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Rest assured, the coaches at the major universities along with the big boosters just got the NIL pushed thru. The ncaa will be forced to follow suit soon.
There was a statement from someone at the NCAA that they wouldn't punish anyone following their state laws. It wont matter in a couple years as the ncaa is their normal slow way will get NIL passed.
You have absolutely no idea how big time college athletics work if you think the AD & President are the ones making those kind of decisions.
Will you actually be hoping the Gators fail next year so you can prove you were right? I remember a lot of Gator fans screaming for Donovan to be fired after that Matt Walsh & David Lee team to beat down in Tampa. We had just blown our chances as a 2 seed in a "home" setting. Time will tell and complaining doesn't matter if you're not a big booster.
Donovan also nearly left UF for KY at the height of his time in Gainesville because he knows there is only one blueblood basketball school in the SEC. His last team at UF also may have been the least talented team since his first year as our coach. Coach White may not be the answer, but finding another hall of fame coach to come to Gainesville isn't going to be easy.
If throwing an elbow is so horrible, why isn't there even an automatic suspension for it? Serious question
My above comment was aimed at the worthless mutt in case anyone wondered
Maybe they should just go ahead and shoot Payne. Anything less wont satisfy a bum like yourself. Wonder why there isn't an automatic multiple game suspension for any player that ever throws a punch or elbow on the basketball court?
He could give the stupid coach speak answer....that's so much better. Not
How were they 4 losses away from beating Bama last year or losing the SECCG? I understand they lost 4 games, but only one of those had anything to do with winning the SEC title.
Hell may be starting to freeze over, becausei finally agree with something you posted. Payne's over reaction is what happens when you allow too much contact and grabbing. The refs should have called fouls and possibly technical fouls earlier.
so oskie, tell us a player at UF that committed murder? Not an ex-player
And how many of your thugs have been arrested this week alone? Pot meet kettle
Seems like that loaded defense gave up over 30 points in the first half in Jacksonville last Fall. But have no fear, there will be lots of excuses when the pups choke again this Fall
6'4" qbs in their JR year in High School are definitely big.
Miles admitted to the harassment he has been accused of.
Big 3* kid with a great arm from TX. I can see all the Trask comments coming in the future.
No coach or AD at UF is untouchable. If the Bull Gators are happy, nothing will change. When the money people are unhappy, coaches get fired quickly. See McElwain as the latest example.
I would have loved to see him in Mullen's offense. My guess is he will now end up playing for Prime Time or that level. Seems suspicious....hope he gets his life straight before its too late.
Until you change your name that was wrong, nobody can take your racist posts serious. Move along
guess he should have had some coed accuse him of rape, then Coach Onwould have looked away
Does LSU suspend players for failing drug tests? Or do they ignore them like rape accusations?
On an article about great seasons in the top 2 money making sports, maybe you should have just left your comment in your head :)
Evidently no one ever told you, but sports is nothing but entertainment for the masses. Would we really see people making these outrageous amounts of money in any other field? Don't hate the players, hate the game :)
Unless I'm mistaken, all the penalties have already been handed down, with the worst of them already served. It was strange that most of the penalties were announced after they had already been served. You are correct in that most of the questions concern the offense...but most of us old Gators want to know if our defense can get back to respectable
You might not be the dumbest person on the planet, but you better hope they don't die.
Special teams coach is perfect for the Zooker. He is a great motivator, just not head coach material.
Yep, the cancel culture wins again. The amount of people that have had their lives destroyed by allegations is crazy. The court of public opinion doesn't need proof to convict someone.