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good luck to yall vs minnesota! i’m confident y’all will dominate the LOS
again, y’all have made it the CCG ONCE since a&m has been in the conference, y’all are not some perennial championship team that LSU fans think y’all are. y’all make it one year and then talk more sh** than any program ever, again enjoy it while it lasts
since texas a&m has joined the SEC lsu has made the championship game ONCE (this year!!!) don’t act like y’all just live in the championship game lol, enjoy while it lasts. pretty soon Ed O selling his soul for this season will catch up with y’all and he’ll flame out like he has everywhere he’s coached
this coming from an lsu fan lmao, y’all are some of the dumbest fans i’ve ever met, line up pretty well with yalls coach who can’t speak english
i think it’s more about who was actually better than who played longer, if manziel played all 4 years his records would never be touched by anyone ever
I’ll be making the trip so hopefully it’ll be a good game!
Our defense did not deserve to lose this game. So tired of refs changing the outcomes of close games.
You’re right we’d still have a good class but to have a class to push us to the next level we can’t lose a game like this
^100% correct. I’ll usually only be here when we win lol
On paper you’re right that LSU has about every advantage, the only thing that’s worrisome is how well Herman teams perform in situations like these against teams they shouldn’t beat. The Texas defense is better than given credit for so Burrow is going to need a great game because I don’t see LSU running the ball as well on an energetic Texas defense. All in all I think it’ll be relatively low scoring and still think LSU will win but this game is a little scary..... I hope y’all do win
Rooting for y’all also throughout this year! KB gonna be real good for y’all
Yes they did, including the 99k at Kyle field for a Thursday night game against a cupcake.... you don’t see that often around the country.
aggierider I hope to God you aren’t a real A&M fan because that is an absolutely disgusting comment and there’s no excuse for it. No reason to ever be happy to see an athlete deal with an awful injury like this especially before the most important event of their career.
Collapse late every year? Might wanna look at our November record this year bud. And you might not want to speak of collapse, unless you didn’t watch your last two games against bama lol
The anti-SEC speech will ramp up like never before in the national media. Such a frustrating game to watch as an Aggie. Was truly rooting for the dawgs to spank the horns but UGA looked about 50% of their best.
Yeah I understand the players’ concern but at the same time I love how the A&M players care for their teammates so much to finish the season. Mature men.
Wow this is such an idiotic comment. For one, A&M was already 2nd in the West in Jimbo’s first year. Second, how is A&M behind LSU or the “barn”? We beat LSU this year with less talent and are trending way above Auburn now, we already should’ve beat them this year.
Yeah it’s unfortunate he wasn’t recognized for all conference but I don’t want to take away anything from the people who were recognized, our conference is loaded with talent
Just accept it dude.... y’all are a football school now ;)
You realize Sumlin isn’t our coach anymore right? Such a dumb comment that has no relevance to this article
Lollll his own QB is the opposite of Hurts. Murray left A&M just because he was benched midway through the season because he sucked against good defenses. He left at the first sign of adversity.
Will do! Y’all BTHO Texas for us!
Gosh I hope so. I think we match up well. Y’all take care of business too with UCF I’m so tired of them already just go out and kill them please.
Oh he most definitely is but frankly I think he’s the best Arky can get right now. I think he’ll turn the defense into a formidable unit but don’t expect him to turn Arky into a defensive machine.
I don’t think the refs were purposely out to get LSU, LSU just got realllly unlucky that most went A&M’s way (and were mostly correct in doing so)
“Tigers got robbed of a 10th win” this narrative is becoming soooo old. LSU’s excuses for the refs have been debunked already! If you want to make a point for Orgeron’s season (which I think he did a great job with also) just say that LSU barely lost to A&M in the craziest college football game of all time, stop with the bs “LSU got robbed” narrative.
Yawn I could sit here all day proving how the refs calls were correct but tying to speak sense into an LSU fan is like talking to a wall. Take your L and stop crying