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Obviously hiring Fisher does not guarantee a championship but I’m happy that our administration is not trying to settle for mediocre with sumlin. I think A&M will be very competitive at the least but the West is already incredibly strong and will only be stronger from now on so I, like most rational fans, are happy to at least be in contention every year for a championship.
It’s not really just that but there have been many games during his tenure at A&M where the defense looks flat out unprepared for a teams common offensive plays and tendencies that a highschool coach could plan for.
See that’s what we thought too. We continued to make excuses for Chavis but eventually when you watch games like our Wake Forest game, our last 2 LSU games, and the second half of UCLA you realize that the game has passed him by.
Kyle Allen went from a starter in the SEC West to 3rd string QB at Houston. Oh well.
He only has one game left in his career so it’s exactly the same thing as kicking him off the team.
ESPN headline: Jimbo violently slaps the hand of innocent fan that was peacefully protesting his changing of jobs.
Thank you so much for explaining to Jimbo what conference he is in. I bet he was really confused until you told him!
Lol I like how in the first sentence you have to point out that A&M is a step down for Fisher. Yep I bet he went to his sons and was like guys we’re going to move halfway across the country to take a lesser job than I have now! Lol please. FSU has had more success over ANYONE in the past 30 years. That must mean that FSU is a better job than Ohio State and Alabama!! Nah. FSU fans need to get over their self pride and just be thankful they’ve witnessed such great football and get over their extreme butthurt.
I promise you Fisher won’t have any problem working with what we have lol. Sumlin couldn’t coach a junior high defense and had a soft culture overall. Not exactly something Fisher is known for....
Damn this sucks. He worked so hard just to get back on the field, I wish he could’ve succeeded.
Damn that sounds like a good hire..... (cue the butt hurt FSU fans explaining to me how awful he is and how he shouldn’t even be a college coach and that they’ll be better off without him)
You should be.... at his size he has tremendous potential. Get him in the weight room and start turning that fat into muscle and you got yourself a man in the middle of the line.
I loled at the FSU fan part. They’re such an odd bunch somehow “happy” that their national championship winning ex-girlfriend had the audacity to leave them.
I’m still in shock about Troy?? How did that happen? 10-2 would sound so much better than 9-3 and y’all should be 10-2.
I think it’s a really good fit for sumlin. He can continue the momentum and dominate for a couple years and then get another big time job most likely outside the SEC.
Let’s go tigers!!! Don’t forget why we’re both in the SEC right now ;)
Why are there STILL predictions for A&M to the Texas Bowl??? A&M will NOT play in the Texas Bowl 2 years in a row!
Insane. I just don’t understand why they would think about letting Malzahn go while he’s competing on the national stage in the toughest division in the nation.
I don’t really understand the decision. I realize he was a fan of sumlin but honestly he didn’t even give Jimbo a chance to talk to him. Not to mention that Jimbo’s defenses thrive on the play of their DB’s. It just doesn’t make much sense to not want to play in that system.
I agree. The offensive game plans were horrible. I think overall the defense improved and i think Chavis would work much better with fisher over sumlin if he ends up staying.
It’s always awful for the players to have to go through this, but it’s the nature of the game and there will always be people upset with a coaching change.
Yeah he’s gonna have a little bit of a rebuild job at Florida to get his type of offensive players. State will get someone though, like Norvell or Neal Brown.
It’s a shame to see him go, he did some great things for us and I wish him the best in his future. However, everyone knew it was time to move on and I hope we progress from here.
No, please kill them for us since they won’t play us.
Nope they are already said they won’t play us. It’s a shame but honestly i would rather bring back the rivalry on thanksgiving like it should be.
Exactly. Just look at Clemson for example, they were in the same exact boat as a&m until Dabo came along and now they’re one of the top programs in the country.
I think our game against Ole miss can really go either way. I think it’ll be a high scoring game regardless of who wins.
Starkel should have started from the beginning. Mond was awful and wasted many crucial possessions that ultimately were the difference in the game. My only hope now is to see what the new coach can do with all of our young talent. Good game auburn, y’all deserved it.