Go gators!

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Thats as hopeful as Georgia winning a Natty. Wont know who is right until the season starts!
Florida did too... probably the best in the league too.
I think they did a pretty good job until the second half. It's kinda hard to really keep the defense alert when theyre on the field 90% of the time. Michigan's defense was too good for Florida's offense. I don't think starting Frank's was a good idea. Del Rio should have gotten the second half not Zaire. Running against them was never an option. They got stuff done when Franks could stand and pass. Oh well on to next week. Let's hope they learn from this and recover
I hate the white helmets. I really wish they'd stop using them. It's gonna be a good game.
I mean Florida destroyed Iowa, and Arkansas Destroyed Florida.... so just from that they'd win.
Do the new recruits at east get rings for having 5 star hearts?
I mean if you think I'm dumb fine with that. That's your opinion, but you don't know me any more than a few comments on a football forum. So your opinion doesn't have any weight behind it. Also just because I think differently doesn't give you a reason to call me dumb
I'm sorry. My sarcasm doesn't come through the way I want it sometimes. Yes they may be a nuisance but that is still an area pretty much dedicated to hunting. And unless that hog was tearing something up there was no need for its death. Now I don't care whether it's a hog, deer, elephant, rhino, whatever. Killing anything for sport is just f***ed up. But I'm not trying to change opinions just state my thoughts.
Well that sign says hunting preserve so yeah he probably shot a domesticated boar that they really didn't need to kill. But hey it's all in the sport right kill it to show off to our friends that we got a Biggin! That's why rhinos are extinct now right?
We learned it in school. At least when I was in elementary, we sent off mail a few times a year. I was born in 1995 by the way. We even had to do our own envelopes for our report cards at one school I went to haha. talk about some child labor laws
I'm hoping that's 50/50 for ATL because ATL is a horrible migraine of a city to deal with
I just meant them because they won two championships, granted one was without Tebow really playing
It might not be during the season but TECHNICALLY they do play themselves
On the line for who? The school? Because a bowl game is going to make a difference in someone's draft or the rest of his NFL career unless he gets seriously injured.
He's a great player and all but when you get beat 41-7 there's not much room for trash talk. But unless Franks or Trask decides to play big and show up big over the summer and fall I don't see the score being much different this time
I'd be okay with getting rid of nussmier while looking for Collins replacement
That's what he was getting at, Appleby threw more receiving yards to the opposite team and his own to make it so he had more yardage than Jalen hurts.
I seriously doubt that. Their schedule minus two games has all been cup cakes and blow outs. And the other two one they should have lost and the other they did loose, mind you to their conference champion. Now it going to be between them and Clemson, if it's Ohio state I imagine a score much like today
They look better in all orange then the Vols do.
If Florida wins, and they go to the SEC championship game I don't really see them putting up a big enough fight against Alabama to win it. But as far as I've seen the loser of the SEC championship doesn't get the sugar bowl because of that one extra loss. Look at what happened last year when Ole' Miss went instead of Florida. And their chances of a decent bowl game dwindle if they beat LSU but lose to FSU
At least it's not a night game, hopefully we can get a qb sorted out before then.
"Tennessee wins remaining SEC games and Florida and Kentucky lose remaining SEC games" Reading, you should do it sometime.
It would be neat one year when they actually play on the 31st if they did an all alternative. Florida in orange and Georgia in all black. But my parents anniversary is Saturday so sadly I might miss another game this year.
I don't get it, you guys are all worried about a game and a silly season yet there is a category 4 hurricane about to rock the state of Florida. All of the resources (security, EMT volunteers etc.)they might have had for Sunday will probably be allocated elsewhere. Yet all you guys can think about is them hiding away whereas they're trying to be safe with their families. Think about it if you were in their situation would you be able to play a complete game in another state with what's going on at home?
Why is Tennessee top 10 sure they're 5-0 but all by a few points vs lesser teams? Yeah they beat fla by 10 but had that last pass of Dobbs gone one way or the other. All I'm saying is Tenn will be a 2 loss team before the end of the year
He had absolutely no reason to be going that low. It looks like he might have been pushed but it doesn't really seem like he was pushed before he started the tackle.