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Saban is going to drag Jimbo's carcass around Bryant Denny like Achilles did to Hector.
I hope he goes to Georgia or Texas. You come to play at Bama....Bama doesn't come play with you. I'm looking forward to this Holstein kid going off on him, regardless of where he goes.
He was the GOAT before he ignored Jimboy. I feel sorry for A&M in this next game. Yall are going to get taken to the woodshed, publicly.
Although we may find out that A&M acted within the rules for NIL or as likely there won’t be any proof they didn’t-one must ask the question: why did A&M do so well this year in recruiting compared to other years? It was not because they beat Bama. It’s money folks-period. And god help them if this direct payment accusation is true. Fisher doesn’t have a chokehold on his organization like Saban does. Regardless of it all though, I predict an ass whipping for the ages when Saban gets his hooks in Jimbo later this year. The Aggies better pray monkeypox cancels that game.
Nick Saban is going to skull drag A&M this year. If Bama only wins one game this year, it will be this one. The last thing any coach in America should ever place themselves in the path of an angry Nick Saban, when he has time to prepare and focus the death star on YOU. I.....can't.......wait!!!!!
He who trolls last, trolls the loudest. I hope he knows "Bama" actually begins with an 'A" too.
Well, actually it begs the question; Who taught you how to ask a question?
That's a little overly dramatic. Although I would want to finish with my football team, if I came from generations of hopeless poverty, I wouldn't be risking it all so everyone could feel better about their team. In combat, I could see it your way...but not in a football game where I have the opportunity to lift my family out of poverty with this one decision.
To dance on one’s icon is to incite hostility and convincing commitment that only assures one thing: you should not have done it. And your lack of respect is your downfall.
That boy is coming to Bama. It’s pretty obvious. The mannings respect Saban and they know he’s going to play there under the best. They also know Saban will build a receiver corps and o line that will guarantee records-shots at Heisman, etc. Arch is coming to Bama AND he will lead Bama to at least one natty, y’all.
I'm betting Harsin is ridding the ship of rats. If Auburn doesn't have the stomach to let him do his job, they will suffer more in the future.
Bama said at that price they'd take two. And put Bama down for two more in 2022 and 2023. And we will take some fries with that too.
Somebody has to play the role of the guy who predicts the absurd. Might as well be you, Dan.
I’d take a 4th place recruiting group, recruited by Saban over a 1st Place group by anyone else. Nobody teaches the ethic or process like CNS. He’s gonna win regardless of who he finishes with. All the commits for Bama now are beasts. It’s going to be fun clashing with higher recruited teams.
The reason for Bama's inconsistency this year was looking too far ahead at the wrong time and a lack of focus. They played GA well because they had a bullseye on them all season. The most important game to prepare for at 100% and then Cincinnati. We already have a good idea what GA is going to do and we have time to get ready. Focus on Cincy for now.
He is the sure thing, folks. If you don’t realize he is going to win it-let’s revisit this post in 10 days and you explain what it was that you were thinking….incorrectly.
Expect a hefty dose of RPO early out of Bama. Also as GA doubles up on Anderson-Mathis and Harris go off. With Bennett under pressure like he’s going to get from Bama tomorrow…he throws 2 Ints. If it comes down to the last possession, Bama breaks that heart…again.