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Sooooo......about this full stadium renovation thoπŸ‘€
Those "influential people within the program" also forced Tommy out the door. Still the dumbest decision I've seen them make thus far. Perhaps they need to jet.
*continued* consider not having the championship game at 7:30 pm on a Monday night when people have to go to work early the next morning. Just some thoughts.
So the clock stopping after first downs is really the reason the game is so long? Let's just ignore the fact that the defense isn't doing their job in stopping the offense so they don't even get a first down. Attention spans are shorter for people who aren't as invested in the game (I wouldn't be if it wasn't my team playing). Also, maybe s
Honestly, recruiting someone hard starting when they're in the 10th grade can be a little bit of a risk considering you don't know for sure that you'll be there 3 years from then. Ultimately, however, if some of these kids really and truly wanted to go to Florida, then it shouldn't matter when they start recruiting them, unless it's super late. Like myself, I grew up a high Auburn fan and would've loved to play for Auburn. If they had contacted me my senior year saying they wanted me there, then I absolutely would've taken it. Of course I wouldn't actually commit to anyone unless I was certain I was going there (man of my word)
I swear people just refuse to address Auburn properly. We are not War Eagles, we are Tigers. Spoken like a true Auburn Tiger. Get it right bruh. Smh
This whole article just proves my point on a previous posts. We'll never have a "true" champion because we feel like teams from the P5 are better than teams from the NP5. The purpose of wanting a CFP system was so teams could get a legit shot at the title, but the implementation of a 4 team system was just a cop-out in my opinion. I said before that you could expand to 16 teams and have every conference champion from D1 automatically qualify. Yes, that would mean the Conference USA, Sunbelt, etc. champions would be in the playoffs and deservedly so. They won the conference title which means they were the best team in the conference when they needed to be. Since when should that be considered an insufficient fact to gaining a playoff spot? You could have the 10 champions and then fill the other 6 spots in with wildcards, seed them accordingly, and use the bowl sites at the playoff game venues. We'll never have a "Cinderella" team in the current format because of the mindset of most people when it comes to how "good" a team is. It takes years for teams of the NP5 to even get recognition, let alone a shot at the title. I say we can either expand the system to include the 16 teams with conference champions as auto-ins, or we could break it up into 2 separate divisions, P5 and NP5, and they each have their own playoff system. To make it better with that second option, a P5 school can't schedule games with a NP5 school. So no more Alabama vs Western Kentucky or Auburn vs San Diego State games. This way the playing field will be level.
Honestly there were several calls that could have been made, but they let them play for the most part. Now if they wanted to be tight to the vest on the rules, then it's very possible that Foster and Williams would've been ejected for targeting rules.
Honestly they could move to an 8 team playoff system, but I think we could do even better. Considering the mindset of almost everyone in the country outside of the respective schools, the playoff system is not fair and never will be. Teams like Troy, Western Kentucky, South Florida, and others will never have a legitimate shot at a national title no matter how good they are because people tend to believe those non-power 5 schools aren't as good as the power five schools. To combat this, I say let's break it up. Have a division with the P5 schools and a separate division with the non P5 schools. Then to make sure the landscape is fair, P5 schools CANNOT schedule games with non-P5 schools and vice versa. From there you can say all conference champions get in automatically and load up the remaining spots accordingly. If we want to truly determine who the legit champion is, then we need to be fair to every school involved. You can expand to 16 teams and have every D1 Conference champion qualify and then fill in the remaining wild card spots, or break them into separate divisions.
Reporters always ask that question: "What's it like being on this end of the stick...." Wtf do you think man? Sh!t sucks, duh lol. I just wonder what they're expecting when they ask that like it's supposed to change how any other person would feel after a loss.
Please don't say Roll Tigers. It's just disrespectful. Dry Tide probably would've been better, but Roll Tigers? Just no lol
Ehh. Pick plays are kind of 70/30 with the PI calls. 70% no calls. I tell you that watching this game, there were at least 2 particular plays where the Bama player could've been called for targeting, but I think we can all agree that they certainly let the guys play in this one. #OnTo17
Yea buddy on Bama's side dropped the ball in this one lol.
Honestly, I would really love for Jeremy to get the nod for the Iron Bowl. One last hoorah for the senior. That guy has been through a lot and stayed the course. His career didn't pan out to the potential it could have, but he stuck it out and will certainly get his chance at the next level. Also, I'm a bit of a homer about him since he's from my hometown. So hey, my choice is slightly bias. But you have to agree that when he's on his game, he's heads and shoulders above the other guys out there. #WDE
You clearly didn't see the times he was great. The guy has a ton of potential. He just didn't fulfill it most of the time. He'll definitely get a chance to play with the big boys.
I must say, it was very gratifying seeing this young man have a great (possible) finale at Auburn at QB. He didn't have the outing at Auburn that his potential showed he could've had, but he stuck it out and it will certainly pay off for him in the end. Definitely a class act gentleman. As a fellow Montgomery native, I'm proud to support this young man.
The ball was at the 39.5 yard line and on that play, the farthest lineman down field was #63. He was at the 36.5 (exactly 3 yards) as the ball is let go. Once the ball is gone downfield, lineman and ineligible receivers can then go further downfield.
I've watched the video several times. There were no linemen more than 3 yards downfield
That play against Alabama was not illegal. Nick was behind the line when he threw the ball. It's the defenders job to stay on his guy, but that didn't happen. Now sure it is illegal for linemen to be more than 3 yards downfield on a pass, but them going 3 yards on a play action pass is perfectly fine. The play is supposed to draw in defenders to get a big play on the pass hence the term "run fake". I'm sure Jim tells his guys all the time about not going over 3 yards downfield. This type of play has been in football long before ole Gus's offense. You can't say the rules are bent for offenses if the rule is in place and the officials just didn't make the call. So that TD to Sammie didn't cost Alabama a NT. Also it's funny he's saying it cost Alabama the title when it's his team that won it. Smh.
I called before the season, and I'll say it again. Tennessee, having already ended the Florida streak, is ending the Bama streak. UT is to be reckoned with.
Why am I looking at the Georgia scoring play?
Yea. @lasuzzoman is right. His whole body will have to be past the LOS to draw the penalty. Remember Nick Marshall was in the same situation back in the '13 Iron Bowl on the last TD pass to Sammie. About half his body was still behind the line which made it legal.
Well the key to the whole thing is that the previous play resulted in a 1st down and the player didn't get out of bounds. Normal rules will have the clock start as soon as the ball is set. The penalty that was drawn was a live ball penalty which means it doesn't stop game play. If it had stopped game play, it would've resulted in a 10 second run off ending the game. Since it was a live ball penalty, they mark off the penalty yardage, and then restart with the normal rules. So with the restart, the clock will start on the ready for play instead of the snap. I believe if it had been a defensive penalty, then the clock would've started on the snap.