Nash, if he wins this lawsuit, almost every player from high school up should be able to get a check.
Illegal: coach to recruit, we will get you an NIL deal worth x amount. Legal: our current player is making x amount on an NIL deal. We believe you are that kind of star. Simply hiding the money promises again.
Good thing FJB has the prices on gas and groceries falling so much. That and crime levels falling so fast sure makes everyone feel better about not having to read those mean tweets anymore :)