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Pacha wins the butt hurt UF fan trolling a UGA article with 1980 redundant award! Good job buddy, you're there first UF to comment that. How'd you come up with something so original??
So UGA fans accept the loss and move on and that’s a bad thing? Should we be whining that the refs cost us the game like UF and AU did about UGA? Do you stop believing in your team? I guess if your team is UF or UT you do. Way to be role models.
Saban was out coached on this one plain and simple. No bad officiating just some really good trickery by Gus. Is the dynasty coming to an end??
Don’t not care? For future reference that’s a double negative which means that you do care.
Hold on Timmy Tubesocks, it’s not UGA that’ll keep Bama out. It’s the one loss PAC 12 and Big 12 champions that’ll be in front of one loss, 2nd in the west Bama. So don’t be too butt hurt about the second week rankings.
So if UGA is all hype what does that make UF? We might not win a Natty this year but the frustration and tears in your post are more than enough satisfaction for this season!! 24-17 no hype just facts!
You mad bro? If Kirby is Richt 2.0 then Mullen is Mcelwain 1.5. Except the shark humper beat Kirby his first year. Oh and you forgot to write "I HOPE" UGA doesn't win a title soon. Hope this helps, refill your depression meds!
It's my own fault for believing Kirby was different but that was some straight Mark Richt stuff today. Weekends just got freed up for the foreseeable future. What a joke.
Herbie just trying to push his buckeyes in the spotlight. Committee won't give any love to OSU with their cupcake schedule, almost as bad as UCF.
That didn't take long. You're usually off UGA's message board until UT blows their season but those GA State Panthers have you on here ahead of schedule. Talk it out on here to drown out those suicidal thoughts.
Don't make Fields earn it if you want to keep him on the team. He'll be in the transfer portal again if he doesn't start.
Mullen: Now how can I troll UGA with this???
No trolling about Fromm from tru"dawg" yet?? Guess he had to make those lattes today.
Not only did Nebraska let Troy win by 1 point but they gave them 1.1 million dollars too! Rolling!!
Don't worry the number 3, 1, and 2 ranked recruit classes will be more than enough to handle toilet bowl TN. Hey truvol I went to TN the other day and asked for a blow job, I got a bunch of volunteers!!
Sounds like you have a lot of experience dipping recruit's wicks.