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Everyone on here has commented prayers for Franks. It's messed up that your prayers are for Fromm to get hurt. Classy attitude.
That didn't take long. You're usually off UGA's message board until UT blows their season but those GA State Panthers have you on here ahead of schedule. Talk it out on here to drown out those suicidal thoughts.
Don't make Fields earn it if you want to keep him on the team. He'll be in the transfer portal again if he doesn't start.
Mullen: Now how can I troll UGA with this???
No trolling about Fromm from tru"dawg" yet?? Guess he had to make those lattes today.
Not only did Nebraska let Troy win by 1 point but they gave them 1.1 million dollars too! Rolling!!
Don't worry the number 3, 1, and 2 ranked recruit classes will be more than enough to handle toilet bowl TN. Hey truvol I went to TN the other day and asked for a blow job, I got a bunch of volunteers!!
Sounds like you have a lot of experience dipping recruit's wicks.
You're talking about your vols right?? Just stop already d bag, everybody knows who you are.
He's a TN fan posing as a UGA fan. He'll go dark again after TN is declared bowl ineligible again.
Well dang, I didn't think he'd come but it was a nice thought for a couple of days.
Y'all didn't mind Richt 2.0 when he was at Bama. Don't pout now that your team is losing.
No fake championship this year, gotta stir the pot somehow.
He looked better than Hasselwood, that might have been the last straw that made him pick Oklahoma.