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As a GA troll you have a hard time competing with the stupid comments here, but did you actually just bring up "rastling"? We may now have a new record for the dumbest post ever. King Retard wins
Hate it for the kid, but everyone knew it was gonna be tough getting him in school. The reality is with 85 schollies, and 5 years of eligibility, teams can only average keeping 17 players a year. Sign 25 top guys next signing day and keep gaining ground on the playing field!
Wrong, they opened the 2017 season against Michigan in TX. The college landscape is changing and it appears everyone is going towards a more attractive schedule. I just hope the 8 team playoff doesn't cause schools to reconsider the better schedules.
I cant imagine anyone that's as young as Cox is that couldn't use a year in Savage's program to add strength. Most guys make strides every year in the weight room.
When will Mizzou find out if they're going to be eligible for the SECCG?
At least we don't have to wait too much longer before we can discuss actual games and get past the stupidity of talking season.
It's like when we were young and you saw that mentally disabled kid, and you tried not to look at them. Then you catch yourself staring because they look strange to everyone else. Yep, that's the reaction to those pathetic trolls
Cant believe that Mullen would poke fun of other people and act like he's part of an entertainment industry. People having fun isn't supposed to be a part of this
And with the commitment this morning from 4*, 6'11" big man Jitoboh to join the 3 already signed for next season, the young guys are about to be the stars on next years team.
And that noise you heard was the door slamming behind those Mike White bashers. The better coached team won. Of course it helped that the cheating coach wasn't allowed in the building
And he has a legal right not to answer any questions from a legal investigation. He however has no right to decline to answer questions from his employer. I cant see any way he survives this to coach again.
If you're ok with them transferring without waiting, would you be ok with a player transferring after the regular season ends and playing in a bowl game or the playoffs for another team? Sounds outlandish, but someone will try it.
Tennessee last year, Florida this year, Georgia next year....he's making an SEC East visit