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As did y’all. Y’all made it closer than I would’ve liked. Btw #86 is a monster for y’all
Good game! Some obvious missed opportunities for both teams throughout the game but it was a very hard fought victory for my ags.... good luck the rest of the season!
Thanks it was a little too close for my heart to handle but great finish regardless. Btw as I typed this Bama scored on the second play from scrimmage... unbelievable
You are the most delusional Kentucky fan I’ve seen.... Look at the STATS this game was not close. If A&M didn’t shoot themselves in the foot the SCORE wouldn’t have been close
It’s called being delusional.... an A&M 20 point win would’ve made more sense than a Kentucky win based on how both teams played.
Lol easily? A&M completely dominated the game look at the stats. If A&M didn’t shoot itself on the foot on so many offensive drives with fumbles snaps the game would’ve been longgg over..... not to mention that wacky fumble return for a TD that shouldn’t have ever happened
You can’t say outside of Bama and Clemson lol. Those are 2 top teams. This A&M d line is battle tested
It’s nothing crazy. Instead of matte the helmet is shiny, white facemasks instead of gray, and the uniforms themselves don’t have stripes and are more classic
He misspoke. He cleared it up that he did grab his face mask but not with the intention of jerking it
Manziel haters always tried he had a weak arm and that’s simply not true. His only problem was throwing off his back foot a lot but when he would step into throws he always had a rocket
Yeah bama definitely could have ran it up but at the same time I feel A&M competed very well especially on run defense and Mond. However Bama with Tua is just too good and can run up the score on just about any team in the country
Good game to y’all. With Tua now Alabama is in a league of their own. At least this time around we made y’all throw it to win which is at least somewhat encouraging but y’all tore our secondary apart. However I think our offense played somewhat decent with Mond making some good plays. Good luck the rest of the season
Not a threat to auburn? I understand bama, they’re a freaking juggernaut. But clemson is equal or better than auburn and we took them to the very end...
I agree. With home field on our side and if our improved defense can hold up, this game could get interesting.
Bad choice in my opinion by Jimbo. Mond was absolutely awful against decent opponents last year while starkel performed very well coming off surgery. Unless Mond is a completely different Qb this is a head scratcher.
Obviously hiring Fisher does not guarantee a championship but I’m happy that our administration is not trying to settle for mediocre with sumlin. I think A&M will be very competitive at the least but the West is already incredibly strong and will only be stronger from now on so I, like most rational fans, are happy to at least be in contention every year for a championship.
It’s not really just that but there have been many games during his tenure at A&M where the defense looks flat out unprepared for a teams common offensive plays and tendencies that a highschool coach could plan for.
See that’s what we thought too. We continued to make excuses for Chavis but eventually when you watch games like our Wake Forest game, our last 2 LSU games, and the second half of UCLA you realize that the game has passed him by.
Kyle Allen went from a starter in the SEC West to 3rd string QB at Houston. Oh well.
He only has one game left in his career so it’s exactly the same thing as kicking him off the team.
ESPN headline: Jimbo violently slaps the hand of innocent fan that was peacefully protesting his changing of jobs.
Thank you so much for explaining to Jimbo what conference he is in. I bet he was really confused until you told him!
Lol I like how in the first sentence you have to point out that A&M is a step down for Fisher. Yep I bet he went to his sons and was like guys we’re going to move halfway across the country to take a lesser job than I have now! Lol please. FSU has had more success over ANYONE in the past 30 years. That must mean that FSU is a better job than Ohio State and Alabama!! Nah. FSU fans need to get over their self pride and just be thankful they’ve witnessed such great football and get over their extreme butthurt.
I promise you Fisher won’t have any problem working with what we have lol. Sumlin couldn’t coach a junior high defense and had a soft culture overall. Not exactly something Fisher is known for....
Damn this sucks. He worked so hard just to get back on the field, I wish he could’ve succeeded.
Damn that sounds like a good hire..... (cue the butt hurt FSU fans explaining to me how awful he is and how he shouldn’t even be a college coach and that they’ll be better off without him)